Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amongst the numerous Causes of Our Problems...

 [D]id you Know that if you're going for a Doctorate in Economics or Political Science, for Instance, you are Required to Cite only Sources from within the last five years?

Whilst that means that while you are Allowed to Reference a Marxist, Trotskyist, Leninist, Stalinist, Hirshfeldian, Maoist or other Communist, whom Constitute the Bulk of the so-called Academic Community, and have only Arbitrary Differences, you will not be Permitted to Cite such a Source as Dr. Joseph Goebbels nor Adolf Hitler; who aren't "Politically Correct", anyway.

You cannot, however, even Cite such a Source as Adam Smith.  Therefore, no Frederick Bastiat.  Good Luck trying to Quote John Locke.  H.L. Mencken is a No Go.  No Herbert Hoover nor Calvin Coolidge.  Don't bother trying to slip on in a Mention of either G.K. Chesterton or Hilaire Belloc.  No C.S. Lewis.  No Father Charles Edward Coughlin, either.

 You will certainly not be Permitted to Allude to Fran├žois Quesnay nor Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, either!  How dare you even think about Pierre-Joseph Proudhon!  Damned if you shall Quote Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg!  Why - that's as bad as Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin!  You might as well Defend Czar Nikolay II, Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov!  What's next?!  Kings like Gustav Augustus, St. Olav II Haraldsen and Harald III Sigurdsson called Hardrada?!  You're probably a Supporter of Charles Martel and Jan III Sobieski, aren't you?!

Likewise, Ancient Philosophers such as Lucius Junius (who Feigned being a Dullard, to Assassinate a Tyrant/Rapist; hence, the Surname he and his Junian Gens would Assume - Brutus!), Founder of The Roman Republic, Roman Senators such as Marcus Tullius Cicero, Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus The Younger, Greek Lawmakers such as Draco and Solon, or True Isra'el'ites such as Shemi'el and David, are right out!

You are Permitted, of course, to Quote a Bastardization by Edomites or other Zionists; so long as this has been Proclaimed or Cited by those They Approve of, within the past five years.

Now, while I don't Agree with everything said or done by those Whites, my Ancestor on that list (Lucius) Included, some more or less than others, and sometimes in Different Regards, those are just a handful of those whom come to Mind and are Worth Investigating.  One thing's for Sure - they're all Superior to Jewry!

Unfortunately, the aforementioned Tactic of Theirs has Exacerbated the Status of "Ayn Rand" Rosenbaum and Company as Controlled Opposition; I've Explained what's Erroneous about such Methodologies, in the past, but it "Boils Down" to it Effecting the same as Bolshevism does Legislatively, via its Lack of Morality.  Any System which Permits an Individual or Group to be Perverse, as Libertarianism does, Facilitates the Subversion of Morality in Society as a Whole.  Divorced from Racial and Religious Consciousness, which are Congruent, in Our Faith, The Hegelian Dialectic and other Alienisms become Social Phenomenon; whilst one may be Permitted to Acknowledge such as Evil - one is Prohibited from Acting Accordingly!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Genophage, Genocide, Guilt and Perception

 The Frequent Fratricides in Africa have Established a System were Violence is "Right", and Consent to Tyranny is a Short-Term Survival Tactic; long-term, however, it's Oblivion.  This has Elevated to Power the Unintelligent and/or Insane; Psychosis and Aggression have become Equated to Leadership, and Normalcy to being a "Sell-Out".

We're seeing that everywhere, to Various Extents, after The Soviet Union (Instituted by Jews like Lev Davidovich Bronshtein/Leon Trotsky, Magnus Hirschfeld, Yakov "Jacob" Sverdlov and Vladimir Ilyich Blank/Ulyanov/Lenin), Mao Zedong, Saloth Sar Pol Pot, Che Guevara and the like, but Negroids are Undeniably Prone to Internal Conflict.

That is why Blacks whom don't Partake in Boer Genocide, for Instance, are often "Necklaced" with the same Viciousness as are Whites!  Whereas The Death Penalty has Traditionally been a Punishment for and Determent from Crime, in White Civilizations, both Japhetite and True Isra'el'ite, both before and after Christianity, Blacks - like Jews and Their Arabic Brethren - have taken to Employing it in Eliminating those Perceived as "too White" in either Behavior or Breed!

Of course, what They Mistake as "White Behavior" is often Jewish - an Inherent Enemy of Our Kind!  Incidentally, virtually all Miscegenation is one-way - Non-Whites Raping Whites!  For a Couple of Examples: All Rapes in Oslo, Norway, and all Rapes in Sweden since at least 2006 have been by Non-Whites - mostly Blacks and Arabs!  Most of the Victims, on the other hand, have been White!  Even before 2006, most if not all Rapes were by Non-Whites!  After all - Jews and other Hybrids are often Deliberately Misclassified as White!  Some of those that Zionist Occupation Governments are Blaspheming as White, don't even have White Skin!

However, it is True that Jewry has a hand in Their Behavior; apart from the likes of "Rock & Roll" (in its Original, Bebop-Derived Genre) and "Hip Hop Culture", Africa is the most Resource-Rich and most Undeveloped (with the Exception of Antarctica; where it is not yet Cost-Efficient to Harvest the Oil Supply - not to mention that Correcting Their Economic Blunders would Impede Their Agenda of Government by Crisis!) Continent on Earth, so Jewry has its Motives to Arm (for Instance) The Lou Tribe (Obama and Rail Odinga's Tribe) over its Rivals.

Still, this Discord even Predates Jewry's Contributions; They didn't Instigate it - rather Exacerbated it!  Everyone Kind has had Periods where it Fought amongst itself, though it's certainly True that even Ancient Fratricides had a Jewish (rather than Isra'el'ite) Element if not Origin, in many Regions, but some are Surely more Prone to this than others; whether within the same Race or when Contrasting Races as Separate Wholes.  What is True for Hostiles in an Intra-Racial Context is also so in Regards to an Inter-Racial one; Jewry, however, has been Encouraging Non-Whites to not only Unite with Their Respective Ilk - but all Together!  Meanwhile - They Promote Suicidal Policies Amongst Whites!  It is now Us Against The World.

Consider, for Example, what Happened to Haiti; Jewish Slaver Traders (Check the Registries of Slave Ships, if you Doubt this!) were in Cahoots with Black Slave Traders, and the Black Slaves were used during The Jacobin Revolution to Instill White Guilt.  Then, there were 11 Days of Genocide - until The French Army showed up!  They Decided that Haiti just wasn't Worth the Price, however, and left it to the Blacks; to whom The Full-Blood Negro is Paramount, and even the Mulattoes and Half-Breeds (Initially, something of Gods to The Multi-Cult!) were Barbarously Weeded-Out.

Hesketh Prichard made Note of this, in his Documentary "Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti"; wherein this Liberal, though today Condemned as a "Racist", Explains how The Jewel of The Caribbees became a Living Hell!  He was Shocked by how they first Greeted him with warm smiles but were nonetheless Capable of the most Horrendous Acts!  He asks the Reader, Rhetorically, what Progress has the Black Man made in the last 100 years.  His Answer?  Absolutely none!  That is - unless you mean in Desecration!

Even after four Attempts by America alone to Repair its Economy, Education System, Medical Community, Sanitation and everything else Needed to Maintain a Country, it Lies in Ruins - with a Peculiar Blend of Anarchy and Despotism!

Those Elevated by Affirmative Action, rather than by Merit, like Danny Glover (who only Acts like he's Coherent on Screen) give Unintelligible Rants about America going in to Haiti to Oppress; Conversely - it was those Baptist Missionaries from America whom were taken Hostage!  The Haitians said that they had Kidnapped Children - but the Adoption Papers (Signed by The Haitian Government!) said otherwise!

You see, Haiti's Ostensible Religion is the Roman Catholicism which it was Taught by its former French Masters; in Reality, though, it is still the Voodoo which was Imported from West Africa.  That Uniquely-African Religion, Based upon Snake-Worship, with Rituals Involving "Possession", has been 'guised with a Veil of Christianity; White Form, Black Substance.  In South Africa, that has been done with Muti.  The Mestizoids do it with Santa Muerte, and there's another Development which is Essentially a Fusion of Santa Muerte and what the Haitians have, called Santeria.  In Louisiana, Stranger still, there's a Fusion of Voodoo with Celto-Germanic Occultism called Hoodoo.  There are similar Manifestations amongst Melungeons and others in Appalachia.

That Begs The Question: Is this Genetic, or a Misguided Attempt to Reject Whites because the Jewish Enslavers were Mis-Perceived to be so?  Blacks were Enslaved by Arabs and Blacks (as, really, every Race has Enslaved one or all others - Simultaneously or Separately - at one Point or many in History) yet Islam (Submission i.e. to "Allah") and Black "Nationalism" (another Irony; as Nationalism is what is Best for a Nation - and these Blacks are Insulting Their Nation!) are certainly Popular with Blacks in many Countries; in America and England, for Instance, Islam often walks hand in hand with "Black Liberation Theology".  Communism, a Jewish Invention, Completes this Unholy Trinity!

After all, We are Different from Them; Jews and Their Arabic Pseudo-Semitic Brethren, at least, are Hybrids with Negroid Amongst Their Mix.  The Jew has Confused many about this, in each Race, Including much of the Riff-Raff of Their Ilk, but the Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars from around the world, and Countless Concessions to Them, which have been Coerced out of Whites, should have at least Awoken a Noticeable Minority; more and more Whites are Nationalizing their Mentality, and there's even a Considerable Element of Mongoloid Nazism (amongst the Yamato, Ainu and Uighur, for Instance).

The likes of Booker T. Washington and Black Confederates, however, are virtually nil.  Nevertheless, there were such Individuals.  In Fact, in Addition to a handful of Blacks whom have Praised or even Received Accolades from one Manifestation of The Ku Klux Klan or another, there were even Blacks in Hitler's Wehrmacht.  Of course, each time, these were Petty Minorities.  Centuries later - The Jew still has Pitted The Black Against The White!

This Occurred in Ancient Times, as well, however - even before Jewry Existed!  Maintaining Separate Races, as all "Social Engineering" Programs have Failed Miserably, how can this Discord be Rectified?  If at all Possible, I'd say it's by Segregation and a Return to Morality; each being Vital to Maintaining the other, as there is seldom a Circumstance wherein Society has been Integrated without it Resulting in Instilled Guilt-Inspired Miscegenation and Self-Loathing or Persecution Complex-Driven Rape and Murder!

Therefore, I Conclude that a Genophage of all those with a Below-Average Intelligence or Innate Psychosis would be Corrective; The Industrial Revolution and Colonialism both Caused a Population Boom in each Race.  Whilst Jewry has Designed Their System to Continue this amongst Non-Whites - it has Engineered a Population Bust Amongst Whites!

Whereas it was those most Physically Fit whom were Traded between Blacks and Jews (before being brought to either Amerimongoloids, Hybrids like Melungeons, or Whites; with at least 2/3rds of those Blacks' Descendants now being White-Skinned Hybrids, with a Considerable Degree being from Miscegenation with Jews, Melungeons and other Hybrids), it is now a Conflict in which Blacks are being Breed; there's the Vain Attempt to Miscegenate to a White Lineage, as it can only be so Phenotypically, not Genotypically, and also being at the Expense of the White Lineage in the Mix, there are the aforesaid being Paid to Procreate "on the Dole", there are the "Black Power" Groups and then there's every other Black with Conflicting Ideals of Beauty and Intelligence.  So it is for all Non-Whites, to one Extent or another.

Conversely, Centuries (and in some Regions - several millennium!) of Invasions, Indoctrinations, Orchestrated Warfare, White Slavery, Mass Rapes, Holodomors, and other Genocides, Especially last Century, Predominantly by The Soviet Union, have Devastated The White Race!

 In Greece, as a Perfect Example, The Average I.Q. During Classical Antiquity has been Estimated at 110; today, Due to Turkification and other Genocides, meaning likely half the so-called Greeks are not Greek, The Average I.Q. is about 90!  Amongst the Actual Greeks, it might still be around 100 - but that just goes to show how much Alien to Us has "Passed" for White in The Multi-Cult!

 Similarly, it only took a Bastardization of 10% of Portugal for it to Descend from The Forefront of European Civilization to The Backwater of Western Europe!  Today, Spain and Portugal are Probably 40-50% Bastardized!  Look what Fatimids did to Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia - They Bastardized the Predominance of them!  They Ravished Anatolia - so that few if any Whites Remain!  The Caucasus is Predominantly Bastardized, as well, and don't even get me started on Lost White Civilizations around the World!

A certain Weariness of another Race is only Natural, and Miscegenation is nothing short of Abominable, but the current Manner of Genophaging of Non-Whites has been Manufactured by Jewry to both Instill Guilt in Whites and Provoke Racial Warfare; Disparaged and Dwindling in Population via Institutionalized Feminism and other Facets of Communism, both Social and Legislative, both Economic and Militant - The White Race is Dying!  More-Accurately - We are being Murdered!

One of the many Factors that We face today is Anti-Familism; a Bizarre Doctrine only recently Promoted by Name in places like America, Canada, Western Europe and Australia, but a Standard Doctrine of The Soviet Union.  These "Judeo-Christians" (like the Jews and other Autotheists before these Heretics) say that to Provide first for your own Family, or to Consider it any more Valuable than any other, is to Constitute it as its own little Master Race; Invariably, those Committed to Anti-Familism are Alienists.  What could be more Anti-Familist than to Destroy one's own Genetics?!

Well, Logically, as Supported by Empirical Evidence, Familism has Merit; whether or not one sees his or her Family as a mini Master Race is Irrelevant, as long as his or her Efforts Contribute to a Logical Order.  If one is Irrational in Mate Selection, does not Provide for the Progeny thereof and has to Parasite off another, The System is Self-Destructive; each is Encouraged to either Work Less and Lower Quality, or Forgo a Family for Complete and Utter Devotion to one's Career.  One can often hear the likes of "A family will not get you were you want to be in a Career", though others Reproduce Indiscriminately; as "All you gotta do is fuck" to Receive a Dole.

The former has become the General Position of Whites, and the latter the General Position of Blacks and Mestizoids; "Affirmative Action" and other Forms of "Political Correctness", furthermore, in Addition to being at the Expense of Whites' Social Standings, have Ensured that even Unqualified Non-Whites can both become Wealthy and Reproduce in Greater Quantities.

Incidentally, as it has become Associated with Blacks and Mestizoids, the Whites whom Constitute the Bulk of those Contributing via Taxation to this System are Averted from taking any of their own Money back through this System; if We were to all "go on the Dole", like when Rothschild Manufactured The Great Depression, given the Racial Dynamics of today, I think this System would come Crashing down like an Epileptic Playing Jenga (no Offense, just a Visual)!  Racial Warfare is Inevitable, and this would just Accelerate The Process.  We'd see very quickly whom the Traitors are, which are Redeemable, and which few Non-Whites are Willing to Fight on Our Behalf!

I Paraphrased part of that about Haiti from Dr. Pierce's: The Lessons of Haiti, but the rest is my own, I'll Explain; just so it doesn't look like I'm Plagiarizing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 The Political Spectrum isn't a Matter of Left, Central or Right.  It's a 3 Dimensional Sphere.  You start in that Center that is Control and pick from Left, Right, Up or Down what Means thereof you Desire.  The thing is, though, going far enough in one Direction will take you in another.

That said, that which can be Arbitrarily Defined within this Continuum as "The Right" will never Win until it Realizes that everyone is a Terrorist; to Pretend that "Terrorists" are only "Left-Wing Screwballs" is to Fundamentally Mis-Comprehend The English Language and Essence of what it is Meant to Convey.

A Terrorist is someone who Seeks to Terrorize; everyone has Thoughts, and these Thoughts are Inherently Terrifying to someone or something.  Become The Object of Their Fear.  Become something so Irreconcilably Different from Them that it can not be Disputed; Save for that Vague Continuum of Control.  Put The Fear of You into every Man, Woman and Child that does not Embrace The Purpose That You Serve.

Whether or not They Admit to an Opposition to Divinity is - apart from Enticing you towards Their Abdication - Irrelevant; Ultimately, They will Face Judgement.  However, you are to Assist Them in making that Transition to another Realm.

As for what you should Fear: Only Sin.  Their Methods will not Lead to Our Ends.  Thus, it is Important to Understand that not all Violence is Wrong; it is a Question of Justification, which must be Measured Rationally.  Man, Woman and Child are all Subject to Evaluation and Punishment; as with Reward, shall one be so Weighed.

Now, let's Consider a Quote from one of those Pseudo-Philosophers (Possessing not a Love of Knowledge;  rather, merely a Desire to be Perceived as having such) that many Associate with Terrorism:

The criminal benefits personally from his actions, and attacks indiscriminately without distinguishing between the exploiters and the exploited, which is why there are so many ordinary people among his victims.  The urban guerrilla follows a political goal, and only attacks the government, the big businesses and the foreign imperialists. ~ Carlos Marighella (Marxist)

How Ironic is it that We say the same thing as They?  Not at all; it is only Ostensibly The Same.  They Believe Corporations to be Capitalist, Government to be White Supremacist, and Foreign Imperialists to be Aiming Degeneracy at Them; it is actually a System of Zionism, which only Pretends (and then, still only at times) not to be Socialism and thus Anti-White.

The Destruction of Black Communities, to use an Example from America, was merely to Incite The Negro Against The White Man.  When Alien Tribes are Subjected to this Imperialism in some far-off Land, with the World and certain Places in Particular being Obvious as Rightfully Ours, it is merely to the same End as the aforesaid; to Entangle Us in Warfare, and Subvert Us with Propaganda.

Just as Sama'el Wrought Beasts in Quasi-Human Figure, his Children have Encouraged Miscegenation; more of Them are Produced, and Less of Us are.  They Procreate without Regard to Purity or Quality, for They are Alien to Quality and can only be Pure in Evil; Evil - however - only Exists as an Adulteration, and thus can only be Divided into Fashions thereof.

Their Methods only Different in Extents and Comprehensions (Lies, Unjustifiable Violence and Sexual Degeneracy are Invariables; it's simply a Question of Functions and Efficiencies; whether the Predominance is Deception or Force, as if these - too - are not Inexorably Intertwined), Their Ends are Immutable with each other.

For now, I'll leave you with these Thoughts: An Infant Cur will become, if it is Permitted, an Adult Cur.  If it is Beneficial to Eradicate one, it is Beneficial to Exterminate the other.  So it would be with other Harbingers of Injustice.  Some are in Need of a Deprivation of Liberties; Including Life.  Some do not Deserve to even Pursue Happiness.  Lives are not Created Equal, nor are all Equivalent to each other.  This is the Quintessence of Justice and Injustice; of Punishment and Torture; or Execution and Murder.  What Merit Hath Thee?