Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik: The Hypocrisy of a "Bi-Partisan" Boogyman

Breivik was found to be "Criminally Insane"; due to the way "Progressivism" works, this means there will be no real Punishment.  Due to The Regime's handling of the Insane, he'll be out in three years.  Why, oh, why would They let this  happen?!  Oh, right, he's a Master Mason, a Zionist, a Plagiarist (Ted Kaczynski's Manifesto is virtually identical, albeit he was ironically both a Khazar and an Anti-Zionist!) and perhaps a Khazar (he had Plastic Surgery to look more Aryan; now, however, he claims to regret the lose of his "great Nordic nose" - which he did not have!)!

Remember Jared Lee Loughner?  Another "White Supremacist Christian Extremist" that turned out to be a Khazar Supremacist Zionist Extremist!

Remember Columbine?  First, They claimed it was "Neo-Nazis" - then it turned out They were Khazars! Then They claimed it was "Goths" - though there was no Evidence for this!  Both of those Myths are still widely believed! 

Seeing a pattern of Media Distortions by Khazars, are we?

 Given how close he came to achieving his goal, either he was just severely misguided or (in a case of Life Imitating Art) he was an Agent Provocateur who started actually believing his Cover Story; the existence of Cultural Marxism makes either a possibility - one exacerbated by developments like and MK-ULTRA and Project Northwoods!

Let's consider the facts of the case: Officially, he didn't know that his main target wasn't at the office; which is why he changed his focus to the island.  However, some witnesses say there was a second person who set the bombs, and its even been officially stated that he went to the island with a real Police Badge!  That's not even to mention that the Cops somehow knew his name to shout it BEFORE arresting him, nor that it took an hour and a half for the First Responders to reach the bomb site - while he was still shooting people on the island!  Those he attacked were mostly White, and the Protesters were advocates of Palistinianism!  This all comes after Israelis Condemned Norway for refusing to aid the Israeli-Endorsed "Kinetic Military Action" brought forth by Obama (the second War he can't blame on Bush - the first being Egypt!) in Libya!

As for the rest: While Their Occupation Regime Denies that MK-ULTRA was successful and that Project Northwoods was ever put to use - The Soviets did put such things to use!  It isn't admitted that anything like MK-ULTRA was successful - though the Soviet version of Project Northwoods did crush many Monarchist and Capitalist Organizations and Movements!  Regicide, Genocide, Religicide, Politicide and all-around Democide were put to use by The Bolsheviks to create The Soviet Union!  They then continued to use Genocide, Religicide, Politicide and Democide in a much more organized and - unfortunately - effective fashion to retain Power for as long as They did!  Now, Cultural Marxism is being used in all White Countries to do the same thing in a less-obvious fashion - though that's not to say Innocent People are not Assassinated! 

"Bi-Partisan Legislation": Progressing to Conserving a Khazarian Ideology

  It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between "Neo-Conservatives" and "Progressives"; in fact, "Neo-Conservativism" was even formed as a Compromise - a term that seems to be the very Essence of "Neo-Conservativism" - with "Progressivism".  "Progressives" were ostensibly a middle-ground between Liberalism, which had then become synonymous with Communism, and "Capitalism; in this case, "Global Capitalism" - already a "Progressive" Ideology in and of itself!  "Progressives", and by extension "Neo-Conservatives", work in a Socialist System under the 'guise of Capitalism; the goal of "Progressives" being to use Cultural Marxism to establish actual Marxism.  "Neo-Conservatives" will be happy with whatever the "Progressive"-approved notion of History tells them is "Conservative"... albeit with a "Compassionate" side.  What we have now is a System more comparable to Bolshevism than Capitalism; the difference between "Democrats" and "Republicans" is now as superficial as the difference between Bolsheviks and "Slavophiles"! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Isolationism or Alienism: There is no middle ground.

Phobia: N. An Irrational Fear. "Xenophobia" is said to be "The Fear of Foreigners or Foreign Things." Given that every society which has ever attempted to "Amalgamate" has ended in Ruin, wouldn't this Fear be Justified? A better term, thus, would be Isolationism; a desire to stay separate from that which is different.  Why must "Diversity" always come at a loss to Us?  Why is no one else asked to abandon their ways for Us?  Whenever someone points out the absurdity of some other Race's Culture or disproportional Criminality of another Race, it is "Racist".  To blame Whites for things that were done by Non-Whites, or that are entirely fictitious, and to praise Non-Whites for the Inventions and Discoveries of Whites is said to be "Equality", "Diversity", "Cultural Enrichment" or whatever euphemism for a comprehensive Democide is being pushed at the time! 

Think about it: The easiest thing for Them to ask for is more "Hispanics", yet They can't even reach a consensus on what the CULTURAL term Hispanics means!  To use it as a Racial term is both inaccurate and disastrous. It's not that it's short-sighted; it's a deliberate attempt, like so many others, at "Amalgamating" the cultures to "Amalgamate" the Races. The problem is that Races do not Amalgamate; they get Destroyed!  While this will come as an improvement to many Non-Whites, it will be disastrous to Whites.  Furthermore, these mere Hybrids won't be able to sustain what Our Kind created.  In the end, the annihilation of The White Race will prove to be the downfall of Civilization and the beginning of a global Haiti.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

St. Augustine's Writings on Human Abortion, and an Inquiry into The Spirtual Natures of The Accursed Breeds

Like other Church Fathers, St Augustine "vigorously condemned the practice of induced abortion" as a crime, in any stage of pregnancy. That is where the debate ends with those that hath understanding.

The Heretics, however, insist that he considered in his works whether or not the child had yet been Gifted a Soul by God; They neglect, however, to mention, a denial in effect through implication, or They will openly deny, the fact that he concluded that it did not matter - for no one has the Right to deny the child the Right to be Gifted a Soul by God!

Seeing, however, that only The Lost True Isra'elites are Human, one must contemplate whether all Non-Gentiles have a Soul or if God only Gifts one to certain individuals as part of The Holy Balance - with which we are not to interfere!

As God Punishes, barring the necessity, in regards to His Holy Balance, for one or more generations to be spared, if He allows such a thing to come to pass, “unto the third or fourth generation”, using His Holy Discretion to determine The Proper Punishment For The Crime, in regards to The Merits of the Case, to decide unto which generation He shall be “bestowing the inequities of the father unto the son”, “son” therein, as derived from the context, bearing the archaic Meaning of “descendant”, if a way could be ascertained to determine if and when such exceptions are made, we could determine which are Heretical in Nature, and which are of Sound Mind - thus which deserve to live or die!

A Lost True Isra'elite in "Israel" is still a Lost True Isra'elite; for they are lost to their Rights, in regards to them not being acknowledged, even if they are officially, for the Zionist Occupation Government acts in a manner akin to denial of Our Sacred Rights! Only once Isra'el is restored as Our Gentile Nation Under God, will We be no longer Lost! One way or another - The Regime must fall! Those Lands are for the benefit of Our Kind - not those Accursed Esau-Edomites!

As for Sound Mind: There exist cases where an individual strives to have The Purest Intentions in regards to all things however their mind has been corrupted though it can be Saved; for example, the Schizophrenic. They may desire to only do good however they may be too insane to know what good is albeit they can be Saved; thus, it is not Our place to kill them but to aid in their recovery. However, not all insane beings can be Saved; We must use Our discretion, in accordance with The Laws of Logic, as so Graciously put forth by Almighty God, The Author of Science and Knowledge, to determine which do and which do not have Merit for Our Aid! Trust in The Author of Reality, for then you shall be Saved; all else is insanity!

Of Holy Rule and Obedience

"Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ, not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man, knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free. Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in Heaven, and that there is no partiality with Him."

Notice, however, that Christ, Our Lord, Thy God, approves of The Lost True Isra'elites possessing slaves and remember that Chamites (Negroids) are to be "the servants of their (the Gentiles') servants", as God hath proclaimed. Thus, all are to submit to the True Master, God, however Cinites (Mongoloids) are also to submit to Us, so long as We submit to God, as, again, They must submit to God, and the Chamite is to submit to us, so long as we submit to God; however, They are also to submit to the Cinites, so long as they submit to God - though the Sinful of all Kinds are to be Executed in a Holy Purge!

Gentiles are not to enslave Gentiles!

God's Love is strictly limited to Merit; Those things without Merit, he equally despises - this is the only true Equality!

A Politically Incorrect (but Historically Accurate) guide to Slavery

Did you know that all 46 slaves ships were registered to Pseudo-Jews, many of the Auction Blocks were owned by Pseudo-Jews and Pseudo-Jews bought many of the Slaves?! In fact, before the 1700, only Whites were Slaves and Indentured Servants - and most were Illegally never freed! It wasn't until 1835 that Blacks could become Indentured Servants and the vast majority of Indentured Servants were still Whites!

Additionally, only six percent of The South owned Slaves and for the longest time, most of those were White Indentured Servants and for a significant period of time, they were White Slaves; once they had Black Slaves and a few Black Indentured Servants, many were Freed or even bought from Slaves Owners who were often Pseudo-Jews, Amerindians or those who lived in The North and/or pandered to the Pseudo-Jews! Also, most only owned 20 acres and 50 Slaves or less - which they most often received in exchange for additional years of Indentured Servitude!

Likewise, the Pseudo-Semite dominated Statist New World Order Media does not want you to know that Amerindians held Negros as Slaves and Illegally Enslaved many Whites; it was not until the Confederate States of America created an Alliance with the so-called "Five Civilized Tribes" that this practice ceased, as to continue it would mean war with The Confederacy - which was winning the war until Lincoln's Unconstitutional Orders and other acts which were considered Acts of Terrorism by the U.S. Constitution lead to it's downfall.

Also, the Amerindians weren't here first; the Solutreans were - and they were Nordics! They were a combination of White Canary Islanders, Vikings and Lost True Isra'elites! They were here even before Leaf Erikson came to Newfoundland and the Canadian mainland in 1001 - and they Explored and Settled many areas where there were none of those Mongoloids known as Amerindians! In fact, the Amerindians didn't even want Our Lands until We Explored and Settled the Lands which They had never even set foot on and previously didn't even know existed! Additionally, one Amerindian tribe in The American Southwest, which the Pseudo-Jew dominated Statist New World Order Media officially says - for Cultural Marxist purposes - was first inhabited by Amerindians and then by Mestizoids, admitted that they Stole those Lands from the Solutreans - before the Mestizoids even knew it existed! The same is true for the Inuit in Greenland! The Bimini Roads were built by White Canary Islanders 1,000 years before Mestizos even knew those Islands existed! The true Chachapoya were Nordic; as the Solutrean and Clovis Points, the 17,000,000 year old Architecture as advanced as what was seen in Medieval Europe and Nordic Skeletons and Mummies Proves beyond even a shadow of a doubt! Some of these True Chachapoya still Existed when the Spaniards came to Peru! The Spanairds called their Women "The Most Beautiful Women In The World" and quickly set about Converting them to Catholicism and Marrying them!

Thus, only Whites have a Right to The Western Hemisphere!

There were actually times when We were so massively out-numbered by Blacks that They Enslaved Us but We Resisted Them, and got Our Freedoms back - and We did it all without the aid of others! We had never harmed Them; They just Innately Despised Us - and They still do!

There are many such things!

Remember: You are only Pure White if you have only Pure White Genotypes and subsequently only Pure White Phenotypes! That's why We have to prevent Them from Miscegenating amongst Us; for failure to prevent such is to engage in Genocide! That is why it is not a "loaded-statement" to say "You are either with Us or against Us" - it's a Statement of Fact!

Notes on The Misunderstood Life of Adolf Hitler

An obvious Myth is that Alios' father was Leopold Frankenburger, opposed to Johann Georg Heidler; whose name was alternatively listed several ways before a clerk regularized it to one of those names, Hitler, on Alios' Birth Certificate! He wasn't on it before because Alios was born out of Wedlock; Johann was so hesitant to step forwards because having sex out of Wedlock was considered highly Immoral behavior - he was simply too ashamed to admit what they had done until later in Alios' life! Remember: No "Jews" were even allowed into Graz, from which all Khazars had been expelled in the 15th century, until many years after Alios was born! Frankenburger himself even said that Alios' Aryan Blood was obvious! Hitler's mother was then slandered as having had him as the Illegitimate Child of a Rothschild whilst working for said Khazar Family as a Maid - though no evidence that she ever even had sex with any "Jew" has ever been presented; no photographs or written or recorded oral testimonies exist! Hitler also does not bear any similarity to any of the Rothschilds! Additionally, it's a well-established fact that she was already intimate with Alios Hitler before that period! Of course, with the name Shicklegruber, he was smeared as a "Jew"; in reality, however, Shicklegruber - like so many other names - was originally German but was stolen by Khazars whilst pretending to be German! They alleged this is what this family did - though no evidence of it was ever brought forth! The next Myth about his Ancestry is that his mother was "Jewish"; no evidence has ever been presented whatsoever to substantiate this claim! Pseudo-Historians tried to keep the Myth that "Hitler was Jewish" alive by saying that his Nephew, William Patrick Hitler, had sent a letter to Hans Frank which threatened to expose "Hitler's Jewish Ancestry" - though no corroborating evidence for these outrageous claims was ever presented!

Hitler was beaten with a baton by his father from the time he was seven until his father died! The reason for this was because his mother favored him over his talentless brother (Alios Jr.), whom his father thought could have become a Doctor but his mother wanted the money to go to Hitler's Oberrealschule (Over-real-school i.e. Collage - now also known as Universitate; many of which, at least, are five years but eliminate some of the busy work and go more in-depth with actual studies and thus are the equivalent of a Graduate a.k.a. Masters Degree in America!), which caused him to run away from home - and Alios took out his rage in the form of physical abuse of a seven year old Hitler! In fact, his father caught him painting in a field and beat him so brutally with a baton that even his relatives which generally said he deserved it would later testify that it was "harsh"! This obviously and understandably had a negative impact on his grades and self-esteem! Also, his half-brother's death at nine understandably caused Hitler to become depressed and thus for his grade's to slip!

Despite the fact that his water colors and sketches are actually very talented works [though it was claimed that he had a "complete lack of appreciation for the Human form" - when in reality, his water colors INTENTIONALLY used silhouettes to draw the attention away from the people and towards the buildings (which is actually a common technique and one which everyone in the mainstream art-world that has used it has been Hypocritically Praised for!) and many People liked his Portraits; just as many People today still do - including Pseudo-Hebrews and Zionists of all kinds!] and the fact that it was admitted that he was talented at drawing buildings, so they suggested that he become an Architect, they declined him from the Academy of Architecture in Vienna!

Did you know that the only reason Hitler was not accepted into the Academy of Architecture in Vienna is that his diploma from realschule (real-school i.e. high school) had been ripped in half and used as toilet paper as a prank?  Officially, Hitler was drunk and did it out of spite for his teachers so his diploma was revoked and he was retro-actively changed from a Graduate to drop-out status!  They defended their stance by saying that he was an obstinate prankster however even if he did do it, it was his degree and he had been shown a complete lack of compassion for his abuse and recognition of his numerous talents - hence his acting out!  Thus, by retro-actively altering his Graduate status to a de facto failing one - they where undoubtedly acting out of spite!

Thus, though he was admittedly a skilled artist for Architecture and was even told he could have a brilliant future in Architecture, a high school prank - which he was blamed for! - prevented him from becoming the world-renowned Architect he deserved to be!

Due to his mother having been the only one that showed him any sense of compassion, except for his only friend during his adolescent years (from when he lived in a young mens' home at fourteen for six months when his mother was sick before running away and returning home) he literally begged the local doctor to treat her and since he made frequent house calls and saw that the adolescent Hitler couldn't repay him, he chose to treat her for free; which caused Hitler to say "I will forever hold you in my heart" - which is why he spared him from being exiled or executed for refusing to leave!

Thus, from seventeen to eighteen, he spent a year living on the streets and sleeping on park benches; as the vile Pseudo-Jewish shopkeepers spit on him, threw stale food at him, encouraged their grotesque and beyond perverse excuses for children to do the same to him - even spitting on him and calling him a rat as they chased him away from their stores simply for walking down the public sidewalks!

Therefore, he joined The Army and became a Decorated and Respected War Hero! Unfortunately, despite many praises from his fellow squad members, his so-called "Superior" made the absurd allegation that he did not possess the necessary qualities of a Leader!

When he was severely wounded in battle, in point of fact, his Commanding Officer noted that the entire squad’s Morale declined since they had lost such a great and brave soldier!

Though they told him he would never walk again - he did! He proved them wrong and all the while, as they literally told him to "just give up" and merely "be happy" he was even still alive, he thought of nothing other than recovering and firmly informed them of his Duty as a soldier - saying that he had a Duty to his King and Country to rejoin the brave men fighting and dying on the battlefield!

Unfortunately, the day they finally agreed to let him rejoin his squad, a messenger came in and informed them that the King had died and their Beloved Empire had surrendered - however it was the Pseudo-Jewish usurpers that gave the Despotic Order to surrender; according to The Tradition and Law of the Land, they were not only expected to but also Legally Required to Elect a new Emperor from amongst the Royals that where not banned from being Heirs and if none existed, it was The Tradition and Law of the Land to Elect a New Emperor from amongst the Nobles that where not banned from succeeding to The Throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire! The same is true for The Tradition and Law of the Land for The Kingdom of Germany! Thus, they were not “scapegoats” – they were Tyrants! He blamed the Pseudo-Jews in general because the Pseudo-Jewish community not only failed to denounce those usurpers and their Unholy and Treacherous actions, they refused to do so – and even out-right tried to defend those Heretical Terrorists!

Though the Pseudo-Jews slander him by saying that he was unintelligent, both enemies and allies testified that he was a true Genius; for he could remember, at the very least, though often substantially more, the general theme and certain passages after only once having skim-read a complex Psychological, Medical or otherwise Scientific, or Historical work!
He could even recite entire passages from Psychological, Medical or otherwise Scientific, or Historical works which he had only read once entirely from memory and applied them in strictly Scientific manners - and always acquired the results which he predicted!
Thus, the claims that he - somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary! - perverted their meanings is absolutely absurd and thus incredible; incredible does not mean "amazing", it means "not credible" - those slanders have no Merit!

Also, they - for some lack of reason - insist that he had brown eyes; however, his eyes where steel-blue!

The alleged fragment of Hitler's skull turned out to not only not be Hitler's - but to be that of a younger WOMAN!  Thus, the allegations that his Dentist's assistant identified the teeth on a mandible (jaw bone) found near the cranial-fragment as Hitler's are preposterous; it was a fragment of a woman's skull and the Russians still refuse to allow Non Regime-Compliant Scientists to test the jaw fracture or even to view it - because they know it's from a younger WOMAN'S skull!

The claims that it belonged to Eva Braun are also absurd because she was never shot in the head - and numerous people where killed by the Soviets around Hitler's bunker!   The skull could belong to any woman between the ages of 20 and 40 who disappeared anywhere around 1945 - or it could even have been there before the bunker was built!  Thus, their remains have never been identified!  Given the aforesaid, it is more than obvious that the Soviets' claims that he had only one testicle are Propaganda - not fact!  It is also alleged that a Doctor of his after he was wounded in Battle in WWI testified to this, however this claim did not circulate until The '60's; it is incredible! 

Furthermore, there is nothing which can be Logically considered evidence what so ever of any variety to insinuate that he had even so much as one instance of the slightest homosexual desire in his entire life!  Myth debunked!  End of discussion! 

 Additionally, there is NO evidence that Hitler was attracted to Geli; he broke up her marriage to Emil Maurice because Maurice was the co-founder of the S.A. and the number two of the S.S., so it wasn't a politically favorable marriage; not with Emil being 1/8th Jew - for they would say her baby, if she was actually pregnant and that's not a later edition to the myth, was a Jew!  In fact, both National Socialists and Jews said that the very implication of incest by anyone made him physically sick.  The paintings that are alleged to be of her are generally recognized as being of his wife, Eva.

Also, his alleged affection could very well have been him seeing her as a daughter since he didn't have one of his own; thus he wanted to protect her from the outside world and therefore the alleged "non-reciprocated affection" could have been entirely platonic - she may have simply felt that his protective nature was overbearing! Additionally, she may simply not have cared for the rigid political life which she was brought into by being the niece of the most powerful man in the world!

Again: He had no incestuous desires and the very implication otherwise, as well as when it was implied that others did it or could have done it, caused him to become physically sick - thus he could not have had those thoughts, nor was he able to do such a thing!

As for why he didn't attend his sister's wedding: That was simply because his sister didn't approve of his girlfriend and later wife; Eva Braun!

Racial History and how it debunks the Multi-Cult

If all Races were equal, Negroes would not still be as primitive as they were 6,000 years ago! Sub-Saharan African is teeming with primitive, Voodoo-Worshiping, incestuous, self-mutilating, child-abusing (it's a long list so I'll just skip to the point) Negroes that believe the Civilized Whites to be "Devils"! There are birds, beavers and many other animals that construct more advanced structures than the Negroes and they even survive far better while doing so - and many of them even live in the same Sub-Saharan regions as those primitive Negroes! If it were not for Our Advancements, they would be less advanced than most animals - all over the world!

The same is true for all Races; the Vedic conquered India in The Wars between the Light and the Dark, and created the Vedas, the earliest and only true Hindu texts, as well as a new form of Astronomy, Mathematics, Agriculture and Medicine - some concepts of which have been refined but the fundamental principles of which are still used to this day! The light-skinned "Indians" are actually hybrids of Vedic and Dravidians! Unfortunately - They are raping and murdering the Vedic out of existence!

The Non-Siberian parts of East Asia owe its Roots of Civilization to the Celtic tribe known as the Tocharian; who settled in what latter became known as China, after “Emperor” Chin - who merely created a vast perversion of the Civilization created by the Tocharians! The Zen Koans philosophy has its roots in Tocharian Philosophy, however they trained those that would later be known as the Chinese in it and they added to it. The largest perversion of it, however, at least on a mainstream scale, that is, was when “Prince” Siddhartha Quintana corrupted it and then did so further by Blaspheming himself to be God! Additionally unfortunately, the true Tocharians have likewise been Raped out of existence; all that is left now is Mongolian-Tocharian hybrids in the upper region of China, sometimes referred to as Lower Mongolia or occasionally - though the Chinese Regime despises this reminder of the aforesaid Facts of History - The Tocharian Region! In Japan, the Ainu (Pre-Yamato Japanese) Miscegenated with Tocharians! Tocharians built the now-underwater City-State known as Japan's Atlantis!

The Middle East, apart from the Semitic Region, owes its Roots of Civilization to Scythians; who Bred with migrant Vedic!

The true Semites, the true Ethnic Hebrews, are long extinct however they created the only true Civilization in what should be Our Land, not theirs, of Isra’el - as it is properly spelled!

The true Chachapoya have likewise been raped out of existence however they where once Worshiped as Gods and Goddesses by the Incas, who gave them that name, meaning Warriors of the Cloud; a reference to The Cloud Rainforest, named such due to its cloud-like layer of mist! They are the ones that brought Architecture, Astronomy, Agriculture and Medicine to the Incas! In fact, that is the most probable explanation for what the Mayan descendants allege to be their “Alien Gods”; given that the true Chachapoya, the current claimants of said name being hybrids created through Mestizoids raping them out of existence, created what it is alleged that “only aliens could do” - the Mayans too must have been worshiping Nordics! There are other less-known Civilizations that are far more Advanced than They should be - They probably Worshiped the Chachapoya as Gods and Goddesses too!

This also makes sense when considering the fact that the true Egyptians, such as the original Pharaohs, were Whites!

They were Whites, as all of the original Europeans, Middle Easterners, North Africans and Siberians here - Non-Whites such as Blacks, Arabians, Pseudo-Jews, Mongols, Dravidians, hybrids thereof and more recently, those of all Non-White Breeds simply invaded Our Lands and stole and perverted Our Names and Traditions!

Even the Amerindians, some of whom also believe in “Alien Gods”, Stole this Land and certain Traditions from Solutreans - the same Solutreans that the original White Canary Islanders were descended from; the aforesaid being the ancestors of the now-extinct true Chachapoya! In other cases, those "Alien Gods" were really Vikings! True Semites were also In America and Mexico! "Though some claim that “There was no land or ice bridge from Spain to North America”, it has been proven that even a reed boat could cross the Atlantic Ocean - as an Archeological team did so to prove that such is how the now-extinct true Chachapoya did it! Solutreans of White Canary Islander Ancestry most likely were the Creators of The Bimini Roads in South Bimini, Bahamas - Proof of a Civilization at least 1,000 years older than the arrival of the Mongoloids that are Mestizos!

There are no shortages of Atrocities committed against Our People - albeit that The Lesser Breeds want Us to believe otherwise!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What both the Novus Ordo, Protestants and "Othodox" need to know about "Papal Infallibility"

They always cite some alleged "Papal Infallibility" - however I always cite The Holy Bible! Papal Infallibility only extends to those rulings that are in accordance with both the Empirical Evidence and Logic!

In other words: If it cannot be Debunked through either Empirical Evidence or Logic, it is to be assumed correct! If it can be Debunked through either one or both of the aforesaid - it cannot be an accepted Doctrine! Also, that which does not follow the aforesaid is an action of a Usurper, and all those that aide or abate Them in any way shape or form are thus also Usurpers - thus those Heretics cannot hold any Clerical position nor any Legitimate claim to being a Catholic!

Therefore, they could never even have the true form of Papal Infallibility described above! Ultimately, it only applies for the Seat; not the one claiming hold it - even if they actually do! In other words: When it violates any aspect of the Truth, being thus against God (be it Blasphemous, Heretical, Sacrilegious or any combination thereof!) - it is not done on behalf of The Holy Church! If it appeared to be correct at the time, they must simply reject the notion and Repent! If they deliberately lied - again, they must reject the false notion and Repent!

The problem is that They falsely believe that They merely have to Confess - however that is merely Confession, not Repentance! Likewise, Confession due to fear of Punishment in any form is merely Contrition; you must - to truly Repent - Confess because of an Innate Despise of Evil which has finally lead you to shake off the brainwashing from society and/or a particular individual or group of individuals which lead you to Sin! Being Brainwashed into Immorality does not ride you of Responsibility to face Punishment - you allowed yourself to be Brainwashed thus you must still face the Punishment!

Ultimately, all Schisms since Pope Gregory The Great developed and Canonized the notion either trace their roots to a misunderstanding of Papal Infallibility or they at least employed one!

And Justice Shall Be Poetic...

If We do not take a Stand against Them and Preserve Our Own Kind, We will Perish within this century! Many of Our Nations will go Extinct around 2050, and many will be Extinct before!

The Jews have to face the Facts, then; They will learn that when We are gone - the world will be an infinitely Hostile and Miserable for Them! They'll have no White Civilizations to Ravish, no White Women to Rape, and no White Children to Murder for Their Occultism. They'll only a Massive Horde of "Amalgamated" Brown Brainwashed to confuse you with Us! They will turn on you in the same manner you set Them loose upon Us! You can use your "Samson Option", disgracing Samson by claiming to be of the same Kind, but you will find that it will not deter Them! You will find your Bank Accounts running dry, without Us to leach off of. You will find that The Culture of Dependency which you created will come back to haunt you. You will find the Homosexualization of your Kind, and these Sissies bowing before a Feminist Regime. You will find the "Transgendered" Indoctrinating your Kind in the "Education" System you Corrupted. You will find during this process that Negroids and Mongoloids do not Protest merely online or with placards; you will see Riots in the streets! You should know all of this; this is The System which you subjected Us to! You will begin to find Pseudo-Sephardi replacing Pseudo-Ashkenazim as The Elite inside your own structure, and you will find the other Khazars Uniting against you! You will find a greater degree of Miscegenation with those other Non-White Breeds, amongst your own Kind. Without Brainwashed Whites to die for you, you will have to fight your own Wars.

You saddled Us with your Debt and are riding Us into Oblivion, but you don't care about the Debt coming back to Haunt you because you Control The Money Supply; however, you will find that They do not want to work within The System which you Brainwashed Them to blame on Us!

At first, it will be easier to manipulate Them than Us, and you may even be able to get a brief period of Idolization from some of Them; however, you will find that They will still consider you Hybrids to be "too White" - so They will come after you! When it is only you, and you have Indoctrinated yourselves with "Multi-Culturalism, what chance will you have of avoiding Oblivion? None. You will Perish because of devices of your own Design.

Judaism and White Genocide: Stastics on Khazar-Orchestrated White Genocides

The number of Ukrainian Holodomor Victims is over 10,000,000!

The number of Kazakastani Holodomor Victims is over 5,000,000!

Throughout the rest of The Soviet Union, the number of Victims of the Holodomors against the White populations, those being The Rightful Populations of said Countries which the Khazars Occupied, is over 10,000,000!

Then there is the the Fact of the 7,000,000 Russians Murdered outright by Khazars! How about the 1,500,000 Armenians - out of only 2,000,000 Armenians actually existing in Armenia before that?! How about the 1,700,000 Greeks?! How about the 750,000 Assyrians?

The last three, it should be noted, were by The Young Turk Regime - headed by Khazars! More proof that They are far more akin to Their Arabic Pseudo-Semitic Brethren than They want Us to know!

How about the 25,000,000 the Khazars Murdered in The Katyn Forrest Massacre?! They even tried to blame Germany for that - though various Humanitarian Organizations such as The Red Cross admitted it was The Soviets! It doesn't even make superficial sense to blame Germany - it was The Soviets who were Occupying Eastern Poland! Hitler only Invaded to take the parts of Poland which were Historically German - such as the City which was Stolen from Germany after WWI! He then made the Secret Treaty with Stalin to prevent Stalin from Invading! He only broke it because he intercepted a cable saying that Stalin was going to Invade - Hitler merely Preempted!

All together - Soviets Murdered over 100,000,000 Whites!

How about the 500,000 Germans in The Dresden Holocaust alone - which took place via firebombing of Innocent Civilians literally overnight?!

How about the Boer Genocide - which features about 90 Attacks a day and has found 3,500 Victims of Murder alone just since 1991?! Remember: The Khazars were directly responsible for championing the release of the Terrorist Nelson Mandela - as well as championing his efforts to become leader of the ANC! They even directly helped establish its overtly Militant Wing - They put Terrorists in power for the sole purpose of waging Genocide by any and all means against The Pure White Race!

How about The Serbian Genocide by the Pseudo-Albanians, whom falsely alleged that Serbians actually Attacked Them first - despite all Empirical Evidence to the contrary?! That's just a few of the Genocides/Holocausts which Esau-Edomites, or whatever you want to call those so-called Jews, have committed against Our Kind - and that's from the last century alone!

Since that is just from the last century - that doesn't even take into consideration that it was originally Hellenic in what is now called "Turkey"! It was also originally Whites who inhabited what is now called "Turkmenistan" - not the Khazars and other Arabs known as "Turks"!

So it is with true Albanians being White - though Arabs, Khazars, Gypsies and other Non-Whites vastly outnumber the true Whites in Albania!

See my note on The Irish Holodomor to see how They were also involved in that!

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... Keep in mind that doesn't even take into consideration Their use of Rape as a Weapon against Our Kind - yet another disturbingly common Blasphemy!

Excerpts on Race from the various works of Plato, and an explanation of Tribalist Classifications

 And having made it he divided the whole mixture into souls equal in number to the stars, and assigned each soul to a star; and having there placed them as in a chariot, he showed them the nature of the universe, and declared to them the laws of destiny, according to which their first birth would be one and the same for all - no one should suffer a disadvantage at his hands; they were to be sown in the instruments of time severally adapted to them, and to come forth the most religious of animals; and as human nature was of two kinds, the superior race would hereafter be called man. Now, when they should be implanted in bodies by necessity, and be always gaining or losing some part of their bodily substance, then in the first place it would be necessary that they should all have in them one and the same faculty of sensation, arising out of irresistible impressions; in the second place, they must have love, in which pleasure and pain mingle; also fear and anger, and the feelings which are akin or opposite to them; if they conquered these they would live righteously, and if they were conquered by them, unrighteously. ~ Plato: Timaeus

 And God proclaims as a first principle to the rulers, and above all else, that there is nothing which they should so anxiously guard, or of which they are to be such good guardians, as of the purity of the race. They should observe what elements mingle in their offspring; for if the son of a golden or silver parent has an admixture of brass and iron, then nature orders a transposition of ranks, and the eye of the ruler must not be pitiful toward the child because he has to descend in the scale and become a husbandman or artisan, just as there may be sons of artisans who having an admixture of gold or silver in them are raised to honor, and become guardians or auxiliaries. For an oracle says that when a man of brass or iron guards the State, it will be destroyed. ~ Plato: The State, Book 3
First of all, in regard to slavery? Do you think it right that Hellenes should enslave Hellenic States, or allow others to enslave them, if they can help? Should not their custom be to spare them, considering the danger which there is that the whole race may one day fall under the yoke of the barbarians? And may I not observe with equal propriety that the Hellenic race is all united together by ties of blood and friendship, and alien and strange to the barbarians? ~ Plato: The State, Book 5

 In the succeeding generation rulers will be appointed who have lost the guardian power of testing the metal of your different races, which, like Hesiod's, are of gold and silver and brass and iron. And so iron will be mingled with silver, and brass with gold, and hence there will arise dissimilarity and inequality and irregularity, which always and in all places are causes of hatred and war. When discord arose, then the two races were drawn different ways: the iron and brass fell to acquiring money, and land, and houses, and gold, and silver; but the gold and silver races, not wanting money, but having the true riches in their own nature, inclined toward virtue and the ancient order of things. There was a battle between them, and at last they agreed to distribute their land and houses among individual owners; and they enslaved their friends and maintainers, whom they had formerly protected in the condition of freemen, and made of them subjects and servants; and they themselves were engaged in war and in keeping a watch against them. ~ Plato: The State, Book 8

 Sons, the event proves that your fathers were brave men; for we might have lived dishonourably, but have preferred to die honourably rather than bring you and your children into disgrace, and rather than dishonour our own fathers and forefathers; considering that life is not life to one who is a dishonour to his race, and that to such a one neither men nor Gods are friendly, either while he is on the earth or after death in the world below. ~ Plato: Menexenus

Athenian. Whether the better is ever really conquered by the worse, is a question which requires more discussion, and may be therefore left for the present. But I now quite understand your meaning when you say that citizens who are of the same race and live in the same cities may unjustly conspire, and having the superiority in numbers may overcome and enslave the few just; and when they prevail, the state may be truly called its own inferior and therefore bad; and when they are defeated, its own superior and therefore good. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 1

 Cleinias. They will come from all Crete; and of other Hellenes, Peloponnesians will be most acceptable. For, as you truly observe, there are Cretans of Argive descent; and the race of Cretans which has the highest character at the present day is the Gortynian, and this has come from Gortys in the Peloponnesus. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 4

 Athenian. Cities find colonization in some respects easier if the colonists are one race, which like a swarm of bees is sent out from a single country, either when friends leave friends, owing to some pressure of population or other similar necessity, or when a portion of a state is driven by factions to emigrate. And there have been whole cities which have taken flight when utterly conquered by a superior power in war. This, however, which is in one way an advantage to the colonist or legislator, in another point of view creates a difficulty. There is an element of friendship in the community of race, and language, and laws, and in common temples and rites of worship; but colonies which are of this homogeneous sort are apt to kick against any laws or any form of constitution differing from that which they had at home; and although the badness of their own laws may have been the cause of the factions which prevailed among them, yet from the force of habit they would fain preserve the very customs which were their ruin, and the leader of the colony, who is their legislator, finds them troublesome and rebellious. On the other hand, the conflux of several populations might be more disposed to listen to new laws; but then, to make them combine and pull together, as they say of horses, is a most difficult task, and the work of years. And yet there is nothing which tends more to the improvement of mankind than legislation and colonization. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 4

 Which reflection led him to appoint not men but demigods, who are of a higher and more divine race, to be the kings and rulers of our cities; he did as we do with flocks of sheep and other tame animals. For we do not appoint oxen to be the lords of oxen, or goats of goats; but we ourselves are a superior race, and rule over them. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 4

 O sir, we will say to him, the impulse which moves you to rob temples is not an ordinary human malady, nor yet a visitation of heaven, but a madness which is begotten in a man from ancient and unexpiated crimes of his race, an ever-recurring curse; against this you must guard with all your might, and how you are to guard we will explain to you. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 9

 Now it is difficult to determine accurately the things which are worthy or unworthy of a freeman, but let those who have obtained the prize of virtue give judgment about them in accordance with their feelings of right and wrong. He who in any way shares in the illiberality of retail trades may be indicted for dishonouring his race by any one who likes, before those who have been judged to be the first in virtue; and if he appear to throw dirt upon his father’s house by an unworthy occupation, let him be imprisoned for a year and abstain from that sort of thing; and if he repeat the offence, for two years; and every time that he is convicted let the length of his imprisonment be doubled. ~ Plato: Laws, Book 11

 SOCRATES: Do you not remember that he speaks of a golden race of men who came first?
SOCRATES: He says of them -
"But now that fate has closed over this race They are holy demons upon the earth, Beneficent, averters of ills, guardians of mortal men." (Hesiod, Works and Days.)
HERMOGENES: What is the inference?
SOCRATES: What is the inference! Why, I suppose that he means by the golden men, not men literally made of gold, but good and noble; and I am convinced of this, because he further says that we are the iron race.
HERMOGENES: That is true.
SOCRATES: And do you not suppose that good men of our own day would by him be said to be of golden race?
HERMOGENES: Very likely.
SOCRATES: And are not the good wise?
HERMOGENES: Yes, they are wise.
SOCRATES: And therefore I have the most entire conviction that he called them demons, because they were daemones (knowing or wise), and in our older Attic dialect the word itself occurs. Now he and other poets say truly, that when a good man dies he has honour and a mighty portion among the dead, and becomes a demon; which is a name given to him signifying wisdom. And I say too, that every wise man who happens to be a good man is more than human (daimonion) both in life and death, and is rightly called a demon. ~ Plato: Cratylus
SOCRATES: In the next place, consider that what you say is probably false.
SOCRATES: Let me ask you whether better natures are likely to be found in noble races or not in noble races?
ALCIBIADES: Clearly in noble races.
SOCRATES: Are not those who are well born and well bred most likely to be perfect in virtue?
ALCIBIADES: Certainly. ~ Plato: Alcibiades

 Did you never observe how great is the property of the Spartan kings? And their wives are under the guardianship of the Ephori, who are public officers and watch over them, in order to preserve as far as possible the purity of the Heracleid blood. Still greater is the difference among the Persians; for no one entertains a suspicion that the father of a prince of Persia can be any one but the king. ~ Plato: Alcibiades

The following is my own wording however it is a description of Tribalist Classifications that were used both in The Holy Bible and in various and numerous Pagan sources from ancient times: Under the Tribalist system, there are Kinds, Races, Tribes, Clans and Families.  Whilst sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, their core meanings are as follows: A Kind has two meanings, which are determined by context; one is what is now called a Race, the other is what is now called a Sub-Group.  A Race, under the Tribalist system, is a Nation; a Nation, under the aforesaid system, is a collection of Tribes of the same Kind.  Kind, in that context, refers to a Sub-Group of a Race.  A Tribe is an Ethnicity; a collection of Clans from the same Nation or Kind, in the sense of a Sub-Group for the latter term.  A Clan is an extended Family.

The Plight of the Boer: White Genocide in "The Rainbow Nations"

The Boer discovered almost all of South Afrika (as it is properly spelled in Afrikaans, a Language derived from a Dialect of Dutch; being that the Boer were Ethnically Dutch!) and Rhodesia (as it is their Land and should be Named what they Named it!); the rest was Purchased fairly or Won in Battle, Battles which ensued when Zulus and other Negros decided not only to not except reasonable offers - but to Unjustifiably Attack the Whites!

If they do not Fight, they have to seek Sanctuary somewhere safer - for to stay would be to die or worse; if they are not Murdered, both Males and Females - both Adults, Adolescents and Children! - are Sexually Assaulted and sometimes even taken into Sex Slavery! The Despotisms won't give them Sanctuary, either; They are too busy giving it to Haitian Pagans and Somali Terrorists etcetera!

Even if they get into a Despotism like what claims to be America, they are not safe; so-called "Affirmative Action" has made everyone poor - so poor that many previously in a range comparable to "America's" Middle Class now have been reduced to trying to raise a Family in a mere shanty! They thus cannot afford to live in even a Semi-Decent neighborhood! They do not have “Affirmative Action” working for them - it Violently works against them! Many are afraid to bring a Child into that Hell! Many are afraid to walk the streets - even in large groups; The Negro Horde has larger groups - and They are often armed! They Lust after Whites and some, literally, have an unquenchable Blood Lust!

Such Crimes are on the rise - and many of the so-called Cops are in on it Judges refuse to even hear such cases, at least via continuously granting “Stays of Trail” or a “Change of Venue” without Merit! They will either not Convict Them or will give Them a Proverbial slap on the wrist, as an actual one would be deemed “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” and Their Media would decry it as “Torture” and “a great betrayal of their brothers” - things which would be deemed “Obviously Racist” if it was in regards to Whites; being labeled a “Racist” is deemed “a Criminal Offense” - and often results in Whites being Murdered for it! Whites are Murdered at random - by both “Civilians” and “Cops”!

A massive Killing Field was found in Rhodesia; 600 Whites were Kidnapped, tied up, dragged miles into the dessert, placed in a Mass Grave and shot until The Negro Terrorists ran out of ammo - at which point They decided to burn Their Victims alive! Those Victims were a combination of Whites and Blacks who refused to Murder Whites! After that, there weren't too many Blacks who didn't want to Murder White!

It is not at all uncommon for Whites to go “Missing” and never return in South Afrika and Rhodesia! Bodies are found left out to rot in the desert heat - and those who are Innately Disgusted by the Immorality of The Negro Terrorists are targeted for “Racism” and “Punished“ for their “Crime“ with Rape and Murder!

That is the world of the Boer; that is “The Rainbow Utopia” envisioned by Nelson Mandela, who sings “Kill the Boer” along with his wife and who was Knighted by the Usurper upon The British Throne for such Despotic Acts as creating The Bilderberg Group and joining The Elders; Elitist Establishments which openly promote Their Despotic Desires for “The Marxist New World Order”. That is “The Rainbow Nation” of Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s wife; who says about the Boer “With our chains and with our necklaces we shall kill them!” - “necklaces” being a term They use to mean flaming tires which They place around the neck’s of Whites who They brutally whip near to death with chains! That is “The Rainbow Kingdom” of Robert Mugabe! Perhaps the world has forgotten, so let Us remind The Masses - that was once called Hell!

Here's an Infamous story about a well-known Victim: Willemien Potgieter was not even three years old when she was Murdered along with her Family, her mother likewise shot, her father first beaten near to death with a hammer, then shot, for "Being Racist"! The nature of her “Crime”? Being White! One of the Negros who sings the Communist ANC Regime’s Official Song “Kill the Boer”, wherein They Swear and Ungodly Oath to do just that, was selected by The Regime to bury Willemien! Those who opposed this Act of Cultural Terrorism, at a Funeral for a little girl who was Murdered by Anti-White Terrorists no less, are deemed “Racist”! So it is to even say that Willemien was Murdered by Negros! Think about that: They label Truth as "Racism"!

I found something awhile ago which I thought I should share here; a Homo-Heidelbergensis Cranium was found in South Afrika which predates all Fossil Evidence of Negroids! Therefore, even in Prehistoric Times, Nordics alone had established their Right to South Afrika - not Negroids! Think about that next time a Negro tells you that South Afrikaners are Evil for Stealing Their Lands! In reality - the Negros stole it!

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uninformed, Nefarious Or Both?

Harriet Beecher Stowe's writings imply that she had seen first hand suffering on behalf of Slaves however in reality, she had never even been to a Slave State, Territory or District in either The North or The South, and she acted as if there weren’t Slave States in The North - not to mention Washington, D.C. being the Slave District that I referred to! Truth be told, she didn't even know anyone who had even been to even one of the aforesaid places - much less an actual Slave Plantation!

Additionally, she made no mention of the well-documented Illegal White Slavery - nor of White Indentured Servants; who made up virtually all Indentured Servants, as well as all indentured servants before 1854! White Slaves, depending on the Colony, minus the one which did not allow Slaves because they feared a Slave Rebellion, made up between 25-100% of all Slaves - and approximately 33% of all Slaves in America until the early 1700's!

She made no mention of the well-documented White Indentured Servants who were Illegally never Freed - thus Illegally Enslaved! She made no mention of how they were Illegally Enslaved by Yids! She made no mention of how all 46 Slave Ships that went to America and the majority of all Slave Ships in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were owned by Yids!

Most of the auction blocks for Slaves in America were owned by Yids - as were most of the auction blocks for Slaves in the rest of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade! She made no mention of the well-documented Blacks who captured and sold other Blacks into Slavery! She made no mention of Blacks being Enslaved by other Blacks in Africa! She made no mention of Black Confederates! Quite frankly - she made no mention of anything based upon Empirical Evidence!

She invented a work of fiction which she merely claimed to represent reality! In reality, however, almost everything that most people think they know is at least rooted in her work of fiction! In reality, Archeologist examined Slave Plantations - and found much larger living quarters for the Black Slaves than they expected! On most of these Slave Plantations, they actually found rifles - sitting out openly in the Slave's quarters! They also found fishing poles with proper hooks and even proper animal traps and knives for skinning them! They found everything the slaves needed to live in conditions much better than most Whites found living in Tenements in such places as New York! They even found that many had books amongst their own possessions - and they also found journals which had been written by the Slaves! According to their own writings - they seemed quite satisfied with Slavery! This is backed by the photographs of Black Confederates - as well as a Union Sanitation Officer describing his account of how Black Confederates had their own Commands over their own Black Units; Units which were as well supplied with the same quality materials as White Units, and which fought side-by-side with White Units! He even described how Black Confederates were more ruthless against Unionists - especially Black Unionist! There are even Historically Verified Reports in both Union and Confederate Records of Black Confederates choosing Death over Surrender! In fact, one Black Confederate escaped Execution and returned to his Black Unit and said "Massa had no principles" - because he had Surrendered instead of facing Death! One White Hero with a story which truly shows how horrible Northern Tyranny actually was is Riley Crawford - who at times even fought side-by-side with some Black Confederates!

"Even the Devil can quote Scripture" but he often just makes it up....

It does not follow that one should "turn the other cheek", as neither Christ nor even any of His Deciples did so. The origins of the claim that one should merely "turn the other cheek" to any manner of offenses are disputed, however it has Historically been believed that it was actually just a case were a direct translation was not possible, someone had a "good intention" yet made a horrible mistake ( in fact, one of the old sayings about The Road To Hell is that "The Road To Hell is paved with Good Intentions"; the others being about Sorrow and Gold) or that it was due to a Cultural Factor that those of the time would have known not to take literally; meaning that it was about restraint and piety - not about allowing others to abuse you in any way! Also, He said that We are not to allow for any Blasphemies! Now, consider that versus what you've been "taught" - which is the Truth and which is but a means of Control?! "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) Prove me wrong about this; I dare you! Good luck...

The Dissolution of "Pakistan": Probable outcomes of pluasable scenarios: "Omnibus locis fit caedes"

"Pakistan", the inaptly named "Land of the Pure", being instead a mix of the Hybrids that are Shulmati (Northern Indians; of Lighter Complexion than Their Dravidian i.e. Southern Indian Kindred) and Arabs, some having the White-Skin Phenotype but almost all (20% claim to be White, however I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't even half that that have even White-Skin) having Non-White Genotypes, thus making Them amongst The Impure, may soon experience a dissolution.  To facilitate this, Obama is backing the construction of a Taliban Embassy and setting a Withdraw Date for Afghanistan and Iraq; encouraging The Muslim Brotherhood to be more aggressive after that date!

Furthermore, Obama wants to have an "International Intervention" in both Syria and Iran; just like his "Kinetic Military Actions" in Egypt and Libya - so much for being Anti-War!  He just does as The House of Rothschild and on a lesser note, whatever Rothschild's Underlings instruct or allow him to!  Due to the "Israelis" (Ishma'el-Edomites) Ostensible Sacrificing of the 550 year old Judeo-Turk relations, in addition to the scenario in Jordan, as well as "Turkey" (which Occupies Anatolia; a Land which those Khazars and other Arabs Stole from Hellenic People - and is on the verge of a Coup D'tat!) having Feigned seeking out an Alliance with the so-called Iranians (though Iranians means Aryans, "Iran" - meaning Land of the Aryans - has long been Arab!), then Betraying Them and Forcing Them in bed with Syria, this threatens to bring a multi-front War between "Israel", "Palestine", "Turkey", "Turkmenistan" (once again, Stolen from Whites by Arabs and other Khazars!), "Iran", "Syria, "Pakistan", the entire Muslim Brotherhood, "La Raza", The Cartels, The Kosher Nostra, India (a portion of which wants to Secede!), China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, "Chechnya", "Kyrgyzstan", "Kazakhstan" (all Stolen from Whites!), Russia, Georgia (Predominantly Bastardized by Bats, Azeri, Abhkazians  Tajik, Ingush, Gypsies, Avars, Jews and other Khazars!), Belarus, Greece, Armenia (Predominantly Bastardized by Jews, Gypsies, Avars and other Turkics), Pseudo-Assyrians (Mongolized Arabs with little-to-no Assyrian Blood - what The Regimes want Us to think of!), Pseudo-Kurds (Mongolized Arabs with little-to-no Kurdish Blood - what The Regimes want Us to think of!) - see where I'm going with this?!  Some that Alledge to be Assyrians and Kurds do have White-Skin - but no Genetic Tests have yet Revealed any to have Pure White Genotypes!

It's a cascading effect; both ancient and modern Alliances and Rivalries will trigger multi-front Wars for each of these Regimes, Terrorists and Guerrillas!  Though They may not all directly face each other, They will inevitably all be entangled in that web; one will draw in another and others will jump in voluntarily!

The Masses don't think this will happen because The Masses do not know History!  They know only the "Egalitarian" version; which completely disregards the Massacres of thousands to even millions of People - in individual events!   It denies Gynocides (Mass Rapes) of Whites - all of them!  It even calls Invaders by the names of The Rightful Populous - which it calls the Invaders!

How would this occur?  Simple: One of the new Regimes would be Pakhtunistan, however the Pakhtun are not a unified Tribe or Nation; They are a collection of Hybrid Tribes which has always been engaged in Fratricide!  If one Warlord is given Control, there will be Civil War; all sorts of "International Interventions" by "The North Atlantic Treaty Organization" (N.A.T.O.) and eventually the rest of "The United Nations" (U.N.) would be inevitable!  If any one Warlord managed to gain what "The U.N." would call a "Stable Government", i.e. a run-of-the-mill Islamic Regime, They would then seek to take control of the Pakhtun regions of Afghanistan; a Land which The Taliban wants to regain control of - America having deposed it!

Remember what I said about Jordan?  Remember "Israel" and "Turkey"?  Did you know that The Young Turk Regime had amongst it's Leaders the Doenme Jews?!  "Turkey" was Founded by one, Mustafa, that They Surnamed Ataturk (Father of Turks) - a Surname They Reserved for him alone!  That's why this is only an Ostensible Sacrificing of that Alliance!  What did that Regime do, you ask?  It waged Holocausts and other forms of Genocide against Hellenic!

"Chechnya" is the scum of the Caucasus, being Occupied by Mongrels, and has an ancient Feud with Russia!  Even Their Official explanation for why They Converted to Islam are a Blatant Lie!  They claim that the Muslims were the only ones to help Them - albeit that the Ossetian Cossacks were the first to help Them!  They even Hypocritically admit this when pretending to be Peaceful with Christians!  NEWS FLASH!  They Betrayed the Cossacks!  Russia and Georgia have tensions that are strained - to say the least!  You may recall that there was a Russian-Georgian War, not too long ago; a War that America inevitably poked its bloated Bureaucratic ass into!

Belarus?  They claim it's National Socialist - though it uses a Rothschild Central Bank!   Can you say "Defeating the purpose"?!  Non-the-less, like Iceland, which eliminated three Foreign Banks, though it too defeated the purpose by keeping the Rothschild Central Bank, it still managed to piss off International Jewry!  All that's Preventing a War, but Allowing Them to Resume Control, is it still being part of The I.M.F.!

 As for China and India: Though India may then not be pit against China, the possibility of an implosion for both is far more appealing than a Two-Bit War!  Besides, that pitting of the two against each other may occur anyway; be it as a result of Bureaucrats stretching Their reach thin in the hopes of taking advantage of Internal Divisions in the other Regime, or after a new Regime is formed in one or both Lands!  Additionally - there's still the possibility of portions of both China and India Seceding!

 North and South Korea are building Troops on Their respective sides of The Demilitarized Zone, where America STILL has Troops stationed - like it does everywhere it's been allowed to do so!  Do I have to go into the History of Sino-Yamato and Yamato-Korean Wars?!  You can look up Admiral Yi Sun-Sin and The Korean Wars, yourself; I'll just let you know that Korea alone could not withstand the Military Force of Their more Disciplined, more Technologically Advanced Japanese Rivals, and you can bet your ass that Japan is pissed that - in more-recent times - America first helped it gain Control of Korea and then broke that Control apart 35 years later!  That allowed the America-Backed Korean Civil War that most seem to believe is the sole Korean War to occur!  The Official Reason that America ousted Japan is because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor - NEWS FLASH!  Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because F.D.R. violated the American-Yamato Treaty by cutting off Japan's oil supply!  Why do you think Japan joined The Axis Powers?!  Getting the picture yet?!

I have to disagree with the conclusion of some speculators that this dissolution would be a negative thing.  The Middle East Regimes are really all the same, and I care not which one is leading the way in slaughtering the other!

As for those others: Let Japan take over South East Asia!  If that occurs, We may very well be able to re-obtain the parts which Our Tocharian, Yuezhi, Kushan and White Hunnic Brethren first discovered!  It's not like the current Indian Regime is so great, either; nor will the next one be!  This is going to happen anyway; it's inevitable - get it over with!

Some say it is bad for America; I thoroughly disagree here - unless you mean for the Obamanation!  What is needed for "America" is for a failure so sheer and utterly complete, so thorough, so Humiliating, that it will never think of showing it's face there again - it's only option being Nuclear Holocaust!  This will also thoroughly discredit Obama and anyone who can be linked to him, as well as discrediting "Neo-Conservatives"; albeit only, and ironically, in a mix of "Libertarian" and Nationalist circles!

While "Progressives" and "Neo-Conservatives" bicker ceaselessly about which of Them dropped the proverbial torch, "Libertarians" will find that Their very Liberal ways are simply causing the same implosion of America as the other Liberals, albeit via - occasionally, and often only slightly - varying Methodologies!

Whilst a more "Libertarian" Federal Regime takes power, certain Local and State Elections may find Nationalists; albeit that other areas will be locked in the same Sham-Battles of Politicians, albeit "Libertarian" and "Neo-Conservative" hijinks will increasingly replace "Progressive" and "Neo-Conservative" shenanigans. Unfortunately, that still leaves some form of "Egalitarians"/"Progressives"/Communists in Federal and most State and Local Power!

Eventually, the Dissolution of America will ensue; inevitably creating a divide between White Racial Enclaves and "Multi-Culturalist" Strongholds!  Whilst the Multi-Cult inevitably destroys itself, as such will inevitably occur World-Wide, We Whites will only have to solve the problems dealing with Internal Struggles; the substantial bulk of which will be resolved as soon as all Genetic Non-Whites and all "Multi-Culturalists" etcetera are removed from Our Lands!

As for Religion: Instead of trying to force different Creeds to live under a single Government, like The Multi-Cult, why not establish separate Christian Identity and Pagan Enclaves?  After that, it will be significantly easier to establish a Political Structure.  We need to Secure Our Own Existence as a Free and Sovereign People; then, We need to focus on building Our Economy through Traditional means.

As a portion of that, Agriculture should be preferable to Industry; Industry, however, can be used for Agricultural purposes.   Industry can branch out later; a sustainable and truly Organic Food Supply is Vital - just like a clean supply Fresh Water!  As such, Cultural Marxist Institutions such as Monsanto must be eliminated!  Their Manipulations must be Ceased - that is an Imperative!

Afterwards, We can work on establishing any practical Alliances with other White Nations!  Opposed to the pursuit of Lands and Resources from Abroad, We should maximize the uses of Our Own Lands and improve the manner in which We Harvest Our Own Resources; encouraging those around Our Lands to expel The Foreign Breeds and do the same!

Remember, as Lucky Lindy said: Racial Strength is Vital; Politics - a luxury!

It is the European Race we must preserve; political progress will follow. ~ Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, (Inventor, Aviator, White Racial Activist, Recipient of The Order of The German Eagle, Times' First Man of the Year, and Proclaimed Hero of the Century!)

They say any Criticism of Jews and/or other Arabs, no matter how Factual, such as even Admitting that They are each other's Kindred, is "Anti-Semitic"; what is Anti-Semitic about Opposing the Mongrels whose Ancestors Raped and Murdered Our Semitic Brethren to Extinction?!

Of Blood and Soul: A Lesson in Genetic Theology

If one is to view this Objectively, one must conclude that the Soul is the 120+ volts of Electro-Magnetism in the body. Had We not the Genotypes to determine the Bio-Chemical Nature of Our Brains which We currently do, We would behave very differently. That is to say: Had We instead been born as Negros, the resulting behavior would be in the manner which throughout History and regardless of Religion has been akin to Negros - opposed to that which throughout History and regardless of Religion has been akin to Whites!

While Indoctrination effects one's Behavior Patterns, and thus results in an Epigenetic change which is exacerbated or minimized by different Nutritional and other Environmental factors, one's "Ladder" Genetics remain permanent; it is this aspect of Genetics, followed by Epigenetics, which directs Sub-Conscious Thought. This Sub-Conscious Thought effects Conscious Thought, which is also directly influenced by both aspects of Genetics. Both the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious Mind are influenced by External Data, additionally. The Conscious Decisions one makes creates new material for processing by the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Thus, a Scientific notion of the Soul would be that each Soul would have to differ by Wavelengths to be Unique from all others even after its departure from The Temporal Realm and entrance into The Spiritual Realm. Even so, the Genetic Codes of different specimens would lead to different interpretations of the Soul; meaning that the same Soul transferred to a different body would result in a different behavior, with a gradation of differences depending on Genetic Similarities or Differences in the body! That would explain how a Soul could be Unique in both the Temporal and Spiritual Realms!

Biblical Geneology: The Brethren of The Lord

Note: The Greek word for Brother/Brethren is often extended to any male relative, with the context determining the particular Meaning therein; in this context, it refers to His Cousins - The Princes in The Line of David to The House of Judah and The House of Isra'el! I'll take the liberty of assuming you have at least a basic knowledge of The Apostles - and I certainly hope I don't have to explain the importance of Bloodlines in Holy Law! - so I'll move on:

St. Levi called Mathew was sired by the same father as St. James the Less (referring to his shorter stature than James the Greater) a.k.a. James The Just (that father being Alpheus); thus St. Mathew is being a Half-Cousin to Christ! It is clear that it was not just another man named Alpheus, as there is no other moniker to distinguish him - nor any other clues from the context!

St. Simon can only be Simon the Cananean, as St. Simon called Peter (later Pope St. Peter) was the younger brother of St. Andrew - who is not listed as on of The Brethren of the Lord! Even if the list is incomplete, it still must be St. Simon the Cananean, opposed to St. Simon called Peter - as evidenced by his name! St. Andrew was originally an Apostle of St. John The Baptist, though he became the first Apostle of Christ! Furthermore, it's obvious that he was not Simon Magnus a.k.a. Simon The Magician a.k.a. Simon The Sorcerer from the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies of Gitta; Simon Magnus was the first acknowledged Heretic in The New Testament - hence his name of The Father of Heresies!

St. John The Baptist was beheaded by Harod, father of Salome; the mother of St. James the Greater, and St. John The Beloved Apostle a.k.a. St. John The Evangelist a.k.a. St. John The Divine - the only Apostle who wasn't Martyred! Harold also was involved in The Crucifixion of Christ. Salome, along with Mary of Cleophas (also translated as Clopas, which some say is more accurate, or Klopas), Mary Magdalene, and The Blessed Virgin Mary, was present as His Crucifixion. Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, was sired by Nicodemus; originally a Heretic, having fallen Victim to the Usurped Order of the Pharisees, he later Converted and eventually became Saint Nicodemus.

Some have tried to say that Salome is the sister of The Blessed Virgin Mary, however neither of her parents were parents of The Blessed Virgin Mary; the misconception comes from a mistranslation of a particular set of verses - a mistranslation which is mooted regardless due to the aforesaid! St. Anne, Queen of the Isra'elites and St. Joachim, King of the Isra'elites, were The Blessed Virgin's Parents. Salome was begat by Usurper's Harod and Harodias!

It is actually Mary of Clopas who is The Blessed Virgin's Sister; as females are not designated by their linage. Clopas is her husband.

Males are designated - when using Linage - by their father; lest they have a brother who is better known, in which case they may designated themselves as a member of his Family!

No other information is available on St. Joseph (who is not to be confused with the elder St. Joseph; Christ's Surrogate father!) except that he was born to Mary of Clopas.

St. Judas called Jude Thaddius is not to be confused with Judas Iscariot; the Heretic who betrayed Christ!

The myth that St. Jude Thaddius was James The Just's son is the result of a mistranslation; the label son was arbitrarily assigned as the Greek word for brother or brethren, as said above, is often extended to mean male relative! In reality, their Genealogy is recorded and it illustrates them as actual brothers!

The Real Nabataeans: Anthroplocial Evidence against Afro-Centrist and Esau-Edomite Myths!

The relatively recent Afro-Centrist claims that Nabataeans created or even influenced the development of European Cultures are absurd, as European Cultures were already developed long before they even encountered any Nabataeans!

Furthermore, Nabataean Sculptures depict an outwardly Caucasian Appearance! Still, it is not known if Nabataeans merely possessed White Phenotypes or if they actually possessed Pure White Genotypes!

Some have suggested that they were Esau-Edomites, though this is inconclusive; though they lived in Esau-Edom, it is not known whether they Immigrated to this region or were actual Esau-Edomites. The Lands of Esau-Edom were inhabited by many Breeds, though the European Features displayed on Nabataean Sculptures indicate either true i.e. White Semitic Heritage or a form of Pseudo-Ashkenazim with atypical Features via a greater influx of European Blood as the Breed of the Nabataeans!

If the later is the case, they are only 1-10% Semitic, just like Their Arabian Pseudo-Semitic Brethren, and things like The White-Skin Phenotype, as well as any other White Phenotypes, as well as most White Genotypes, would be from Miscegenation with Japhetites in past generations! It's possible that they started as full Caucasians but later Miscegenation eventually changed the Civilization from White to Esau-Edomite!

Though the later two possibilities could explain why they had European Features but originally an Arabic Language, albeit they later adopted Aramaic, which they learned from People from the Hellenic Civilizations, this could also be explained by them having at least originally been Whites living in the Lands of Esau-Edom; as those Lands contained many Breeds - a few of which refused to Miscegenate! If that's the case, they could have been forced to adopt the Language of those that controlled the region; be it one Stolen from them or that they migrated to for either more fertile soil, for water or other resources, to escape another Tribe or Nation, Trade or a combination thereof!

Unfortunately, there is no (Acknowledged) Conclusive Evidence from Skeletons; as both Whites, Arabs and Blacks have been found in Nabataean Ruins! However, the Core Realms of the Kingdom are where Whites were found; the Negros and Arabs being found in the oft-shifting Outer-Realms!

The lack of Pseudo-Ashkenazim Skeletons, in addition to the aforesaid Anthropological Evidence, however, points to them originally having been Whites from what became known as The Lands of Esau-Edom; rather than actual Esau-Edomites, whether those Lands were Stolen from them or they were Immigrants. Arabs and Blacks, all Evidence thus indicates, only later Immigrated to what eventually became known as Jordan!

The Arabs claiming to be Descendants of Nabataeans, thus, are in reality either only those Descended from the later Arab Immigrants or Hybrids of the aforesaid and actual Nabataeans!

The Irish Holodomor: A Lesson in Fratricide, Usury and Usurpation!

 I'm sure you've heard of The Irish Potato Blight, though you probably haven't heard the Reality.  It was a Holodomor - not a Natural Famine!  It's Holodomor because every Crop was "Appropriated" and Removed from Ireland, Reserved for the Oppressors or Left to Spoil under Guard!

Furthermore, England Subjected Ireland to Oppressive Taxes!  Even IF there had been Food, as there was Scarcely any, they wouldn't have been able to Afford it!  They weren't Permitted to Hunt or Fish, and Many were Imprisoned as a result of not being able to pay the Genocide-Funding Taxes - so they Starved to Death whilst Unjustly Incarcerated!

Over 2.3 million Irish Men, Women and Children were Murdered in Cold Blood!  Upon coming to America, New Englanders treated them with great disdain; mostly because they were predominantly Catholic, though also because they were Irish - whereas most of the New Englanders at that point were still of English Ancestry!  Add to that White Slavery, mostly of Children, in England's and its Commonwealth Realms Mines, Factories and Plantations, as well as American Plantations, Mines and Factories!  Many Died on the way over, and the "Convicts" sent to Australia were actually Starving Political Prisoners!  As Hoffman Notes in The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain: Most of Australia's "convicts" were shipped into servitude for such "crimes" as stealing seven yards of lace, cutting trees on an aristocrat's estate or poaching sheep to feed a starving family.

Why is there this Fratricide between Celto-Basques and (sometimes also Norman and/or Hanoverian) Anglo-Saxons, you ask?  Apart from the majority of Anglo-Saxons having Converted to Protestantism (which was originally different from Catholicism in that the so-called King functioned as Pope, though Puritans later brought other Reforms, which sparked yet others by different Protestants, which sparked the Catholic Counter-Reformation), there is also the Fact that the Protestant "Royals" were Loyal to the self-proclaimed House of Rothschild!

Unfortunately, most Protestants to this day would sooner support Jew (Khazar) Bankers and Industrialists than Irish Catholics!  Even those that claim to despise the Rothschilds and Disraelis maintain this hatred - often claiming it is just for The I.R.A.!  The reality is that The Undefeated Army would not need to exist if British Protestants hadn't taken Scottish Protestants (as Scotland was predominantly Catholic) and sent them to Ireland - meaning that they had to Steal the Lands of Irish Catholics!

Why didn't they just bring them to England, you ask?  They have a Warped Sense of Culturalism.  Whereas the Irish were Fighting for the Irish, and were Peaceful towards Fellow Whites, especially Fellow Nordics, the Anglo-Saxons abandoned true Tribalism for Loyalism - those They were Loyal to being Loyal in turn to Khazars!  A similar story is how The American People were Betrayed for the concept of Unity - opposed to Freedom!

What Surname do the current Usurpers claim?  Windsor!  Who were the first People to have Windsor in their Surname?   The Fils De Gerald (FitzGerald/Fitzgerald) De Windsor Family - from whom the current Windsors bought Windsor Palace!  Whereas the Gheradini were Eugenically Bred, not all of their Descendant Families remained so Noble - regardless of what Titles they may have claimed!  The Geraldines - the Fitzgeralds and their Descendant Families - were amongst but by no means limited to their Eugenic Descendants, whereas the later Windsors were amongst the Dysgenic Families!  The Hapsburg split into Eugenic Families and Dysgenic Families, whereas Hohenzollerns were a Eugenic Family!  The other Gheraldini Descendant Families were Eugenic but eventually died out!  Where did Geraldines still maintain the most Legal Power and Cultural Influence?  Ireland!  Where in Ireland was hit the hardest by this Holodomor?  Kerry!   Who was The First Lord of Kerry?  John FitzGerald!  Thus, the Irish Holodomor included a Fratricide!  Similarly - WWI was a Fratricide!  That's actually why they changed their Surname from The House of Hanover (the older Branches of which, in The Austro-Hungarian Empire and The Kingdom of Germany, they were Engaged in a Fratricide Against - Acting on Behalf of Usurping Khazar Overlords!) to The House of Windsor - Insulting the original De Windsor Family, The House of Hanover and The House of Gherardini in General!

Catholic or Protestant, Christian or Pagan, We need to Unite Against The Foreign Breeds!  Arise and Fight! Do Not Their Bidding!  We Need Self-Determination for each of Our Nations in each of Our Lands!  We need to Break The Shackles of Jewish Thought!  We need to Earn The Title of Aryan!

Hell hath no fury like a Zionist's scorn: Sacrileges, Blasphemies and Heresies of Vatican II

Why did Karol Wojtyla Józf re-write the centuries-old Canonization Laws? He cut the number of required Miracles in half! He named 482 saints - that's more than the number declared during the combined Reigns of the past 500 years! He even "Sainted" Pio of Pietrelcina, who had been investigated by The Vatican in the '20's and '30's - only to be determined a Fraud!

Karol also eliminated the role of the so-called "Devil's Advocate" - a centuries-old Duty assigned to a Vatican official who raised questions about a candidate's Virtues as well as about any alleged Miracles said to have occurred in the would-be Saint's name. Now, Karol himself has been "Beatified" - despite the women he "Miraculously" Healed having Relapsed!

His successor, Joseph Alios Ratzinger, has named more "Saints" than any other claimant to the Papacy! Many of them have much more questionable "Virtues" and Lifestyles - such as a Con-Artists who allegedly Converted! Furthermore, Ratzinger allowed for Karol's body to be exhumed and put on display in Vatican Square - in an festival resembling the Aztec Día de los Muertos! On a related note: Vatican II has failed entirely to Condemn this practice, as well as such things as Santa Meurte, Santeria, and the use of outwardly-Catholic Prayers in Voodoo in Hoodoo!

Ratzinger's so eager to "Repent" for his involuntary involvement in The Hitler Youth that he's Championing The Rothschilds and Their Usury System, Praising Muslims and Jews, Pandering to Homosexuals and Blatantly allowing Miscegenation, Encouraging Illegal Immigration at least via failing to Excommunicate Usurpers that Harbor or otherwise Advocate Them, doing the same regarding the Incestuous and Inbred, completely failing to Denounce any of The White Genocides, and completely failing to denounce any of the Catholic Religicides!

How do we go about having him and the rest of the Vatican II Cabal Excommunicated?! I'd point to 1st and 2nd Timothy - but Their perverted notion of Papal Infallibility (using it to mean that They are always acting on God's behalf; opposed to using it to refer to the Legitimate Authority of a true Supreme Pontiff, failing to realize that one can loose this standing - if they ever had it!) will prevent Them from Recognizing or at least Admitting it's proper Authority!

Does their Blasphemy know no bounds?!

Nonlinear Micro-Evolution and Intelligent Design

Macro-Evolution has been Debunked however Micro-Evolution is very much Real.

Homo-Heidelbergensis originated in Germany, as evidence by all of the oldest remains being in Germany!  From there, it spread throughout many places in Europe!  The Saldanha Cranium was determined to be of a Homo-Heidelbergensis; given the obvious vast Genetic Differences between any Whites (especially Nordics) and Negroids, the fact that it is older than the Negroids Remains, and more recent than the aforementioned Nordic Remains, is Definitive Proof of Nordics traveling to South Africa between 3-5 hundred thousand years ago - NOT Negroids coming to Europe!  Again, the oldest Homo-Heidelbergensis skull is from Germany - which again Disproves Afro-Centrism!

There is not one Shred of Evidence that it Evolved from Homo-Erectus (which appears to have come from Asia) - and the notion that it Evolved from Homo-Ergastor (appearing in Sub-Saharan Africa) is even more absurd!  

 Homo-Heidelbergensis actually either Evolved from Homo-Steinheimensis - which likewise originated in Germany! - or a Common Ancestor with it that is as-of-yet undiscovered!   Likewise, there is no evidence linking Homo-Steinheimensis to Homo-Erectus - making the claims that it is linked to Homo-Ergastor even more absurd!  

It is likely Descended from "Homo-Antecessor" - claims of it being Related to either Homo-Ergastor or Homo-Erectus being entirely Unfounded!  H. Antecessor, is Descended from Homo-Dmanisi! 

Interesting to note is that there is a Skeleton in Ireland believed to have been a cross of Homo-Heidelbergensis and Homo-Antecessor!  This apparent Example of Breeding across The Brocca Divide, however, seems to have been an Isolated Incident. 

Homo-Heidelbergensis featured a Divergent Evolution into Denisovians and Homo-Neanderthalensis (sometimes classed as Homo-Sapiens-Neanderthalensis, which is why modern Humans are often called Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens); the later of which Evolved into Cro-Magnon - which had a larger Cranial Capacity than most Beings of today!

 Denisovians went Extinct, around 40,000 years ago, due to Bastardization by Homo-Erectus; the Result of which is "The Red Deer" Species (known for what it Hunted) of what's now China.  It is from Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon Inter-Breeding, conversely, that Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens were born!

Some Neanderthals had Migrated throughout Asia and Miscegenated both Racially and in regards to different Humanoid Species (I Classify the different Races as being part of a Humanoid Pseudo-Family; there being many Extinct Species in each Genus/Race, with Whites being true Humans); thus creating the Mongoloids which would split into East Asians, Amerindians, Mestizos, Pacific Islanders and other Austronesians!

In ancient times, They would Miscegenate with any or all of Scythians, Tocharians, Yuezhi,  Kushans and White Huns in East Asia, Viking and Eirinn (Irish) Solutrean and/or Clovis-Era People in Canada and America, Wari and Proto-Chachapoya i.e. The Warriors of the Clouds (whom would have their Name Stolen by Hybrids; though Nordic Mummies, Architecture, Agriculture, and Weaponry Remain - not to mention numerous unexplained Civilizations and Architectural Styles suggest a Chachapoya and/or Wari Origin or Influence!), and Lost True Isra'el'ites in Mexico!  The Guanches, whom went Extinct on Island off the Coast of North Africa just Centuries ago, leaving Mummies, Statues and Step Pyramids are Believed to be the Ancestors of Proto-Chachapoya and Wari.

Solutreans and Clovis People in North America all either went Extinct or Settled elsewhere - though Empirical Evidence of them still remains!  In Canada, for instance, Leif Eriksson Encountered Hybrids - the Result of Bastardization of earlier Expeditions of his Viking People!

Sub-Saharan Negros never Evolved passed Homo-Habilis, in some places and Homo-Ergastor in others; these two mixed together and later, Miscegenated with Homo-Erectus!  Additionally, there's the as-of-yet-Unclassified Species of The White Race - Extinct due to Bastardization by Negroids! 

Inaccurately, some now say "Out of Australia" - due to some of the most Primitive Skeletons being of Aborigines!  The problem with this is - Our Race did not come from Theirs!  Perhaps it is True for Negroids, with Mongoloids having Originated via Miscegenation with Whites; whereas some Negroids would have Migrated into Africa, and Developed into the Reddish Negroids, Blue Gummed and Ostrich Congolese Bushmen, and other such Mongrel Breeds there now (with various Admixture, along the way).

 With further Miscegenation amongst Mongoloids, around 40,000 years ago, as well as that within the last 5,000 or so years, the Ancestors of the Eponymous Mongols, Chinese (after Emperor Chin), Tibetan, Manchu(rian), Koreans, Uighur, Ainu, Yamato, Khazahks and Uzbeks, Saami, Seto and Komi; some of these Hybrids even Possessing a Mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasoid Traits, or (while all Hybrids will always have Foreign Genotypes!) even just Caucasian Phenotypes!

 I should Explain, here, for those from Easter Europe (where this Term has Acquired a Different Meaning Altogether!); I'm using Caucasian to Refer not to the Mongrels, such as Turkics, but to Us Whites - for They Invaded Our Lands!  They are no more Caucasians than They are Anatolian - though that's another of Our Realms that They have Stolen and Blaspheme to be Theirs!

If you're wondering where Esau-Edomites i.e. Pseudo-Semites i.e. "Jews" and Arabs (literally meaning "Mingle" and "Raven" i.e. Death - for Miscegenation Is Racial Death!) came from, They originated as Hybrids of Chamites (Negroids), Cinites (Mongoloids), Semites and Japhetites (the later two being Adamites i.e. Whites!), and Nephilim (Human-Fallen Hybrids!) - still having more Negroid and Mongoloid than Semite! 

Apart from the Biblical Cinites, the Mongol aspect comes from Tamur/Tamir/Tamer The Lame a.k.a. Tamerlane and Successive Hordes having Invaded the region; at which time there were Esau-Edomite Harlots that gave Themselves over Willingly to his Bastards, and others which were Raped - just as They enjoyed Raping!  They have, furthermore, also mixed with Dravidians! 

On that Note, I might as well explain Dravidians: They were originally Negros but Miscegenated with the Vedic, as well as later with other Scythians [under King Azes II - a Pre-Siddhartha (Siddhartha being a Golden-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Hybrid that Blasphemed to be an Aryan and a Prince of - Post-Kushan - Nepal!) White Buddha!] and later, Kushans who Settled in and around The Indus River Valley.

By the time that those under the Parthian Label had Conquered it, it appears that at least the Predominance of those under their Name were Foreign Breeds.  Persia was so only in Allegation, when it Conquered it under "Shah" Jahan (of Taj Mahal Fame - though he Learnt this Architecture only from Byzantium!).  These Mongrels, likewise, Bred with much of those Curs in Southeast Asia; more-so in India than Nepal, and largely in Pakistan - once Truly a Land of the Pure!

Those in what's now called Indo-China also Miscegenated with Mongoloids; whether Chinoids (Chinese and/or Tibetans, in this Case), Malaysians (which are Austronesians) or both.  Each of the above mentioned White Nations were eventually Inundated and Overthrown by the Dravidians, and sometimes also Arabs and/or Mongoloids- which Miscegenated the Brown and Yellow Breeds (as well as White-Skinned Hybrids!) of that region into existence!  Gypsies are, in point of fact, Dravidians that Miscegenated Their way through The Middle East and into Europe!

Remember: There are many more Phenotypes than Skin-Colour, and Phenotypes are determined by Genotypes - different Genotypes being Unique to different Races!  Even if a Hybrid doesn't have Non-White Phenotypes - They will still have Non-White Genotypes!  When looking at Haplotypes and Haplogroups, one must consider that a particular Sub-Type or Group may exist only amongst Hybrids - if the whole Haplotype or Group isn't of Mamzer origin!

True Berbers a.k.a. Amazigh are Whites - but virtually if nott all of those claiming those names now are Bastardized!  The same is true for the Assyrians and Kurds!

All sorts of Curs run around this planet!  There are, however, Pure Whites; the alleged Research saying otherwise actually merely tested Khazars (such as Pseudo-Ashkenazim and Pseudo-Sephardi "Jews", Khavars a.k.a. Kabars, Avars, Turks, Turkmen, Tartars and Lipka Tartars, Gypsies, Dagestani, Abhkazians  Ingush, Bats, Azeri, Fatimids, Bastard Moores, Saami, Seto, Komi and other such known Hybrids!

It wasn't until Non-Whites Usurped Power in those regions that They started being labeled White - despite Their Genetics!  Whites always pointed out that They were Non-Whites, however; Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Stalin, to name one of many such most despicable Non-White Tyrants, actually had many Murdered for pointing out that he was a Pseudo-Sephardi!

We know of the existence of certain Nations as a matter of Historical Fact, though other aspects of The Holy Bible (not to be confused with "Judeo-Christian","Chrislamic", Afro-Centrist or other "Interpretive" or "Revised" renditions) have neither been Proven nor Debunked; with the Circumstantial Evidence against The Holy Bible being Debunked by Empirical Evidence, which Innately threatens such Inherently Anti-White Manifestations - being of Khazar or otherwise Non-White Design!  More and more, Biblical Scientific Foreknowledge Proves Legitimate!  Such Fields need to be Studied further.

*Those oft-misclassified as Mediterraneans who have a basically-Nordic Skull-Structure are Nordid Atlantids.  As a Racial-Classification, Alpine refers to the Non-Nordic Sub-Group of The White Race which - like Nordics - originated in The Alpine Mountain Range; albeit in a different region!  The Nordic-Mediterranean hybrids that are predominately of Mediterranean Structure are Atlantics (not to be confused with the Atlanteans of Legend, which fit the Nordic description).  Dinarics (Originating upon Mount Dinar) are Alpine-Mediterranean hybrids, whereas Norics (Originating in a Roman Province in what's now Lower Austria, called Noricum) are Nordic-Dinaric hybrids.  Those of such Types also Originated from a Common Racial Stock elsewhere in Europe, granted, but those are the Regions that said Types were first Classified with Regards to.