Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Churchianity and Brother Wars

In a Twisted way, I think the Consecration of Russia to The Catholic Church that was Foretold in Fatima, Portugal, will come True; there's a Peronist Anti-Pope, being as there is only left - Institutionally - a Novus Ordo Katholic Cult, and Russia is getting Friendly with Argentina.

Russia's too Friendly with the Mestizos and Traitors in Brazil; I'd like it a lot better if it were Backing Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Orleans-Braganza, but I have my Complaints with both.

The Novus Ordo has also been meeting with Patriarch Kuril of the Russian Branch of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Now, only 0.4 of Russia is even Nominally Catholic and even Ethnic Russians are often Treated as Outsiders if not "Orthodox", but that doesn't mean that it will not be brought into the Service of the New World Ordo; the Jew David Cameron has said that "Catholicism" should be the One World Religion.  

Enter "Patriarch" Filaret; he has been Excommunicated, yet Continues to Act as if a Legitimate Clergyman.  His Backing comes from N.A.T.O. and The I.D.F., and he has been Rallying that calling itself Catholicism in Ukraine; he's no more Catholic than he is Orthodox.

Bergoglio's now in a Fix, whether he is Aware of the Plan of the Jewish-Dominated, Neo-Liberal Regime in Ukraine and its Zionist Allies or not; he was Photographed Hiding The Crucifix during his Visit to Their Regime in The Levant, and he held an "Interfaith Prayer" in Argentina before his (S)election, so he's certainly Aware of his Jewish Masters.  The most he's ever done to Criticize Them is speak on Behalf of Their Palestinian Brethren.  He calls himself an Anti-Communist but Espouses a Liberal Ideology.

Liberalism was Inspired by Anarcho-Socialism, Communism and "Luciferianism", with Adulterated References to Christianity and Ancient European History to Generate Complacency amongst The Masses.

Many, one Suspects, were not Aware of what Horrors would come from The Equality Lie; many probably Believed that this Radical Element would be quickly Refuted and the Blasphemy would be Abandoned.  Sadly, that was not so.

Today, Bergoglio must Choose whether he is to Back a Genocidal Jewish Regime Against European Christians or Excommunicate en masse those that Side with such.  Which Corpora-Bolshevik is he to Back?  The Neo-Liberal one or the "National" (Culturally Veiled) Bolshevik one?  Or is The Vatican to take the "Neutral" Position it did during The War of Northern Aggression?  Does this not Violate Catholic Teachings on Morality?

Everyone talks of "Nazi Ratlines" but not of how there was the same Support for Jews; what Eugenio Maria Giuseppe (so-called Pius XII) did was Spare some Europeans from Torture and Murder at the hands of Jews and Their Allies, while Simultaneously Placating Jewry's Persecution Delusions.

What will Bergoglio do if his Home Country of Argentina is Invaded by America?  Will he Side with Russia?
He hasn't yet Condemned the Invasions of Europe by Foreign Races; it is Exactly the Scenario that Catholic Author Jean Raspail Warned Us of in "The Camp of the Saints".