Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cohen Predicament in Entertainment: Part II

  I don't know why I bothered sitting through Lakeview Terrace, but I don't think I even made it through half of the first Alienist Propaganda Film that was on today; Ironically, I know Broken Lance would have been the much better Film.  I guess I was just waiting for Samuel L. Jackson's Character to say it Outright, and by the time he did it was almost over and I just wanted to see him Die.

 In Broken Lance, Spencer Tracy Guilt Trips E.G. Marshal by mentioning how he Launched his Political Career, and then says he's going to have Robert Wagner "take her - even if he has to drag her out of the house by her hair!" - Implying that Rape is Morally Superior to Racism!

Wagner, you see, is randomly Half-Indian, in this; simply with some Brown Makeup (like Burt Landcaster's Red Makeup in Comanche - where the one his Character sleeps with is Portrayed by an actual Injun!), with the one supposed to be his Mother (Played by Katy Jurado, in Brown Makeup, for no apparent Reason) being the Indian side he's so Proud of [though this Amerimongoloid Pretends to be Spanish - further showing Jews (like its Producer, Sol C. Siegel; Director Edward Dmytryk claiming to be Ukrainian, but making many Pro-Jewish Films - whilst Jews Waged Another Genocide Against Ukrainians!) are Confused about the Differences between Spaniards and Mestizoids!]!  Furthermore, he doesn't have a very high Opinion of his Irish side - though is perfectly Content with Defiling a White Woman!

A similarly Absurd Choice for an Actor to Portray an Injun is Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith!  Another Propaganda Film is The Missing (Directed by Jew Ron Howard), wherein Tommy Lee Jones would rather be one of the Indians that are Enslaving, Raping and Murdering Whites (yes - Whites have been Enslaved and/or Genocided by many!) than one of his own Race - even as Indians Beat and Condemn him both for being White and for Posing as one of Them!

In Lakeview Terrace [Produced by Negroids Will Smith and James Lassiter, with Directing by Jewish-Sympathetic/Self-Loathing (or perhaps Marrano Jew) Franko-Anglo-Irish Mormon Neil LaBute], We're made to feel that the Reason why Able (Jackson's Character) is Evil is because he DOESN'T Approve of Miscegenation - not because he Hates White People!  He calls Us "Takers" - Despite it being his Kind that's so Eager to Rape Our Women!  This also gives Them the Opportunity to Argue that Hollywood is Casting Them as Villains - rather than looking at how often We are actually Vilified by Hollywood!

Earlier this morning, there was more Propaganda from Usual Suspects Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford (as more Self-Hating Irishmen!) in The Rifleman (Produced by Jewish-Owned Network A.B.C., and now shown on Jewish-Owned Network A.M.C.)!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Countering Holodomor Denial

 Contrary to the claim of Zionist Blogger Robert Lindsay of, a Proponent of the quite Ironic Absurdity that The Holodomor of 7-10 million Ukrainians is but a mere Propaganda Hoax fed to Americans their entire Lives by The U.S. Media, both Mainstream Media and The U.S. Government have held The Official Position of Holodomor Denial since Franklin Delano "Roosevelt" (Rosenfeld - a Marrano Jew!) presented Walter Duranty (a Jew) with a Medal for it!  

About half his Propaganda Article is Devoted to an Attempt to Debunk that Duranty and others' Libelous Stories were Holodomor Denial, however he even Concludes his piece with a Holodomor Denial; basically, he's saying there was no Holodomor to Deny, so it wasn't Holodomor Denial - which is both Provably False and Contrary to the very Definition of Denial!

Since The Ukrainian Holodomor never made it into The Curriculum of The State Education System, nor that of "Private" Schools, Most Americans are entirely Unaware of this History - as with other White Genocides!  After all, The Federal Government in America also Reported to The American People that The Massacre in Katyn Forest was of Nazi Orchestration - rather than Soviet Jewry!  These Precedents of Denial and Deception, amongst others, are yet additional Reasons why his Allegations and Sources are Dubious - at best!  

 He's claiming that Ukrainians did most of it to themselves, and made up the rest!  Anyone who believes that is Mentally Retarded - by Definition!  That's because "Retarded" means "Restrained" or "Withheld"; those believing such Lies are Withheld from Proper Cognitive Functioning! 

The Ukrainians were (as most still are) an Agrarian People; they would have known the Inherent Hazards of Destroying their own Crops and Livestock - not to mention it would be Counter-Intuitive to do so whilst "Appropriations" were taking place!  If he was Arguing that they Destroyed it so The Soviets couldn't have it - he's Admitting (via Implication) that they would have Starved anyway!  Thus, he's Implying his entire Thesis to be Irrelevant! 

The Average Ukrainian, even after around 1/3rd of their Population has been Murdered by Soviets, and Despite Bolshevism's Anti-Familist and other "Anti-Racist" (Anti-White) Indoctrination, still has an Above Average I.Q.; thus, his claims are (once again) Dubious - at best!  

One of his Irrational Arguments is that Famines Occurred elsewhere in The Soviet Union - but that only further Indicts The Soviet Union!  The Reason for that is The Agricultural Stability which Existed BEFORE The Soviet Union's Inception! 

He Blames "an effort to jump-start collectivization and do it very rapidly" -  though he Fails to Acknowledge the Jews that Wrote into "The American Hebrew" and "The Jew" about The Soviet Union being a Fulfillment of Their Talmudic Doctrines of how (Quote) "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed." (Abodah Zara 26b)!  Apart from Their Babylonian and Pseudo-Samaritan Blasphemies, whilst one could Argue that Bolshevism had not been Implemented prior to The Soviet Union, several Failed Communist Regimes did exist - including a prior "Commonwealth" System Implemented in Plymouth Colony! 

The likes of Lindsay, as is now The Official Position of The U.S. Government, Blame the Death of half those Colonists on Weather; Despite having come from a similar Climate - which (Contrary to the Implication of those "Revisionist" claims!) DID NOT Experience any Unusual Death-Rate from Weather!  Governor Bradford, furthermore, even Blamed that Ideology he Agreed to Implement in Exchange for being Appointed Governor!  In his Diary (Copies of which are even Available to The Public!), he even said: "We thought we were wiser than God."!

He mentions 15 million Deaths Caused by (Saloth Sar) Pol Pot (a Cambodian Dictator), in Attempt to say it was a Lack of Foresight Amongst Governmental Forces; rather than Planned Starvation; however, this doesn't Explain why neither Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvil a.k.a. "Joseph Stalin" (known even by Leonid Krasin, a Jew, as "The Asiatic"; on account of his Khazarian Ancestry - which Ethnic Jews share!) nor Pol Pot made any Attempt to Correct the Error!  

He claims that there were Efforts by The Soviets to Supply Aid, however there is no Valid and Sound Source for this!  What he is actually Referring to is The Economic and Moral Fallacy of "Redistributionism" - he is Neglecting (and thus Denying, in Effect!) that it was first "Appropriated" (Stolen!) from those Subjected to The Soviet Union!  

Lindsay even claims that most of the Deaths were Due to Disease - as if this means it wasn't Spread by Orchestrated Famine!  The Disease followed the Holodomor - which was Conceived and Executed by Lazar Kaganovich (a Jew)!  One could Argue that Correlation does not Prove Causation - but an Abundance of Death is Proven to Result in The Spread of Disease!  Thus, even if Disease also Spread by other Means - it was Exacerbated by Holodomor!  

He claims that the word Denial is used because of "The Holocaust"; albeit The Holodomor was Orchestrated - and Reported World-Wide! - Over a decade before any claims of a Holocaust were Propagated Against Germany by Jewry!

Besides, his precious little Jewish Holohoax was Debunked by the likes of Gas Chamber Expert Fred Leuchter, and David Cole - a Jew!  They made a Propaganda Film called "The Fall of Fred Leuchter" - but Cole's Research Debunked it!  They like to say that Cole Retracted his claims - though They Neglect that The "A.D.L." put a Hit out on him prior to such!  That's why he was in Hiding, for ten years, before he Withdrew the claims - to Save his Life!  Incidentally, in 2000 - he returned to Denying that Debunked Holocaust!

Furthermore, the Jews had merely Recycled the 6 million number from a Hoax that They Perpetrated Against Russia during WWI - used also to Promote Their Bolshevist Revolution!  Some of the photos, apart from being Faked, or even of Whites from Holocausts that They Waged Against Us (such as The Dresden Holocaust!), were actually the very same Out of Context ones They Circulated decades before!

 In Fact, 4/5ths of the Corpses shown in the well-known videos (which were actually from an American Denazification Psy-Op; Filmed by a Jewish Movie Mogul - as Evidenced by him being caught entering a Camp with American Soldiers in one Scene!) were actually of Whites from across Europe - Murdered by The Allied Forces!  There is much more in the way of Jewish Hoaxes: Allegations of Jews turned into Soap, Lampshades and Shrunken Heads being made from Them have all been Scientifically Disproven!

Monday, November 5, 2012

If I wore Their shoes...

 (Edit): I'm rephrasing this from yesterday's "If I Understand Jewry...", because the General Point remains the same but apparently, I Underestimated both Their Arrogance, and The Masses' Apathy.  As such, I'm going to Correct the Either/Or Aspect of this by telling it as We now know it is.

 They've Selected Their Puppet to dance into The Oval Office again next Term; the Quasi-Simian has been Chosen over The Traitor with no Substantial Policy Differences.  Homo-Ergastor will Riot, knowing They can basically get away with anything.

Have They Installed Soetoro to Enact "N.D.A.A."; as he wouldn't be called Racist when, so Whites are Lulled into Complacency with it, he Waged it Against his own?  That would allow Them to Employ it Against Us under Orchestrations that They'll call "Justified"!

 If I were Them, I'd have gone with the former; that way, They could Blame "Racists" - without The Figure-Head being called Racist when Attacks are Waged on Whites!  They'd just have to Manufacture another O.K.C., instead of relying upon the Inevitable Looting by Negroes after Hurricans.  Apparently, however, They are Confident in Mass Appathy; believing this Step to be Irrelevant, and thus Counter-Productive.  My Outlook on Humanity is now much more Grim.

 I believe They're just clearing the way for an Openly Jewish President - as several Marranos (such as the Rosenfelds a.k.a. "Roosevelts"!) have already Usurped Control!

Perhaps the other Party will have a Homosexual; if I were Them, I'd find the most Inbred of those Inbred Mongrels that are Jews, choosing a Pseudo-Ashkenazim with an Orthodox Jewish Zionist Faith in The Babylonian Talmud, and a Pseudo-Sephardi Jew with Hassidic Jewish Zionist Faith in The Pseudo-Samaritan Talmud, the Presidential Candidate being Clearly Controlled by the Vice Presidential Candidate, and Pit Them Against two Brainwashed Whites - both White Guilters that have been Indoctrinated with The Vileness of Alien Genera to Reject The Call of Our Blood!

Their Policies would be Exactly the same, in Reality, but the Jews would claim to be the more Conservative.  The Presidential Candidate for those Cultural Marxists would be a Spineless Male, whereas the Vice Presidential Candidate would be an "Empowered" Female.

Clearly, either would be a Phenomenal Victory for Those Children of Satan!  If I were Them, however at this Stage of The Alienist Agenda, I'd Orchestrate a Victory for the Homosexuals; if I were Them, I'd then Manipulate Them into an Affair with each other, and Encourage Scenarios to Facilitate the Recording and Subsequent Release of  (or Falsification thereof) Secret Tapes of Them being "Anti-Semitic" (Anti-Sama'el'ite!).

This would work on several levels for Them - which is Innately Against Us!  They could claim to be Opposed to Sexual Deviancy, albeit Simultaneously Blaspheming that it was Heterosexuality that Caused those Traitors to Fornicate - Disregarding Their Past Sexual Deviations!  Additionally, They would Seek to Distract you from the Fact that They're the Sexual Deviants that Corrupted Society to Tolerate or even Overtly Cherish any and all Perversions - and They'd Blaspheme that Opposing Them is (somehow) Homoerotic!  They'd also get to bitch about "Racism" Against Their More-Obviously Arabic Brethren - the Pseudo-Sephardi!  This would Further the Delusion, Amongst The Masses, so Dispossessed of Our Heritage, that Pseudo-Ashkenazim are not the Curs that They actually are!

 Next, a Pseudo-Sephardi Jewish Lesbian would Assume Power with a "Reconstructed" White as her Lap-Dog.  After this, Marranos Jews of both of the aforesaid Breeds would be Deliberately Mis-Classified as White - and They would Pretend to be "Restoring Tradition"!

Of course, this entire Period, They'd Usurp more and more Power amongst the Denigrated Sense of Nationalism; Replacing it more and more with a Warped Sense of Culturalism, until America is Racially and Ideologically Indistinguishable from Faux-Isra'el.

They'd Wage all sorts of Fratricides Against Their Sama'el'ite Brethren - and all sorts of Genocides Against Us!  One way or another - Whites would be Blamed for all of it!  They'd even Blaspheme that those Against Us would be Justified!

They Intend to become Their own Messiah, as Baruch Levi said - in an Ungodly Plot!  They are Innately Opposed to Our Kind, for They are Innately Opposed to God; and Our God is of Our Kind - but neither They nor Their Accursed Father are!

To Facilitate this, They would have had another Great Sanhedrin; Rectifying Doctrinal Differences between Their Mamzer Species, of Blatant Babylonianism and Pseudo-Samaritanism.  They'd "Amalgamate" with everything, though still mostly Whites, in Regimes that Occupy what are Rightfully Our Lands - but would continue to generally Wage Fratricide in Faux-Isra'el whilst holding White Slaves for Unholy Sexual Purposes!

 While doing so in Eurasia, that Homeland of Ours that so many Bastards have Invaded and still Occupy, even Blaspheming said Lands are Theirs rather than Ours, They'd Aid Their Turkic Brethren, in Their Ungodly Process, and Encourage The "Amalgamation" of Our Race with all forms of Mongoloids, Negroids and Mamzers not Classified therein - though Their Pseudo-Ashkenazim would continue to Predominantly only Miscegenate (Enabled by various and numerous Vile Indoctrinations of "Collective White Guilt" - Manufacturing Lies upon Lies Against Our Pure And Holy Race!) with those Disheartened Members who've Betrayed Our Meritorious Race!

This may Require several other Steps, to Ease The Masses In, however it Depends on how thoroughly They can Control Traitors to Our Volk with Slogans such as "Racist!" and "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - or cries of "Patriotism!" and "Diversity" over Nationalism!  They're Lies of Equality are stretched far too thin to be long Maintained - so They'll probably just Narrow The Spectrum of what They Lie is Equal!  As We Continue to Debunk Their Blasphemes Against Nature And Nature's God, They'll scream "Blood Libel" - but We'll know it's Reality!