Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Left: An Environmental Disaster

 The Future of The White-Wing is Green; it shall, one day, be the Whites (Anti-Communists) - not the Reds (Communists) and Pinkos [Socialists (at least when more Aligned with Bolsheviks than The N.S.D.A.P.)] - who will be Revered for their Ecological Policies; in Regards to both Flora, Fauna, Landscapes and Races of Humanoids.

I Predict an Increased Importance to certain Baltic and South American Countries, for one thing.

Let's Consider one Phenomenon that's Linked to all the others:

At 1 Object Per 67 Yards, the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" would be Collected into a Mass of Double The Size of The Continental U.S.  Modern Waste-to-Energy Conversion is Attested to since 1874, and Playgrounds, Roads and Bridges, Schools, Hospitals, Personal, Commercial and Military Vehicles, Residences, Clothing, and a Variety of both Household and Workplace Accessories can all be Constructed from Recycled Products, and yet this is still an Issue?

Energy Production is in several Categories and their Sub-Categories:

Fossil Fuels:

(1.) Coal:

Interest in it is Increasing, both for Residential and Commercial Usage:

(1b.) Coal Gasification:

They can actually Pump CO2 Underground, to Support Farmland and Replenish National Forests, but some Radical Leftists have - Ironically - Prevented this; on the Pretense that it is "Unnatural".  Well, then, Farming is "Unnatural".  Are Hunting, Fishing and Gathering also "Unnatural"?  I Notice that those Complaining about any or all of these things being "Unnatural" still have Vehicles, Homes, Clothing and other "Unnatural" things.  Some things Compliment Nature; some Harm it.  What's of Use to one Portion of Nature is Destructive to another.  There's a Balance; the Liberals don't even Want to Understand it, unless to Aid in Destroying it:

There are even Gasifiers for your Home, for Wood and Coal:

(2.) Oil:

(2b.) Fracking:

Apart from being Obnoxious, Fracking isn't even Safe in Close Proximity to Residential Areas:

(2c.) Some Improvements have been Made in Fracking, and Combining these together would be Reasonable, if Fracking is to Continue, but the Entire Practice was Born out of Restrictions on other Practices that were Based Upon False Criteria:


(1.) The Future of Nuclear Power is not in Nuclear Reactors, which will be Decommissioned and Replaced with Hemp Fields that will Cleanse the Soil, Air and Water, and then - in turn - be Gasified, but in Converting Extant Nuclear Waste Into Power.  It is Cleaner, Safer and Vastly More Efficient:

(2.) If Conventional Nuclear Methods are Continued, it should be with Heavy Water; most Plants do not Utilize this, albeit Safer and more Efficient.  This is on Account of the Possibility of Nuclear Weapon Proliferation, which is Ultimately a Non-Issue; a Stalemate has long been Achieved, and Unaccounted for Nuclear Devices haven't been Utilized in the Decades since these were Documented Missing.

(3) Advanced Heavy Water Reactors Employ Thorium:


(1.) Hydroelectric:

There's a Potential Methane Production, by Decomposition where Dams are Constructed, but Methane can be Harnessed; Ideally, a River would be Sought that Stems from and/or Feeds into Ecologically-Meaningless Swampland, such as Byproducts of Construction, to Capitalize on this Effect:

(2.) Geothermal:

(3.) Garbage-to-Fuel Conversion:

(3b.) Food Waste is a Serious Issue; in America, for Example, between 30 and 40% of its Edible Food is Wasted.  France has Recently Passed Legislation to Require Retailers to Donate Unsold Edible Food; by Contrast, there are Obscene Ordinances in much of America that Require it to be Disposed of.  Fuel Conversion is one Use for these Excess Products:

(3c.)/(4.) Converting Rubber and Plastic to Oil and Gas:

(5.) Sewage-to-Fuel Conversion:

This will be Especially Useful in places like India and China with Severe Population Density, as will be the Trash-to-Fuel Conversion in these Notoriously-Filthy Locations; these will Eliminate the Pretenses for a Considerable Amount of Foreign Aid, both in Terms of Energy, Employment and Medical Issues, and there will thus be a Self-Sustaining Encouragement to Educate The Populace in Related Fields, with the Increased Wages, Reduced Costs of Living and Increased Quality of Life all Enabling Further Upward Mobility or at least Self-Sufficiency, thus Eliminating the Pretenses for Crime and "Refugee" Status in The First World:

Of course, those are all just Pretenses; it's for these Reasons, with Their Twisted Motives, that The Powers That Be are Preventing Implementation of these Practices.

(6.) Methane:

(6b.) Power To Gas:

(7.) Wind:

This is Inefficient on The State Level, but - in some Locations - can be Useful for Residences and Businesses:

(7b.) Offshore Wind Power:

(8.) Solar:

Solar Power is also only Cost-Effective in Certain Regions, and not for State Usage; rather, for Personal or Business Usage:

(9.) E-85 Ethanol:

I Suggest that the Issue of G.M.O. Crops, until Jewish Hegemony has been Eliminated, at least, be Solved by Converting these to Fuel and Returning to Traditional Organisms for both Human and Animal Consumption, as well as for Fertilizers.

(10.) Used Cooking Oil:

Material Resources:

Bio-Plastics and Rubbers:

Improved Cements:

Straw-Bail Construction:


Hemp was only 7% of it, but this Stronger-But-Lighter-And-Cheaper-Than-Steal Composite should be Mass Produced:

Ford was on the Cutting Edge of many Issues, and could be called a National Capitalist; as such, he Represented the Concerns of both Agrarians and Industrialists; Employers and Employees:

It should also be Noted that Cannabis Hemp can be a Non-Intoxicating Food Source; it is also the only Source other than Fish to Provide Omega Vitamins, and thus Lacks The Widely-Undesired Taste:

If there is to be Proliferation of T.H.C., whether Solely for Therapeutic Use or for Recreational Adult Use, these Cannabis Plants must be Grown Separately from those for Food or Industrial Uses (and those may, then, likewise Need to be Separated) to Avoid (Cross-)Contamination:

Medical Considerations:

C.B.D. is Non-Intoxicating, Safe even for Toddlers (often Unlike Pharmaceuticals) and has the Majority of the Medical Benefits; the Use of Cannabis Oil for Medical Purposes will Eliminate the Concern that it is Desired "simply to get High".

That said, T.H.C. might have Uses in Psychotherapy.  Sativa (which Contains C.B.D.) is Described as a "Mind High", whereas Indica (which Lacks C.B.D.) is Described as a "Body High".

Of course, there's now a Scare Tactic of Unsourced Claims of Genetically Altering Cannabis, and They have long been Spraying it with Questionable Pesticides; there will Need to be G.M.O. Labeling, and other Quality Controls that go Beyond even what's been Introduced where it's been Decriminalized or even Legalized.

Related Agricultural Considerations:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Changing Catholic Perceptions of "Slavery", Races and Traditions in General

Do you Know the Reasons Why the Roman Catholic Church actually Banned Slavery in Europe?  It was to make it a Legal Obligation for Catholic Countries to Free White Slaves, to Prevent the Importation of Mongrels to as much of Europe as Possible, to Disempower The Ottoman Empire as much as Possible, and to Disempower Jewry as much as Possible.

The Barbary Pirates even Raided as far North as Ireland and Iceland, and They even went at least once as far Southwest as Rio de la Plata.  One Jewish Slaver even asked Rhetorically in his Diary why anyone should go to Africa to Enslave Negros, when it is so much Cheaper and Easier to Abduct some German or Irish Child.  Just as many Finnish were long Kidnapped and Enslaved to Arabic Rapists, the Arabic, Mongoloid and otherwise-Turkish Hordes actually so Oppressed the South Slavic Peoples that the Word "Slave" actually Derives from their National Name.

Jewry's White Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade made it so that, as it Feared Mestizo Revolutions if it Espoused the Racial Principles that Jesus Christ, His Apostles, St. Cyprian of Cartharage, St. John Chrysostom and St. Thomas Aquinas did, it had to make this Universal.  That also meant Complicating things for North America, with the Negros that Plagued it (Especially in The South).  Thus, it Hinted at its True Intentions by Retaining Diplomatic Relations with Both Sides of The War of Northern Aggression. Thus, it became Segregationist.  Unfortunately, the Mestizo, Castizo and Marrano "Priests" were Promoting "Integration" as "Creating A True Nation"; as if Preserving Our European Nation weren't Christ's Intention.

Things Declined, thenceforth, but began to Improve again under Pope Benedict XV; he did everything he could, within the Vastly Limited Geo-Political Influence that The Church still Commanded, as Contrasted with many Former Eras, to Prevent WWI. He was Challenged, at every turn, by Turncoats Within The Institution, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants of every Stripe, Muslims and - of course - Jewry.

Anti-Pope Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, the so-called "Pope Pius XII", Played Both Sides.

Anti-Pope Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the so-called "Pope Saint John XXIII", The Father of The Novus Ordo, an Open Friend of Jewry and Freemasonry, who Added The Star of Rephaim to his Mitre, to Proclaim himself High Priest of Jewism, then Sought to Ensure that it would never again be of any Value.

Anti-Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the so-called "Pope Francis I", is Intent on Creating the Scenario that Catholic Author Jean Raspail Warned Us of in "The Camp of the Saints".

The only Clerics who I Know of who are even Half-Decent are Bishop Richard Williamson, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Raymond Burke. They've been Demoted and/or Threatened With Excommunication, but still think they can Reform It From Within.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Costa Rica

Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, English, Dutch, French, Irish, Portuguese, Polish, Russians, Danes, Belgians, Croats and "Hungarians" are Purportedly a Total of 77% of Costa Rica.  Admitted Lebanese, Jews, Turks, Armenians and Georgians are another 5%, with the Remaining 18% being mostly Mestizo; there are also some Blacks and Chinese.

Unfortunately, Sizable Percentages of the Allegedly Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Croatian and "Hungarian" Populations of the World are actually Bastardized; there are Regions of these Countries that have White Majorities and Regions that have White Minorities, even if the Hybrids have become Europoid.  Additionally, Mestizos Often Mis-Identify Themselves.  In some Countries, there are more White-Identifying Mestizos than Mestizo-Identifying Mestizos; one Example is Cuba, where 66% Alledge Whiteness.  Contrarily, I have seen a Report that only 23% are "Eurasian"; most "Eurasians" are not Racially-European.  I've yet to be shown a Living White Cuban; every Alledged Example has been Exposed as having some Foreign D.N.A.

Fortunately, however, the Self-Identified Spaniards were Farmers from Northern Spain; it is Likely that at least the Majority were Racially-Pure.  Therefore, there would not be as much if any Ability for the Mongrels to Alledge Familiarity as there would be in other South American Countries; they would Likely have more Discretion on what to call European and what to call an Impostor, when other Populations were Arriving.  This would Explain why American Theater Audiences being Introduced to Costa Rica were told that (at the time, these many Decades ago) 80% were (and I Quote) Pure Descendants.

Sadly, however, that Indicates that Whites down there are much like Whites everywhere else; not having nearly enough Children.  If so many other White Populations could be Introduced - even in Small Numbers - and still not have a Positive White Birth-to-Death Ratio, there's something Seriously Wrong.

Still, I stand by Costa Rica as an Option; a Part of my Increasing Belief that there's more Hope in certain parts of South America, certain parts of The Balkans and most of Russia than in North America, Western Europe and Australia, though I am not Discounting those as Options; merely Proposing that they will take a Backseat, in Our New World Order, for a few Generations, until things can Sort-Out themselves in a White Tomorrow.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Creating an Ibero-American, Eco-Right Hegemony in Northern Mexico

 You may Know of my Disdain for the Hypocrisy of Mexico's P.A.N. [being as it is Comparable to the "National" Bolsheviks in Romania that Deport the Mongrels that They aren't Lusting after, Bribed by or Elevating to Influential Positions for Short-Sighted, Egotistical Gains, to Whiter Countries (such as England); thereby Stigmatizing the former Country and Encouraging a War the Equally-Bolshevik Leaders of the latter will Allow the Neo-Cons to Glorify and the (other) Liberals to Condemn as a Racial War, though only the Non-Whites that will then be Imported en masse as "Refugees" to the Whiter Country will Fight as such, while Bombing any Clusters of White Population] but wouldn't it be Ironic if Genuine Nationalism was Spread amongst the European Minority in Northern Mexico, and it Seceded and turned itself into a Racialist Version of (the Fictional Country of) Opium from The House of The Scorpion (by Nancy Farmer), with all the Mestizos having Invaded America and White American Catholics, Artists, Artisans, Architects, Musicians, Surfers, Game Fishers, Hunters, Adventurers, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Agrarians, Industrialists, Environmentalists, Homeopaths, Foodies, Retirees, Students and General Dissidents all Congregated down there, and Transformed it into a Larger, more Euro-Diverse, Sovereign Version of Orania?

As I Understand it, there are Whites in Baja California (Officially, Per The 2010 Census, 30%), Sonora (Officially, it was 55.84%, in 1921; no Racial Statistics have been Maintained, since), Chihuahua (36.33%, in 1921; no Recent Documentation), Nuevo Leon (Officially, Per The 2010 Census, Spaniards, French and Germans are Currently the Majority), Durango (Officially, Per The 2005 Census, 50% are either Basque or Mennonite) and San Luis Potosi (Officially, Per The 2013 Census, 89%).

Coahuila de Zaragoza has no Official Numerical Statistic, though the two Largest Groups are Currently Officially Listed as "Criollos" and "Mestizos".  While "Criollo" was Originally for those of Pure Descent who were Born in the Colonies, it later became anyone of either 7/8ths European or Pure European Ancestry; the Marrano i.e. Jewish and Moorish that Pretended to be Hispanic, being Responsible for the Ease of this Degradation.  Thus, many "Criollo" are actually "Castizo"; a Mix of European and Mestizo, or any further Dilution.

Officially, Whites are 19-20% of Mexico City; some have Alleged as High as 40%, but this is Simply Absurd.  9% might be Possible.  Officially, the Federal District as a Whole was 22.79% White in 1921.

They Alledge that many Whites were Self-Identifying in Mexico's Federal District's 1921 Census not by Race but by Culture, and so Identified as Mestizo; this is the Exact Opposite of everywhere else in the Word, where Non-Whites Misidentify as Racially and/or Culturally European.  

While I can't find any Statistics for it, there is Purportedly some small White Minority in Jalisco.

Purportedly, there are still Cornish and Italian Minorities in Hidalgo.

I do not have Statistics for it, either, but there are Purportedly Small Communities of Basques, other Spaniards and Italians in Veracruz-Llave.

In the 1980's, some Mennonites from Chihuahua and Durango had Resettled in Campeche.

Possibly, there are some in Guanajuato; it is 10% Immigrants, with 7% from America and the rest mostly from Canada.

I can't find Figures for Tamaulipas, but there Appears to be some Recent European Cultural Influence; it's on Texas' Southern Border, and Neighbors some of the Whiter States, with The Gulf of Mexico as its Eastern Border, and Northern Mexican States are Typically Whiter than Southern Mexican States.

I find those Figures for Whites in those States to be Dubious, and thus Consider the Official Statistics of 9% (America's), 10% (Mexico's) and 16% (The Encyclopedia Britannica's) for all of Mexico to be Overstated.  I Suspect it to be about Half what America says it is.

I wonder if there could be a Population Exchange between Southern Mexico and Northern Mexico, like with Greece and The Turkish Occupation of Anatolia and Eastern Thrace.  If so, We should Test for Purity.

If not, or not so Directly, perhaps someone can Rally everyone on some sort of Cristero-Invoking Platform that Involves Recalling Mexicans Abroad (Including Emigrant's Descendants) and Celebrating European Heritage.  Someone will have to Name The Jew, and how White Genocide and Cultural Corruption are Jewish Agendas.

After that, Nation-State Divisions would be a Logical Progression.

America would then be in a Fix, with its Southern Border being Largely Secured for it (The Carribean would still be its Problem, though I have some Interest in a Counter-Revolution by The Dominican Republic's White Minority that's perhaps Half what it is Officially i.e. actually 8%, rather than 16%) by a Government that would Replace The (Ironically-Named) "N.A.F.T.A." with either Isolationism or Legitimate Policies with a more Conservative Government to Develop in Response in America of Mutual Benefaction.  How far are White Americans actually Willing to go for The Multicult?  When do We say to Jewry "Enough!  I Support White Survival!  I Refuse To Pander!  To Hell With Alienists!"?

They won't simply Allow any of this, but Their Power is Based on the Illusory; it only takes about 15% of a Population to Rebel, to Overthrow even a Long-Established Government.  At this Point, it is Far Beyond Prudence; at this Point, it is a Mixture of Blatant Apathy and Cowardice amongst The General White Public; in Collusion with the Sheer and Utter Malice of The Corpora-Bolshevik Elite and its Pet Criminal Underclass.

By Definition, it is The Middle Class that is Bourgeois; it is a Marxist Lie to Apply this Terminology to The Ruling Class, just as it is to Pretend that They are Integral to The Middle Class, unless you mean in the Sense of a Half-Truth; that said Class has the Power to Decide what will Rule over it, but is Burdened by its Current Choice to Define itself as a Slave to Rabbi Moses Mordecai Levy a.k.a. Karl Heinrich Marx's Ideology.

Shall These Fabian Wars Continue?  Or shall those that have Stolen Our Slice, on a False Pretense of Returning a Theft of an Equal Pie, be Punished with any Slice that They elsewise might have Earned being Forfeited?  They have Demanded "the redistribution of wealth amongst the masses"; They will now Learn what it Feels like to be on The Other Side of this Development.  "Forward."  "Progress."  "Cultural Enrichment."  "Joys of Diversity."  We must Return these Words to their Natural Meanings.

This will be Our Aztlan.  Given that Topiltzin (before his Ironic Conflation with Quetzalcoatl) was White-Skinned and of a Divine Race from across the Ocean to The East, and Opposed the Sacrifice of his People, with Montezuma II Fearing that Cortez was his Second Coming, with Popular Support for him as this Prophesied God-King having Returned to Exact Justice upon the Sacrifice-Demanding Usurpers, it can Safely be Affirmed that Europeans have more Right to this National Name than the Mexica and Related Mongrel Tribes that they Banished.

New Spain was Usurped by the Closet-Mongrel Iturbide, and Maximilian I's "Enlightenment" was his Undoing.  Before all of this, the Solutreans who Founded The Clovis Cultures throughout The Western Hemisphere were Bastardized or Murdered.  We must not make the same Mistake.  It is only Noble to Compromise if not to do so would be Worse than to do so; if you only Stand to Lose, which Includes if you could Gain More By Violence, it is Ignoble to even Momentarily Surrender your Stance.  It Is Us Or Them.