Monday, January 9, 2012

Of Eugenics and Sovereignty

If every Country has a Right To Sovereignty, it must have a Right to chose which Tribe or Nation to consider its own.  As the most Fundamental Right of Self-Determination, deciding who constitutes your own People must be on the forefront of any Agenda to create a new and Stable Country.  First, let's Define who are Our People.  A Family is an entity sharing a Common Ancestry and thus Identifiable by Common Traits; not merely Phenotypes, rather also Genotypes.  Thus, a Race would be the largest Extended Family and a Family an Immediate Race. What are the two worst things that can befall a Family?  Incest and Miscegenation.  Miscegenation, Procreation between Races, herein Defined as the aforesaid large Extended Families, is -  as a matter of Scientific Fact - Deleterious to Whites!  Consider the root-word: Delete: To Abolish!  Hence, the Abomination of Incest being Defined as "Sex with a Close Relative".  To Define a "Close Relative", a period in History when there were large and Healthy enough populaces for Biology to Discourage Incest and the least amount of it as a result, should be sought as the basis.  From there, one could Scientifically Determine what Dysgenic Procreation has since occurred, as well as how much of it occurred before populations where large enough to avoid it.  Adjusting accordingly, in addition to Banning Miscegenation entirely, a new Ban within such Generations must be Enacted. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Racial Ecology

It has long been held and Ecologists have more-recently Proven that no being, regardless of Race and Religion, can have more than 150 Humanoids in their Core Circle or more than 1,500 in their Extended Circle in any practical manner.  Unfortunately, what we see increasingly often is the Neo-Babylonian attempt at Mass Communication with hundreds or even thousands of these vastly-different beings, and an attempt to place them all either Equal or at least within one's Core Circle.  This is an expansion of the age-old error of City Life; amassing a large populace into a confined area, Social Stigmas are exacerbated.  The attempt at removing one Social Stigma via Unnatural Means, such as "Integration", only results in more problems; thus, also more Social Stigmas.  Sometimes, Social Stigmas are even reversed; the Unnatural Manner in which this is happening is, as Proven by both Logic and Empirical Science, Destructive.  Whilst "Integration" and the "Multi-Culturalism" that comes with it are - albeit unfortunately very real - extreme examples, as even the most Corrupt of all White Cities of Antiquity were Comparatively Moral to even those "Integrated" and especially completely Non-White Cities with the greatest Semblance of Morality, deep-rooted Ecological Problems would Fester in that Unnatural Environment.  Historically, in fact, a City was but an Encampment with a Routine Guard.  While The Industrial Revolution did not Require the Abandonment of Agriculture, leaving only Corrupt Agribusinesses to strangle out true Agrarians through "Stimulated" i.e. Socialist Ventures, and an increasingly-Servile Mass Populace, it did Necessitate a larger population and fostered a "Progressive" (read: Talmudic) opposed to Traditional (read: White) Mindset.  Introduce the Khazar.  Now, the Chamites (Negroids), Cinites (Mongoloids) and all Mamzers thereof are being brought in en mass!  This did not stop White Slavery; contrarily, in point of fact, it vastly increased it - even introducing the Ungodly Concept of Enslaving your own Kind to many areas!  White Slavery continues to this very day - in each and all increasing-Ungodly manners!  "White Slavery?!", I assume is the shocked gasp, along with the apparent default-settings The Masses have been programmed with; such as "Racist", "Fascist", "Nazi", "Klansman", "Bigot", "Ingrate" etcetera.  Yes, White Slavery.  It is very real; look it up.  Now, apart from White Slavery in History, We have the very-real threat of current White Slavery to deal with.  I am referring to all-out Slavery - far worse than what "Revised" notions of Black Slavery have been instilled in you!  Now, let's engage in the "Hate Crime" of being Un-Reconstructed i.e. De-Programmed.  "Israel" Harbors many of these Slavers - being as They are mostly "Jewish"!  In fact, "Jews" are far more involved in it than Arabs ever were!  I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't being done in The Boer Genocide, as well; in fact, I would be surprised - and Delighted! - if it wasn't!  There is also Wage Slavery.  I've Explained Usury quite in-depth, before, so let's move on.  Now, there is Out-Sourcing; despite this, Non-White Immigration is at an All-Time high!  Subsequently, Non-White Against White Violence is, as well!  Why is this the case?  Simple: This isn't about Economics; it's about Control!  It's always been about Control!  They Control the Minds of Our Children, as They said They would, and They Destroy Us with Our Own Misguided Intellect!  They will then, in Their Corrupt Minds, be Gods! What of the general change in Social Life for Whites fostered by such a Judaic Doctrine?  Hollywood was the Inevitable, opposed to Natural, End to this Unnatural Disaster!  Now, Popularity opposed to Morality is The Rule of - what They call - Law!  Cults of Victimhood receive Pity, opposed to the actual Victims of these Cults receiving Justice!  That is why We do not Fight back; We're Afraid.  This is an Unnatural Fear; one Instilled in Us slowly, over thousands of years, via Rape, Murder and both Economic and Psychical Slavery!  Our History was Re-Written to be called Myth, and the most absurd of all Myths are now called History.  Our Scientific Discoveries are either Denounced as "Racist" or otherwise "Bigoted", or are Falsely Credited to Non-Whites!  Their Mistakes are Denied, and Inevitably are Blamed on Us!  They either say We did what They really did Wrong, or They say that We - somehow - Oppressed Them into doing it!  Fear, certainly, is what has hitherto been Perpetuating this; to end this Cycle of Irrationality, one must do the Unpopular thing in being truly Traditional.  One must do the difficult thing in being Agricultural, opposed to Corporate.  One must learn to Hunt, rather than Purchase.  One must learn to put Race before Politics, opposed to these silly and ultimately Immoral attempts at Re-Defining the former to suit the latter.  Politics must be derived from a Religion which pays heed to Race, opposed to Religion stemming from an Ideology which Disregards Race; either by Neglecting it, a Denial in Effect, or Corrupting it's plain Meaning - Directly Denying Genetic Facts!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why is this so hard for The Masses to understand?

  I know I've said this before but People just don't seem to get it.  Let's review: I have always said that Peaceful Resistance will not work for Us; The reason for this is that Our Race, despite the greatest accomplishments, has always been the single most insecure Race.  That is why We allow Ourselves to act like Emos instead of Warriors!  In other words: We can and have been made to feel Guilt for things We never even did, however Our suffering and deaths would not invoke the same emotional response in Non-Whites.   Whites, Indoctrinated over Generations with Self-Loathing Propaganda, will even deliriously cheer the Genocide of Our Kind; it just has to be called "Anti-Racist".  The Whites whom have shaken lose The Chains of Fear are being, to quote the Enemy, "exterminated"; the rest are Slaves, and will eventually be "Amalgamated" out of existence.  That, of course, is if We continue to be Apathetic; if We chose the "Treacherous" and "Blasphemous" path of Racial Sovereignty, Preserving Our Race in a manner befitting of it, We will emerge Victorious.  This, however, requires Us to Embrace the labels which most of Us are so thoroughly afraid of with the same Mirth now displayed regarding Racial Suicide. 

 The only significant Secessionist group is The Northwest Front.  However, my concern is that The Suburban Dilemma (to assign a name to it) will prevail. By that, I mean any effort to Inundate and/or drive out via the instilled desire for Disassociation with Nationalists amongst "Egalitarian" i.e. Anti-White Whites will face a two-fold Threat; first, Non-Whites actually Invade and Inundate the areas which They find the most Racist (call it "Occupy Racism" i.e. "Occupy a White Neighborhood", if you like), and also that Complacency will once again take root - if it ever really left!

 As I've said before: I don't think Mass Resistance will become Reality until someone hits Unconventional Targets such as The Super Dome, TV Stations and Breweries.  Those are what The Masses care about, so those are the Obstacles that must be removed.