Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Patton

There is a lot of Idolization of General George S. Patton, Jr., by both Left and Right, in America, because Mainstream Viewpoints seem him as an Important Figure in Fighting "Nazism" and "Defending America" [as if America were in any Real Danger, as even Pearl Harbor - Nominally, a Response to America having Severed Japan's Oil Supply (as if this were so Vital; its Ability to Wage War with America is Proof that it could have Fulfilled its Promise to Germany to Unite to Overthrow The Soviet Union, at least had it not Chosen the former instead) - was Warned of by Dusan Popov (who was told he had "warned the wrong office") and simply Allowed by F.D.R. and his Cadres because it Provided a Pretense to Enter WWII on The Soviet Union's Behalf (which Effectively makes Japan an Allied Power)] and by certain Dissident Elements because he Eventually Testified to the Jewish Nature of Bolshevism and the Moral Superiority of Germany, as well as his (Arrogantly Announced) Intention to take his Army and Seize The Kremlin. There is a lot of Speculation about whether he would have Recruited P.O.W.s and Served as a Replacement for Germany's Support of The White Russian Liberation Army, or if he would Continue to Misclassify the Russians in with the Central Asian, Uralic and East Siberian Turkish Types that Ravaged Europe in an On-Going Jewish Revolution simply Based in Russia (though, today, at least as much so in America) and perhaps thus Genocide them. Perhaps the Germans would have been Capable of Preventing this, if that were on his Conflicted Mind, even if only through such Means as to Convince him of Military and/or Economic Reasons not to. Would those Romanovs not having been Murdered by Jewry even give such Situational Support to this Rogue Alliance as it gave to The Soviet Bastards (on the Absolutely Asinine Pretense that Germany was "Invading" and Georgian Dzhugashvili Stalin was "Protecting Russia", while he was actually the Aggressor, Genociding Europeans of many Ethnicities, Suppressing Christianity and European Cultures in General, and otherwise Creating a Climate of General Despair)? How would The Allies have Reacted, had he not Announced what he was going to do and just did it? What would he have done about the Jews, in any Case, if it were in his Power? Execution, just Deportation, or even just Continued Containment to Concentration Camps and other Ghettos, or some Inherently-Flawed Plan of "Reconstruction"? Worst is when someone Demands "Assimilation", as if Jewry isn't Secretly Gleeful that it is Provided with this Opportunity to Deceive and Miscegenate Freely (while perhaps Simultaneously Revolting on the False Pretense that this isn't Exactly what it Desires, so that it can Provoke European Fratricide on its Behalf while Deciding what Manifestations of Jewishness it wants to Preserve through which Means). What makes me most Indignant, is that those like Patton could Easily have Prevented that War and all the Subsequent Hellishness of Global "Reconstruction"; if John J. "Nigger Jack" Pershing was too Senile, as his Role in WWII was basically to sit behind a desk and push a pen around, between shouting "Frontal Assault!" like a Raving Lunatic with No Military Experience whatsoever, since Ike was even more Deranged, with his P.O.W. Rhineland Death Camps and Generally Savage Treatment of Germanics, and Mark W. Clark being a Half-Jew, one thinks Patton would have gone to Walter Krueger and asked him if he really Enjoyed Murdering his Brethren or was only doing it because he Believed in Blind Loyalty to whatever Country one's Parents had made him a Citizen of.  One thinks he would have gone to Omar Bradley, and asked him if he'd Stand - having Righteousness on their Side - more Bravely with him on the Side of the Germans as the two did under German Artillery Fire in the last Great Fratricide that America Entered on a False Pretense.  One thinks Patton would have gone to Douglas MacArthur and his Son (Arthur MacArthur, Jr.), and Inquired as to Loyalties.  

If Albert Coady Wedemeyer was really so Anti-Communist, why did he Fight for The Allies? Perhaps if Patton were Recruiting Rogues, he wouldn't have Turned the Training he Received from the Germans as a Pre-War Exchange Student into such Unnecessarily-Fratricidal Application.   

Patton also could have gone to Stanley Dunbar Embick, Weddemeyer's Father-In-Law, if he wanted to Devastate U.S. Strategic Command.  Imagine if Embick had been Convinced that The United Nations should be for Common Defence of European Peoples and Cultures, instead of just Obeying whatever Washington was doing at the time.  

Walton Walker was one of Patton's Subordinates, so he could have simply given him Orders for a Private War simply too Classified for anyone to Inquire about; if ever he Demonstrated such Sympathies as those of Patton, he could have been brought into the Fold for more Direct Action.

Lesley J. McNair was a Disaster for those who had to Serve under him, as were those he Appointed to Commands; one wonders if it were not a Silver Lining, that someone more Effective at Murdering Europeans in another Country was not given the Commands of these Figures more Effective at Wasting the Lives of Their Own Countrymen.  

Perhaps if Patton had gone to Jacob L. Devers, he could have Talked some Sense into him (or Threatened him, if Necessary); he was the one Leading the Charge for a Better Tank, while McNair would Repeatedly Inhibit that Progression.  As it were, he is someone it's Unfortunately wasn't one of the Commanders to Die from Artillery Fire; the Insufficiency of the M4 Sherman Tank he Helped Design and Implement is Suggestive of a Complete Disaster for The Allied Forces if it only had the Artillery Magnet that the M3 Lee was.  

Gordon P. Saville, Benjamin Foulois, Claire Lee Chennault and Benjamin S. Kelsey all worked with Devers, in Reintroducing to American Forces and Refining The Concept of Aerial Reconnaissance.  They also Introduced the Concept of Pursuit Aircraft, rather than Precision Bombing, though - like Arthur "Bomber" Harris, Charles Portal and Hastings Ismay in The U.K. - Harold H. Arnold, Ira C. Eaker and Carl Andrew Spaatz were Supporters of Terror Bombing.  

Devers was Acquainted with Eaker, if not the others, so one wonders how much he actually Knew and Approved; one can Easily Hide behind Plausible Deniability, and saying "I was just Concerned for my Troops." will all too often Override Logic in the Minds of those Hearing this Drivel about the Troops those Spouting such Rhetoric would still be Sending into Combat on Behalf of Rapists and Murderers.  

Garrison H. Davidson was Simple Insane, since he Presided over those Farcical Nuremberg Trials; if ever False Confessions Obtained Via Torture have become Doctrinal to a New Religion, Davidson would be its False Prophet.  

Even if none of those from the U.K. were Willing to Join him, perhaps these still - at least if having either Met him in Person or one of those other Generals as a Delegate from or Mediator for his Rogue Army - would not have Fought him.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"But that's just Semantics."

 It is Important to Note that Adam Smith (often Championed, or - Alternatively - Condemned, as "The Founder of Capitalism") is not actually a "Capitalist", in the Sense that the latter was Coined by Rabbi Moses Mordecai Levy a.k.a. Karl Heinrich Marx (The Founder of "Communism"). 

Smith did Believe in Police for Public Order, and for Barriers to be Placed when National Defence or Public Health (he called for the Prevention of Loathsome Diseases, and Explicitly Referenced Leprosy) were Threatened by Opulence. It is True that Smith did Believe in Human Rights, but he Believed that Liberties were to Necessarily be Suppressed to Prevent National Calamity. 

Smith would have been Renounced as a "Socialist", by the "Lassie-Faire" Types that Renounce Ford as such; these were the Sort that would Conspire with "Communists", for there is often much to Gain at another's Expense. 

After all, the "Classical School of Economics" was Originally "Socialist"; it was not Founded by Smith, but - rather - some of it did Influence him. That, however, is often as in Contrast with Marx's Perception of "Socialism" as it is with what Critics call "Feudalism". 

Feuds are Present in every System, and Invading Hordes of Moorish and Turkish - each having Their Jewish Powers - were the Cause of so many Feuds; even when not Directly Feuding with Them, the Egos that They had Inflamed in both those They had Subjugated - at least in the Sense of Extorting for the Retention of any Autonomy; being not Sovereigns, to Pay such a thing - and those Il-Informed about the Events in these other Lands whom Blamed Entire Nations for the Tragic Outcomes of the Ceaseless Invasions were the Causes of so many Wars. 

There are many Efforts to Conflate the two, "Communism" and Monarchy, but - in European Traditions - the Differences are Greater than the Similarities; the Similarities are Present in every System, if one is looking at the Vague Semblances one would have to not Investigate Further to Believe anything Significant is Shared with "Communism". 

Sure, the Marxists will talk of "State Capitalism"... but that's the Essence of "Communism"; that it is Controlled by the State. The Nominal Difference is that the "State Capitalist" is in it for Profit, whereas the "Communist" is in it for "Equality"; the Reality is that there can be no Equality, which is why something is always Dominating something else. 

Rather than having Private Ownership and thus the Funds from the Sale going first to said Owner(s), then some Form and Extent of Payment going - after some Duration - to the Worker(s), a "Communist" wants everything in the hands of a Government that Distributes from those with the Greatest Merit to those with the Least; "Socialization" will either Return to what he called "Capitalism" or Descend into what he called "Communism", as it Refers to when the Workers are all Owners and/or Engaged in a Democratic Operation. 

For that to be Different than Voluntary Enterprises he would call "Capitalism", it Necessitates Counter-Meritocratic Force; every Endevour (of the Gentiles) must be Equal, in every Way, Shape and Form, so a "Communist" Elite must Exist [the Collective Messiah (being Anointed in Our Blood) of this False Religion, being as it is Allowed to - Ostensibly - Violate the Vile Doctrines and Dogmas it Imposes upon the Host Nations] to Enforce this upon those Subjects of it this Mandate is Applied to Exclusively. 

It may Pretend to be "First Among Equals", but it will not Allow for Us to Remove it from Power; even to have Turns would be to Admit there's some Value to this Change, and thus that there's an Inequality.  That's why when a Gentile is in a Nominal Position of Power, he or she will always Answer to Jewry; the other Races would have been Eradicated many Ages ago, had it not been for Jewry's Intervention On Their Behalf.  They have no Concern for those Races, with the Exception of Their Ability to Utilize Them as Weapons Against Us; even Jewry's Survival is a Lesser Concern for Them than Our Destruction, or this would be an Exercise In Futility. 

We Realize, thus, that "Libertarianism" is the Corporate Face of "Communism"; its Admonition of Our Race is Synonymous with all Satanic Filth, and its Hyper-Individualism always Transforms into an Alienist Collectivism whenever We should - as Individuals - Choose that (to Jewry) Dreaded Choice of Cooperating Among Ourselves to Ensure Our Survival.  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cease Thy Defeatism!

 What Strange Thoughts go throw a Defeatist's Mind?  I do not See the Reason.

I am Reminded of the Spaniards, who Fought for their very Lives and to be Spared from Rapes, with Borders Changing between European and Jewish-Directed Arabo-Negroid Hordes, between Christian and a Coalition of Jewish and Islamic, for 781 Years.

I am Reminded of the Southern Italians, Sicilians, Maltese and Sardinians, who Fought off many Invasions and would Suffer 100 Years of Occupation by those Forces and Arabo-Turkish not previously amongst the aforesaid.

I am Reminded of how a Similar Development was Suffered by parts of Southern France.

I am Reminded of the South Slavs, from whose Name the very Word "Slave" is Derived, who Fought Hordes of Arabic, Mongoloid and Otherwise Turkish, and who would Suffer 500 Years of Ottoman Occupation; even a Land once Inhabited by Thracians, Celtics, Greeks, Persians (back when there were still Pure Europeans in that Realm, though a Considerable Portion of its Hordes were already Arabized) and Romans, having to be Reclaimed Repeatedly for Our Race by a Combination of Mediterranean, Slavic and Nordic Ancestries, as it was Besieged by Khazars and other Turkish even before being Ottoman Occupied, is Marred by a Remnant of one Occupation that is the "Bulgarian" Nomenclature.

I am Reminded of how these Realms, so Outnumbered, have now so many Bastards that Pretend to be European - but how those of Purity still Survive!

I am Reminded of how the Visigothic came to the Rescue of the many Ancestries of Our Race in The Iberian Peninsula. I am Reminded of how Normans would Reclaim so many Realms, and how the Baltic Nations would Join these Valiant Fights to Prevent such an Occupation of their Lands and to Liberate those of their European Kindred.  I  am Reminded of how the Varangians had their Role in all this, and the Ostrogothic theirs.

I am Reminded of how Russia, after Ages of Fighting Them, was Enslaved by Mongoloid Turkish and Forced to War on Their Behalf for 200 Years - yet Overthrew Them and Aided other Nations in their own Liberation!

I am Reminded of how Europeans have Suffered Raids by Barbary Pirates, even as far North as Ireland and Iceland, and even as far Southwest as Rio de la Plata, yet how the Refusal of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to Pay Tribute to Them would End the Predominance of this Slavery; the Occasional Attacks that Continued being Suppressed by French Colonization of Algiers, and the Subsequent Colonization of Africa by other Powers that was now Comparatively Easy.

I am Reminded of how, Despite Losing Entire Nations in Ancient and Prehistoric Times to Hordes of Negroids, Arabics and Mongoloids, Our Race has Survived.  I am Reminded of how We still have Minorities who Survive in Central Asia and Ibero-America, Despite all the Forced Relocations Under Cruel Conditions, Mass-Rapes, and other Acts of Genocide that We Suffered.  I am Reminded of how The Klan would Arise from the Degeneracy of "Reconstruction", and how National Socialism would Arise from the Degeneracy of The Weimar Republic.