Friday, May 5, 2017

The Racial Long Game: A Corollary To The Prior Post

Did you know that more "Hispanics" Volunteered on Behalf of The Confederacy than The Union?  Of these, on Both Sides, only a Minority were actually Spanish or Portuguese; most were Mestizo, on Both Sides, and Moorish and Jewish were also Present on Both Sides.  

Incidentally, The Union had Considerably More "Hispanic" Officers.

It should also be Noted that Ex-Confederates were Forced from Mexico by Juarezian Revolutionaries, whereas Union Officials, Officers and Industrialists would Marry into Wealthy Families of Mexico (both those Pure and those Impure, but all Leftist). Even the Families that had Economic Dealings with The Confederacy have since all become Silent on Racial Issues or Openly Promoted Mestizo Invasions.

Skip forwards a few Decades, and Mexico is Split between Fascism and Communism.  A Rigged Election, Backed By America, Would Ensure Communism's Victory. Unfortunately, today, Despite The Cristero's Efforts, having been Ordered to Stand Down, by Infiltrators in The Vatican, amid Pressures from International Forces of Jewish-Protestant Collaboration, Mexico is an Anarcho-Communist Narcotics State. Even that Fascist Presidential Candidate was Quick to Assimilate into Communism; his Goal being Power, rather than Necessarily being a Member of The Axis Alliance. 40% of America's Raw Materials for its War Effort were from Mexico, in W.W.II. This was its Primary Contribution, though there were others.

Subsequently, I Conclude that these saw in The Confederacy not only an Opportunity to Fight Gringos but a Long Game of Recolonizing and even Expanding into Historically-Unexplored Realms of what were once called by some "America".

The same is True for Jewry: A Confederate Victory would mean its Prosperous Slave-Trade would not only Continue but Merge its American Element with that in Ibero-America, whereas a Union Victory would mean more Whites being Raped and Murdered. Properties would then be Cheap, Particularly in The South, and "Reconstruction" would Provide New Opportunities to Marginalize Whites whilst having a Vast Supply of Cheap Labour; no longer Working in Traditional European Methods for Free, though Willing to Oppress, Rape and Murder Whites for Free, as is Their Tradition, and why Whites were Inclined to Enslave Them instead of Free Them, though Jewry Promoted the Notion that They should be Imported and Maintained, rather than Eliminated or even just Subjugated Abroad, but a Means of Promoting Their Industrial Domination. Utilizing Our Technologies, Whilst Warping Our Cultures, They Provoked Our Fratricidal Conflicts; Throughout History.

Recognize that more Jews were in High Positions of The Confederacy, while at Odds with The General Public, both North and South, but Particularly in The South, whereas more Jews were in High Industrial Positions of The Union whilst it Fought on Behalf of Industrial Hegemony Over Agrarianism.

The South had been Concerned more with Agro-Industrialism than Agrarianism, it is True, and The North was Self-Sufficient, but the Loss of a 20% Export Tax on Southern Goods being Sold to England would Benefit The South whilst being an Easily-Neglected Loss of Additional Revenue for The Northern Super-Wealthy. Their Arrogance Was That Profound.

Coupled with The Dust Bowl and The Boll Weevil, which a Russian Scholar has Noted were Assisted by Roosevelt's Firestarters, and Presumably these Parasites were Spread by other Parasites with a Notorious Aversion to Agriculture, a Further Shift in Favour of Industrialism and the (Leftward) Progressivism (that would Provide Much-Needed Reforms, but Sabotage these In The Long Run by Senseless Reforms) would Occur.

Many of the Nigh-Universally Exalted Tenants of this Sacrilege (such as Miscegenation, Homosexuality, Abortion of Viable Europeans, Prostitution, Incest and - Increasingly - Pedophilia) were not yet Publicly Proclaimed, and the Idealistic Progressives of the Period before this Terminology became a Euphemism for Socialism and its Pursuit of Communism were Viciously Slandered and/or even Physically Assaulted and then Forgotten by the Modern Progressives.   

A Tale of Civil Wars

     While once the Case that Russia saw the Advantages of Limiting The U.K.'s Imperialism but could not Afford to Back America Formally, on Account of Liberalism being a Threat to its own Security, this would not Remain True in Regards to The War For States Rights.  The Czar of Russia during this Constitutional Feud was Alexander II a.k.a. "The Liberator".  He actually Threatened to Join on Behalf of Lincoln, if The U.K. were to Join on Behalf of The South.  That wouldn't only mean a Conflict in The Atlantic but also The Baltic Sea, The Arctic Ocean, The Barents Sea, The White Sea, The Mediterranean, The Black Sea, The Sea of Azov, The Pacific, The Sea of Japan and The South China Sea, at least, as the Colonies and Allies of the two would be Forced into War.  Historic Enemies were a Plenty, to either Pick Sides or Fight Both Sides.  Russia would be Sending Supplies to Alaska, for one thing, so Canada would be Besieged both by both Land and Water to the West and South but by Water to the East. Russia's East would have some Protection from Alaska, but Asiatic Nations may Join England in Fighting it. Russia would have to Offer these Better Deals than The U.K. could, or these may Fight Both Sides and perhaps be Assisted in this out of Europe.  After all, many of the European Powers were Arming Both Sides of The War of Northern Aggression.  Russia is Vast and Frigid, which has Saved it on Numerous Occasions even from More-Advanced and/or Larger Forces, and its Rivers, Seas and Great Lakes (like The Caspian Sea and Lake Baikal) would put it at a Great Advantage as it could Traverse these by Ship but others would have to go around while Experiencing Harsh Conditions or be - if even Able to Establish a Fleet in the Region - Annihilated by a Superior Fleet.  They'd have to Draw Out those Fleets into the Larger Seas and Oceans, but that'd do nothing about any Fleet in The Caspian or Baikal.
Basically, it'd have been a World War and The U.K. would have Likely Sought Turkish Assistance.  Germany was Desperate to Reconcile with England, which kept Snubbing it, so it might have Remained Neutral or Armed Both Sides.  Besides, Russia was Liberalizing whereas Prussia and other European Powers had Recently Suppressed Liberal Rebellions (there were many in Europe, in 1848); the Relations between the two were Already Strained.  It also wouldn't have wanted to Fight France during this time, and France had been given the same Ultimatum as England by Russia.  Spain saw that Americans and Southerners in Particular were Hellbent on Forcing a War with Spain (which The Republican Party would later Wage on a False Pretense), in Order to Annex Puerto Rico (which, of course, Occurred) and Cuba (which did not, and Backfired when America Backed Castro before it Nominally Opposed him), so it didn't want to be Involved in this Conflict; if it Chose to Join on Behalf of The Union to Protect its Carribean Colonies, it'd have been Attacked by Portugal and England.  These may not have Allowed it to Join on Behalf of The Confederacy, however, as Arrogance was Driving these Ventures more than Race, Religion, Culture or any of the Alledged Motivations.  So, Spain may well have been Invaded by France.  Italy would have to Remain Neutral or it'd be Devastated, unless it Joined on Behalf of The Confederacy.  Assuming that The U.K. would Permit this, though it'd Sideline it as much as Possible, if not Eager to War with it, as can be Presumed through Precedent, it'd still have to Contend with its Liberal Revolution that had been Raging for Years.  It couldn't Join on Behalf of The Union, unless it wanted to hand itself over to Anarcho-Socialists that were Rampaging through Italy and in Communications already with Lincoln; there were Italians on Both Sides of Lincoln's War, with some having Fought on Behalf of Highly Influential Leftist Giuseppe Garibaldi and others having Fought in Opposition to him. 

So, basically, Russia was Threatening to Cause a World War on Lincoln's Behalf that would have Directly Resulted in the Destruction of many Civilizations and the Incremental Destruction of the Rest through Liberalism.

It made much more Sense for everyone to Remain Neutral and Sacrifice The South, since there would just be Feuding amongst the Victors - Regardless of which these were - over how to Divide Conquered Realms, Trade Routes and Finances.  The Non-White Nations and Captives, whether in Europe or its Colonies Abroad, could also Invade or Revolt at any Moment.

Even if The South could have Won by itself, Historians Suspect that it'd have still Entered on Behalf of The U.K. in Both World Wars.  It'd also have Masses of Mestizos it would Regard as "Legally White" or "Acceptable", just like were Imported by Yankee and "Good Ol'e Boy" Presidents for Decades that Provided those Statuses to Them.  It would have Continued to Breed its Blacks, even though it Prohibited Their Importation, at least until The Dust Bowl and Boll Weevil would Force a Greater Focus on Industrialism.  It was always too Focused on Cotton, anyway, so it was having an Agricultural Crisis even back during The War of Secession.  Its Whites would have Continued to Suffer in Poverty, in General, with Less and Less Space, being Forced into Tenements like those in Yankeedom, as the Negros became more Numerous and Revolutions would mean Pacifying Negros
through Liberal Reforms.  Even if many of the Blacks were Relocated to Mexico, The Carribean or somewhere Western not having The Dust Bowl, the Mestizos would have Clashed with these and either Taxes would have Spiked or The Confederacy would Continue its Policy of Printing More Money to Avoid those Taxes that no one could Afford but thus Indebting Future Generations.  That would mean more Mestizos would Settle wherever in America these could Find Employment or Handouts.  The Confederacy was Largely Protestant and even the Catholics were Frequently Influenced by Protestant Liberalism, so Mexico and The Carribean were Bound to Clash even though these were Overwhelmingly just Posturing as and not Genuinely Catholic.  The Union, if not Defeated Entirely, would just take this Opportunity to Annex America and Establish its Precursors to N.A.F.T.A just like it did in Reality.  Even if it were Defeated, this would be the time for Revolution.  The Negros and Mestizos wouldn't have Fared as well in The Northwest, but any Settling there would have made things more Difficult than they already were for Europeans. Even up North, everyone Complained that The South didn't want the Blacks so the ones Ordered to Leave - once Whites had some Modicum of Control again - went up North.  They could have gone Westward or to Mexico, but the Mexicans didn't want the Blacks and the Blacks didn't want to be Pioneers unless Funded and Protected by Whites.  The Union just Fancied itself more Protective of Whites, in Contrast to what it just did to Whites (Particularly White Women), since it Opposed Blacks having these Freedoms that were Intended only to be Utilized Against "Lowly" Southerners.  New England had the Opinion that The South was "Too Celtic" and thus "White Niggers" or "Less Than Niggers", so it didn't Regard it as Shameful to Rape or Murder these People; they were Perceived as Monstrous, yet that - somehow - didn't Discourage Them from Raping these Alledged Inferiors.  They saw that as The Ultimate Conquest, much like a Negro thinks it is "Superior" if it Rapes a White Woman.  The English Southerners were quick to Advocate "Cooperation" ("Reconstruction" i.e. Unification i.e. Liberalization i.e. Rape, Murder, Arson, Thievery, Slander, Libel and other Destruction, whilst not Admitting it) with The Union, on the Basis of "English Kinship". 

It seems the Reality of America having Funded Communism in Mexico and Russia were Unavoidable. 
If France had Joined The Confederacy, the Client State in Mexico would have been Expected to Mirror this Position. Unfortunately, Emperor Maximilian I was a so-called "Enlightened" Monarch and his Ineffectual Rule would not only Cost him his own Life but the Life of his Wife.  She actually went Insane, when she Realized that The Napoleons had Lied to her and her Husband to Convince him to Operate in Mexico as if Elected by those actually Revolting over his Presence.  They would Cite the Genuine Spread of Plague as Reason for not Interacting with Mexicans, but it was actually because he'd Realized that the Election had been a Sham for his Support of French Colonization.  Juarez even Refused to Surrender his Illegitimate Presidency, when in Violation of his own Constitution, by Exceeding Term Limits, but his own Radical Supporters would Murder anyone who Noted his Hypocrisy.  Unionists would make Deals with the Socialists and Communists that Killed him and Warred Internally for Decades, and this Support still Continues to this day.  They just Transferred all but a few Skirmishes from Civil War to Legislative Disputes, but it's more about which is the Leader than about Genuine Political Differences.  The Confederacy would have to Deal with all these Issues, as well. 
Yes, there were Mexicans and European Minorities which were Subjects of The Second Mexican Empire and also Supported The Confederacy, whether Financially or Militantly, so some Changes may have Occurred if The Confederacy instead of The Union were Operating in the Region, but the Ease with which Ex-Confederates were Driven from Mexico and the Fact that the Majority of the Boere who Settled there after The Second-Boer War would Flee into America both Indicate that Mexico would not Remain a Confederate Colony.  The Confederacy were't Fighting it as a Racial War, but its Enemies were. 
I will Credit Teddy Roosevelt and Luis Terrazas with Helping these People to Relocate, but both of these Typically made Atrocious Decisions; whether it were Luis having Utilized his Position as Governor to Depreciate or Appreciate the Land he Intended to Buy or Sell, by Mobilizing Troops to Abandon or Stabilize a Territory during those Revolutions, Teddy having Intervened on Japan's Behalf during The Russo-Japanese War or his Swing Vote in Favour of Permanent Taxation [that he Promised would be at Lower Rates and Affecting only The 1%, but actually Affected Everyone and Adversely Impacted The Poor (which Enabled those 1% to Survive without Competition from Small Businesses, and is why The Wealthy Often Support Higher Taxes and the Stupidity of The Poor that They Misinform)]. Even if The Terrazas Family could be Convinced to Support The Confederacy, instead of Marrying into Unionists like The Creel Family or that Branch of The Bowie Family that Fought on the Opposite Side of the Territory-Turned-Former-Country-Turned-State that its Famous Relative was a Founding Father of (a.k.a. Jim Bowie and Texas), he'd still have Sold Dynamite to Revolutionaries and/or Deliberately Failed To Suppress Revolutions because it was Profitable to do so. 
In Short: Alexander II's Son, Alexander III, was a Conservative but the former's Actions were so Radical that he actually Delayed Southeastern Europe's Liberation From Turkish Hordes By Decades.  By his Liberalism, he Jeopardized Relations with other Nations; even if these were Liberal, or Promoting Liberalism in other Nation-States to Destabilize these for Conquest, his Fervent Adherence to other Liberal Principles was a Threat to Military-Industrial Complexes that were Essentially Regarded as "Sacred" by both Left and Right in other Countries.  His own Promotions of Minorities (like Jews, Central Asians, East Siberians and others of Non-European Descent) and Teaching the Illiterate Masses to Read the Propaganda the aforesaid Produced, would Further The Path To Communism.  Even then, he was Assassinated by those Radicals he Enabled.  His Son was being Hindered by his own Government, and the latter's own Son so Ineffectual and Betrayed both Internally and Internationally that Jew Bolshevism became Synonymous in Global Perceptions with "Russian Identity" (even though the Predominance were Opposed to all Forms of Communism and even Liberalism were Relatively-Recent in Russia). In other words: As much an Ostensible Contrast with The Present as that Era would be, the Events which Followed were not only to be Expected but Viciously Promoted - both North and South, as well as Abroad - since even before The Lost Cause.
The Average Southerner of that Era does Appear to have been more Moral than The Average Northerner, though there are Numerous Conditions that Shaped why The North and South did what they did, though Mostly Economic, on Both Accounts, but the Leaderships also Appear to have been Equally Immoral. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Much Ado About Nothing or: North Korea - So What?

It didn't even Threaten to Attack, because it Knows it can't Win unless America simply Allows it to. It Threatened to Respond IF Attacked. North Korea is doing a fine enough Job, itself, of Ensuring that North Korea is not a Threat. It is Impoverishing and Starving its Assets, and Remaining Technologically Inferior. 

Even if it did Attack South Korea, so what? Why Do We Care? It doesn't even have the Capacity to Nuke America, so it's Banking on the Chinese having this Capacity [it is Theoretically Possible, though Reliant upon America making a Conscious Decision to Permit it; America has an Extensive Anti-Missile Network, both on Land, Under and Upon the Seas (amongst other Bodies of Water), in the Air and in Outer-Freakin'-Space] or - on Account of having a Common N.A.T.O. Adversary (though for Different Reasons) - for Russia to do so. 

What I would Hate to do, is Attack it and have it Pushed by this into Russia's Sphere of Necessary Allies. It's not like Russia wants to have to Rely on all its Cold War-Era, Second-World Allies. But if it's in a War with N.A.T.O. and the latter is going to Invade Russia, anyway, it would only make Sense for it to be Courted as an Ally. 

Unfortunately, that's all the Pretense that N.A.T.O. would Need to Attack; its Supporters will not Understand what is at Stake, or They will Eagerly Seek to Defile. So, Russia will have to Wait until it is Attacked - itself - and the North Koreans will have to be Smart and Emotionally Stable enough to Accept this Delay in Alliance. Otherwise, both will Fall for this Ignorance and Petulance. If this Alliance is Forged, though, it's a Good Way to Ensure that Russia actually does slip back into Bolshevism. 

I am not for Nuking it, at that Point; I am for another Cold War. Yes, there will be Proxy Wars. These Will Occur, Regardless. It would be Better not to Devastate Russia, since Russia still has Viable Ethnicities. I would rather its Cultural Revival be Kicked Into Overdrive, rather than Reviving even a Moderated Version of that Red Blight. 

The only way this would be even Ostensibly Beneficial for Us, is if Russia were to Collaborate with America to Defeat North Korea. In that Case, Russia would have to Occupy it; if America is Occupying it, it would be a Disaster. Even a Joint Occupation is Risky. If the Russians were to Insist upon this, however, or even be Granted it, America (or the more Hawkish of those in it, merely having to Wait for Support from the other Usurpers; Eager to Provide it, if not to Speak it) would Decry this "Invasion" or "Threat". They might actually Prefer for it to be Ceded to Russia, so it can be Invaded by those now Able to "Migrate" (Read: Invade) Moscow, et cetera, though They will Insist upon "Liberating" it (Invading Russia, or at least Undermining any Semblance of Stability in or Sought for this Ostensible Territorial Asset that is Effectively an American Insurgency), or at least Occupied by it so that "True Americanism" can be Branded as an Uncompromisingly Anti-Russian Position that will also Include Importing Mongrels. Some will Debate about whether or not to have the War, and some will Debate about whether or not to Import Mongrels. The Answer to both Questions is a Resounding "NO!" 

If you are Counting on Trump to Collaborate with Russia, rather than to Invade it, not only must you Consider that his Successor will Probably be Anti-Russian but Remember Trump-Appointed Rex Tillerson's False Accusations Against Russia Regarding Syria. 

Besides, what is that Detestable thing that America likes to do? Import Mongrels. Don't tell me that Trump won't; he also weren't going to Bomb Syria, but he did. 60 Times. Additionally, the Regimes in Europe either will or will be Embargoed or Invaded by N.A.T.O. and/or The (Regionally-)European Union. They would have to Ally with Russia, to Prevent that, but that may just Trigger W.W.III. They may not Fight it on the Pretense of whether or not Mongrel Invasions are Permitted, but upon any Number of Irrelevancies, Falsehoods and Matters of Lesser Importance than this Stand For Purity that is the True Motivation for the Assaults. 

Should North Korea Be Destroyed? Yes. Will This Government Properly Counter Mongrelism? No. Should America Have More Military Bases Surrounding Russia? No. Should Russia Counter America? Yes. Verdict? Keep Koreans In The Koreas; Keep Interventionism Out. 

It is Utterly Detestable, Indeed, that We can't even Fight Mongrel Communists; to do so would be under Unacceptable Conditions, as "Conventional" [rather, Regimental (in the Archaic Sense)] Forces, and thus to Aid Them. Thus, I Propose that Mercenaries should go that Kill Alledged "Refugees". Official Forces Should Not Be Present.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

This Is Why I (Incidentally) Supported Ron Paul

There's a Theory that Trump is only Bombing Syria to Obtain Support from Neo-Con Politicians, and will thus Withdraw Support once he is Criticized by Liberal Media.
Shouldn't he just Continue to be Harassed by Neo-Con Politicians, to Prove these are Conspiring with Liberals? Shouldn't he Allow the Liberals to Continue Proving that They are not Anti-War, since Their Campaign was Based Upon Invading Russia?
If he does Withdraw, won't he Lose that Neo-Con Support?  If he doesn't Withdraw, how will he Obtain any Anti-War Support from those Liberals that are Desperate for a "Conservative White Male Racist" to be The War President so that They can Continue to Pretend to Oppose it [right into another Election and - Subsequently - an Enlargement of the War (a la Obama)]?
Trump Can't Rely Upon Liberal Masses; They're Far Too Corrupt. Trump Can't Rely Upon Conservative Masses; They're Far Too Stupid. Trump Can't Rely Upon Politicians.  Trump Can Only Rely Upon The Alt-Right.  Trump's Dividing The Alt-Right.
Now, one might have a Far-Fetched Notion that Trump doesn't like Taking Orders from his Jewish Son-In-Law or Netanyahu, et cetera, so he's Forcing those "Alt-Rightists" to either Expose Themselves as Attention-Seeking Conservatives (i.e. Liberals-In-Denial) or to Seek Russia's Support in Overthrowing The Regime.  After all, he's Solidifying Russia's Position as Leader of The Free World.  Unfortunately, that only Works if he'll Secretly Assist Us.
If Trump Cracks Down Upon The Dissident Right, W.W.III Ensues Anyway.  Then, Why Not Have Elected Hillary?  Why Not Have Elected Sanders? What's Better Than The Cubans (Cruz; Rubio)?  What's Better Than Miscegenator Bush?  What's Better Than Negro Criminal Carson?  What's Better Than Ryan?  What's Better Than Boehner?  Honestly, What Did "The Great Meme War" Accomplish?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Greenland: Our Fertile Reemergence in a Land of Ice

Every now and then, I like to Suggest that We Conquer Greenland.  And whenever I do, everyone likes to Complain to me about how Cold it is and that there's nothing to do. Aren't you the same People who use "Desert" as a Pejorative (never Mind how much of Our History is in those Deserts, apparently) and Post Incessantly about "Going Off The Grid"?  I guess you want to be Off The Grid in a Temperate Environment.  Let me know how that works out for you, since you're also the ones who always say "Remember Ruby Ridge?" and "Remember Waco?" whenever someone Suggests an Enclave of any Sort in such a Region (never Mind all the Enclaves that are Thriving, as those are in other Climates, like Orania or the ones in South America).  But I think I have a few Statistics and Concepts that will Interest you:

Greenland is The Least Dense Country On Earth, and There Are No Inter-Settlement Roads. Greenland Is 65 Times Less Dense Than Mongolia, and that's even Despite that 4/5ths Live just in The Southwest. Telecommunications are Monopolized by one Company. This is a Tactician's Wet Dream.

Monopolies are Common in Greenland, and there are still Villages that have No Modern Pluming. Do I Smell A Reform Party Ticket? Yes, I Do. And It Smells Like Victory.

Greenland has BY FAR The World's Highest Suicide Rate. It is Exponentially Greater than any other Country, with 107 Per 1,000. In Other Words: They'll Help Us Kill Them, When They Realize Resistance Is Futile. Best Yet, Some Will Volunteer For Our Side.

While you might at first be Alarmed by all the Night Lights in these Villages, Rest Assured; it's only because Greenlanders are Highly Superstitious. They Believe not only in Ghosts (Southrons, We Know Where I'm Going With This, Yes?) but in Entities called Qivitoq, which some say are Banished Men who have been Driven Mad by the Elements, who Hunt for Survival and have Acquired a Beast-Like Strength. Unsolved Murders are Attributed to Qivitoq, and many Villagers say there are Footprints in the Snow where no one in the Family has Walked.

Greenland has a Higher Per Capita Murder Rate than anywhere in the World but Africa and Latin America. Bodies in the Snow are Nothing New. There are many Locations where Skeletons can be found in the Ice, along Hiking Trails. Our Activities will go Unnoticed.

After Reconquest, what a Location for a Budding Film Industry!

What a Location for Desalination Facilities, and what Potential for Hydro-Electric, Wind (Onshore and Offshore) and Solar Power! Oil is already Drilled for, and the Purest of Water from Glassier is already Bottled there. Rare Resources are Concealed under that Ice. "Oh, Russia! Exclusive Rights, In Exchange For Protection." Now, of course, We'll have to Ensure those are actually Russians, Volga Germans or other Europeans which We are Receiving. Apart from the Visually-Obvious, We can always Finance Genetic Testing by deCODE through these Lucrative Businesses.

Go Ahead, Have Your Enclave; as long as it Appears Innocuous from the Outside, the Internal Proceedings won't have anyone Bothering you. Even if We are The Laziest Re-Conquistador Generation Yet, We could have Decent Lives just in Our Villages.  What a Glorious Age of Technology this is, where even a Remote, Primitively-Constructed Village can have Wi-Fi. 

Our Ancestors did it without WiFi or anywhere near such Knowledge as has been made Available to Us, and they didn't even have Firearms, Snowmobiles, Snowplows, Motorboats, Airplanes and Over 1,000 Years of History to Build on for the Rapid Expansion of a New Political Party.  

Think about it: "Qivitoq" Attack and a Documentary Crew goes out to Investigate.  They become so Enamored with it, they Settle.  They Form a new Militia for the Protection of these Villages, and become Increasingly Vocal about an Avaricious Regime that Lacks Compassion for either Inuit or Danish.  No one will Suspect these People are Allied with the ones Killing the Inuit, Miscegenators and any other Deviants.  After all, they were Present when there were Attacks.  Maybe, We even Recruit some Expendable Student Filmmaker who Provides the Necessary Equipment and the Martyrdom when he or she becomes a Victim of a "Qivitoc" Attack.  Ideally, the Terror will be Captured on Film... but nothing Revealing about the Perpetrator(s).  We could Dress in Hides and Adorn Our Heads with those of Wolves or Reindeer.  Antler-Mutilated Bodies would Help to Sell The Legend, as would Entrails up in Trees or Half-Devoured Animals sticking just enough out of the Snow or from between Rocks to be Discovered.  It is a Simple Effect to Fabricate, to make it Appear that Victims have been Cannibalized.  If someone is not Squeamish about those he Culls or which are Necessary Sacrifices, he can so Disfigure his Victims so it Appears that They were still Alive when he Ate Them.  It will not be Difficult to Frame an Inuit for this, since They are the Actual Inspiration for the Legend.  

Besides, They Attacked Vikings who were The First Nations' Peoples of Southeast Greenland.  This Presents Another Possibility.  However Deranged this "Qivitoc" are to be Portrayed, We could Dispense with the Cannibalistic Imagery that I would otherwise find quite Compelling and Insist - if We are Captured - that We are Leifurs.  That is, Leifur's.  Leifur Eiriksson's.  We will Refer to Inuit as Skrælingi (Plural: Skrælingjar), but have Better either Learn Ancient Icelandic, Old Norse or at least Danish (Preferably, Utilizing not merely more Archaic Words but the Proper Pronunciations of these) or a Combination thereof.  We could always Claim to have Sheltered the Lost and Runaways, to both Add a Romantic Element to Our Culture (which should see itself as in a Holy Racial War, as Vikings had by then Converted to Christianity) and Explain how We would Know any Danish, English or other Languages that We would have Learned from Stranded Hikers who Found Appear in Our Cult.  We would, of course, Develop Our Own Blend and New Words from Combinations of these and Along the Rules of these Different European Languages, and Concentrate on Concealing Our Accent so it is Convincing to even The Best-Trained Linguists that Ours is a Language some 1,000 Years In The Making.   

I don't see why We can't do both.  But, of course, I am as Romantic as Pragmatic.  Perhaps you want to go back to more Traditional Forms of Guerrilla Warfare, as Ironic as that Sounds.  Suit yourself.  Either way, I'll have my Pack of Greenlandic Dogs and some of those Howls in the Moonlight will be me Fostering Legends.  Also, "Greenlandic Dogs" would make an Excellent Name for a Motorcycle Gang... once We have more Roads.  

They Are Begging Us To Conquer Them.  Let's Not Disappoint.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

On Inroads

More and more Politicians are Joining the Long-Awaited Campaign of Elitist Consolidation, and those Promoted as "Rouges" may finally not all be the Jews that the likes of Glenn Beck were Endorsing but are still either just Reducing the Rate at which Alienisms are Promoted or Altering which Lunacies are Dogmatic.  They aren't Nationalists, and those Employing this Label are often Eager for another Fratricide simply because this European or that European falls on a Different Side of a Line that probably only Exists on Arbitrary Grounds and perhaps has long been Disputed by those who think "It's a National Shame" for European A to give the time of day to European B.  Then, European C has Emigrated from Europe and his new Country thinks it either has to have no Loyalties to anyone in Europe or Binds itself Specifically to those Regimes most Disastrous to Our Peoples and Ways of Life.  But here are some Proposals for how to Undermine Their System, apart from the Methodologies of Guerrilla Warfare and Unconventional Symbolic Warfare which I have already Discussed:

Teach People about All White Cultures, and Jewry's Culture Wars.  Not just the Obvious ones, like German, Spanish or Russian, but the many Ethno-Cultures thereof.  While talking about Irish, talk also about Irish Travelers or the Irish in America and the ones once in The Caribbean.  If talking about Scots, talk about how - before "Reconstruction" and "Multiculturalism" - these were your "Rednecks" and "Hillbillies"; these were your Highlanders and others Seeking Independence, or their Descendants in Appalachia.  In Western Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about Slavic, Hellenic (this one shouldn't Bother you, even more so, if you aren't being even more Hypocritical than with the others), Latin (this one shouldn't Bother you either, for the aforesaid Reasons and that these are - Literally and Figuratively - Closer To Home) and Baltic Peoples and their Cultures, all their many Crosses and Subgroups and those with other European Peoples.  In Eastern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about the Germanic (Including but not Limited to Volga Germanic and Baltic Germanic), Non-Baltic Scandinavian (not Limited to those who Resided in Eastern Europe, either, whether to be Absorbed, to Relocate or to Remain a Distinct Ethnicity), Gaelic, Gaulish and other Celtic and/or Baskid (and not just the ones who Resided in Eastern Europe), Latin (and not just those who were Absorbed into Eastern European Populations called Aromanians or Vlachs), and Hispanic Peoples, the many Crosses thereof and all their many Subgroups.  In Northern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about those Hispanic, Latin and Hellenic Peoples, and all their many Crosses and Subgroups, and how these Crossed with Gaulish, Visigothic, Alanic, Thracian, Slavic or other European Peoples to Form new Subgroups and Cultures.  In Southern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about the Celto-Baskid, Scandinavian, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic Peoples who didn't come to Reside there, and their many Crosses and Subgroups.  Anywhere in Europe, suck it up and Learn about everywhere in Europe and how Our Influence has been Exported Globally.  You might actually Enjoy it, if you Apply what you Learn to Redeeming Practice, you thus-far-Uncultured Disgraces to Our Ancestors.  

But how to Foster a World that will not Devour Us for doing so?  

Develop Inroads with other Dissidents of a Milder Form of those Views that We would not otherwise get a Word in Edgewise with, such as those only Flirting with Libertarianism because nothing else is Offered that's not (as far as these Realize) more of the same Crap that's been Screwing everyone thus far or are Students who are Rebelling and/or want something "Cool".  Argue that We have a Right to Self-Determination, and that Financial Sovereignty is a Portion of this that is Controlled for the same Motives as what should be Our Media; to Finance that which Suits Their Agenda, and Suppress or Destroy that which is Critical of Their Globalist Aspirations and may otherwise be Able to Liberate Our People from Them.  Individualism, after all, is to be Encouraged so long as it is Tempered by Objectivity.  Our Race Exists, and Our Race Deserves To Exist.  You are not so Important that you are Allowed to Reject that Premise, but those who Accept it will Rise or Fall in Position by Merit within Our Civilization.  

"High Liberals", who Listen to, Perform or maybe even Compose Classical Music, Genuine European Folk Music or even something Avant Garde, as long as it has at least some Grounding in such as I am Describing, Read or even Write Literature or Poetry of a Classical Variety or of such Quality but about Contemporary Issues or Our Future (whether Fears, Aspirations or some of each), Admire or even Create Art of a Classical or other Productive Variety, are Urban Explorers, Photographic or Literary Journalists of Remnants of Bygone Eras of Value (either Fundamentally or as Critiques of a Regime that We also Take Issue with; Preferably, when Rationales are already at least somewhat Aligned) or Isolated European Communities (in both Joy and Suffering, so long as the former isn't Vilified - much less even Demonized - and the latter isn't Exalted; rather, Ideally, when the Photographs are Accompanied with Our Sympathies), Cinema Buffs, Aspiring Actors or Actresses, Screenwriters or Indie Directors, Automotive Enthusiasts, Fashionistas of a more Traditional Sense (at least in Regards to Modest Character, if not Specific Forms), those Interested in the Exploration and Colonization of Outer Space, Subterranean Caverns or Aquatic Depths, Linguists, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Paleontologists or other Historians and Scientists, Medical Doctors, Big Game Fishers and Hunters who still Believe in the Code of "Eat What You Kill" or Trade with those who Prefer that Diet, Adventurers, Agrarians, Ranchers, Old World Craftsmen, Innovators of the Practical and Astronomical that may one day see many more Practicalities, and otherwise are Connoisseurs of European Culture, and perhaps even do so for the Sake of these Concepts (instead of simply because of an Uninformed Response of "It's what's expected", "It's Popular" or "I'm Rebelling", as Expectations and Popularity - for Better or Worse - may Change), are another and perhaps even Better Option for those with whom to Develop Inroads.  

Liberals in America who Adopt White Children, as well, Regardless of whether or not of the aforesaid Affiliation, as long as Preferable to the Current Plight of these Oppressed Peoples, should be told to Adopt White South Africans.  Where the Orphanages still have not been Reformed enough, if at all, since Soviet Occupation['s sometimes more Nominal End, sometimes (and Recently) Particularly Under The E.U.], the Indigenous Peoples [or those of that Race but another (at least Recent) Territorial Affiliation] should Adopt those Children and Demand Reforms.  Where Adopting Whites from elsewhere will Tip The Scales in Our Demographic Favour, these Places should Adopt White Africans.  If you wish to Sponsor Citizenship, do it for Whites.  First and Foremost, Sponsor Citizenship For White South Africans and those Fleeing "Euro-Maiden's" Assault On Donbass.  

Liberals that are Worried about Overpopulation should be Convinced to Direct Their Efforts Against The Non-White World. Some may even have the Understanding and Emotional Stability to Admit that Whites are Dangerously - But Not Irreparably - Underpopulated, and may only have a Transient Presence in Liberal Politics; another Party that Offers everything Worthwhile these can get out of Liberalism, Especially the Less it is Offered there, Particular the more Antagonistic the Liberal Leaders and/or Mainstream are to it, at least if We Provide the Explanations [and, at least as much as this, if not more than this, We have to Provide the Compassion that Virtually Us All have been (Truly, and Frequently, Deliberately) Deprived of] that these have not yet Received as to why certain Liberal Policies are Destructive, may Convert these Altogether.

Vote For White Candidates Over Non-White Candidates, Regardless of Political Profession.  Vote For Isolationists Over Alienist Globalists.  Vote For Socially-Conservative Socialists Over Socially-Alienist Fiscal Conservatives (the latter would be the likes of Libertarians and Rinos, which can even be Left of Blue Dogs).  Vote For "Palestinianists" Over "Zionists", if you must Vote for one (at least to Block the other, even if They are otherwise Identical).  That way, Immature Whites will not be (so Frequently, anyway) Deceived into Believing that "We Must Rely On Them", but We will also Remember that Some Whites Are Race-Traitors.  Furthermore, some Candidates will Pull A Trump (Coined It!) and go from Hostile to such Views to at least somewhat Sympathetic about them (in Appearance, anyway, which will Provoke Mass Anger if We are Betrayed yet again) for at least Political Expediency.  You may, then, Vote for these.  If someone Genuinely European Nationalist is Available, at any Point, this is Our Candidate.  If not, The Closer The Better.

As this Applies to many if not all of the aforesaid, or would if someone Suggested it to them, at least if it were Widespread and/or Portrayed as "Edgy", "Provocative", "Bold" and other Words that Liberals like to use (even if usually to Described things not all that Healthy), Seek Out the Pro-Abortion Democrats who have a History of Restricting Abortion Clinics to Non-White Districts and/or Donating in what would otherwise Appear to be an Ironic Fashion to Pro-Life Movements (at least, and Especially, if these are at least as - and Preferably More; Ideally, Exclusively - Active in White Areas).

Meanwhile, Continue to do the same with Anti-Abortion Republicans who have a Favourable Record about not only Gun Rights and The Death Penalty but about Racial Preferences.  You won't get anywhere with the Neo-Cons that are Adopting even more Negros than Liberals are, nor those that have made Refusing to Abort a Down's Syndrome-Afflicted Fetus into a Status Symbol. Meanwhile, some might have an Unclear Stance on Abortion or be for it under such Conditions as Rape, Incest or when certain Congenital Defects are Present.  Additionally, some Democrats will Support a Death Penalty and/or Gun Rights.  Look for those Promoting one Cause in Non-White Areas and the other in White ones, and see which are Friends and which are Enemies. The Average Person would Agree that the Improvements in Science and Investigative Techniques many Experts are Suggesting that are Underused should be Implemented as Well-Practiced Standards, which would Reduce both the Number of Wrongfully Accused, the Number of Wrongfully Released and the Number of those Opposed to The Death Penalty.

Allow Leftists Secession; it's perhaps More-Effective than Seceding Ourselves, though this may Facilitate it, as The Regime will either be Fighting Them instead of Us (or, at least, Distracted in said Fight by the aforesaid Infighting of Alienists) or We will still have the Reduced Liberal Votes to Our Advantage.  If They Destroy Their Regimes, We can Wall-Off the others in the meantime and Establish Militias.

Ironically, the Rigging of the Scottish Secession Vote now seems also Intended to Ensure that Scotland would Vote Against Brexit.  I told you that a Wave of Secession would Follow in the Wake of Scotland, Regardless of the Politics that Provoked it, but now you see another Reason to Allow the Basque and Catalan to Secede; apart even from that these may Shift-Right, once they have it, as the Largest of the Pro-Independence Basque Parties - all of which are now Openly Communist - was an Anti-Communist Party until this was Dropped from its Platform in The '60's.

In the Quest for a Nation-State, many Forgot which Policies will Preserve one and that Our Race is to be Valued Above all the Components that must then still be Valued.  This Cuts Both Ways; the 
Spaniards once had a Preferable System to any of this, but today's Spanish Unionists are more Intent upon that Union than Spanish having anything to do with it but Remnants from Geo-Politics now Renounced for "Racism" a.k.a. being Perceived as somehow more Pro-White than what those doing the Decrying are Demanding.  Inroads were Created, but of a Leftist Variety; the "New", "Cool" and "Exiting" Communism, like Liberalism before it, took Basque by Storm.  Such an Insult to People who have Contributed Genetically to much of Europe, and Culturally so much to South America.  While Mongrels Corrupt, being Inherently Corrupted, the White Minorities of South America (so Overstated, as Addressed elsewhere) often have at least Partial Basque Descent or may Reside somewhere Established by Basques.  Yes, the "Jesuits" are not what these once were, pretty much the Opposite, but it's been said the two things that can Undeniably be Attributed to the Basques are the Jesuits and Chile.  Chile is a Clusterfuck of Dysfunction, between its Mongrels and its Brainwashed Whites, but it's still one of the Whiter Countries in South America and has a few Counter-Currents (Particularly with the Germanic Colonization) that Inspire Hope that such Tactics as I am Describing will be Implemented there.  Without a Soviet Menace, and with a Global Right-Shift in Public Opinion, and some Governments now somewhat Departing from Jewry's Agenda, with a Possible Balkanization of America to Ensue, and/or for at least one of those Offshoots to Assist in Global Pro-White Causes, one Imagines an Anti-Jewish Version of Pinochet; one who Kills More Dissidents, and Rejects The Chicago School for something more Smithian (something more Hitlerian or Fordian).  Additionally, America has still some Basque Communities.  Once, at least, these were Anti-Communist.  Idaho pretty much Owes its Statehood to the Basque, and these Lived Peacefully with other European Settlers; it was Good, until Jew Federalism Imposed Upon Traditional Communities.  I hear that today, however, Northern Idaho should just Secede from the Rest of the State.  We'll see if the Basque, and - Indeed - all European Americans, still Care more in Idaho for the Spirit of the State than the (perhaps still only Temporary) Borders of what would not be a State without that Spirit the Ancestors of these Populations still Possessed.

Catalan Modernism, as well, would now be Decried by many an Alienist as much too Traditional.  Not always my cup of tea, but some of it actually is quite Fine.  After all, the Ethno-Cultural Musical Melanges of The American South and the Interpretations thereof and those Partially Inspired thereby of "The British Invasion" as often are Retreats from that even more "Modern" as these were Circumstantially Offensive in the day.  Yes, some of it has Liberal Lyrics which cannot be Interpreted any other way (though They Frequently Speak Euphemistically, to Expand Their Audience and Generate Confusion About Their Intents) and/or is otherwise Fundamentally Subversive, but some of it would have been Praised by those Furious about it if only it had come from
someone else.  "Take only the honey."  While this must be Learnt in America and The U.K., and - Ultimately - Spread Globally, one Anticipates that the Catalan will at least Return to this Tradition; perhaps those Catalan Minorities in Ibero-America will do so, or even Lead The Way, with things Imported from The Homeland and anything Unique that was Developed by European Colonists in places like Mexico.

The above all goes to what I have been saying: Do not Confuse the Fundamental with the Incidental, and make your Adversary make Compromises with you; be on the Victorious Side of every Agreement, rather than Lying to yourself that you Stopped something that Lacked Power to Implement itself.  By Compromising with a Minority Opinion, or one which would become one if you were Stalwart in Opposition to it, you have merely Empowered Them.  Look at "Gun Control" (White Disarmament, in Effect, when not even Stated Intention, as Currently Practiced) or Abortion/Infanticide.  Look at "Integration".  Meanwhile, the Democrats in America - even some of the "Progressive" ones - actually did more to Fight these Issues than did the "Conservative" Republicans.  In Fact, many Acts of Congress and Executive Orders now Decried for Their Liberalism (Frequently, Both Sides Reference The Constitution) were once Championed by "Conservatives".  How many times have you heard someone saying "Ronald Reagan wouldn't have allowed this!", in Response to something Reagan actually Pushed or perhaps even Initiated?  Too Many, in my Case; enough to be Enlightened (Literally, rather than Euphemistically) on the Matter.  

When a Spending Bill comes around, don't shy away from Orchestras and Galleries that Perform or Exhibit Classical Pieces simply because Funding these with Tax Dollars is "Socialist".  All that means is "Social Belief" or "Social Practice", Literally, and has had many Conflicting Definitions in History, though some more Fundamentally and some more Circumstantially, but it is going to be Spent on something so why not Spend it on something Productive for Our Race?  As more of the Privately-Owned Versions will Expand their Repertoires to Compete with the Newfound Interest of the Relevant Public in the State, Federal or International Versions, there will be Less Need for such Spending; it may go in Cycles, or they may either Find Persistent Interest or even Cultivate their own Tastes enough to Insist on other Masterpieces Regardless of Sales (at least so long as they are not Losing Money, or - at very least - once it becomes Apparent this Statement was Ineffective at Changing Public Course in Favour of Talent's Appreciations; at which Point, those Truly Devoted to these Expanded Horizons will still Continue to Advocate Verbally for these Performances and Host them upon Request).  

Don't shy away from Contraceptive-Based Foreign Aid, if the Alternatives are Money for Them to Spend as it Pleases Them, a War On Their Behalf, something that Increases Their Birth-Rates, Life Expectancy (whether by Reducing Infant Mortality, Increasing Longevity or Both) or Fertility (Medically and/or Socio-Economically), or any Combination thereof.  If you must give Agricultural Supplies to Prevent those aforesaid Non-Alternatives - in the Sense that those Must Not Be Allowed – from Manifesting more Directly, have it Coupled with Birth-Control.  Ideally, either way, talk about Abstinence.  Agricultural Aid is still Preferable to Medical Aid, as They are Frequently Agriculturally Incompetent.  At least, They often Steal Medical Supplies, Attack Medical Personnel, Spread Rumors Against Medical Sciences and Staffs, and Charge Steep Black Market Prices.  Regardless, We should Prefer for Them to have Sterilization (perhaps Offered, at least in Temporary Effect, anywhere in the World, in Exchange for what would be a lot of Money for Them but either Spare Change for Us or at least Considerably Less than the Alternative Expenditures) or at least Non Condom Contraceptives.  Condoms Sometimes Fail, and with Considerably Greater Frequency Amongst Non-Whites.  However, even O.T.C. Medications like Tylenol can Negate “The Pill”.  Therefore, if not Sterilization, They should be Provided with Spermicides.  Condoms Sometimes Prevent S.T.D.s, but an Over-Reliance upon Them can Spread them; while more of Their Deaths would be Good for Us under Our Rule, We would be Extorted by Present Regimes in Response to this.  A Decrease in S.T.D.s in those Populations might Result in Increased Non-White Births, at least if They aren’t Provided with Abortions or Sterilization.     

Don't shy away from Utilizing Public Lands, simply because that's a Euphemism for Government-Owned; while I do Prefer Privatization, though with Codes to be Rigidly Enforced when it's a Matter of National Heritage or the Survival of at least a Community [such as neither being Allowed to Desecrate a Church by Transforming the Building into an Amusement Park, as was done in The Netherlands, nor to Destroy these Altogether, as done Recently to one in France and as They are Planning in Regards to some of the Bone Churches (rather than Reinforcing these with Modern Technology, as Indicates that talk of "Structural Concerns" is a False Pretense), nor to Dam a River or Drain a Lake a Community is Reliant upon - at least without Consulting these People on Producing an Alternative at least as Viable to them - simply for your Profit or Ego], these places will - if not Utilized by Us - Continue only to be Privatized into the Vile Clutches of those even more Anti-White than those Possessing them now or to be the Victims of these Foolish Campaigns for Black Attendance of Municipal, State or "National" Parks.

Don't shy away from Communal Gardens, simply because it says "Communal".  Think about what this Word actually Means, and why it was thus Perverted by Jewry.  Either you've already Paid into this or will be Fined somehow for not Partaking in it, if not both, and why not Encourage the Cultivation of Higher Quality Produce than would otherwise be Available?  The more Voluntary it is, in Function, the Less you should be Complaining from a Voluntarist Standpoint.  The more Beneficial it is to you and/or your Neighbor, in a Racial Sense, the Less you should be Complaining from the Viewpoint of the only Collectivism that actually has Merit.  

I have Spoken elsewhere about how True Environmentalism Is White-Wing, so in Contrast to the Pseudo-Sciences of the many Leftists that Veiled "Red" In "Green", which Includes those "Eco-Conservatives" more Opposed to Us than Them, and Touched upon the other Issues herein Discussed, and many of the Examples that I have Provided, some much more In Depth in other Entries, but I wanted more a Consolidation and to Update the Circumstances of my Considerations.  

I have Spoken of my Disdain for the so-called Aristocracy, so Hostile to that Principle, as those Labeled such Generally are, so you see there is a Limit to what Alliances are Possible; not all Relationships are Worthwhile, and not all that is Worthwhile is Easy.  However, if you have to Ignore Realities to Feel you have a Productive Relationship for the Views you Claim to Adhere to, you need to take your Feelings elsewhere; this is not Productive for Us, but is Enabling Them.  You may think you are Tempering Them, but We've gone over this; They don't have the Power, anyway, or you aren't Impacting Them as you Believe you are, but They are Retarding you.  

Contrast that with how the N.S.D.A.P. and the Communists were United in a Vote of No Confidence, but Street Brawls, Assassinations and Public Fear of Communism no longer being Bridled by "Conservatives" that Answered to "Progressives" would Produce a Right-Shifting Populace.  So it is with the aforementioned Basque, Catalan and Northern Irish, who Generally - albeit not necessarily Applicable to Politicians - aren't nearly as Perverse as The Wiemar Republic.  Wiemar, itself, was once nothing like that; it Improved Considerably Under N.S.D.A.P. 
Tutelage.  Indeed, Berlin had been Transformed by Jews like Magnus Hirschfeld into The Degeneracy Capital of The West.  Under Hitler, it became a Symbol of Our Revival.  Even that Flag that is now so Widely Recognized would not Exist if Hitler had Allowed for Communists to Steal The Colour Red.  Instead, this Artist would Remember it was a Colour of Power and Passion, and one that Caught the Eye.  The Jews had Chosen it for a Reason; by Perverting its Historical Associations, it Created Mass Appeal for what would otherwise be Rejected.  Indeed, much was spoken of Tradition, Decentralization, Protection and "The redistribution of wealth among the masses" by those Hostile to Tradition, that Consolidated Their Power, that Mass-Murdered and Mass-Raped Our People, and that Impoverished The Masses both Materially and Spiritually.

Yes, there were Flaws in "National Socialism", more what was Practiced than what was Promised, but We will Inevitably be Labeled "Nazis" - a Preferable Label to "Fascist", in that the latter had even Less to do with Racial Purity and Our Cultures - so that's another Reason that We might as well Study that which Historically has Pertained to it.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Additional Thoughts On Trump's Popularity

Why is Trump so Popular?  Let's Count The Ways:

Basically, Trump Implements The Sailer Strategy.  Others have Written on this Matter, so let's skip to why People are making such a big deal over him saying "America First" when McCain also said it but no one would Dare to Pretend there were any Comparison to Charles Lindbergh. McInsane's Voters already Knew that he was a Socialist, with a Long Record of Cosponsoring Liberal Bills with Jews, so any "Lindbergh Comparison" Lie by Democrats would have Resulted in one of two Reactions:  

One would be what They Desire, which is for everyone to Insist that "Conservativism Isn't Racist" from the Viewpoint of a Cognitive Dissonance-Suffering White i.e. that a Leftward Shift "MUST" be Embraced to Prove it; that any Sacrifices of Democratic-Republican Values that would be Viable in a Pro-White World are "Necessary", because - as We should all Know by now - it is Liberalism [this Liberation From Morality; this Bind to its Satanism (that is, Opposition)] it is actually Conserving.  

The other is that they would have Shifted Right, so Dreaded by Jewry and those Eagerly of its Dominion, while some sort of Alliance between Pat Buchanan, Jim Traficant, Joseph Sobran, Tom Tancredo, Willis Carto and Ron Paul would have been Viable.  Putin and his Allies would have Shifted Right if these Displayed any Sympathy for any Motive at all.  There must have been a Fear of the latter, since - though such Games were Played on a Small Scale; to Increase as time went on and nothing Significant was done by Whites for Our Defence - They didn't really Push the "Nazi" Narrative in any so Intricate a Method as with the Parallels that have been Crafted for Trump.  

They must not want People to think "too much" about the Issue, however, because these Points - the Practices of which are of Varying Qualities - are mostly Neglected in that Context.  A Switch in International Policy with Regards to Mexico, Support from Indians, Mixed Relations with the Arabic-Identifying World, Early Support from Jews which Largely Dissipated as he became more Popular (in Part, because he did not Appear to have been Purchased by Jews), a Promise of Cooperating with Russia (though it hasn't been Properly Desovietized, as that would have Essentially been a Nazification Program, it had been a Sort of "Americanized" and now is - sometimes more as a Veil, and sometimes more Genuine Practice - "Rerussifying"), and Policies that Align him more with the New Leaders of Slovakia, Hungary and Italy, a Minority Support from Blacks and Mexicans that The Mainstream is Confused by (but is basically Submitting to a Dominant Power for Self-Preservation, though while Waiting To Strike), and his aforementioned Populism that Shifts Rightwards but Employs some Rhetoric that was (though Ironically) Previously Largely Leftist... those are a few Similarities to Hitler you might not have Noticed, while everyone was going on about his (Jewish) Campaign Advisor having slipped some "Nazis" into his American Flag Poster.  Of course, today's Right-Wing Polish Youth and the Possibility of a Sympathetic Polish Government are Major Changes to this.  However, these are just some of Various Developments in a Push towards Creating the Power Bloc that was Proposed by a German-Sympathetic Polish Nationalist.  "Turkey" being N.A.T.O.'s Lapdog has been an Issue, but a New Leader who Holds N.A.T.O.'s Reigns could be a Dramatic Upset.  They have made Unfounded Accusations of Incestuous Desires about both, which is Ironic in that They Promote Incest.   Of course, it's really Aimed at Removing someone whose Policies are anywhere near Viable.  Thus, while Pursuing Better Leadership is always Advisable, it's Reasonable to both Dismiss these Accusations and Focus on what Our Opponents are Provably Doing Wrong.  One Difference is that Trump did not Rise from Poverty, and another is that he never Considered becoming a Priest.  He also was never a War Hero, much less one who (together with another Soldier) Shielded a General from Enemy Fire with his own Body whilst Firing Back.  But he's not exactly Andrew Jackson, either, and (God Forbid) would probably be more a Teddy Roosevelt if he did have a Distinguished Military Record.  So, he's not THAT Similar.   Discussing this, however, Presents the Possibility of Sympathizing with Hitler.  They do love for "Neo-Nazis" to run around like Hooligans, often Uneducated, Multi-Racial, Meth-Cooking and/or Mestizo-Screwing as They are, but anything Sophisticated with an Hitlerian Connotation would Terrify Them. 

But Trumpites aren't actually that far along, even if not - at least Subconsciously - still Programmed to Respond as Desired if an Order to Attack Russia is handed down.  So, what is it?  

He'll say or at least Hint at things everyone else Knows and has Known for Years, but no one else will say or even Hint at: He talked Openly about how he Networks with Both Parties, but Insists that he's going to do what he Promises.  People actually Trust him, because everyone is used to this Networking but being Betrayed by those that won't Admit it or Insist that Pandering now will - somehow - Convince Liberals to Comply later.  It's like something out of a Tom Clancy Book/Film, where Jack Ryan says to Play-Up your Friendship with the Suspicious Businessman while you Deny any Knowledge of his Illegal Activities; you leave the Media nowhere to go.  Naturally, everyone assumes "He's being honest because he has nothing to hide".  

He will talk about how he has Factories in Foreign Countries but that he would like to Move them to America; it simply isn't Cost-Efficient, so he had to Wait until America's Economy could be Improved enough by other Means and/or those either Purchasing from (or, to Neighborhoods that are Guarded and/or Removed from where Mongrels are Accelerate this Process, as the aforesaid Generally Reside in Whiter Infesting) or Voting for him Demand it. 

He's Splitting Ron Paul's Base, because he isn't Viewed as having Compromised on Racial Issues; he's seen as an Emerging Voice, and even some Libertarians really aren't sure Their Liberty is even as Valuable as - much less more than - Ours.  He might be Left of Paul in some Economic Matters, and Economics are really what's Driving his Feigned Racialism, which is an Unsettling Thought, but he's still Right of Paul on many Social Issues that - try as Paul might to Convince you otherwise - actually do have an Impact on The Economy.  He may be Left of where Paul was some 40 Years Ago, but so is basically every other Politician (Including Ron Paul).  Paul's just Angry that he's not Venerated as a God like he once was, by the Minority that it was, and that "God Emperor Trump" is Beating him at his own Game.  Basically, he took a Melange of Ron Paul's Policies over the Decades and Came Off Sounding More Masculine while doing so.  I've talked about the Paul/Trump Relationship, in the past, and what Horrors could come under this and from Jews like Adam Kokesh.  I must say, though, that I am Surprised at Trump's Meteoric Rise not being Sidelined by a Ron Paul Contention of any Significance; he's merely Bitching and Moaning from The Sidelines, rather than Campaigning.  Strangely, Ron Paul's Managed To Avoid The "Cuck" Label.  Maybe it's the Reverse of the aforementioned Ryan Technique, like how I have always Feared that Trump was only being Ridiculed by Establishment Republicans so he'd Appear an Outsider.  Likewise, Republicans are now Harder than ever Pushing for Universal Armament; I am Opposed to this for the same Reason that I am Opposed to White Disarmament: It Makes Anti-White Warfare Easier.  Obama is Insane, but he isn't actually THAT Stupid; he's The World's Greatest Gun Salesman by Intent. If Paul were Consulted on this Matter, Regardless of what he Intends to do once in any Position of Power, or Public Demand simply Forces the two to Play Nice (after all, Trump Literally Wrote The Book On "The Art of The Deal"), maybe he'll start Singing A Different Tune.  

He can say that he could Shoot someone in Time Square and not Lose a Single Vote, and the only ones that Complain will be those already not Voting for him anyway.  Why?  He's The Only One Not Threatening To Murder Everyone. Trump can Threaten China and North Korea (like The Establishment only wants if it can Control "Refugee" Intake, War's Methodology and a Subversive Media, like a John Le Carre Novel/Miniseries but with Jews to make it even more Sinister), while Threatening to Abandon South Korea (both Militarily and Economically) if it doesn't pick up the Slack, and even the Rest of N.A.T.O. for the same Reason, by Promising to Negotiate with Putin instead of Fighting him.  Furthermore, it's because he talks about Saudis Supporting Islamic State and says there are others; he won't Name Them, because he has "Friends" in the Region, but - of course - he has "Friends" everywhere, as such Networking is Putting him in Power, and then he can do almost whatever he wants, but he'll tell the Talking Head that's Mocking him for not Naming the one he really wants to now that he - like everyone - already Knows.  Thus, he Implies "I will Cooperate with you for Mutual Gain, but you've got to Stop Subverting America."

Of course, Jewry is Incapable of that.  We'll see what he's actually Willing to do, with his Jewish In-Laws and Grandchildren.  Has he Sold his Soul and those of his Offspring to The Devil, for Political Gain?  Will he Ban Them From Inheriting, before he's Assassinated or - even if They have to Wait until he's no longer President, though perhaps Stirring Controversy by Raising this Accusation during his Presidency - Accusing him of some Mental Instability that would Result (if They have one of the many "Judges" that would Jump at the Opportunity) in a "Temporary Guardianship"?  The latter could be Cited to Discourage Political Support, and those Suggesting this will simply be Declared Paranoid.  So on and so forth will The Great Global Witch Hunt go.  Someone saying that Jewry might want to Assassinate him will be Claimed as "Proof" of how "Paranoid" his Supporters are, and he'll be Ridiculed for having Suggested it himself.  Sure, some - Including Politicians - have already Called for his Assassination... but They'll just say this weren't Serious, and everyone Ought to have been Smart enough to Know that, Mocking Us every Possible way, while Insisting those that are Clearly Serious even to Their Supporters that have just enough Scruples to Speak Out (or merely Wish to Save Face by Appearing that way) will be Dismissed as "No Serious Threat".  Perhaps so, but perhaps They are a Threat to his Supporters.  Additionally, those They do Support - and which have no Issue with being Associated with Their Support have more than Plentiful Means with which to have him Assassinated.  Neither Motive nor Opportunity are Proof of Guilt, but both - Particularly when Coupled - are Reason For Suspicion.  

You would think that We would take to The Internet and The Streets, and Challenge Them in The Courts if for no other Reason than The Press. They Harder The Push, They Harder We Push Back. ...Right?  Well, perhaps; Trump has become the Face of that, even Encouraging those who would not otherwise be Associated with it, but They are Jews that We're talking about.  People seem very Forgiving, even out of those Knowing that They are Edomites, simply because of that Fact.  "Jews Are Scary!" is what it comes down to.  So, We Must Be Scary.  We can't merely Challenge Jews, though, nor any other Foreign Race or what even Main Streamers still call Perversion, or those Loyal to Them may Feel Unprecedented Resolve, and those Fence Sitters will Fall Over to Their Side, but Challenge all that Opposes Us in any Capacity. "You Are Not Free.  You Are Not Equal.  You Are Not Human, Unless We Say So."

Vote Trump, But Trump Will Not Save Us.  Like Jose Primo de Rivera Knew, Only Violence Will Save Us.