Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Safe White Ghetto: Relatively-Low Crime and Pervasive Poverty in Appalachia

 "The Great White Ghetto" had virtually no Crime, until "The Great Society" and its Successor Programs; now, like with Negros, Prostitution and Drug Use have become Problems. That said, these are Relatively Low in Contrast with Ghettos of other Races.  Violent Crimes are Rare to Non-Existent.

Education has also Suffered, as They'll Misdiagnose Children with Learning or Behavioral Disorders for more "Welfare", and will pull Kids out of School without Providing any Adequate Homeschooling, because The "Welfare" System was set up to Encourage it.

Those who can get out, tend never to look back.  The rest are left at the Lack of Mercy of the Corpora-Bolshevik Regime.  In the Case of Pennington Gap, the Local one recently Constructed a Golf Course for 1 Million Dollars; rather than Investing this in the Future of the Proletariat.

Contrary to the Myths that this Eastern Kentucky Town is without Running Water, Electricity or a Library, it does have all of these; these are often Admitted or even Shown in Articles that Open or Headline with that Myth, Ironically.

The Problem is that, as one Teacher from there said, no one's Taught them to Want to Learn.  Rather, it's been Discouraged by Atypically Unintelligent Whites; what's happened with the Breeding, here, is the Reverse of the Eugenics Programs of The Old South.  That said, the Population can be Rehabilitated.

Unfortunately, as it is now, the "Progressives" have everyone Listening to Kenya West, with the Folk Music that you'd Expect to find up there being an Unwanted Reminder of a Bygone Era, and running off to Play The Lottery with "Welfare" Money.

Yes, it was Poor before the Mine and Mill Closures, and it was Poor before the Intentional Blunder of Rothschild-Pawn L.B.J. that was "The Great Society", but this made it Worse.  New Taxes, "Regulations" (it is only Their Control which is being Maintained!) and Fees for Business Licences etcetera, have made this even Worse.  Businesses Cut Budgets, Miners Lacked Proper Equipment, and Treatment was Unaffordable for Conditions such as Black Lung or an Injured Back.

Meanwhile, Coal Towns like Pennington Gap even saw the Closure of the nearest Hospital... 30 miles away.  Socialist Interference in The Medical Field, Usurping 1/6th of The American Economy and Impacting all of it, has only made a Longer Waiting List and Closed More Hospitals.

Apart from Mine, Mill and Hospital Closures, this Town has Suffered the Loss of a Movie Theater, a Drive In Theater, two Grocery Stores, a Skating Rink, a Clothing Store, a Feed Store, a Lumber Store, the Western Auto and the Napa Auto Parts, a Chrysler Dealership and a Used-Car Dealership.  While the Discotheque may not have lasted anywhere, nothing has Replaced it; there’s simply no one Willing to Invest in this Town.

It's being "Republican" i.e. "Neo-Con", is just another Reminder that this is - when Different at all - just a Toned-Down Version of "Progressivism"; a Euphemism for "Socialism", from when "Liberalism" became Synonymous with "Communism".

It Reminds me of what Robert J. Mathews said about Satellite Dishes sprouting up like Poisonous Mushrooms, and the Local Preacher - Indoctrinating The Masses with this Blasphemy of "Judeo-Christianity" - being The Greatest Impediment to a Racial Awakening.

I have a Proposed Solution to this Crisis:

I Believe that if the White African were given Sanctuary here, they would Shame this Populace into Moral Revival; the Charlatans would be Driven from the Churches, and the Teachers who were Rejected by The Negro Regimes will see the Cultural Disconnect and take Initiative in Preventing this Fabian Genocide.  The State-Encouraged Obsession with Gambling will be Replaced with Fiscal Conservativism in its Literal Sense.  Luxuries will be Acknowledged as such, and Forgone for Necessities and Planning for the Future.  Medications will be Used as Necessary, and Addictions will be Treated.  Crime will be Punished, and the Rewards of such an Honest Lifestyle will become Self-Evident.  Agriculture will Replace Industrialism, or even Provide the Stability to Revive it and Improve Standards.  The Jew-Media Promotion of Kanye West will be Replaced with a Return of Ralph Stanley, and the mostly Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, German, Welsh, Greek and Italian Cultures of the White Africans would be right at Home with the Reemergence of the mostly Gaelic and French Cultures of White Appalachia.