Monday, December 21, 2015

Reconsidering "Star Wars"

Prior to Episode 7, Sheev Palpatine a.k.a. Darth Sidious was really the Hero; he Lacked Tact, but was Basically a Reactionary who Infiltrated a Liberal Government and Employed False Flags (it is a Staple of The Left to Accuse The Right of such, Especially in England, whereas it is Typically Perpetrated by The Left) to Undermine it and Establish an Empire that Reduced the Influence of The Inhuman Races.

They have Disowned many of the Novels, though many things were "Rectioned" back into the new Timeline, but it was once Established that the Figure who First Taught "The Force" did not Differentiate between "Light" and "Dark"; there were later many Conflicting Sects, and it Culminated in a War.  Later, there were "Grey Jedi"; a Splinter Cult that Embraced The Force in all its Forms, as was Originally Taught.  These have been Disowned, by Lucas Films and other Rights-Holders that either once Authorized the Novelists who Invented these Concepts or where not yet Involved at that time (like Disney, which no longer Belongs to any Member of The Disney Family; a Family which is Popularly Associated with the Misconception that "Walt Disney Supported Hitler", whereas he actually Produced Allied Propaganda Cartoons and Taught "Racial Harmony" to his Daughters).

"The Jedi Order" can Ostensibly be Likened to The Knights Templar, The Knights of Rhodes (later, The Knights of Malta) or The Cossacks... but only Ostensibly, or to Later Eras or Particular Cults. "The Order of Sith Lords" is more Nietzschean and Machiavellian.  What was being Protected from The Sith by The Jedi was something like Lincoln's America, and The Rebel Alliance is basically La Resistance.

"The Trade Federation" was basically The Confederacy, with its Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Makeup of Lassie-Fair-Advocating Secessionists, but then the Historical Allusion gets Abandoned for awhile; it is as if The Union had Created The Confederacy only to Destroy it, to Advance the Career of a Senator (something like going to War Against Spain, on a False Pretense, to Create a Presidential Campaign for Teddy Roosevelt) and he then Obtains Power by Using an Assassination Attempt by the Buddhistic, "Judeo-Christian"-Esque Cult to Ushers-In a Sort of National Socialism; at which time he Eradicates both the Surviving Members of The Trade Federation and almost everyone of The Jedi Order.

Yes, he still has a few Aliens around, but these are just Enforcers or in Ceremonial Positions; perhaps like having Chechens, Georgians, Armenians, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Azerbaijani and what not else in Central Asia, or all the Mongoloids in East Siberia, that you can only Tackle so Directly while also Fighting so much else that's even more Powerful.  Or, perhaps like the Benign Tumors like the Uralic have long been; just Sitting there, not Necessary but not Harming anything.

The Imperial Uniforms seem to be a Combination of those of Hitler's Reich and The Soviet Union, so maybe there's something to this Connection; perhaps Lucas was Afraid of "National Bolshevism's" Emergence in The Soviet Union, and Wished for more Cronyism to Delay it with a Sort of Libertarian Bubble in Russia.  After all, "Slavophiles" came to the Conclusion that Bolshevism must first Reign before any Return to Tradition would be Accepted; an Idea not altogether in Left Field (No Pun Intended), as The Wiemar Republic would later be Necessary for Hitler's Rise as its Primary Opponent (albeit merely a Compromise Candidate of a Party Bloc, and Previously a Minor Figure who Spent Years as an Unknown; even once being Referenced in Passing as someone who will become but a Footnote in the Annals of History).  Also, these were often Obsessed with one Form of Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural "Eurasianism" or another; it may have been Anti-Miscegenation, but it often - Unfortunately - was more Fond of Mongoloids and/or Arabs than of Western (and perhaps some other Eastern) European Peoples.  If there's an Allegory, here, maybe it's why there was no "Reconstruction" Program for Jedi Younglings; only Death.

That's why, in Reality, if you want a Slavic Nationalist, you must Seek one like Jan III Sobieski; not one of those too Influenced by the very Liberalism that They Claim to Abhor (like Right Sector). We'll see what Type of this Putin is up to; it Appears he is Willing to Cooperate, even if only because it's Easier and won't Kill as many of his Preferred People, but Traitor Dugin and Armenian/Bastard Lavrov cannot be Trusted.

"Star Wars" also has a Space Jew Race, called the "Muun"; it has a "Tonith Family", that is Basically Rothschild.  It has two Members that were Important Figures among The Separatists, perhaps Reflecting the View by some Libertarians that Lincoln was Fighting Rothschild; a View that is Countered by others Insisting that it was Davis doing this, with each speaking of a Supposed Value of "Greenbacks" or "Graybacks" while Criticizing The Very Real Faults of the other.

Jewry did have a Presence on Both Sides [though it Typically either Owned Captives (it had long Enslaved Whites, before it Held any Blacks), Advocated that Practice or Remained "Neutral" i.e. Refused to Openly Espouse any Opinion, so that it may Pretend to have Sided all along with the Victor], but it was Ultimately another Case of Preferring to Live in a Whiter Country but Wishing to Simultaneously Devastate it; Jewry would Ban "Slavery" in the States it Congregated in, in The North, but would Predominant The "Slave" Trade (both North and South).  It was a Profitable Institution, but really only so that They could Finance Fratricide and Unleash a Bio-Weapon; it was Under Their Control, but only Seldom would They have to Make Contact with either it or the Hated European Agrarians who at once made it Sustainable and They Intended to Destroy with it.  While Industry should have been Directed towards Agriculture, Medicine, National Protection and other Matters of General Welfare (Literally: Well-Being), it became a Racket of Poisons, Brainwashing and Senseless Slaughters.

In "Star Wars", of course, the Jews, Miscegenators and other Alienists have a Corrupted Allegory; it is more Industrialist, all around, Race doesn't seem to be on anyone's Mind but perhaps in the Deluded Sense in which it Occurs to Sheev, and you have one Clandestine Leader for both Regimes that is - rather than a Rothschild or other Jew - Intent on Utilizing the Methods he Learnt from the Muun and Republic to Overthrow Both.  It's like how Hitler Learnt Crowd Control From Hermann Steinschneider, though more Malevolent, and Darth Plagueis the Wise can thus be Likened to Alfred Rosenberg.

It is Interesting to Note that Grand Moff (a Governor-General over a Region of Imperial Interest more than those Realms of any other Moff) Wilhuff Tarkin has a Germanic Given Name but his Surname is often Conjectured to have been Derived from "Targuin"; Particularly, one Lucius Tarquinius Superbus; the Tyrant who Raped Noble Lucretia, and Provoked Lucius Junius to Feign being a Dullard (i.e. Brutus) to Pose as a Stable Boy and Assassinate him.  That was the Event which Preceded Rome's Transition into a Republic; it Implies, if this is Indeed the Allegory in Star Wars, the he at least Intended to Rape Princess Leia.

That's quite Ironic, both because - though Liberals have always Alluded to this Figure - Lucius would have Despised at least what Jacobins did (de Sade, in Particular) and because he was (for the aforementioned Reason) one Invoked by Nationalistic Republicans.  And what, Pray Tell, were the Fascistic Juntas (such as The National Socialist German Workers' Party) but (at least an Attempt at) Nationalistic Republicanism?  At The Very Least, these were Expressions of a General Desire of this over any of the Forces to its Left that would Destroy The Populace; something not always Delivered, but for which The Masses are not Necessarily (and Certainly, not Entirely or Exclusively) to Blame.

Also Noteworthy, in such Regards, is that "Palpatine" is just one Letter away from "Palatine".   And, Indeed, the Liberals were so Fascinated by David's Portrayal of "Hail Caesar!" that They actually Hired him to Portray The Tennis Court Oath as if it had been Sworn with what would later be Erroneously Held by The Masses to be "The Roman Salute"; if Palpatine were a Nationalistic Republican, this is Fitting.  "Sheev" is also a Variant of "Shiva", and "ev" is also Latin for "Age" (from "Aevum", the Meaning of which is "Space of Time; Eternity"); it is also a Common Suffix in East Slavic Names.  "Sheev" could be even a Reference to "Age of Shiva", if you Combine those two.  All the Notable Figures on Naboo have Sanskrit-Esque Names; such as "Padme", which is a Variant of "Padma" (Lotus).  Even if he Died, he would have Successors; his Reign may have been Short-Lived, but Aryans will be Eternal.

Notice, also, that it is Official that Vader Severing Luke's Hand (after Count Dooku Severed Anakin's Arm) was Intended to be The Mark of Cain.  This Indicates that Luke is Evil.  How can both be Evil, if the two are Opposites?  "There's still good in him."  That would Indicate that what The Jedi call "The Light Side" is actually The Dark Side and Visa Versa, if Using Force-Sensitivity (or even Possessing it) is not - itself - Evil.  However, the Story gets more Muddled:

Shmi Skywalker also told Qui Gon-Jinn that "There was no father, that I know of."; it was later Revealed, at least as far as the Literary "Star Wars Canon" of the Date of Publication was Concerned, that Darth Plagueis had Attempted to Create Anakin as a Host; he was Killed by Darth Sidious, who (in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) would Tacitly Admit this to Anakin before Promising to Teach him this Method to Save the Wife he had a Forbidden Relationship with from the Death he Foresaw in his Dreams.  It has been Proposed that Sidious was actually Robbing her of her Life-Force, to Save Vader.  Either way, someone this Powerful - it would Stand to Reason - would be Aware of Vader's Children; it Stands to Reason, in turn, that he also Foresaw his own Overthrow.  In those Novels, it States that Anakin's Purpose was to Facilitate a Cycle; to Prevent any one Individual, Path or Dogma thereabout from becoming too Powerful.

It is rather "Asiatic", and in Keeping with Sheev's Name; if he is Shiva, his Reign was Representative - being as Lucas has a Pejorative Notion of it - of The Kali Yuga.  It is Common in Eastern Cultures to not only Accept that there are Necessary Evils but also that these are to be Maintained; that there can be no Resolution to this Conflict of Good and Evil, just as Man does not Experience either Damnation or Salvation but rather Reincarnation (albeit perhaps Higher or Lower) or Evisceration.  The latter is The Ultimate Reward, in such Beliefs as Hinduism and Buddhism.

However, it Deviated from this more than 30 Years before his Given Name was ever Released; there are Force Ghosts.  After all, it is a Fusion of Numerous Mythologies and "Judeo-Christianity".  Palpatine might not be an Avatar for a Deity, but he can still be a Force Ghost; this is, at least per those Novels, also Possible for a Sith.

You could make many more Arguments, from those Novels, but each will only make any other more Convoluted.  This can be Likened to the Jewish Practice of "Pill-Pull"; a Ceaseless Debate Over Trifles, Deliberately Ignoring Contrary Details and/or Inherently Lacking Definitive Answers.

That Stormtroopers were Originally Based on The S.A., however, is Official; that it has since been Confirmed to have Started as a Sterile Clone Army of Highly-Trained Yet Easily-Manipulable Non-Whites (the Actor is Maori), thus, only Likens it to Foreign Volunteers and other Submissive Forces that Hitler Commanded.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kaiser Cuck von Habsburg

Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in a Desperate Attempt to be Relevant, has Proclaimed that Russia's Involvement in Syria will Create 1.5 Million More "Migrants" (Read: Invaders). Nevermind that it is because N.A.T.O. Created F.S.A. and then "Islamic State" to Accomplish what the former Failed to.  Nevermind, also, that his Inbred Father was an Advocate of a Bridge between North Africa and Spain upon which to Import Moorish Hordes.  Nevermind that he is the Leader of Austria's Branch of The Pan-European Union; an Organization with the Express Aims of Bastardizing Europeans and Our Cultures.

He has said that he feels as if he is being Strangled, when Hungarian University Students can't Imagine what it was like to Live under Communism just 25 Years Ago and Putin says the Fall of The Soviet Union was one of the Greatest Disasters of the last Century.  Nevermind that The Allies did nothing to Prevent that Regime, in the first place, and even Allowed Their Jewish Masters to Organize and Internationally Finance it.  Nevermind, also, that there has been a Cultural Revival under Putin that Began as much with "High" Liberal Activists as "Destalinized" Bolshevik Leaders; whereas The Allies Imported "Modern Artists" that were even more Communistic than The Soviet Union itself.

Everyone Acts like he's some sort of Neo-Nazi.  Perhaps in the way of "Right Sector", but it is now Abundantly Clear that his Involvement in The O.V.P. was only to Gain Power; he was its President, but his Allegedly "Euro-Skeptic" Views are Contrasted by his Incessant E.U. Evangelizing.

I had some Interest in seeing what would happen if he got together with Orban and/or someone with Jobbik; perhaps to make him a Constitutional Monarch in Hungary, with a Promise to Return all Habsburg Positions that were Seized by The Weimar Republic (Including those that They then Betrayed Us by Recognizing it as "Legitimate" to Retrieve; being Subsequently Seized by The N.S.D.A.P.) if he Adopted a Program like that of the Original Stated Intention of The Pan-European Union i.e. a Racially and Culturally-Pure European Trans-National Community.

After hearing a Sermon by a Pastor who Righteously Condemned Jewry, something Snapped in the Mongrel Mind of Richard Nikolaus Eijiro (the so-called "Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi") and he Reversed his Policies Completely.  He Abandoned his Ties to the likes of The N.S.D.A.P., and Cultivated Ties with Communists and Jacobins of any Name.

I had Hoped that Karl had the Intention of Reversing it, being a Nominally Nationalist Figure and having been Indicted in a Scandal of Embezzling Money from the Pseudo-Christian/Anti-European "Euro-Vision" to Fund The O.V.P.  Apparently, that was just the Puppet Theater that I had Feared it to be; Planned simply to Create The Illusion that he has Concern for Our People.  He later Paid Them 37,000 Euros, an Interest of 7K.  Otto, of course, had to Compare "Habsburg" to a Yellow Badge.  Oh, Horrors!  Karl was not Renominated by The O.V.P.  He is now the Director of Blue Shield; said to be The Cultural Equivalent of The Red Cross.  He is not doing anything for Us, but rather Aiding Jewry and its Islamic Hordes.

Someone on Facebook said they had Met him at a Gala put together by The Heritage Front, but I didn't get to ask about it; Louis Morin told me he had never Met him.  If it Occurred, his Motives for being there are Questionable.  That Organization is now Defunct, and Essentially has been since 2005.  Really, though, the only thing it ever did of Significance was Meeting with Qaddafi; I was told by Louis that he Donated $250,000.  Fat lot of good it did, though, with the Organization being Infiltrated the whole time by a Fed.

This is the same Nonsense that Falangists had to deal with from Carlists.

There are many Carlist Claimants, though, some of which I have Mentioned in Regards to other Thrones, so perhaps it's time just to Kick Things Into Gear for WWIII by Creating some sort of "Neutrality Pact" between these "Princely" Lines to Reclaim, Create and/or Reestablish Thrones; each Unable To Enter WWIII, and in a Right-Shifting Climate, a Racialist Allegiance that Respects National Sovereignty in Peace Time but Establishes Supranational Cooperation in Times of Crisis would be a Logical Path to Expect if even for mere Wish To Obtain/Retain Power.  Local Culture and Autonomy would be Preserved and Exalted, as a Means of Maintaining the National Integrity and Cultural Hegemony that each Manifests as Relates to Unique (Albeit Interconnected) Experiences.

But, then again, maybe it's Best just to Exterminate everything that has any Recent Claim to Royalty or Ennoblement; anyone Descended from Certain Figures, as well, to be either Subjected to an Ideological "Litmus Test" and Genetic Testing for both Purity and Inbreeding Coefficient or - for those not having any Line or even Exceptional Personage to Descend from Their Treacherous Selves - Simply Executed On Sight.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Considerations on Iceland on Russia

They didn't Jail all the Bankers, mind you, Contrary to the Fantasies of both Nationalists, Libertarians and Liberals, as Ironic as that might at first seem, as - Historically - "Nationalism" has been more the Domain of Jews and Leftists than it has of Pure European Traditionalists, something making so Odd that most "American White Nationalists" are so Surprised by all the Asshattery of Supposedly-Nationalist Organizations, but there was a Reduction in Their Power.

Now, "Nationalists" of any Variety, it isn't some Jew-Wise Wonderland; its "First Lady" is a Jewess, and it's a Liberal Hell. Sure, it is Partnering with Russia... but that Economic Partnership in Exchange for Defence From N.A.T.O. is a long way from Recognizing its Gaelic (Celto-Baskid), Norse and Finnish Roots being Shared by Elements of the Russian Population; most Russians are East Slavish, of one Degree or another more than any other Classification of European, but Embracing the Concept of Cooperating Across Sub-Groups for Mutual Gain as Measured by Objective Benefits to Our Race is not something The Masses do so well.

Iceland's Very Liberal, and Arabic Hordes could Devastate it Quickly.  Russia might be Able to Incrementally Improve the Social Situation of "Modernized" Iceland, and Russia might move in an Economic Direction more like that of Henry Ford's, at least in Cooperating Realms, even though "Destalinized" Bolshevism still may have a Hold on many, with Mongrelized Realms being Stalinist still, so this Conflagration might Produce some Sort of National Socialism for the Majority of Russian Life, but even these Compromises take Years to become Reality.

Without such a Threat as now, it takes Decades to Achieve such; more Highs and Lows, in-between, but not in the Regards of Overall.  That is to say: Typically in such a Fashion as Increased Socio-Economic Freedom being Purchased in "Destalinized" Bolshevik-Oppressed Realms with Increased Cultural Jewishness, whereas Decreased Cultural Jewishness is Purchased therefore with Increased Socio-Economic Oppression.

Phanariotes Rising?

Trump is making Headlines, again; this time, for telling those Jews Controlling The Republican Party that "You Can't Buy Me!".  So, has he just Lost Mark Cuban and all his other Jewish Financiers?  I Doubt It.  Not Legitimately Lost will these be, that is, though there may be such Puppet Theater.

Because if he Sold his Children's Souls via Whoring the two for Their Backing, only to Defund Them Somewhat and Advance his Political Ambitions, he would be one Cold Son of a Bitch... and a Brilliant one, at that.  That's never Worked before, however, though many have Insisted that's what They were doing.  Oh, sure, there are all those Fascistic Leaders that had Affairs with Them or Opened Their Countries to Them... but this always Backfired. That is to say: Though Better than what the Communists would have done to those Countries, Regardless of whether or not that Regime had been there, these all became Self-Defeating.  

Allow me to Provide Examples:

Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Juan Perón, Alfredo Stroessner, Hugo Banzer, Germán Busch Becerra, Jorge Rafael Videla and Augusto Pinochet all had such Ties, and there are Rumors about the Ancestry of (and/or Spouses of) most of those.  Mussolini actually had a Jewish Mistress, for awhile, and 13% of all Fascists in Italy were Jewish.  1/3rd of all Jews in Italy were Fascists, as well, and - when told he had the Support of The Jewish Community - he stood up and said he had never Doubted it.  

Don't you find it at least Suspicious that Trump's Allegedly Anti-Jewish Stance comes right after he Announces a Trip to (Faux-)Israel?  Nothing Screams "Establishment Republican!" like Proselytizing at The Roman Fortress Antonia's Wall and Pretending it is the Remains of the same "Second Temple" (rather, Edom's First Temple on the Site) that Christ Himself Prophesied that Romans would Destroy so Thoroughly that "There shall not be left a stone upon a stone, that shall not be thrown down."

But what of Trump's Rhetoric, before it is Clear what his Future Deeds will be?

What he Promises is Better than any other Candidate with a Shot in Hell, but the Question is: What will he do once in Power?  If he's actually done a Small-Scale Version of what Vlad "Tepes" Dracula had to do, to Reclaim Power from Invading Turkish Hordes (Namely, Sacrifice One Village To Save Ten... Many Times), it Answers my Question about what he'd do when Putin Follows Through on his Promise to Militarily Back "Palestine" Against "Israeli" Aggression.  


I had Expected that he would be Wedged Apart From Putin by an "Israeli"-"Palestinian" Conflict, and Ron Paul would either Play the Isolationist [so that Jew Adam Kokesh could Openly Advocate Zionism, once the Paultards have had Their "RevoLOVEtion", thus Furthering Their Stranglehold Over Us and Fratriciding Millions, on top of what the aforesaid would have done, as "Libertarianism" is just the Corporate Face of "Communism", its Rhetoric of "Freedom" - being Divorced from Morality - even Providing a Divisiveness more Destructive than that other Socialism (being any Atraditional Fusion of Government and Corporation, as Measured by Racially-European Standards)] or Utilize his Personality Cult and his own Jewish Connections to Create the Delusion that he should Switch from "Palestinianism" (which has the Potential to be at least as Disastrous for Us as "Zionism", if not more so; so many Deceived into Believing that They would be Better than Their Kindred, and the Fact that Jewry Historically Preferred Islamic Regimes) to "Zionism"; there being some "Necessity" to "Fight Racism", since he has Proclaimed this Biological Prerequisite For Our Survival to be "an ugly form of collectivism". 

It Appears, now, that either Option Two is Their Choice or They are (at least For The Time Being) not Interested in Granting this Power to Paul. Perhaps this is to have his Fanatics come to Seize Power from Kokesh, so as to Create the Illusion of "National Libertarianism" and thus another "Nazi Menace" for one Force or many to Rape and Murder Millions of Europeans on the Pretense of "Liberating" them from.  The Players And Roles May Change, But The Game Remains The Same.

Now, allow me to Clarify my Position on Ron Paul:

I even went so far as to Suggest that Paul, rather than Trump, should Win; only so that Libertarianism could be Disgraced so Utterly than any Fanatics that Survived WWIII would be Purged by the Civilization that would Arise from its Ashes.

His Criticism of Trump is not one that will Permit him to Cooperate with him, just as he would not have been the Running Mate of Pat Buchanan or any other Figure to his Right.  The Arrogance of that Individual is simply too Profound, and that is Precisely what Libertarianism about.  Arrogance, after all, is such a 'guise for Fear as Propels you to Boldly do what you should not; it is the Inverse of Courage, and Worse than mere Complacency.

But, it seems, it is to Take Longer.  Always Longer, if They cannot do it all at once; always have a Contingency Plan, and one for every Contingency thereof.  "Do Not Spare A Single Gentile", the Jew always Mulls to itself, on one Plane of Consciousness or another.  Any Temporary Reprieve is just to Lull Us into a False Sense of Security, and any Insulting Life is Granted only to Parasite from a Complimentary Life.

The Only Value, Literally The Only Value to Ron Paul is (if he Maintains this) that it may Aid in Balkanizing America; something Inevitable, if not just to Implode Completely, but Best Conducted On Our Terms.  He may well Invade, being a Hypocrite, as he is, but at least The Battle Lines Will Be Drawn.  

Perhaps it is to be Achieved another way, however, if Trump is Essentially more of the same.  He is now far more Popular than Ron Paul ever has been, with Ann Coulter's (Fiscal-Based, Jew-Friendly) Adoption of his Nativist Rhetoric even Dividing Paul's Supporters.  Some Remember when he was Vaguely Racialist, and others Rabidly Cheer his Betrayal of his Last Shreds of Dignity.  

But, I can Discern, I would be Naive to Believe that The Masses would Arise so Suddenly.  After all, the Klephts - at times - became Synonymous with the Armatoloi; each Switching back and forth, as was Convenient for Them, as They Believed it, anyway, before The Phanariotes were United enough to Mount a Significant Resistance Against Former Masters.  Hajduks and others would also Mount Resistances, but it was awhile before these were Cooperating with each other; sometimes, Fratriciding To Receive Trivial Favours From Their Masters.

"Place faith in your convictions, as the boundaries start to blur!"

Ultimately, it took those not so Obviously under Turkish Oppression to Support them; there were Various Factors that Inhibited this, but Freemasonry and Masonic-Inspired Lodges would Back such Organizations as "Filiki Eteria" and Russia would not have Nations of otherwise an Orthodox Hegemony be Subjugated by Islamic Scum and Dönmeh Jewry.

"And all those who stood by and did nothing, 

who are they to criticize 
the sacrifices of others?
Our blood has bought their lives!"

So it is today: Jewry Cannot Enforce Its Vile Order Itself.  We Must Elect Governors To Advance Our Cause.  We Must Recruit 
Dissatisfied Enforcers.  Then, and only then, will it be a National Guard.  We Must Execute Our Enemies.  Then, and only then, will Our Coasts, Borders and Homeland be Safe.  

They say that "We are a Dead 'race'."; that "We might as well just Roll Over and Accept Defeat."  

"When I hear that trumpet sound, I'm gonna rise right outta the ground."

You Don't Want To Have To Get Your Hands Dirty?  Too Bad.  They'll be Covered in the Blood of those you Love.  ...Or, would Love; if you still had this Capacity.  You Want A Slow Death?  Fine.  Have One.  Leave Me Out!  "Resist or Serve" is just the Short-Term of Our Reality: Resist, Or Perish.  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trumped-Up Nativism

Donald Trump has far too many Jewish Ties; more than any other Politician; even more than that Castizo that will Likely be his V.P. Pick i.e. Ted Cruz.  This will Test his Economic Interests in Replacing China and Japan with Russia and any Racial Loyalty he may have; he will not Fight any Islamic Threat that Jewry Desires there to be, if Putin cannot Convince him that it is (in a Strictly-Materialistic, Short-Term Sense) Profitable to also Replace Jewry with Ethnically and Culturally-European Economic and Military Allies.

Otherwise, those same Russians he Invited to Invest in America will be Renounced as the same "Alien Enemy" that the Kaiser's Godson was in WWI for Owning a Mine with Better Health & Safety Standards, Medical Treatment, Equipment, Pay, Housing and Family-Oriented Services than were Provided by American-Owned Mines of the Day. Likewise, any American Student, Businessman, Actor or Actress, Director, Writer, Artist, Architect or other Cultural Figure who Traveled to, Invested in or otherwise Fraternized with either Russia or its Allies, may be Renounced as "Homegrown Subversives".  Those Propagandizing such View, then, could Ignite a Debate about whether or not to Label such "Foreign-Incited Subversives"; those not Approving this Label (as Considered by those Directing this Narrative, or Holding it Expedient to Portray such Infidelity has having Occurred), too, may be Deemed such.

This is when Ron Paul may Pretend to be "The Third Way", as if anything Significant will Change.  This is when the likes of Adam Kokesh can Introduce to America that Corporate Face of Communism that is Libertarianism.

Any Atraditional Fusion of Government and Corporation, as References - in its Founder(s) Intent(s) to Deviate from it, or its Nature(s) of doing so - any European Tradition(s), is Alienist Socialism; it is all Harmful.

All else is Nominal Difference and/or Situational; while Certain Socio-Economic Structures may be Preferable to Certain Groups of Europeans (whether Constituting one Ethnicity or Sub-Set thereof, or many; whether or not any Particular Cultural Commonality beyond that of all European Cultures is Present or Desired), for Certain Reasons of Past, Present and/or Foreseeable Future Developments, it - thus - is so that these may not be those Preferable for the Remainder of those People of European Lineage.

Whenever it cannot be Demonstrated that something is Better for The European Race for any Individual or Group thereof to Uphold, the aforesaid is to say, this is his, her or their Privilege to Utilize As Seen Fit thereby.

Only that which is Universally Applicable to a Population, by Genetics or Developed Condition, can Define its Duty; just as only that which is Inherent to the Individual's Genetics or Developed Condition can Dictate what is Required of that Individual, as Relates to The Greater Good of Our Race.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Why Have We Not Eradicated The Jews?

Is it a Logistical Problem?  No.  There is Ample Development, in Railroads, Streets, Airports and Communications.

Is it a Military Problem?  No.  It would be Easy, as many Events in History have Demonstrated.

Is it an Economic Problem?  No.  It is Cheap, and Brings Economic Benefit.  There are many Examples.

Is it a Matter of Public Opinion?  Not Ultimately.  Public Opinion Opposed Them, long before They were Able to Direct The Masses into Ignorance and Elements therein into Brutal Service.

So, I'll Ask Again: Why Have We Not Eradicated The Jews?

It has been Argued that there always Appeared to be a More-Pressing Concern; whether Moorish, Turkish, Mestizo or otherwise, perhaps such an Intangible as "Communism" or "Liberty", something always seemed a Priority.  Surely, these were the Military Might of Jewish Leaders and Social Engineers.  However, these could have been Eradicated Simultaneously.  In Fact, since They were already Cooperating with each other but this would Eliminate the False Dichotomy of one being an "Ally because of a Common Enemy", it would have been Easier To Deal With Both Threats Simultaneously.  Of course, there have always been the Alledged Collaborators.  These, however, often Made Their Treason Obvious; the Remainder just Provided Future Opportunities For Subversion.  Whether Incited or Exacerbated by Them, there have long been Fratricides that Interfered with Reconquistas or other Defences of Our Peoples, Cultures and Homelands.  Surely, any with the Intelligence to Organize any Significant Military Threat would have the Intelligence to Realize that Jews - At The Very Least - Present a Long-Term Detriment to Society; if nothing else, one's Legacy should be Viewed as Threatened.  Furthermore, it should be Noted that Jewry (Re-)Militarized Moorish and Played Both Sides of Byzantium and Russia's Wars with Turkish.  Why Pander, at all, when any Power these could Grant you - and, Ultimately, more - could be Acquired from within your own Race and Culture?

Once again, I will Ask this Question: Why Have We Not Eradicated The Jews?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Existentialism

If Man is Without Innate Value, how does he Acquire it?  His Life would be Meaningless, and thus he could only Confer his Meaningless Views onto another.  Meaninglessness Begets Meaninglessness.  One does not Add Value by Developing or Adopting a View, but merely Alters his Existence and thus Establishes a Ripple Effect.  To this are Varying Degrees; these can be Qualified and Quantified, but the Effect is Contingent upon which thing has what Affect upon something else. Thus, one can say Objectively that he or she is Contributing to his or her own Survival or Destruction, as well as how this Relates to a Collective, both in Terms of Numerical Existence and Ideological Impact, but is left without any Morality or Immorality in doing so.  One does as one Pleases, and there is no Better or Worse but that which one Perceives there to be.  Life and Death, both Individual and Collective, are Equally Viable Options; that you may Aid or Deprive another is Irrelevant, unless you Believe otherwise.  This is not the Foundation of a Civilization, but a Means of Destroying it; by Encouraging one to Harbour such Sentiments, it Introduces Concepts that - even if later Rejected - Cause Harm that otherwise would not Exist.  Those that Innately would Harbour such Views, are then Reinforced; rather than Discouraged (even if this would only be Effective for a Time), one is Enticed to do what Threatens a Culture and People.  An Existentialist Society can Infanticide a Population with Potential to do things Traditionally Valued, because it sees no Inherent Worth; "Why be Burdened by a Parasite?", it asks in Regards to Reproduction and Child-Rearing. Thus, it Implies either it is a Parasite or that it has Transcended.  How has it Transcended?  It would have not had the Opportunity, if not for those not Afflicted with such a Mentality.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wiser than Wieser: Considerations on Genetic Opportunity Costs and Conflicting Value Systems, in Relation to Natural Values

 "The economic calculation debate started with his (Friedrich 'von' Wieser's) notion of the paramount importance of accurate calculation to economic efficiency.  Prices to him represented, above all, information about market conditions, and are thus necessary for any sort of economic activity.  A socialist economy, therefore, would require a price system in order to operate."

I must Add to that, that Prices will Vary because of a Variety of Factors; there are the Costs and Desired Profit Margins of a Business, both, to Consider, as well as Reputation and Legality, for a few Examples.  There may be a Consensus amongst a Society as a Whole, like a Given Race may - whether on Average or Unanimously - Place Higher Value on something than would another Race.  There are also Sub-Cultures and Counter-Cultures, and even Sub-Cultures of Counter-Cultures.  Furthermore, there are Family Traditions and Personal Convictions.

There is some Truth in the old Adage of those not Willing or Able to Answer the Seemingly-Simple Question of "What is it Worth?", that "Something is Worth whatever someone is Willing to Pay for it."; it is Nonsensical to Enforce a Standard for everything, though certain Standards are Necessary to Enforce.  The Price of your Car may be mine; why do I have to give a Numerical Figure, if both Parties have Equal Interest in what the other has?

Wieser thought that there were Natural Values; things that could be Universally Applied.  This is True, but it is also a Universal Truth to say that not all Truths are Universal; what Works for Europeans may not Work for Others, and Visa Versa.

It is one thing for a Country to Demand that Particular Practices are Upheld, with Violence - at times - being Necessary towards this End, itself a Means towards the End that is its own Survival, which must be towards the End that is Racial Survival, but it is another to Expect that Physical Abilities, Intelligence and Will - even within a Set of Examples from one Race - to be Equal in Form and/or Function.

While it may be Productive to Work towards an Ideal of such Fundamental Homogeneity within Sexes of the same Race, perhaps even to Enforce Mandates to Create it, it is not - now - Practical to Enforce that which Pejoratives the Lack of it; it is sometimes Beneficial for a Race to have more Diversity within itself.

Thus, it is Certain Groups that may Require such things; for it to Occur on a Race-Wild Scale or not, being for Future Determination.  That is Two-Fold: It is both in the Sense of being for The Future to Determine, and being something which - Subsequently - will be a Factor in Determining The Future.

This is the Sense of Opportunity Costs that I am Quintessentially Concerned with; all else is Subsequent, and either Hampering or Enabling The Prime Manifestation.

Wieser was not a Pioneer of any Concept of Opportunity Costs; he merely Coined The Term.  Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin and Frederic Bastiat are those Most-Famously Associated with the Concept.  Still, these only Considered it in Economic Terms; as much as those can be Understood without a Racial Center.  Race may have been a Factor in those Economic Considerations, but as a Means of Generating, Preserving or Preventing Wealth; not as that which it must be Generated or Preserved for, or that which should be Prevented from Obtaining it.  It was a Tool, that is, in the Mindsets of the aforesaid; a Matter for Propaganda, rather than an End; the Focus was on Emotions that were Crafted by Various Forces, rather than Focusing one's Emotions so as to Benefit one's Race.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

On Transhumanism

I do see many Potential Benefits of Bio-Synthification, but also many Risks.

If Mankind got to the point where Transhumanism were even an actual Issue, it'd have to Ensure that any Cyberization didn't Eliminate Reproductive Capabilities and also didn't put Mankind at any Risk it wouldn't otherwise be Subject to in the Event of a Technological Collapse; Cautions must be taken to Ensure this Technology doesn't fall into the Wrong Hands, of course, as with anything that can be Abused.

I mean, what if it ends up like G.I.T.S.; with Cyberbrain Hacks or the Technological Equivalent of Sclerosis?  Even if the latter is Treatable, it does raise new Privacy Concerns; Especially if a Regime could Subpoena your Memories!

Assuming those Legal Issues could be worked out (Good Luck; it'll be Needed!), there's still the Problem of Transhumanists usually looking to Subjugate any who Refuse this.

If even a Minority has this (and it'll likely be a Select, Well-Connected few that could Afford it, at least to start with) that comes to Dominate Society, the very Essence of the Scenario could and likely would Result in the Oppression of those that Refuse it; even if it is not a Concerted Effort, the way those not "Wired In" even today can be Disadvantaged by Society should Indicate how much Worse this would be.

Some have said one or the other should Colonize the Moon or Mars etcetera, but then I've still seen Transhumanists saying that "Outdated" People should be "taken care of"... and look at what "Welfare" has come to mean, Contrary to its Historic Meaning, to see why I don't Approve of this.

Perhaps, if it is to Occur, there should only be Bio-Cyberization as an Option for Adults; no one should be able to Decide for a Child or Teen that it is Acceptable for them, and an Adult's Temperament will Reduce the Likelihood of Regret in one's Decision to do it.  If the Process were Reversible, it'd be more Appealing... but I'd still go with the same Restrictions.

While I do like 15 for a Driver's Permit, 16 for a Drivers License, 18 to Vote or Smoke, as well as putting Rental Cars to this Age, instead of 25, as it is in at least some States, and I would set the Age to Purchase Alcohol at 16 (many European Countries have done this and Lowered Alcohol Abuse Rates), I would put the Age for this at least at 25.

Not only must Life be Considered, but also Quality of Life; this Includes a Respect for Human Dignity.  Someone, you know, would say "Little Susie could have been saved if it weren't for this outdated law!"; meanwhile, Johnny wakes up to find his Wishes have been Disrespected because he's a Minor and now maybe he Kills himself and/or his Family for this Betrayal.  While it makes for Excellent Fiction, it makes for a Horrible Reality.

To Avoid any Problems with Epigenetics (the Semi-Malleable Aspect of Genetics), those who Wish to both Procreate and Cyberize should do the former before the latter.

If it's done in a way where the Biology and the Cyberization are Inherently Fused, at which Point the Subject would be - by Definition - Inhuman, then this would make it all the more Vital that Procreation would Occur BEFORE Cyberization.

If Nanites are used, this is another Case of it being Simultaneously Cool and Disturbing; apart from what could Happen if these Malfunction in other ways, look up "Grey Goo".  Perhaps if these aren't Replicating, that last Aspect of it won't be a Concern.

Of course, those Born into a World of Cyberization will have more Encouragement to Cyberize than one not.  Since this isn't Natural, and isn't Necessary to Our Survival, it should only be Considered if both the Technical Aspects and Legality can be Worked-Out to the Satisfaction of both Transhumanists and Naturalists; what does not Harm Us as a Race, is up for Consideration.  Not everything that Works for one Person or Culture will for another, however; We must look to Common Values, and then Operate within Our Own Cultures towards this Goal.  It's not about just any one Generation; it's about all Generations, both Past, Present and Future.

Especially as Transhumanists have Expressed a Desire to Subjugate Naturalists, one must ask if these "Bionics" should be Raising Children at all.

One wonders what the Family Dynamic would be like if one Parent was a Bionic and one Natural; the Child should be Natural, as said before.  How much Influence would the Decision of one Parent have on the Child?  The more Stable the Family Relationship is, the Less Problems this is Likely to Cause.  Still, even in a Best Case Scenario, it seems Impractical.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ntropí̱, Mourlo's Miliotis

 I just saw "Mad Max: Fury Road", after having been a Huge Fan of Miller's Original Trilogy.  Tom Hardy was a Good Choice for a Non-Gibson Max, but Charlize Theron is a Traitorous Wench and I was really Hoping she'd be a Villain to get Mutilated as she Deserves.  Well... at least she can Act.  But what did I think of the Film?  

Visually Stunning, though 17 Bucks for 3D is Bullshit, but George has Descended in both Plot and Politics since his last Adventure: While one could Play Devil's Advocate about someone having to Control Rations in such a Society, and that those with no Loyalties but to Speed, Violence and The Extreme could find Direction in a Neo-Norse Society without feeling it were "Boring" and/or "Oppressive Morals", the Obvious thing about the Villain is that he's a Miscegenator.  ...But you're Expected to Support his Negress and Jewesses (Diluted as The are, I had my Suspicions and so went to Google), as much as if any White Woman were Fleeing from him and to Live in the Victorious Society.  So, Miller is no longer Implying - much less Stating - any Racial Loyalty.

He still does Associate the Avaricious with the Glutinous, but what's talk of "Fatcats" if you don't have any Racialism to Oppose the Essence of Their Society?  His Villain is - once again - a Well-Decorated Soldier; a Battle-Scarred Charismatic, but still a Rebel Without A Cause.  Blind Loyalty to "War Heroes" is what gave Teddy Roosevelt to America and Hindenburg to Germany.  Caution Heeded, but Less Significant if Racial Considerations are Ignored.

Immorten Joe is a Polygamist; something even the Pagan Norse would only Reserve for Kings and those Heralded above all other Warriors as Heroes.  While this could Increase Population, it's an Emotional Clusterfuck; the War that Ensues in this Film could be Considered a Critique of Polygamy, with Lust and Greed being Intertwined, even though Racial Awareness is no longer a Factor in his Plot.  "We Are Not Things" being Coupled with a Head-Shaven Charlize Theron is "Feminist" Propaganda, however; Men are not your Sex Toys, either, Females.

The Violence of "Mad Max" has always been somewhat Sanitized; even when something would be Gory, you either don't get a Closeup or you only see the Aftermath and not it Happening.  Perhaps this was a Deliberate Deviation from '80's Films and their Remakes; while some '80's Films were Excessively Bloody, many Modern Films will Focus on Numerical Deaths instead of Graphic Deaths.  Either Way, Realism Is Lost.  The Original "Mad Max" Trilogy, however, The Original "Red Dawn" and 2004's "The Punisher" are three of the Best-Made Films.  Verdict: Why, Miller, Why?!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kudos, Mourlo's Miliotis.

 George Miller's one of the Better Directors, both in Talent and Possible Nationalism; he Knows he can't come right out and Say it, and maybe his Negative Surroundings might have him Attributing his Success at least in part to this, rather than Realizing (at least, without Cognitive Dissonance) that a Country with more Whites and/or Less Liberalism would more than Replace the Non-Whites and (other) Liberals that have Financially or Critically Supported his Films, so he might not be Endeared if We were to Finally Counter-Revolt, even if he doesn't Flip-Flop on over to "Anti-Racist" (Read: Anti-White) Propaganda, but there's an Ethos in his Original Mad Max Films that's more Obvious than in Possibly anything Apart from the Cinema of Hitler's Reich.

Mad Max is a Vigilante Film, as Max Rockatansky comes to the Inevitable Conclusion that Modern Law is Insufficient; to Defeat The Toecutter Gang, he must become an Heroic Outlaw.  A Fitting Tribute to Australian History.

The Road Warrior, the Film that he Wanted to Make but didn't Previously have the Budget for, is Explicitly About The Survival of The Great Northern Tribe, as they are Besieged by Homoerotic Marauders; the Leader of which is Implied to be a Descendant of Wehrmacht Soldiers but himself a Former Commonwealth Soldier, having Developed an Apparent Libertarian Nationalism in which only Degenerate Whites are Valued and Nationalist Symbolism is Present only for Fetishistic Motives.

Trivia: Originally, Lord Humungus was going to be Goose (from the Original Film); the Scrapping of this Idea might be to Facilitate the Portrayal that was Featured, as Goose - by Contrast - was Straight.  

Beyond Thunderdome, which has the most Multi-Racial Cast of all three of these Films, has the Opposing Forces of Black-Lead, Masonic (the Staff's Head was Explicitly Chosen because it Symbolizes The Masonic Perception of Order) Barter Town (one of Deceit, General Disarmament, Theft and Amazonians) and a Celtic-Esque Tribe of White Children and Adolescents in an Oasis who Await a Messianic Figure to Return them to the Then-Depopulated City that Future Generations will Rebuild.

In Barter Town, you Live in Filth so that a Mongrel or Obese Elite can Live in Comfortable Accommodations... but those who Control the Methane Production can Embargo those in Power.  This will be Met with more Deception and Violence, but even an Apocalyptic World is not without its Heroes.  In The Oasis, you Live in Harmony but the Physical Limitations will not Sustain an Eternal Populace.

Notice that you can become a Slave for Stealing a Pig, in a Corrupt Society where Honest Means will not Provide Food for your Family; another Reference to Australian History.

Additionally, a Highwayman (or Skywayman, as it was) in an Anarchistic Region or Corrupt Society can Devote himself to Fighting it instead of Wanton Robbery; only Taking what is Necessary to Survive, while Dedicating that Life to the General Improvement of his People.  Whether or not Intentional, on Miller's Behalf, this is a Parallel with the Greek Klephts, Serbian Hajduks, Ned Kelly and other Bushrangers (from Australia's History), Ex-Confederate Guerrillas and (even if Race wasn't a Conscious Motivator) Charles Floyd [who would Burn Mortgage Documents to Free Debtors, during America's (Jew-Orchestrated) Great Depression].    

Indeed, Goose actually Hitchhikes with somebody who has a Folk Song from Australia's Past as a Political Prisoner Colony (as it Ranged from Excessive Punishment to False Imprisonment, and many there were Resistance Fighters) on his Radio to which the Driver is Singing Along.

Furthermore, Miller is actually Miliotis; he is Greek, and his Surname was Anglicized.  Why is this Important?  Because his Father and Mother were Refugees from Anatolia, when Thracians and Greeks were being Genocided by The Young Turk Regime.  Perhaps this Explains why he can Provide a Counter-Current.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Restoring What, Exactly?

Today is the 300th Anniversary of The Jacobite Counter-Revolution; a Cause that I Historically Support, with Utmost Condemnation for The "Glorious" Revolution.  Today, however, History is being Mocked by Forces even more Inglorious.  

A Jacobite Restoration wouldn't Achieve much, these days; the so-called "Royals" are often Mongrelized and as Inbred as a U.S.D.A.-Certified Cow.  Franz, as such, and being an E.U. Whore, as he (Subsequently) is, is Immediately Dismissed.

Now, I know of no further Dirt on her, not that she's Ideally Bred, but Infanta Alicia, Duchess of Calabria, has more Claim than either Franz, the Jewified House of Orange, or the so-called Windsors.

Perhaps The Best Bet would be to go back further, and Trace the Pre-Jacobite Pretenders down to today. There are many to Consider, but one I can't find much on but Know by Name is Simon Abney-Hastings, 15th Earl of Loudoun.  He seems to be just a Typical Guy in Australia who Happens to have a Courtesy Title, so he doesn't Appear to have the Wealth to make this Possible.  If he is Connected enough, though, perhaps someone Ambitious and Wealthy could be his Patron.

One Possibility is a Co-Reign, or a Division into Kingdoms to have a Common Constitution but Independent Additions that can be Made if Necessary; if a Change to the Common Values is to be Attempted, it would have to be Ratified by the Standard 2/3rds Majority but of Both Governments.  It would be a Variation on the Concept of a Personal Union; when an Emperor is to Rule each of his Kingdoms by their own Traditions, as Allies.

Alicia's Wealth and Simon's Everyman Appeal could be Useful, if for no other Reason than what there is now is Completely Insane.

Tangential to this: Karl von Habsburg might have some Potential, as Kaiser of either Austria, Hungary or a Restored Austro-Hungarian Empire, but his Father's Politics are Ass-Backwards. All Karl's Son does is F1 Racing; while his Popularity might be Useful, his Lack of any Apparent Political Convictions is Disturbing.

Karl's Grandfather, Charles, though he had some Squicky Breeding Policies, did - to his Credit - everything in his Power to Prevent WWI. He was Sidelined, at every turn, though he made every Concession he had been Lead To Believe would Subdue The Fratricide.

Unfortunately, Jewry - those Inherent Workers of Iniquity that They are - had everyone Far Too Bloodthirsty to Accept what would Elsewise have Simultaneously Preserved The Empire and Afforded Autonomy to those Seeking it.

It seems Otto's E.U. Whoring is a Result of being the Product of Cousins, whereas Karl has a Dilution of that with some New Blood. Karl's Son should be even Better, then, but Multi-Cult Indoctrination is also Multi-Fold and there are Dominant and Recessive Traits that become Corrupted with Inbreeding anywhere in the Ancestry. His Loyalty Remains To Be Determined.  

For my Thoughts on Orleans-Braganza, see "Which Way, South Brazil?"

Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, seemingly Favours an Absolute Monarchy over a Democratic-Republic.  Perhaps there's something here... I can't find anything about him having Sympathies for Our Cause, but also not about him Promoting The Multi-Cult.  There's a Nationalist Group in Portugal that, though a Minority, is Gaining Favour; perhaps some Cooperation is Possible.

There are two Orleanist Pretenders to The French Throne, and both Claim to be Duke of Anjou.

One is Louis Alphonse of Bourbon, who has a Wife from Venezuela; she Appears to be Pure.  Genetic Testing of Both will be Required, as with anyone, before any Serious Consideration of a Restoration of that Line or even being Permitted into The Line of Succession.  In Particular, it's a Concern here because he's both one of several Alledged Royals to Descend from Fransico Franco and - Separately - one of his Ancestresses was always Rumored to be a Jewess.

The other is one of his Cousins, the so-called "Prince" Charles-Philippe Marie Louis of Orleans; he has Proclaimed himself "Center-Right", but it's within the Context of Accepting The E.U.  He's Useless, unless he can become an Unsuccessful Candidate who Destabilizes The Region at a Time when We are in Standing to Assume Power as a Result.

While everyone's being Genetically Tested for both Racial Purity and Inbreeding Coefficient, perhaps someone in The Greek Royal Family is Willing to Back Golden Dawn; it Considers itself a Successor to General Ioannis Metaxas, and his Anti-Communist Counter-Revolution was Backed by said Family.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lost Israelite Migrations

The Proto-Semitic D.N.A. [as Contrasted with the Ishmael-Edomite/Pseudo-Semitic i.e. Jewish and otherwise Arabic D.N.A. (Including Iranic, Indic, Moorish that are not just Negroid, Central Asian Populaces that are not Mongoloids or those Europeans who Recolonized after the Scythians were Genocided by Foreign Races, and Populations of that Mongrel Descent that may not Admit to it across the World)] is in all Extant Europeans, but it was Most-Directly and thus in Greatest Percentages Infused into Non-Slavic Europeans; it would also have Greatest Association with Northern Europeans.  More In-Depth:

Slavs are Genetically European.  There are many "Slav"-Professing Populations that are one Form of Turkish or another, Ranging from Small Minorities to Large Majorities of certain Countries, but that's the same with Moorish and Turkish Populations having Bastardized a Considerable Portion of Hellenic, Latin and Hispanic Peoples; it doesn't mean the Surviving Populations are any less European, because there are Impostors.

The "Latin" and "Hispanic" Names are often Applied to Mestizos, Hernizos and Castizos, but it doesn't Change History.

Genetic Testing across Europe has Illustrated a Considerable Degree of Cross-Breeding between European Nations, and even The N.S.D.A.P. said that virtually no one was Solely of either Nordic, Alpine or Mediterranean Ancestry; rather two or all three of those, but often Predominantly of one.  Some have the Appearance of one Sub-Group and the Behavior of another, too.

Mediterraneans were already Noted to be Virtually Extinct; most Pure Whites in that Region are Better-Identified as Atlantic (Nord-Med Cross), Nordid Atlantic (Predominantly-Nord Atlantic), Dinar (of the Non-Armenoid Form i.e. Alpine-Med Cross), Dinaro-Nord, Noric (Predominantly-Nord Dinaro-Nord), Alpinid, Nordid Alpinid, or Nordish, or some Cross thereof, rather than Mediterraneanish.

Part of Jewry calls itself "Ashkenazi" because it Invaded Germanic Realms in 990-994 A.D.; since Ashkenaz was a Son of Gomer, and Gomer was a Son of Japheth, if Ashkenaz was the Germanic Patriarch, the Germanics would be Japhetites.

The "Sephardi" Jews have some Inexplicable Notion that Biblical Sepharad was in Spain, and likewise have the Irrational Belief that Invading The Iberian Peninsula (not to be Confused with "Iberia" as another Name for Georgia, as Georgians are Genetically Equidistant between Europeans and Middle-Eastern Arabs) gives Them some "Right" to this Name.  

Proto-Semites, whether Judahite, Northern Israelite or Elamite, would have been a Smaller Company of Nations than those of The People of The Northlands (all Europeans in Europe, in this Context).  By The Time of Christ, there were about 1,000 of His Israelites under that Name and perhaps even Several Hundred Thousand Elamites.

Thing is, many European Nations had Migrated through these Regions already; the Semites weren't as Isolated from the other Adamites as it may at first Appear.  Of course, those were Largely Western Europeans.  Northern Europeans were also in Greater Percentages in Southern Europe than today.

There is Genetic Evidence of Numerous European Populations having Returned from other Realms to that Continent, and Changing the Genomic Structure of Our People.  The Most Significant Example was some 4,500 Years, as per a Study from several Years ago.

That seems to Corroborate what is said in Genesis about Expanding Japheth and it Ruling with a Rod of Iron, as Heirs of Sem; the two Merged.

A Significant Portion of/Most Germanics have Genotypes within the R1a or R1b Haplogroups, rather than The Hallstatt Type (I1) or the also-Austrian K1.

I2a is what the Majority of Slavish Peoples are Comprised of; smaller Percentages have a Genotype within R1a or R1b, and then there are the Hellenic or Latin Influences in some Populations.

I take it, from the Current or Historic Germanic Presences in Slavic-Predominated Realms, this means the Slavic Peoples were More Isolated from other Europeans but then were Bred with.  Indeed, they had Cultural Affinity with the Prehistoric Scythians but were later Fought by the Returning Scythians.

To be Fair, however, those Scythians Fought Everyone; one Catholic Church Record says that they were at first The Most Ruthless Pagans, but later Converted and were The Most Fervent Christians.

Still, the Latest of these - the Alani (the ones that weren't Bastardized in The Middle East) - seem to have Clustered in Southern Europe, France, Central Europe and Central Asia; one could Note that they didn't go into The Gaelic Isles or Scandinavia, which would have been Ethnically and Culturally Similar to much of where they did Settle, but of course there are Various Military Factors, Marital Arraignments and Bribes that must be Taken Into Consideration.

Ironically, one could Note that Central Asia was already Long Teeming With Mongrels; it Appears that these Resisted Bastardization into The 12th Century, when a Catholic Missionary would be Shocked to Discover a Nation of White People in "Caucasian Albania" [not to be Confused with Albania in Europe, though the Predominance of so-called "Albanians" are actually (Often-Obvious) Turkish].  Unfortunately, these are all Long Since Bastardized by the Azerbaijani.  

Most Forms of K, since I Mentioned it, are Bastardized; it is Common in The Modern Levant and amongst Central Asian Turkish Populations, but Rare in Europe; the Discovery of Ötzi The Iceman (who Proved that The Bronze Age actually Originated about 1,000 Years Earlier than Previously Believed, and that Acupuncture is of European Origin) is what Proved it was of European Origin.  He has 19 Known Living Relatives, all in Tyrol, Austria.

Perhaps that Indicates that K1 was Common amongst Proto-Semites, but the other Genotypes were Present in the Predominance of those to Survive by Breeding amongst other Europeans.

Cascadia: Cascade of Hypocrisy

The Cascadian Independence Movement is Afraid of Post-Peak Oil, Global Warming and "Social Issues".  Now, let's Dissect that through the Liberal B.S.:

There are Hundreds of Years of Oil in each of many Reserves in many States, not to Mention those of Other Countries that often would have even Less Technology than They do if not for Foreign Aid, so The First World has Thousands of Years before this is even an Issue; at that Point, it still has Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Waste-to-Fuel Conversion, Recycling-to-Fuel Conversion, Bio-Fuels, Wind and Solar Power.

Climate Change is actually in Both Directions, it Frequently does one thing in one Region and another somewhere else, there's no Demonstrable Impact of C.F.C.s, only 5% of CO2 Output is Man-Made, and it is nowhere near as Extreme as it is Typically Portrayed as being.

Those "Social Issues" are Perceived from an Historically-Inaccurate, Pseudo-Scientific, Left-Wing View, as well, so it's a Worthless Venture in and of itself; it's Uses will be in the Ironic Act of Removing Electoral Votes from Liberals in America and Canada, Creating a Predominantly-White Country that will become a Jerusalem for White Flight, and Providing an Opportunity to Balkanize America using J.F.K.s Address to The Soviet Union about Diversity of Belief as a Rhetorical Guide.  

It'll be Easier to Achieve The Northwest Imperative, if the Liberals already there have Congregated in a Portion or North of it; the Remainder will be Ripe for the Taking.  Also, the more that Flee to there from other Regions, the Sooner these Areas will either Collapse to the Negros, Mestizos, Chinese, Indians and/or whatever other Mongrels are the Inundating Forces there, Provoking a "National Guard" Action or (other) Militarized Police, or being Reclaimed by Us because the Liberals are no longer there to Indoctrinate Us or Otherwise-Enable Them.

It is for this Reason that I would Prefer for People to actually Hold The Fort, rather than Fleeing to other Realms.  Unfortunately, no one is doing so.  I Fear, however, that the same will simply Occur up there; after White Flight, there is always Non-White Follow.  So, something must Occur to Reduce the Number of People in Our Movement it will Require to Fulfill this Mission; to Maximize those who are Invigorated to Act as Vigilantes and Networks of Autonomous Cells in other Regions.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Thoughts on "Say's Law"

Say's "Law" says that there cannot be a "General Glut", unless Production of another Good (or Performance of another Service, it would Stand to Reason would also Apply) is Insufficient; if it Exists, it will be Bought; if it is Undersold, something else must be Created; for Money is Momentary; it will be Exchanged as Immediately as Possible.

Of course, there are two Problems with that: Gluts do Exist, Especially in Recessions or - Worse - Depressions, and Wealth is often Reserved; even when something could be Sold for Profit, many Wait for a Greater Profit.  Also, there are other Considerations than just these Products and Services; even if Ego were Removed, one may Abstain from Short-Term Profits - as would otherwise Inflate one's Ego to Pursue - for the Objective Considerations of Racial Welfare (Literally: Well-Being).

There are three Means of Increasing the Appeal of Existing Supply; either to Create something Better and to Reduce the Cost of the Existing Item or Service, so those not Able to Afford the new one will Settle for Purchasing the old, to Popularize its Conversion to another Function, or to Create something Inferior - Especially if Overpriced - so as to Convince Consumers to Settle for it as is.  The latter seems to be Increasingly Common, Despite the Fact that it Bears the Risk that someone will Create something of Higher Quality and/or Lower Price in Spite of it.

On Russia and The War of Northern Aggression

It has always seemed to me that The Confederacy and Russia should have been Natural Allies, for Russia was Supposedly an Aristocracy and The Union would Decry The South as "too Aristocratic", both had Problems with Foreign Races (while The South had a Negroid Majority, a Sizable Portion of The Russian Empire then Consisted of Rebellious Turkish Hordes), both were Industrializing whilst still Agriculture-Based Economies, and both were Outcasts to World Powers; only to be Used for Temporary Purposes so Subject to Ego.  

Strangely, it was Russia that Threatened to Enter this Fratricidal War on Behalf of The Union if England and France were to Enter on Behalf of The Confederacy. 

The Remainder of European Powers (whether in Europe or Realms that were European-Lead but Comprised Mainly of Mongrels, such as Brazil and Mexico were at the time) were either Playing Both Sides or Neutral, whether for Ideological, Financial or Military Concerns.  

Now, I have my Opinion on why Catholic Powers took the Neutral Stances that they did, and the Protestants had Essentially Invented an 11th Commandment for The Acquisition of Wealth; while Grounded in Christianity - as can Exist only with European Racial Consciousness - this could Finance all Endevours that by Necessity are to be Undertaken, as well as all Luxuries that can be Afforded within such a Framework, the Jews the Protestants had Largely become Servile to Promoted instead that one could Tell which had been Selected for Salvation by Wealth.  But why did The Only Significant Orthodox Power take this Position?  

Russia's Position did nothing to Liberate Southeastern Europe from Turkish Occupation, and it only Further Drove The Wedge Between European Powers; thereby Preventing the very Cooperation that would have Ensured Far Earlier that Liberation?  

It was his Liberalism that was At Fault; his Self-Perceived Enlightenment was Blinding him to these Realities. Everything Good that any Liberal can be Credited for is something not itself Liberal; it is simply Correcting a Situation that was Caused by things - in turn - Liberal.  

That is, at least, in the Sense of it as being Overly Generous; that is, that it Assumed Powers not Historically Accepted as Belonging to the Force in Question and in doing so Jeopardized any Natural Balance there Elsewise could be.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Islamic State of Irrelevance

"Islamic State" is no Threat to America, unless America Allows it to be one; it is an Asset of M.O.S.S.A.D, Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı, The C.I.A., MI6, and other N.A.T.O., E.U. or Allied Forces.

While there was a Recent Bust in Macedonia, where the Turks and Race-Traitor Albanians (though the Predominance of Alledged Albanians are actually Turkish) have Congregated in its West, the Presence of such Forces is only Possible because N.A.T.O. will Destroy any Country that doesn't Accept these Monstrosities as "Joys of Diversity" and "Cultural Enrichment".

After all, "I.S.I.S." and "I.S.I.L." popped up once the Multi-National "Free Syrian Army" became Infamous for Killing Christians and Distributing Fake Photos (albeit the latter's also done by Assad's Supporters; I have seen a Finnish Soldieress being Mislabeled as from his "Glorious Syrian Arab Army", to Create Racial Confusion and Generate Sympathy); the Main Purpose of the latter (as this Side-Project of Killing Christians was to Create "Refugees" to Import to White Countries and to Falsely Blame on Assad) is now being Fulfilled by "Islamic State", as Assad quickly (Ostensibly) Proposed (Read: Accepted) an Exchange of Oil for American Support Against "Islamic State".  In The Real World, that's called Extortion.

What a Way to Force Russia's Hand!  Insane, but Brilliant!  Now, it'll have to go in to Retrieve the Ballistic Missiles that it Sold to Assad to Fight "F.S.A.", N.A.T.O. and "Israel".  It seems America is not Content to merely Create Enemies; it also Forces its Enemies to do the same.

Think about it: If "Islamic State" had a Genuine Grievance with "Israel", an Organization of that Size could Easily have Destroyed its Oil Pipeline.  Instead, it's been Focused on Destroying Ancient Assyrian Sites, Mass Raping Yazidis for Incorporating Zoroastrian Elements, and Attacking Iranic for being the only ones other than Chinese to be Fighting Islamic State; the Uyghur were Recruited by Islamic State, shortly after I Suggested that Iranic should Form a Counter I.S. and Negotiate Uyghur Status with a Oil-Based Chinese Ally.

I'm not Claiming that I was in any way Responsible for the aforesaid, nor that Jewry got its Idea to Colonize Ghost Cities in China from my Plan sometime before that to Purpose these as Training Facilities for a Reclamation of Tocharia; just that They Think Outside The Box that They have Confined The Masses' Minds to, and so do I.

The Purpose of this War For Oil (which Liberals, you may have Noticed, have not been calling it since Obama became Evident as a Pro-War Puppet-Leader) is to Secure Oil for The E.U.; when WWIII Begins, and it is Inevitable (because the Jewish-Dominated, American-Backed, E.U.-Member, Chinese-Allied, Black-Importing, Neo-Liberal Regime that has Usurped Ukraine has Ensured it, with the Assistance of the Nominally-National Socialist/Fascist yet Chechen-Supporting, Anti-Russian, Unionist "Right Sector"), Russia can Sever 80% of its Oil Supply (Including 100% to Belarus).

It has already Severed 80% of Ukraine's Oil Supply, in Response to 80% of Crimea's Water Supply being Severed by the new Jewish Regime.  Jewry says this is over a $145,000+ Water Debt; Russia can Call In a 5.6 Billion Dollar Oil Debt it was Tolerating with the Ally it had in the Former, Democratically-Elected Government in Ukraine.

On Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Donald Trump

Now, my Hatred for Libertarianism is Comparable to my Hatred of Communism but let's look Realistically at this Corpora-Bolshevik Regime called America: Why doesn't anyone like Ron Paul?

War?  America did everything The Masses had Wanted it to and then some, all at once Cleaning up its Prior Messes from Black Operations and Creating New Problems because it wouldn't Handle this like a Racial War. Obama Campaigned on being Anti-War, but he Set The Stage For Invading Russia. Ron Paul IS Anti-War.  But America has to Fix its Problems, right?  What a Stellar Job it's done thus far!

America can only Fix The Regime it Helped Install in West Ukraine by Assassinating Jewish Leaders, Backing Russia or - At The Very Least - Staying Out of Regionally-Foreign Affairs; so that Russia can Reestablish its own Hegemony over an Historically-Russian Land or (again, At The Very Least) Establish an Anti-N.A.T.O. Ally.

Homosexuality?  Neo-Cons Promote Homosexuality even more Rabidly than he does, now, which is what I said would Happen back in 2011 when everyone was telling me to take off my Tinfoil.

Abortion?  Like with Homosexuality, he won't Endorse either a Federal Ban or a Federal Protection of it; he has said that if any Legislation is Passed, it should be on the State Level.  That means that Conservative States can Ban these things, whereas Liberal States will Allow it.

Now, let's Consider that he has Endorsed Secession as the 10th Amendment Right it is; an Aspect, itself, of The 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Association (which Entails Freedom of Disassociation).

Furthermore, his Economic Policies are more Conservative than anything Offered by any Neo-Con.

He also Advocates Border Security, though it is Important to Note that this so-called "Gentilized" Libertarianism was once Promoted by Andrew Nepolitano; he now Advocates Open Borders, as a Central Tenant of Libertarianism.

Ideal?  Far from it, Especially as he has now Renounced "Racism" as "an ugly form of Collectivism", but States' Rights will Enable Us to Change The System in Ways that are Currently Impossible; if he is Legitimately More Honest than the Jews that Created and have Long been the Idols of Libertarianism, though this Shift that Occurred because of a Misattributed Quote about Negros does Cast Doubt upon this, he will not Invade a Seceded Racialist State.

At The Very Least, it'll be a Major Upset for America to have another War of Northern Aggression; if Russia is Willing to Back Us, and Paul's Mild Anti-Zionism will Strain his Loyalty to Jewry if this Fratricide does Occur, Our Independence will be Secured and We could even Reconquer the Remainder of The U.S.A.  

Contrast that with "Tea Party" Favourite Rand Paul; Ron's Son: Rand Paul has Openly Advocated Decriminalizing all Crimes for which Blacks are Disproportionately Arrested.  That, of course, Includes Rape and Murder.  He also Flip-Flops on many other Positions.

Of course, this Affiliation does Beg The Question of if Ron could likewise Decline.  However, there's a Counter-Point: Whereas Marine Le Pen is Increasingly Jew-Friendly, her Father has Renounced her for this and been Arrested for Holocaust Denial.

But who is the Alternative in America for Ron Paul?  Donald Trump?  His First V.P. Choice was Oprah Winfrey; that's the same Oprah that Openly Advocated Murdering Old White People to "End Racism".  He said it was Taken Out of Context; that it was a Joke.  He Approached her for a V.P. Ticket in 1999, though she Declined it then.  Now, his V.P. Choice is another Negress; this one an Alledged "Conservative" Actress, that Posed Nearly-Naked with its Breasts Exposed.

Furthermore, his Son and Daughter both have Jewish Spouses; he Praised his Jewish Family, at a Zionist Conference, and he Endorses Netanyahu.  To say he doesn't "have time for Political Correctness" is to Fail to Comprehend what this Euphemism is even about.  His Popularity is Predicated upon his Advocacy for Border Security, yet he Employs Illegal Immigrants.

And yet, "Donald Trump Will Destroy The Republican Party"?  I Hope so, I Truly do; I Hope you are Ruined not for one Election or even one Generation, but Permanently.  Lindsey Graham is Endorsing Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump and Jeb Bush has Met with Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett; when Coupled with the so-called "Attack" by Fox "News", I get the Impression that They Want Trump.  Someone Lacking "Bush Baggage" and Ostensibly Populist who is not Ron Paul can at once be Their Boy and make it Acceptable for Them to Admit that the Differences are Nominal; doing so on the False Pretense that Opposing him is Substantial and all that Matters.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Left: An Environmental Disaster

 The Future of The White-Wing is Green; it shall, one day, be the Whites (Anti-Communists) - not the Reds (Communists) and Pinkos [Socialists (at least when more Aligned with Bolsheviks than The N.S.D.A.P.)] - who will be Revered for their Ecological Policies; in Regards to both Flora, Fauna, Landscapes and Races of Humanoids.

I Predict an Increased Importance to certain Baltic and South American Countries, for one thing.

Let's Consider one Phenomenon that's Linked to all the others:

At 1 Object Per 67 Yards, the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" would be Collected into a Mass of Double The Size of The Continental U.S.  Modern Waste-to-Energy Conversion is Attested to since 1874, and Playgrounds, Roads and Bridges, Schools, Hospitals, Personal, Commercial and Military Vehicles, Residences, Clothing, and a Variety of both Household and Workplace Accessories can all be Constructed from Recycled Products, and yet this is still an Issue?

Energy Production is in several Categories and their Sub-Categories:

Fossil Fuels:

(1.) Coal:

Interest in it is Increasing, both for Residential and Commercial Usage:

(1b.) Coal Gasification:

They can actually Pump CO2 Underground, to Support Farmland and Replenish National Forests, but some Radical Leftists have - Ironically - Prevented this; on the Pretense that it is "Unnatural".  Well, then, Farming is "Unnatural".  Are Hunting, Fishing and Gathering also "Unnatural"?  I Notice that those Complaining about any or all of these things being "Unnatural" still have Vehicles, Homes, Clothing and other "Unnatural" things.  Some things Compliment Nature; some Harm it.  What's of Use to one Portion of Nature is Destructive to another.  There's a Balance; the Liberals don't even Want to Understand it, unless to Aid in Destroying it:

There are even Gasifiers for your Home, for Wood and Coal:

(2.) Oil:

(2b.) Fracking:

Apart from being Obnoxious, Fracking isn't even Safe in Close Proximity to Residential Areas:

(2c.) Some Improvements have been Made in Fracking, and Combining these together would be Reasonable, if Fracking is to Continue, but the Entire Practice was Born out of Restrictions on other Practices that were Based Upon False Criteria:


(1.) The Future of Nuclear Power is not in Nuclear Reactors, which will be Decommissioned and Replaced with Hemp Fields that will Cleanse the Soil, Air and Water, and then - in turn - be Gasified, but in Converting Extant Nuclear Waste Into Power.  It is Cleaner, Safer and Vastly More Efficient:

(2.) If Conventional Nuclear Methods are Continued, it should be with Heavy Water; most Plants do not Utilize this, albeit Safer and more Efficient.  This is on Account of the Possibility of Nuclear Weapon Proliferation, which is Ultimately a Non-Issue; a Stalemate has long been Achieved, and Unaccounted for Nuclear Devices haven't been Utilized in the Decades since these were Documented Missing.

(3) Advanced Heavy Water Reactors Employ Thorium:


(1.) Hydroelectric:

There's a Potential Methane Production, by Decomposition where Dams are Constructed, but Methane can be Harnessed; Ideally, a River would be Sought that Stems from and/or Feeds into Ecologically-Meaningless Swampland, such as Byproducts of Construction, to Capitalize on this Effect:

(2.) Geothermal:

(3.) Garbage-to-Fuel Conversion:

(3b.) Food Waste is a Serious Issue; in America, for Example, between 30 and 40% of its Edible Food is Wasted.  France has Recently Passed Legislation to Require Retailers to Donate Unsold Edible Food; by Contrast, there are Obscene Ordinances in much of America that Require it to be Disposed of.  Fuel Conversion is one Use for these Excess Products:

(3c.)/(4.) Converting Rubber and Plastic to Oil and Gas:

(5.) Sewage-to-Fuel Conversion:

This will be Especially Useful in places like India and China with Severe Population Density, as will be the Trash-to-Fuel Conversion in these Notoriously-Filthy Locations; these will Eliminate the Pretenses for a Considerable Amount of Foreign Aid, both in Terms of Energy, Employment and Medical Issues, and there will thus be a Self-Sustaining Encouragement to Educate The Populace in Related Fields, with the Increased Wages, Reduced Costs of Living and Increased Quality of Life all Enabling Further Upward Mobility or at least Self-Sufficiency, thus Eliminating the Pretenses for Crime and "Refugee" Status in The First World:

Of course, those are all just Pretenses; it's for these Reasons, with Their Twisted Motives, that The Powers That Be are Preventing Implementation of these Practices.

(6.) Methane:

(6b.) Power To Gas:

(7.) Wind:

This is Inefficient on The State Level, but - in some Locations - can be Useful for Residences and Businesses:

(7b.) Offshore Wind Power:

(8.) Solar:

Solar Power is also only Cost-Effective in Certain Regions, and not for State Usage; rather, for Personal or Business Usage:

(9.) E-85 Ethanol:

I Suggest that the Issue of G.M.O. Crops, until Jewish Hegemony has been Eliminated, at least, be Solved by Converting these to Fuel and Returning to Traditional Organisms for both Human and Animal Consumption, as well as for Fertilizers.

(10.) Used Cooking Oil:

Material Resources:

Bio-Plastics and Rubbers:

Improved Cements:

Straw-Bail Construction:


Hemp was only 7% of it, but this Stronger-But-Lighter-And-Cheaper-Than-Steal Composite should be Mass Produced:

Ford was on the Cutting Edge of many Issues, and could be called a National Capitalist; as such, he Represented the Concerns of both Agrarians and Industrialists; Employers and Employees:

It should also be Noted that Cannabis Hemp can be a Non-Intoxicating Food Source; it is also the only Source other than Fish to Provide Omega Vitamins, and thus Lacks The Widely-Undesired Taste:

If there is to be Proliferation of T.H.C., whether Solely for Therapeutic Use or for Recreational Adult Use, these Cannabis Plants must be Grown Separately from those for Food or Industrial Uses (and those may, then, likewise Need to be Separated) to Avoid (Cross-)Contamination:

Medical Considerations:

C.B.D. is Non-Intoxicating, Safe even for Toddlers (often Unlike Pharmaceuticals) and has the Majority of the Medical Benefits; the Use of Cannabis Oil for Medical Purposes will Eliminate the Concern that it is Desired "simply to get High".

That said, T.H.C. might have Uses in Psychotherapy.  Sativa (which Contains C.B.D.) is Described as a "Mind High", whereas Indica (which Lacks C.B.D.) is Described as a "Body High".

Of course, there's now a Scare Tactic of Unsourced Claims of Genetically Altering Cannabis, and They have long been Spraying it with Questionable Pesticides; there will Need to be G.M.O. Labeling, and other Quality Controls that go Beyond even what's been Introduced where it's been Decriminalized or even Legalized.

Related Agricultural Considerations:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Changing Catholic Perceptions of "Slavery", Races and Traditions in General

Do you Know the Reasons Why the Roman Catholic Church actually Banned Slavery in Europe?  It was to make it a Legal Obligation for Catholic Countries to Free White Slaves, to Prevent the Importation of Mongrels to as much of Europe as Possible, to Disempower The Ottoman Empire as much as Possible, and to Disempower Jewry as much as Possible.

The Barbary Pirates even Raided as far North as Ireland and Iceland, and They even went at least once as far Southwest as Rio de la Plata.  One Jewish Slaver even asked Rhetorically in his Diary why anyone should go to Africa to Enslave Negros, when it is so much Cheaper and Easier to Abduct some German or Irish Child.  Just as many Finnish were long Kidnapped and Enslaved to Arabic Rapists, the Arabic, Mongoloid and otherwise-Turkish Hordes actually so Oppressed the South Slavic Peoples that the Word "Slave" actually Derives from their National Name.

Jewry's White Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade made it so that, as it Feared Mestizo Revolutions if it Espoused the Racial Principles that Jesus Christ, His Apostles, St. Cyprian of Cartharage, St. John Chrysostom and St. Thomas Aquinas did, it had to make this Universal.  That also meant Complicating things for North America, with the Negros that Plagued it (Especially in The South).  Thus, it Hinted at its True Intentions by Retaining Diplomatic Relations with Both Sides of The War of Northern Aggression. Thus, it became Segregationist.  Unfortunately, the Mestizo, Castizo and Marrano "Priests" were Promoting "Integration" as "Creating A True Nation"; as if Preserving Our European Nation weren't Christ's Intention.

Things Declined, thenceforth, but began to Improve again under Pope Benedict XV; he did everything he could, within the Vastly Limited Geo-Political Influence that The Church still Commanded, as Contrasted with many Former Eras, to Prevent WWI. He was Challenged, at every turn, by Turncoats Within The Institution, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants of every Stripe, Muslims and - of course - Jewry.

Anti-Pope Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, the so-called "Pope Pius XII", Played Both Sides.

Anti-Pope Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the so-called "Pope Saint John XXIII", The Father of The Novus Ordo, an Open Friend of Jewry and Freemasonry, who Added The Star of Rephaim to his Mitre, to Proclaim himself High Priest of Jewism, then Sought to Ensure that it would never again be of any Value.

Anti-Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the so-called "Pope Francis I", is Intent on Creating the Scenario that Catholic Author Jean Raspail Warned Us of in "The Camp of the Saints".

The only Clerics who I Know of who are even Half-Decent are Bishop Richard Williamson, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Raymond Burke. They've been Demoted and/or Threatened With Excommunication, but still think they can Reform It From Within.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Costa Rica

Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, English, Dutch, French, Irish, Portuguese, Polish, Russians, Danes, Belgians, Croats and "Hungarians" are Purportedly a Total of 77% of Costa Rica.  Admitted Lebanese, Jews, Turks, Armenians and Georgians are another 5%, with the Remaining 18% being mostly Mestizo; there are also some Blacks and Chinese.

Unfortunately, Sizable Percentages of the Allegedly Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Croatian and "Hungarian" Populations of the World are actually Bastardized; there are Regions of these Countries that have White Majorities and Regions that have White Minorities, even if the Hybrids have become Europoid.  Additionally, Mestizos Often Mis-Identify Themselves.  In some Countries, there are more White-Identifying Mestizos than Mestizo-Identifying Mestizos; one Example is Cuba, where 66% Alledge Whiteness.  Contrarily, I have seen a Report that only 23% are "Eurasian"; most "Eurasians" are not Racially-European.  I've yet to be shown a Living White Cuban; every Alledged Example has been Exposed as having some Foreign D.N.A.

Fortunately, however, the Self-Identified Spaniards were Farmers from Northern Spain; it is Likely that at least the Majority were Racially-Pure.  Therefore, there would not be as much if any Ability for the Mongrels to Alledge Familiarity as there would be in other South American Countries; they would Likely have more Discretion on what to call European and what to call an Impostor, when other Populations were Arriving.  This would Explain why American Theater Audiences being Introduced to Costa Rica were told that (at the time, these many Decades ago) 80% were (and I Quote) Pure Descendants.

Sadly, however, that Indicates that Whites down there are much like Whites everywhere else; not having nearly enough Children.  If so many other White Populations could be Introduced - even in Small Numbers - and still not have a Positive White Birth-to-Death Ratio, there's something Seriously Wrong.

Still, I stand by Costa Rica as an Option; a Part of my Increasing Belief that there's more Hope in certain parts of South America, certain parts of The Balkans and most of Russia than in North America, Western Europe and Australia, though I am not Discounting those as Options; merely Proposing that they will take a Backseat, in Our New World Order, for a few Generations, until things can Sort-Out themselves in a White Tomorrow.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Creating an Ibero-American, Eco-Right Hegemony in Northern Mexico

 You may Know of my Disdain for the Hypocrisy of Mexico's P.A.N. [being as it is Comparable to the "National" Bolsheviks in Romania that Deport the Mongrels that They aren't Lusting after, Bribed by or Elevating to Influential Positions for Short-Sighted, Egotistical Gains, to Whiter Countries (such as England); thereby Stigmatizing the former Country and Encouraging a War the Equally-Bolshevik Leaders of the latter will Allow the Neo-Cons to Glorify and the (other) Liberals to Condemn as a Racial War, though only the Non-Whites that will then be Imported en masse as "Refugees" to the Whiter Country will Fight as such, while Bombing any Clusters of White Population] but wouldn't it be Ironic if Genuine Nationalism was Spread amongst the European Minority in Northern Mexico, and it Seceded and turned itself into a Racialist Version of (the Fictional Country of) Opium from The House of The Scorpion (by Nancy Farmer), with all the Mestizos having Invaded America and White American Catholics, Artists, Artisans, Architects, Musicians, Surfers, Game Fishers, Hunters, Adventurers, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Agrarians, Industrialists, Environmentalists, Homeopaths, Foodies, Retirees, Students and General Dissidents all Congregated down there, and Transformed it into a Larger, more Euro-Diverse, Sovereign Version of Orania?

As I Understand it, there are Whites in Baja California (Officially, Per The 2010 Census, 30%), Sonora (Officially, it was 55.84%, in 1921; no Racial Statistics have been Maintained, since), Chihuahua (36.33%, in 1921; no Recent Documentation), Nuevo Leon (Officially, Per The 2010 Census, Spaniards, French and Germans are Currently the Majority), Durango (Officially, Per The 2005 Census, 50% are either Basque or Mennonite) and San Luis Potosi (Officially, Per The 2013 Census, 89%).

Coahuila de Zaragoza has no Official Numerical Statistic, though the two Largest Groups are Currently Officially Listed as "Criollos" and "Mestizos".  While "Criollo" was Originally for those of Pure Descent who were Born in the Colonies, it later became anyone of either 7/8ths European or Pure European Ancestry; the Marrano i.e. Jewish and Moorish that Pretended to be Hispanic, being Responsible for the Ease of this Degradation.  Thus, many "Criollo" are actually "Castizo"; a Mix of European and Mestizo, or any further Dilution.

Officially, Whites are 19-20% of Mexico City; some have Alleged as High as 40%, but this is Simply Absurd.  9% might be Possible.  Officially, the Federal District as a Whole was 22.79% White in 1921.

They Alledge that many Whites were Self-Identifying in Mexico's Federal District's 1921 Census not by Race but by Culture, and so Identified as Mestizo; this is the Exact Opposite of everywhere else in the Word, where Non-Whites Misidentify as Racially and/or Culturally European.  

While I can't find any Statistics for it, there is Purportedly some small White Minority in Jalisco.

Purportedly, there are still Cornish and Italian Minorities in Hidalgo.

I do not have Statistics for it, either, but there are Purportedly Small Communities of Basques, other Spaniards and Italians in Veracruz-Llave.

In the 1980's, some Mennonites from Chihuahua and Durango had Resettled in Campeche.

Possibly, there are some in Guanajuato; it is 10% Immigrants, with 7% from America and the rest mostly from Canada.

I can't find Figures for Tamaulipas, but there Appears to be some Recent European Cultural Influence; it's on Texas' Southern Border, and Neighbors some of the Whiter States, with The Gulf of Mexico as its Eastern Border, and Northern Mexican States are Typically Whiter than Southern Mexican States.

I find those Figures for Whites in those States to be Dubious, and thus Consider the Official Statistics of 9% (America's), 10% (Mexico's) and 16% (The Encyclopedia Britannica's) for all of Mexico to be Overstated.  I Suspect it to be about Half what America says it is.

I wonder if there could be a Population Exchange between Southern Mexico and Northern Mexico, like with Greece and The Turkish Occupation of Anatolia and Eastern Thrace.  If so, We should Test for Purity.

If not, or not so Directly, perhaps someone can Rally everyone on some sort of Cristero-Invoking Platform that Involves Recalling Mexicans Abroad (Including Emigrant's Descendants) and Celebrating European Heritage.  Someone will have to Name The Jew, and how White Genocide and Cultural Corruption are Jewish Agendas.

After that, Nation-State Divisions would be a Logical Progression.

America would then be in a Fix, with its Southern Border being Largely Secured for it (The Carribean would still be its Problem, though I have some Interest in a Counter-Revolution by The Dominican Republic's White Minority that's perhaps Half what it is Officially i.e. actually 8%, rather than 16%) by a Government that would Replace The (Ironically-Named) "N.A.F.T.A." with either Isolationism or Legitimate Policies with a more Conservative Government to Develop in Response in America of Mutual Benefaction.  How far are White Americans actually Willing to go for The Multicult?  When do We say to Jewry "Enough!  I Support White Survival!  I Refuse To Pander!  To Hell With Alienists!"?

They won't simply Allow any of this, but Their Power is Based on the Illusory; it only takes about 15% of a Population to Rebel, to Overthrow even a Long-Established Government.  At this Point, it is Far Beyond Prudence; at this Point, it is a Mixture of Blatant Apathy and Cowardice amongst The General White Public; in Collusion with the Sheer and Utter Malice of The Corpora-Bolshevik Elite and its Pet Criminal Underclass.

By Definition, it is The Middle Class that is Bourgeois; it is a Marxist Lie to Apply this Terminology to The Ruling Class, just as it is to Pretend that They are Integral to The Middle Class, unless you mean in the Sense of a Half-Truth; that said Class has the Power to Decide what will Rule over it, but is Burdened by its Current Choice to Define itself as a Slave to Rabbi Moses Mordecai Levy a.k.a. Karl Heinrich Marx's Ideology.

Shall These Fabian Wars Continue?  Or shall those that have Stolen Our Slice, on a False Pretense of Returning a Theft of an Equal Pie, be Punished with any Slice that They elsewise might have Earned being Forfeited?  They have Demanded "the redistribution of wealth amongst the masses"; They will now Learn what it Feels like to be on The Other Side of this Development.  "Forward."  "Progress."  "Cultural Enrichment."  "Joys of Diversity."  We must Return these Words to their Natural Meanings.

This will be Our Aztlan.  Given that Topiltzin (before his Ironic Conflation with Quetzalcoatl) was White-Skinned and of a Divine Race from across the Ocean to The East, and Opposed the Sacrifice of his People, with Montezuma II Fearing that Cortez was his Second Coming, with Popular Support for him as this Prophesied God-King having Returned to Exact Justice upon the Sacrifice-Demanding Usurpers, it can Safely be Affirmed that Europeans have more Right to this National Name than the Mexica and Related Mongrel Tribes that they Banished.

New Spain was Usurped by the Closet-Mongrel Iturbide, and Maximilian I's "Enlightenment" was his Undoing.  Before all of this, the Solutreans who Founded The Clovis Cultures throughout The Western Hemisphere were Bastardized or Murdered.  We must not make the same Mistake.  It is only Noble to Compromise if not to do so would be Worse than to do so; if you only Stand to Lose, which Includes if you could Gain More By Violence, it is Ignoble to even Momentarily Surrender your Stance.  It Is Us Or Them.