Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Treason of Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot [whose Given Name means "of Juda", "Judean" or "Judahite", and whose Surname alternatively has been Suggested as meaning "of Kerioth", "Recompensive" (from Issachar, meaning Recompense) and "Assassin" (either an Augmented Spelling of Sicarius or Indicating an Ancestry thereof)] wanted Jesus Christ [Joshua, The Anointed one (Indicating His Head was Anointed with Oil in an Hebraic Royal Rite that was Illicitly Banned by Jewish Invaders) to Lead a Rebellion Against Rome.

Christ, however, would not have The White Race be turned upon itself.  Instead, he knew the handfuls of Surviving Isra'el'ites would be Annihilated in a Rebellion, and the Romans would Continue to Conspire with the Jews, as had long been done.

As Christ Knew that He would be Betrayed, as Judas sought to Force His Hand into Conflict, he told Judas to act as he otherwise would have.  What's often Neglected, though, is that Judas was Possessed both times he Betrayed Christ for Jewry.  The Opposer, you see, was once again Tempting Christ; this time, wearing the Face of a Disciple.  When Judas had Control again, the second time, he gave up his Blood Money and Hanged himself.

Thus, Christ let the Controlled Opposition "Judean Front" of Jew Barabbas be Slaughtered by the Romans, whom he Prophesied would Destroy Their Vain Temple (which was Constructed over the Ruins of the actual Temple of David).  Not one stone was left atop another, which is how you know They are Lying about "The Wailing Wall".  It is actually the Remains of a Roman Fort Wall.

The rest of the Isra'el'ites went into Europe and/or were Murdered, whether by Jews or Romans with Jewish Economic Loyalties.

Since it was the Jews that Falsely Accused Christ of Planning Rebellion Against Rome, and They Chose Barabbas Over Jesus, with Judas being Bribed with 30 Pieces of Silver [while the Judeo-Roman Occupations Taxed the Land, with the Jews Receiving Special Treatment over handfuls of Isra'el'ites most probably didn't know Existed outside the Realm (just as few seem Aware there are Whites in South America, or that Jews and Mestizos aren't White, or about how almost all of The Caucasus are Bastardized...)], and Extinction for the actual Semites was coming, either way, He would have His Word Against Jewry be Remembered for all Eternity.  He did this to Save his Japhetite Brethren.

Of course, the Master Deceivers that They are, They have of course Perverted it.  A few, however, relative handfuls, scattered across the Earth, still Remember and Oppose Them.  The Pagans, however, do not seem to Know or want to Admit that the Pagans and Jews were quite often in League.

Had Christ instead done as Judas wanted, with his Jewish Indoctrination, instead of telling His People not to pay heed to Jewish Fables or the Lies of Men, they all would have been Annihilated, the Romans would have done what was done anyway and kept Granting Citizenship and Immunity to Jews, and the World would never have had the Force that did more to Unite Whites and Oppose Foreign Invasions (such as by Ottoman Hordes) than any other!