Saturday, September 19, 2015

On Transhumanism

I do see many Potential Benefits of Bio-Synthification, but also many Risks.

If Mankind got to the point where Transhumanism were even an actual Issue, it'd have to Ensure that any Cyberization didn't Eliminate Reproductive Capabilities and also didn't put Mankind at any Risk it wouldn't otherwise be Subject to in the Event of a Technological Collapse; Cautions must be taken to Ensure this Technology doesn't fall into the Wrong Hands, of course, as with anything that can be Abused.

I mean, what if it ends up like G.I.T.S.; with Cyberbrain Hacks or the Technological Equivalent of Sclerosis?  Even if the latter is Treatable, it does raise new Privacy Concerns; Especially if a Regime could Subpoena your Memories!

Assuming those Legal Issues could be worked out (Good Luck; it'll be Needed!), there's still the Problem of Transhumanists usually looking to Subjugate any who Refuse this.

If even a Minority has this (and it'll likely be a Select, Well-Connected few that could Afford it, at least to start with) that comes to Dominate Society, the very Essence of the Scenario could and likely would Result in the Oppression of those that Refuse it; even if it is not a Concerted Effort, the way those not "Wired In" even today can be Disadvantaged by Society should Indicate how much Worse this would be.

Some have said one or the other should Colonize the Moon or Mars etcetera, but then I've still seen Transhumanists saying that "Outdated" People should be "taken care of"... and look at what "Welfare" has come to mean, Contrary to its Historic Meaning, to see why I don't Approve of this.

Perhaps, if it is to Occur, there should only be Bio-Cyberization as an Option for Adults; no one should be able to Decide for a Child or Teen that it is Acceptable for them, and an Adult's Temperament will Reduce the Likelihood of Regret in one's Decision to do it.  If the Process were Reversible, it'd be more Appealing... but I'd still go with the same Restrictions.

While I do like 15 for a Driver's Permit, 16 for a Drivers License, 18 to Vote or Smoke, as well as putting Rental Cars to this Age, instead of 25, as it is in at least some States, and I would set the Age to Purchase Alcohol at 16 (many European Countries have done this and Lowered Alcohol Abuse Rates), I would put the Age for this at least at 25.

Not only must Life be Considered, but also Quality of Life; this Includes a Respect for Human Dignity.  Someone, you know, would say "Little Susie could have been saved if it weren't for this outdated law!"; meanwhile, Johnny wakes up to find his Wishes have been Disrespected because he's a Minor and now maybe he Kills himself and/or his Family for this Betrayal.  While it makes for Excellent Fiction, it makes for a Horrible Reality.

To Avoid any Problems with Epigenetics (the Semi-Malleable Aspect of Genetics), those who Wish to both Procreate and Cyberize should do the former before the latter.

If it's done in a way where the Biology and the Cyberization are Inherently Fused, at which Point the Subject would be - by Definition - Inhuman, then this would make it all the more Vital that Procreation would Occur BEFORE Cyberization.

If Nanites are used, this is another Case of it being Simultaneously Cool and Disturbing; apart from what could Happen if these Malfunction in other ways, look up "Grey Goo".  Perhaps if these aren't Replicating, that last Aspect of it won't be a Concern.

Of course, those Born into a World of Cyberization will have more Encouragement to Cyberize than one not.  Since this isn't Natural, and isn't Necessary to Our Survival, it should only be Considered if both the Technical Aspects and Legality can be Worked-Out to the Satisfaction of both Transhumanists and Naturalists; what does not Harm Us as a Race, is up for Consideration.  Not everything that Works for one Person or Culture will for another, however; We must look to Common Values, and then Operate within Our Own Cultures towards this Goal.  It's not about just any one Generation; it's about all Generations, both Past, Present and Future.

Especially as Transhumanists have Expressed a Desire to Subjugate Naturalists, one must ask if these "Bionics" should be Raising Children at all.

One wonders what the Family Dynamic would be like if one Parent was a Bionic and one Natural; the Child should be Natural, as said before.  How much Influence would the Decision of one Parent have on the Child?  The more Stable the Family Relationship is, the Less Problems this is Likely to Cause.  Still, even in a Best Case Scenario, it seems Impractical.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

NtropĂ­̱, Mourlo's Miliotis

 I just saw "Mad Max: Fury Road", after having been a Huge Fan of Miller's Original Trilogy.  Tom Hardy was a Good Choice for a Non-Gibson Max, but Charlize Theron is a Traitorous Wench and I was really Hoping she'd be a Villain to get Mutilated as she Deserves.  Well... at least she can Act.  But what did I think of the Film?  

Visually Stunning, though 17 Bucks for 3D is Bullshit, but George has Descended in both Plot and Politics since his last Adventure: While one could Play Devil's Advocate about someone having to Control Rations in such a Society, and that those with no Loyalties but to Speed, Violence and The Extreme could find Direction in a Neo-Norse Society without feeling it were "Boring" and/or "Oppressive Morals", the Obvious thing about the Villain is that he's a Miscegenator.  ...But you're Expected to Support his Negress and Jewesses (Diluted as The are, I had my Suspicions and so went to Google), as much as if any White Woman were Fleeing from him and to Live in the Victorious Society.  So, Miller is no longer Implying - much less Stating - any Racial Loyalty.

He still does Associate the Avaricious with the Glutinous, but what's talk of "Fatcats" if you don't have any Racialism to Oppose the Essence of Their Society?  His Villain is - once again - a Well-Decorated Soldier; a Battle-Scarred Charismatic, but still a Rebel Without A Cause.  Blind Loyalty to "War Heroes" is what gave Teddy Roosevelt to America and Hindenburg to Germany.  Caution Heeded, but Less Significant if Racial Considerations are Ignored.

Immorten Joe is a Polygamist; something even the Pagan Norse would only Reserve for Kings and those Heralded above all other Warriors as Heroes.  While this could Increase Population, it's an Emotional Clusterfuck; the War that Ensues in this Film could be Considered a Critique of Polygamy, with Lust and Greed being Intertwined, even though Racial Awareness is no longer a Factor in his Plot.  "We Are Not Things" being Coupled with a Head-Shaven Charlize Theron is "Feminist" Propaganda, however; Men are not your Sex Toys, either, Females.

The Violence of "Mad Max" has always been somewhat Sanitized; even when something would be Gory, you either don't get a Closeup or you only see the Aftermath and not it Happening.  Perhaps this was a Deliberate Deviation from '80's Films and their Remakes; while some '80's Films were Excessively Bloody, many Modern Films will Focus on Numerical Deaths instead of Graphic Deaths.  Either Way, Realism Is Lost.  The Original "Mad Max" Trilogy, however, The Original "Red Dawn" and 2004's "The Punisher" are three of the Best-Made Films.  Verdict: Why, Miller, Why?!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kudos, Mourlo's Miliotis.

 George Miller's one of the Better Directors, both in Talent and Possible Nationalism; he Knows he can't come right out and Say it, and maybe his Negative Surroundings might have him Attributing his Success at least in part to this, rather than Realizing (at least, without Cognitive Dissonance) that a Country with more Whites and/or Less Liberalism would more than Replace the Non-Whites and (other) Liberals that have Financially or Critically Supported his Films, so he might not be Endeared if We were to Finally Counter-Revolt, even if he doesn't Flip-Flop on over to "Anti-Racist" (Read: Anti-White) Propaganda, but there's an Ethos in his Original Mad Max Films that's more Obvious than in Possibly anything Apart from the Cinema of Hitler's Reich.

Mad Max is a Vigilante Film, as Max Rockatansky comes to the Inevitable Conclusion that Modern Law is Insufficient; to Defeat The Toecutter Gang, he must become an Heroic Outlaw.  A Fitting Tribute to Australian History.

The Road Warrior, the Film that he Wanted to Make but didn't Previously have the Budget for, is Explicitly About The Survival of The Great Northern Tribe, as they are Besieged by Homoerotic Marauders; the Leader of which is Implied to be a Descendant of Wehrmacht Soldiers but himself a Former Commonwealth Soldier, having Developed an Apparent Libertarian Nationalism in which only Degenerate Whites are Valued and Nationalist Symbolism is Present only for Fetishistic Motives.

Trivia: Originally, Lord Humungus was going to be Goose (from the Original Film); the Scrapping of this Idea might be to Facilitate the Portrayal that was Featured, as Goose - by Contrast - was Straight.  

Beyond Thunderdome, which has the most Multi-Racial Cast of all three of these Films, has the Opposing Forces of Black-Lead, Masonic (the Staff's Head was Explicitly Chosen because it Symbolizes The Masonic Perception of Order) Barter Town (one of Deceit, General Disarmament, Theft and Amazonians) and a Celtic-Esque Tribe of White Children and Adolescents in an Oasis who Await a Messianic Figure to Return them to the Then-Depopulated City that Future Generations will Rebuild.

In Barter Town, you Live in Filth so that a Mongrel or Obese Elite can Live in Comfortable Accommodations... but those who Control the Methane Production can Embargo those in Power.  This will be Met with more Deception and Violence, but even an Apocalyptic World is not without its Heroes.  In The Oasis, you Live in Harmony but the Physical Limitations will not Sustain an Eternal Populace.

Notice that you can become a Slave for Stealing a Pig, in a Corrupt Society where Honest Means will not Provide Food for your Family; another Reference to Australian History.

Additionally, a Highwayman (or Skywayman, as it was) in an Anarchistic Region or Corrupt Society can Devote himself to Fighting it instead of Wanton Robbery; only Taking what is Necessary to Survive, while Dedicating that Life to the General Improvement of his People.  Whether or not Intentional, on Miller's Behalf, this is a Parallel with the Greek Klephts, Serbian Hajduks, Ned Kelly and other Bushrangers (from Australia's History), Ex-Confederate Guerrillas and (even if Race wasn't a Conscious Motivator) Charles Floyd [who would Burn Mortgage Documents to Free Debtors, during America's (Jew-Orchestrated) Great Depression].    

Indeed, Goose actually Hitchhikes with somebody who has a Folk Song from Australia's Past as a Political Prisoner Colony (as it Ranged from Excessive Punishment to False Imprisonment, and many there were Resistance Fighters) on his Radio to which the Driver is Singing Along.

Furthermore, Miller is actually Miliotis; he is Greek, and his Surname was Anglicized.  Why is this Important?  Because his Father and Mother were Refugees from Anatolia, when Thracians and Greeks were being Genocided by The Young Turk Regime.  Perhaps this Explains why he can Provide a Counter-Current.