Friday, February 27, 2015

Which Way, South Brazil?

This is Tangential to an Essay of mine that will eventually be Featured on this Blog, with a Focus on Brazilian History.  This is a Suggestion about its Future, while the Study of its Past is always Improving; there is much more I have Learned of it than what I have yet Recorded, though Notes and Sources are Archived.  I have Inquired about it to a handful of White Brazilians, and they Indicated that such a Development is Plausible and would be Well-Received by certain Factions:

I like to think that Jair Bolsonaro and Prince Luis of Orleans Braganza (the Heir to the Illegally-Overthrown Throne) can find Common Ground, along with the Japanese Minority also in South Brazil, to Secede and Create a Separate-Yet-Equal Government or two Governments with an Alliance; there should be (even if it has to be Voluntary, for Public Acceptance and to Prevent N.A.T.O. Invasion etcetera) a Relocation Program for all other Non-Whites to North Brazil (which is already Exclusively Mongrel).  

One Means of Achieving this would be with another Artur da Costa e Silva to Lead his Mestizos into Acceptance of this Goal; he could even be Installed as the new Leader of North Brazil, to Promote Peace. 

One Source of Contention will be The Petrópolis Branch; these Pretenders to The Throne are Illicit, in both Dynasty and Ideology. Thus, these will either have to be Eliminated or given a Constitutional Monarchy in North Brazil.  Either could Result in War, but The Vassouras Branch's First Heir is Recognized as The Petrópolis Branch's Final Heir.  Therefore, I Suggest, it would be Useful to have the Dichotomy of these Traitors and Their Bastards as Liberal Monarchs and a Right-Allied Mestizo to Provoke North Brazilian Civil War; this would Reduce Their Population, Fight Communism and (Unless a Change is made to Their Line of Succession) also Reunite Brazil under The Vassouras Branch, once The House of Petrópolis (or whatever Name it Assumes) is Extinct.  Emperor Luis, of course, should Rule with a Personal Union over these two Countries; the North should Pay Restitution to The South, for all its Economic Drain and Genocide. 

Perhaps such an Effort could be Lead under an Integralist Banner, to Attract Voters and Restore some Racialism to that Movement; those not Concerned with Racial Survival, could still find Appeal in Anti-Communism (as Communism is so Destructive to Community) and Anti-Globalism (it will be Important for the new Brazil to have Allies, and it should Seek Russian Support during its Formation, but it must Achieve Socio-Economic Self-Sufficiency as soon as Possible; it may Trade, when Mutually Beneficial, but must not be Extorted). 

The Confederate Battle Emblem is a Popular Heritage Symbol in parts of South Brazil, as 20,000 Confederos once Lived there; at least 10,000 later Returned to The U.S.A., tough there are many Descendants of Confederates (though many not still European).  These are Concentrated around São Paulo.  The St. Andrew's Cross is also Associated with Alabama (another Confederate Connection), Scotland (another Secession-Minded People, and another Confederate Connection; the Scottish, Irish and Welsh were Significant Contributors to Southron Culture, along with the English, Germans, Prussians, French, Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians), Southern Castile (the Celto-Iberian Peoples had a Long-Standing Alliance, and their Nobles even Intended to Install Don Juan of Austria as High King of Ireland; their Flag even Resembles The Confederate Battle Emblem, though with Different Stars and the Addition of The Fleurs-de-lis) and Novorossiya [it even Reverted to its Historic Flag, which also Resembles the later Confederate Battle Emblem (save the States' Stars; with the Adornment of a Byzantine Double Eagle); the St. Andrew who was the Namesake of said Cross, was even a Missionary in that Region].  As such, the now-Popular Version of The Confederate Battle Emblem [i.e. that with the Proportions of The Second Confederate Navy Jack (an Incarnation that was sometimes Utilized during The War of Northern Aggression, though Popularized through the Controversy over its Use by Rebel Company when it was Forced to "Integrate" Negros in WWII; a Time during which American and Swedish Military Companies were also Forced to Abandon Use of the 10-12,000 Year Old Scythian Symbol of Well-Being from Ukraine called The Swastika), such as Novorossiya's or Southern Castile's] should be Adorned with The Brazilian Royal Standard.  

Meanwhile, it should Seek Reconciliation with Uruguay, Argentina and Chile; it should Espouse its Common Values, and Advocate Cooperation for their Sake; rather than to War and Sabotage over the Differences.  U.S. President J.F.K.'s Address to the Post-Stalin Soviet Union on the Diversity of Politics could be Cited in a Refined View, here; while Encouraging that Whites should Remain Pure and Our Cultures should also not be Adulterated, it will be Espoused that Mutually-Beneficial Cooperation can Occur with (some of) those of (some) other Races and Cultures.  Even if this is only an Agreement to Separate, if not to Fight Common Threats, it is Preferable (for the Sane) to an Agreement of Mutually-Ensured Destruction.