Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reverse Socialism: Reclaiming Socialist-Stolen Wealth Via Socialist Programs

I've been thinking a lot about Weaponized Economics, the past few years; Our Adversaries have been using these for Eons, so it is High Time that We should Invert this System. Use every Government Program that you can; it is not Abusing it, for all this and more is Ours. It will be Used by those that do not Deserve it, otherwise, and that is the Essence of Abuse.

The Black Market?  This should become The Market for all Essentials and - those Provided for, if you are not Inclined to then Provide the rest to Charity; this being on an Individual Basis, when without any Trustworthy Organization - Luxuries alike.

Pay and get Paid Under The Counter, whenever Possible; Utilize every Loophole and Rebate you can find, and every Subsidy.  Those that Dominate you, whether you like to Admit that They do Dominate this Society or not, already do; They are Stealing from both Our Current and Future Generations!

Barter or Cash over Credit; if you must use something other than Barter or Cash, use a Check or Debit.  If you must use Credit, find one of the Inheritance and Earnings-Stealing Government Programs to Pay for it.

While still Searching for or Holding Jobs, so as not to become Apathetic, the Youth should put into the Names of Kith and Kin, whatever Possessions would put them over the Limits to Qualify for these Programs, if these People can be Trusted to Allow them to Operate as if they are otherwise the Owners; to Keep, Rent, Alter or Sell something must still be their Decision, and the Profit should go to them.  Said Profit will either have to be put into a Bank Account under someone else's Name, but one that they are given Discretion over, in all but Official Records, or Invested elsewhere in the same Manner.

I call such "Reverse Socialism"; it is the Reclamation of the Stolen, both in Material Possessions and Lost Opportunities, as much as can be done. This will Exacerbate the Economic Weaknesses of the Corpora-Bolshevik Regimes across the Earth, and will Fund Our Final Counter-Revolution.  Study, Stockpile, Arm, Train and Strike in Precise, Coordinated Fashion.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"St. Malachy's" Prophesy: A Posthumous Hoax being brought to Malevolent Fruition

The so-called Prophecy of St. Malachy says this is The Final Pontificate, but it was likely Created by Arnold de Wyon; there is no Original Manuscript and the "Copy" was Published by de Wyon over four hundred years after St. Malachy's Death.  

It is said to become Vaguer, Concerning the then-Future Papal Claimants, and it's been thought that there's a Conscious Effort to Elect a Successor to Meet the Motto by Place of Birth, a Coat of Arms, the Location of a Parish, the Order that one Hails from or Famous Acts (whether Enabled to or Pressured into doing so); Karol Józef Wojtyła (the so-called John-Paul II) was Buried during an Eclipse, to Fulfill the Motto that Denoted that Papal Claimant.  

It was thought that the next Claimant would be a Benedictine, as the Motto was "Gloria olivae" (Latin for "Glory of the olive"); one Congregation is the Olivetans (Symbolized by an Olive Branch), and the Order as a Whole is Symbolized by an Olive. Since Josef Ratzinger was not of this Order, he Chose to Assume the Name of Benedict for this Connection. 

The last one on the Alledged Prophesy is Peter the Roman; Jose Mario Bergoglio is Italian, thus Providing his Ancestral Connection to Rome, on top of Professing himself as a Roman Catholic, and "Peter" means "Rock" (it was the Petname that Yahshva gave to Simon, saying "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.") while "Berg" means "Mountain" or "Hill". The Suffix "oglio" Refers to the left-side Tributary into the Po River in Lombardy; this could be Interpreted as another Roman Connection. Additionally, his Assumed Name as Papal Claimant is "Francis I"; he Named himself after St. Francis of Assisi a.k.a. Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. St. Francis was often called "The Frenchman", on Account of his French Mother, but he was Italian on his Paternal Side. Thus, he could be also called "Peter the Roman". 

Perhaps there is something to it that both are at least Partially of Germanic Ancestry, even though with Conflicting Ideologies; apart from St. Francis of Assisi having a French Mother, his Father had an Italicized Germanic Surname, and Bergoglio must be at least part Lombardi. 

This also gives a Connection to The Holy Roman Empire; its Emperors were Descendants of Roman Patricians and Germanic Royalty, just as Germanic Lineages were Prominent in Ancient Rome [some of the Best and the Worst Leaders came of this Lineage, in times of both Tyrannies (in the Literal Sense of City-Kingdoms, though these became Associated over Time with Corruption), The Republic and The Empire], and it was Founded as a Theocracy which Practiced The Latin Rite of Roman Catholicism. 

By Changing the Official Policy of what he calls The Catholic Church, in Regards to Homosexuality, saying these are Homosexual "Catholics", instead of Heretics, even past Manifestations of The Novus Ordo having said these were Suffering a Mental Illness, though not Applying the Heretical Label that is - by Definition - Fitting for those Acting in Contrast with Doctrines that They have been Taught (if not Taught this is a Sin, it is still Sacrilegious; to Speak or Write in its Favour, in either Case, is Blasphemy), the Reference to the Oglio River could be Interpreted in Conjunction with the aforesaid and Connection to the Name of Peter, as a Warped Analogy to an Extra-Biblical Tradition in Jordan which holds that Moses (The Lawgiver) tapped a rock three times and from it sprang a River. Rome can be Interpreted as the rock, or it could be Bergoglio as the Ostensible Leader of Novus Ordo Katholicism; Rome is a City which is Built on seven hills, and Berg - again - means "Mountain" or "Hill". 

The Alledged Prophecy says that a City on Seven Hills will be Destroyed, but many Cities - across the World - are Built on Seven Hills; one is Washington, D.C., and those that have Usurped a Claim to Sion (more-Commonly Translated as Zion), have Proclaimed America to be "The New Jerusalem".  Cincinnati is also a City of Symbolic Importance to America, though it now Encompasses more than its Original Seven Hills.  Rome, Italy, itself, is an Ancient City on Seven Hills.