Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alienist Gun Advocacy: The Friend of White Disarmament

 I wish Gun Rights Activists would stop making Fools of Us by Perpetuating Debunked Holocaust Myths, or taking Out of Context the Photos of White Police and Negro Criminals, to make Them look Abused, and would show some of Negro, Jewish and otherwise Alien Aggression Against Whites; such as Boer and other White Afrikaner Genocides by Jews like Joe Slovo, Arabs like Tauriq Moosa (a Blatant Advocate of Miscegenation, Incest and Bestiality, and at least Implied Advocate of Pedophilia - as per his Circular Reasoning in his Advocacy of Bestiality!), and Blacks like Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema, or The Cossack Genocides, The Russian Genocides and The Ukrainian Holodomors by Jews like Lazar Kaganovich and Their Turkish Brethren like Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Joseph Stalin, The Irish Holodomor by Jews like Lionel Nathan de Rothschild and Benjamin Disraeli, The Mass Rapes of Europeans by Jewry and Their Turkish Brethren (Advocated by Jew Ilya Ehrenberg a.k.a. The Man Who Invented The Six Million!), The Dresden Holocaust (Orchestrated by Professor Frederick Lindemann - a Jew!), The Genocide of Germans in Yugoslavia by Jews and Their Turkish Brethren from The Soviet Union, The Hellenic Genocides by Jews and Their Turkic Brethren in The Young Turk Regime (a Continuation of Hellenic Genocides from The Ottoman Empire - which was Continuing what Foreign Breeds have always done to Our Kind!), or any of the other White Genocides by Lesser Breeds!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

When East Meets West: Considerations on The Chinese Market, and Long-Term Reclamation of Tocharia

 China's Investment-Driven and Time-Oriented Economy has lead to the Deliberate-Construction of entire Ghost Cities and Bridges to Nowhere.  This has lead to Infrastructure Collapses, of both Literal and Metaphoric Form, which China (in true Communist Fashion) Responds to with more of the same Failed Policies.

 Its Jade Bubble (a Result of its Fusion of Morally-Divorced Capitalism with Maoism; similar to "The West's" Fusion of Bolshevism and said Corporatism) is about to Burst; of course, whenever it is Forewarned that a Bubble will Burst, it is to Accelerate that Transition.  Then, those with Power can Acquire more at Dirt-Cheap Prices.  Rothschild has been doing such, with one Medium or another, since the 1700's.

My Question is: Why can't We get an Organization together to Invest in Jade (as with other Mediums) during such Orchestrated Crashes, and use these as Our Debt-Free Currency?  Ameristan has Infamously "Appropriated" (Stolen) what was then 7 million dollars (more, now) in Silver which was Minted as an Alternative Currency to the Unconstitutional "Federal Reserve" Notes, but a Wide-Scale Acquiescence of Silver and Jade (both highly Valued by China; Jade largely for Cultural Reasons, having been Influenced by Tocharian Artistry, and Silver as an Alternative to The Gold and Platinum Bubbles) may Result in the Acknowledgement of Our Valid and Sound Policies by even Mainstreamers.

Western China, as with other parts of East Asia, was once Ours; it is not the only Homeland of Ours to be Lost to Inundating, Ravaging, Hordes of Curs, either.  It also isn't the only part of the World to have such Ghost Towns, and many have Superior Architecture; I'm just Listing Our Options.

Between China's Economic Imperative for an Income-Influx, the Desire of the Uighurs (Hybrids Resulting from Bastardizations of Scythians, Tocharians, Yuezhi and White Huns by Chinoids and other Mongoloids) to Maintain a Sense of Identity, the Yamato's Desire to Overtake China, Russia's Stance between the two, the Desire of the Ainu (Hybrids Resulting of the Bastardizations of Whites by Pre-Yamato Mongoloids in Northern Japanese Islands) to Maintain a Sense of Identity, Asiatic Nazism Increasing amongst Uighurs, Ainu and Yamato, Taiwan's Desire to be Recognized as Sovereign by China, a(n) Arabic/Muslim Problem in parts of Western China, Secessionist Sentiments Developing in Northern India, and Soetoro having Backed The Formation of a Taliban Embassy as part of an Agenda of Dissolution of what is Ironically Named "Pakistan" (Land of the Pure - though now Usurped by Arabo-Dravidians!), especially with the Inevitable Development (not if, but when such happens) of a "Spill-Over" of "Pakhtun" Violence into what Arabic Invaders call "Afghanistan", can We not Instigate something in Our Favour?

The last two years, I've been Considering the Ramifications and Long-Term Benefits of these and other Developments in Europe, Canada, America and Australia, but now I'm Thinking on an even Longer-Term; Requisition of said Homelands was always an Agenda, but it seems Bureaucratic Corruption and Incompetence is making it much Easier than I had Initially Expected.

Since The Triad and Chinese Industry is Involved with Jewish and Negroid Cartels in South Afrika, which Extort, Rape and Murder the "Illegal" Miners in Abandoned Mines in that Communist-Occupied Realm (which The Sondheim Cranium Proves We had several hundred thousand years before They did - not to mention the Vast Predominance of said Region having been Unexplored by Negroids; rather, being Explored by Boere, other Dutchmen, Germans and English whom Settled it!), and a similar thing goes on in India (though S.A., Rhodesia and Namibie also has White Genocide!), it would be Poetic Justice for Us to "Redistribute" from those "Redistributors" a few of those Ghost Towns to Ourselves as Havens for the likes of the Boer!

The Question is: How do We get Putin to stop Flip-Flopping, so he'll just Aid Us, or is it Impossible for him to Dispense with his K.G.B. Indoctrination?

Some other Considerations: Is it at all Possible for Le Pen to have a Victory in France?  Perhaps after Chrysi Avgi has one in Greece, though Austria may have to have such a Development between the two.

 Iceland doesn't yet seem at that point but it is, Per Capita, one of The Whitest Countries on Earth, and it has begun to Tackle the Bankster Problem; it's made many Improvements, for sure - but still needs to Eliminate Rothschild!

 Belarus is Allegedly National Socialist... but the Emphasis is surely on Socialist.

 The Ukrainian Insurgent Army still has awhile to go before it's Mainstream; but if We have a Prayer, People will be Awakened by the new Film about The Great Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33.  Of course, The Jewish Media will Denounce this as "Propaganda" - whilst Hypocritically Bombarding Us with such Propaganda as Their Scientifically and Logically Debunked "Holocaust"!  For Sources on that, check my other Article: "Countering Holodomor Denial".

  Hungary isn't quite ready yet but it is making a surprising amount of Strides for a Country that's probably Occupied by more Khavars, Jews, Gypsies, Avars, Tartars, Lipka Tartars and other Turkics than Aryans.

 The two Whitest Countries on Earth, Per Capita, are Lithuania and Estonia; both have not only Nationalist Movements but even Mainstream Nationalist Sentiments - but have yet to Oust Rothschild!

For everything that Offers Hope, there is at least one more thing to Prove that it is only a Trick to Poison Our Souls; thus, We must Determine Our Fate for Ourselves - We must have (though I Phrase it this way at the Risk of being Mistaken for a Socialist or other "Humanist") a Triumph of the Will!

  In the Longer-Run, I think Tocharian and Scythian Revivals, as I've spoke of before, could be used to Pacify and perhaps even Recruit the aforesaid Mongoloids and certain Hybridized Caucasoids (such as Saami and Komi) to a Mutually-Beneficial Cause (at least for a time) whilst Maintaining an Aryan Culture and Philosophy; it would also, as I spoke of recently, Eliminate much of the "head in the clouds" Mentality that has been Instilled by Jewry and its Foreign Hordes in so many of The Children of Light - Our Cloud Warriors!  When the Whole of the World has been Reclaimed as Ours, what Develops will be a Holy Culture - an Aryan Culture!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The People of the Clouds" should not have their "heads in the clouds"

There is a growing Trend, especially amongst those frequenting the "Counter-Currents" website, of Pseudo-Intellectuals in Aryanists Movements; those with Minds filled to the brim with Abstract Notions, whom Consider Empirical and Logical Necessities like Agriculture, Pastoralism and Warrior Cultures to be "beneath Us; for the Savage, Negro, Toiler"; Despite that it never had such things to begin with.

 They're so Fascinated by Arabs, Dravidians and Mongoloids for Their Metaphysical "Supremacy"; however, these Pseudo-Eurasianists Fail to Comprehend the Scythian, Tocharian, Proto-Persian, True Isra'el'ite and other Aryan Influences upon such Lesser Races.  Without White Influence throughout Asia, the Yuezhi, "White Hunnic", Kushan, Assyrian and Parthian would have not Existed, and there would be no Debates about their Composition and Culture.

It is like the common View of "Occidental Quarterly" and "Occidental Dissent"; where no one seems to have Concluded that rather than working backwards from now in Attempt to Create a Non-Jacobin Liberalism, calling this "Libertarian Nationalism", it would be more Logical to work forwards within a Nationalist Mindframe from the Root of everything of a Non-Monarchist Nature.  Still, I'd Recommend Combining the aforesaid with a Minarchistic Monarchy; for the exact Nature of how, Refer to my other Article: "Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future".

There's also the Website "Aryanism", which claims an "Aryan Third Position on Gender"; continuing on the path of Metaphysics, They Forget to Consider Genetics.  Basically, apart from believing We used to be Fundamentally Androgynous, They Decided that Foreign Agendas of Homosexuality can be "Tolerated" so long as it isn't Flaunted.  The Fact that it was Introduced to the Hellenes by Edomites, Chamites and Cinites, used to Condemn the Gods that they had grown Weary of, rather than to Praise such Adulteration of their Mythologies, Exaggerated in Influence by Khazars and others Opposed to White Traditionalism, and used to Slander so-called Barbarian Whites for Political Reasons, is Ignorantly Neglected if not Blatantly Denied by these Faux-Aryanists!

Aryanist High Fantasy Vs. Common Liberal Fantasy: The Ironies of Tolkien and Mainstream "Culture"

When Geeks and other Mainstreamers go see things like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, do They have even the slightest Inkling that it is Inspired by Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Celtic, Finnish, Hellenic, Persian (Pre-Arabization), Vedic and Slavic Mythologies and other Folklores of said People, or that it is filled with Allusions to a particular Hebraic Tale, as well as Roman Catholic Sentiments?  He Expressed this himself, you know?  Some say one Source was a Play by Wagner, which was Constructed upon Germanic Antiquities and Christianity.

Seriously, Dwarfs are clearly a Fusion of Hebrevs (rather than "Jews"!) and Vikings (a Blood Memory, perhaps, of this Alienist which Ironically Authored in the Aryanist Tradition), and Elves are... well... Elves.  They're Icelandic.  Hobbits?  They Live like Nordic People did for thousands of years.  Gandalf?  He's either Myrddin Emyrs a.k.a. Merlin (Created by Geoffrey of Monmouth; though Based upon Myrddin Wyllt, a Mad Prophet of Northumbria) or Odin/Wotan/Wōdanaz.

Saruman The White, having grown Corrupt and Betrayed all he was Renowned for, should have been a Dead Giveaway; even if you're Completely Unaware of the Medieval Legend of The Seal of Solomon a.k.a. Solomon's Ring.  How about the Caves full of Gold of the Dwarf King?  King Solomon's Mines ring a bell?  Just as Sauron was Feared by Saruman, The Wise Wizard, Jews (Edomites) were Feared by Solomon, The Wise (Isra'el'ite) King; this Fear turned to Loyalty, and his Protégé (as with Gandalf, so with His Isra'el'ites) had to Reject it.

There are also Black and Arabic Hordes that must be Defeated, as a Reference to The Moorish and Turkish Invasions.

The Ents, the Anthropomorphic Trees, are his Version of something Present in many European Cultures.

Mordor was his Allegory for Early Industrial London, before Increased Technological Advancements, Industrial and Residential Zoning, Child Labour Laws and those on Health, Safety, Wages, Hours and other things now Widely Regarded in The First World as Basic Human Rights would Improve Conditions.  Of course, Unions and Lawmakers have both now Run Rampant with these Concepts and become Destructive Forces of Their Own.

I'm sure if you looked closer, you could find more Examples and the Precise ones to match up with different Influences, but you get the picture.

Of course, as Alluded to above, either Tolkien was not (Consciously, anyway) Aware of the Differences between Hebrevs and Jews or would not more than Tacitly Confess it; it is, however, apparent that a Sub-Conscious Realization was made, as his Isra'el'ite-Inspired Characters Behave as such - rather than Jews!

When Requested by The N.S.D.A.P. to Permit Publication of his Novels in Hitler's Reich, Tolkien gave a Retort about not Descending from those "Glorious" Jews, Iranic or Indians; an Erroneous Assertion that They were the Ancient Aryans, as a Contrast with the Anthropological Evidence from both Ancient Sources and Studies that The N.S.D.A.P. were Conducting at the Time.

Of course, he would have been Censored in England if he did not; it was Exceedingly Rare for an Englishman, Regardless of his Racialism in Peacetime, to Contradict The Regime in his Day.

Today, many Aspects of his Stories are Censored from Films and to make Abridged Versions.  My Favourite of those is his Refutation of Anarchism and Libertarianism; though he Affirms Private Ownership Rights and other Individual Pursuits, much to the Dismay of Communists, he also Affirms that those Willing to Unite on Political, Religious, Cultural and/or Racial Grounds can Crush these Hyper-Individualists.

It seems Liberals like Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro (not Related to Mestizoid Actor Benicio Del Toro) do not Understand that White Culture will not Endure if Whites are Extinct; some look at Dumas and Pushkin as what They Mis-Conceive as Proof that it will - but They only got were They did at the Charity of Whites!

They should have not Existed, being Hybrids, and would not have Penned what They did if it were not for White Generosity (Dumas by The French Aristocracy, Pushkin by Russian Royalty) in Providing for Them a Superior Education than what White Peasantry could Expect!  In Fact, rather than Reminding People that it was said White People and Cultures that Afforded Them such Opportunities - Liberals and Jewish Publishers tell Us all about that Usurper called "The Black Count", and "The Blackmoore of Peter The Great"!

Furthermore, the former was a Liberal and the latter a Bolshevik; even if Literary Quality were Present, many Aspects of Our Culture were still Lost On Them.

Look at how many Alien Nations have Slaughtered Themselves and each other to Return The White Gods - actually Bastardized, Murdered or Driven into Exile by Their Marauding Hordes!  Even now, the so-called History Chanel tells Us all about "Ancient Aliens" - which Invariably turn out to be Lost White Civilizations!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future

  What I've wanted to do for some time is take the Common Elements of Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic and Hellenic Music, Language, Mythology and other Folklore, Fashion, Defence,  Artistry, Architecture, Agricultural Methods, Medicine, and other Scientific and Philosophical Matters, and syphon from this all that which Resulted from Interaction since 200 A.D., in Attempt to Reconstruct any Lost Facets of Cultures of Steppes and Saka Scythians.

We could Compare and Contrast that with what We already Know of Scythia, which is Considerably more Comprehensive and Considerably more Nordic (Mummies and other Skeletal Remains Prove this - so you can say "Nordist"/Nordicist" all you want!) than Mainstreamers would have Us believe, as well as doing such a thing to Extract the Vedic, Tocharian and other Scythian Influences from Mongoloid, Arabic and Dravidian Cultures!

We could also do it for the likes of Proto-Persians!  Such a thing could also be done for Proto-Berber/Amazigh and Proto-Egyptians, as well as the Clovis Cultures - Created by Our Solutrean Brethren!

Then, We could Compare and Contrast this all to that of The True Isra'el'ites!  Additionally, We could do it to the Cultures of Old Europe i.e. Pre-Classical Antiquity; before Scythian or other Lost True Isra'el'ite Influence had been felt!

Of course, all of this would also Require Us to Cull any Foreign Influences; We need to Acknowledge when Europe and other Historic Homelands of Ours were Invaded, or Our Ideologies were Corrupted - not Pretend the Influence only went out from Our Explorations!

The Difference between the Vagabond and the Explorer, of course, is that the Explorer Brings Innate Civility with him - whereas the Vagabond Innately Wrings Desecration!

Comparing and Contrasting it all, I believe We can Theorize rather Accurately how a United White Race in a Solely-White World would Function.

Personally, I like to think it would be a Theocratic Nationalist, and thus Cultural Traditionalist (for Our Nation cannot Survive without a Culture as Valid and Sound as Ours!), Fusion of Steampunk and Cyberpunk; a Requiem of Tesla, Verne and DaVinci!

However, there would also be "Radical" Departures from what is in Literature and Film today; Militancy would likely be Non-Existent because The Lack of Foreign Influence would Render it Unnecessary, and the Degenerate Behaviors that are Literal Meanings of "Punk" would be Replaced with the Obsession for such Technological Innovations that it is often Confused with.  Additionally, many seem to Forget that Agriculture is Necessary to Survival - this World would never have Forgotten that!

It would have Biblical Judges, being Judge, Jury and Executioner, and Serving as Vigilantes, in Addition to Civilian Posies and Vigilantes, in the Rare Case that such be Needed in such a Society, and a Scythian-Style Loose Confederation of Aryan Nations; each Tribalist Monarchy would be Minarchist in Structure - though would Rule with a Rod of Iron over Moral Affairs!  When on Royal Family is to Marry another, it would Preserve both Cultures via a Personal Union.  It would be, of course, Meritocratic; Based upon Empirical Science and a Corresponding Philosophy of Logic.

You could say that what I Imagine is Archeofuturism, from a Twin Seedline Christian Identist Perspective.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cohen Predicament in Entertainment: Part II

  I don't know why I bothered sitting through Lakeview Terrace, but I don't think I even made it through half of the first Alienist Propaganda Film that was on today; Ironically, I know Broken Lance would have been the much better Film.  I guess I was just waiting for Samuel L. Jackson's Character to say it Outright, and by the time he did it was almost over and I just wanted to see him Die.

 In Broken Lance, Spencer Tracy Guilt Trips E.G. Marshal by mentioning how he Launched his Political Career, and then says he's going to have Robert Wagner "take her - even if he has to drag her out of the house by her hair!" - Implying that Rape is Morally Superior to Racism!

Wagner, you see, is randomly Half-Indian, in this; simply with some Brown Makeup (like Burt Landcaster's Red Makeup in Comanche - where the one his Character sleeps with is Portrayed by an actual Injun!), with the one supposed to be his Mother (Played by Katy Jurado, in Brown Makeup, for no apparent Reason) being the Indian side he's so Proud of [though this Amerimongoloid Pretends to be Spanish - further showing Jews (like its Producer, Sol C. Siegel; Director Edward Dmytryk claiming to be Ukrainian, but making many Pro-Jewish Films - whilst Jews Waged Another Genocide Against Ukrainians!) are Confused about the Differences between Spaniards and Mestizoids!]!  Furthermore, he doesn't have a very high Opinion of his Irish side - though is perfectly Content with Defiling a White Woman!

A similarly Absurd Choice for an Actor to Portray an Injun is Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith!  Another Propaganda Film is The Missing (Directed by Jew Ron Howard), wherein Tommy Lee Jones would rather be one of the Indians that are Enslaving, Raping and Murdering Whites (yes - Whites have been Enslaved and/or Genocided by many!) than one of his own Race - even as Indians Beat and Condemn him both for being White and for Posing as one of Them!

In Lakeview Terrace [Produced by Negroids Will Smith and James Lassiter, with Directing by Jewish-Sympathetic/Self-Loathing (or perhaps Marrano Jew) Franko-Anglo-Irish Mormon Neil LaBute], We're made to feel that the Reason why Able (Jackson's Character) is Evil is because he DOESN'T Approve of Miscegenation - not because he Hates White People!  He calls Us "Takers" - Despite it being his Kind that's so Eager to Rape Our Women!  This also gives Them the Opportunity to Argue that Hollywood is Casting Them as Villains - rather than looking at how often We are actually Vilified by Hollywood!

Earlier this morning, there was more Propaganda from Usual Suspects Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford (as more Self-Hating Irishmen!) in The Rifleman (Produced by Jewish-Owned Network A.B.C., and now shown on Jewish-Owned Network A.M.C.)!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Countering Holodomor Denial

 Contrary to the claim of Zionist Blogger Robert Lindsay of, a Proponent of the quite Ironic Absurdity that The Holodomor of 7-10 million Ukrainians is but a mere Propaganda Hoax fed to Americans their entire Lives by The U.S. Media, both Mainstream Media and The U.S. Government have held The Official Position of Holodomor Denial since Franklin Delano "Roosevelt" (Rosenfeld - a Marrano Jew!) presented Walter Duranty (a Jew) with a Medal for it!  

About half his Propaganda Article is Devoted to an Attempt to Debunk that Duranty and others' Libelous Stories were Holodomor Denial, however he even Concludes his piece with a Holodomor Denial; basically, he's saying there was no Holodomor to Deny, so it wasn't Holodomor Denial - which is both Provably False and Contrary to the very Definition of Denial!

Since The Ukrainian Holodomor never made it into The Curriculum of The State Education System, nor that of "Private" Schools, Most Americans are entirely Unaware of this History - as with other White Genocides!  After all, The Federal Government in America also Reported to The American People that The Massacre in Katyn Forest was of Nazi Orchestration - rather than Soviet Jewry!  These Precedents of Denial and Deception, amongst others, are yet additional Reasons why his Allegations and Sources are Dubious - at best!  

 He's claiming that Ukrainians did most of it to themselves, and made up the rest!  Anyone who believes that is Mentally Retarded - by Definition!  That's because "Retarded" means "Restrained" or "Withheld"; those believing such Lies are Withheld from Proper Cognitive Functioning! 

The Ukrainians were (as most still are) an Agrarian People; they would have known the Inherent Hazards of Destroying their own Crops and Livestock - not to mention it would be Counter-Intuitive to do so whilst "Appropriations" were taking place!  If he was Arguing that they Destroyed it so The Soviets couldn't have it - he's Admitting (via Implication) that they would have Starved anyway!  Thus, he's Implying his entire Thesis to be Irrelevant! 

The Average Ukrainian, even after around 1/3rd of their Population has been Murdered by Soviets, and Despite Bolshevism's Anti-Familist and other "Anti-Racist" (Anti-White) Indoctrination, still has an Above Average I.Q.; thus, his claims are (once again) Dubious - at best!  

One of his Irrational Arguments is that Famines Occurred elsewhere in The Soviet Union - but that only further Indicts The Soviet Union!  The Reason for that is The Agricultural Stability which Existed BEFORE The Soviet Union's Inception! 

He Blames "an effort to jump-start collectivization and do it very rapidly" -  though he Fails to Acknowledge the Jews that Wrote into "The American Hebrew" and "The Jew" about The Soviet Union being a Fulfillment of Their Talmudic Doctrines of how (Quote) "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed." (Abodah Zara 26b)!  Apart from Their Babylonian and Pseudo-Samaritan Blasphemies, whilst one could Argue that Bolshevism had not been Implemented prior to The Soviet Union, several Failed Communist Regimes did exist - including a prior "Commonwealth" System Implemented in Plymouth Colony! 

The likes of Lindsay, as is now The Official Position of The U.S. Government, Blame the Death of half those Colonists on Weather; Despite having come from a similar Climate - which (Contrary to the Implication of those "Revisionist" claims!) DID NOT Experience any Unusual Death-Rate from Weather!  Governor Bradford, furthermore, even Blamed that Ideology he Agreed to Implement in Exchange for being Appointed Governor!  In his Diary (Copies of which are even Available to The Public!), he even said: "We thought we were wiser than God."!

He mentions 15 million Deaths Caused by (Saloth Sar) Pol Pot (a Cambodian Dictator), in Attempt to say it was a Lack of Foresight Amongst Governmental Forces; rather than Planned Starvation; however, this doesn't Explain why neither Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvil a.k.a. "Joseph Stalin" (known even by Leonid Krasin, a Jew, as "The Asiatic"; on account of his Khazarian Ancestry - which Ethnic Jews share!) nor Pol Pot made any Attempt to Correct the Error!  

He claims that there were Efforts by The Soviets to Supply Aid, however there is no Valid and Sound Source for this!  What he is actually Referring to is The Economic and Moral Fallacy of "Redistributionism" - he is Neglecting (and thus Denying, in Effect!) that it was first "Appropriated" (Stolen!) from those Subjected to The Soviet Union!  

Lindsay even claims that most of the Deaths were Due to Disease - as if this means it wasn't Spread by Orchestrated Famine!  The Disease followed the Holodomor - which was Conceived and Executed by Lazar Kaganovich (a Jew)!  One could Argue that Correlation does not Prove Causation - but an Abundance of Death is Proven to Result in The Spread of Disease!  Thus, even if Disease also Spread by other Means - it was Exacerbated by Holodomor!  

He claims that the word Denial is used because of "The Holocaust"; albeit The Holodomor was Orchestrated - and Reported World-Wide! - Over a decade before any claims of a Holocaust were Propagated Against Germany by Jewry!

Besides, his precious little Jewish Holohoax was Debunked by the likes of Gas Chamber Expert Fred Leuchter, and David Cole - a Jew!  They made a Propaganda Film called "The Fall of Fred Leuchter" - but Cole's Research Debunked it!  They like to say that Cole Retracted his claims - though They Neglect that The "A.D.L." put a Hit out on him prior to such!  That's why he was in Hiding, for ten years, before he Withdrew the claims - to Save his Life!  Incidentally, in 2000 - he returned to Denying that Debunked Holocaust!

Furthermore, the Jews had merely Recycled the 6 million number from a Hoax that They Perpetrated Against Russia during WWI - used also to Promote Their Bolshevist Revolution!  Some of the photos, apart from being Faked, or even of Whites from Holocausts that They Waged Against Us (such as The Dresden Holocaust!), were actually the very same Out of Context ones They Circulated decades before!

 In Fact, 4/5ths of the Corpses shown in the well-known videos (which were actually from an American Denazification Psy-Op; Filmed by a Jewish Movie Mogul - as Evidenced by him being caught entering a Camp with American Soldiers in one Scene!) were actually of Whites from across Europe - Murdered by The Allied Forces!  There is much more in the way of Jewish Hoaxes: Allegations of Jews turned into Soap, Lampshades and Shrunken Heads being made from Them have all been Scientifically Disproven!

Monday, November 5, 2012

If I wore Their shoes...

 (Edit): I'm rephrasing this from yesterday's "If I Understand Jewry...", because the General Point remains the same but apparently, I Underestimated both Their Arrogance, and The Masses' Apathy.  As such, I'm going to Correct the Either/Or Aspect of this by telling it as We now know it is.

 They've Selected Their Puppet to dance into The Oval Office again next Term; the Quasi-Simian has been Chosen over The Traitor with no Substantial Policy Differences.  Homo-Ergastor will Riot, knowing They can basically get away with anything.

Have They Installed Soetoro to Enact "N.D.A.A."; as he wouldn't be called Racist when, so Whites are Lulled into Complacency with it, he Waged it Against his own?  That would allow Them to Employ it Against Us under Orchestrations that They'll call "Justified"!

 If I were Them, I'd have gone with the former; that way, They could Blame "Racists" - without The Figure-Head being called Racist when Attacks are Waged on Whites!  They'd just have to Manufacture another O.K.C., instead of relying upon the Inevitable Looting by Negroes after Hurricans.  Apparently, however, They are Confident in Mass Appathy; believing this Step to be Irrelevant, and thus Counter-Productive.  My Outlook on Humanity is now much more Grim.

 I believe They're just clearing the way for an Openly Jewish President - as several Marranos (such as the Rosenfelds a.k.a. "Roosevelts"!) have already Usurped Control!

Perhaps the other Party will have a Homosexual; if I were Them, I'd find the most Inbred of those Inbred Mongrels that are Jews, choosing a Pseudo-Ashkenazim with an Orthodox Jewish Zionist Faith in The Babylonian Talmud, and a Pseudo-Sephardi Jew with Hassidic Jewish Zionist Faith in The Pseudo-Samaritan Talmud, the Presidential Candidate being Clearly Controlled by the Vice Presidential Candidate, and Pit Them Against two Brainwashed Whites - both White Guilters that have been Indoctrinated with The Vileness of Alien Genera to Reject The Call of Our Blood!

Their Policies would be Exactly the same, in Reality, but the Jews would claim to be the more Conservative.  The Presidential Candidate for those Cultural Marxists would be a Spineless Male, whereas the Vice Presidential Candidate would be an "Empowered" Female.

Clearly, either would be a Phenomenal Victory for Those Children of Satan!  If I were Them, however at this Stage of The Alienist Agenda, I'd Orchestrate a Victory for the Homosexuals; if I were Them, I'd then Manipulate Them into an Affair with each other, and Encourage Scenarios to Facilitate the Recording and Subsequent Release of  (or Falsification thereof) Secret Tapes of Them being "Anti-Semitic" (Anti-Sama'el'ite!).

This would work on several levels for Them - which is Innately Against Us!  They could claim to be Opposed to Sexual Deviancy, albeit Simultaneously Blaspheming that it was Heterosexuality that Caused those Traitors to Fornicate - Disregarding Their Past Sexual Deviations!  Additionally, They would Seek to Distract you from the Fact that They're the Sexual Deviants that Corrupted Society to Tolerate or even Overtly Cherish any and all Perversions - and They'd Blaspheme that Opposing Them is (somehow) Homoerotic!  They'd also get to bitch about "Racism" Against Their More-Obviously Arabic Brethren - the Pseudo-Sephardi!  This would Further the Delusion, Amongst The Masses, so Dispossessed of Our Heritage, that Pseudo-Ashkenazim are not the Curs that They actually are!

 Next, a Pseudo-Sephardi Jewish Lesbian would Assume Power with a "Reconstructed" White as her Lap-Dog.  After this, Marranos Jews of both of the aforesaid Breeds would be Deliberately Mis-Classified as White - and They would Pretend to be "Restoring Tradition"!

Of course, this entire Period, They'd Usurp more and more Power amongst the Denigrated Sense of Nationalism; Replacing it more and more with a Warped Sense of Culturalism, until America is Racially and Ideologically Indistinguishable from Faux-Isra'el.

They'd Wage all sorts of Fratricides Against Their Sama'el'ite Brethren - and all sorts of Genocides Against Us!  One way or another - Whites would be Blamed for all of it!  They'd even Blaspheme that those Against Us would be Justified!

They Intend to become Their own Messiah, as Baruch Levi said - in an Ungodly Plot!  They are Innately Opposed to Our Kind, for They are Innately Opposed to God; and Our God is of Our Kind - but neither They nor Their Accursed Father are!

To Facilitate this, They would have had another Great Sanhedrin; Rectifying Doctrinal Differences between Their Mamzer Species, of Blatant Babylonianism and Pseudo-Samaritanism.  They'd "Amalgamate" with everything, though still mostly Whites, in Regimes that Occupy what are Rightfully Our Lands - but would continue to generally Wage Fratricide in Faux-Isra'el whilst holding White Slaves for Unholy Sexual Purposes!

 While doing so in Eurasia, that Homeland of Ours that so many Bastards have Invaded and still Occupy, even Blaspheming said Lands are Theirs rather than Ours, They'd Aid Their Turkic Brethren, in Their Ungodly Process, and Encourage The "Amalgamation" of Our Race with all forms of Mongoloids, Negroids and Mamzers not Classified therein - though Their Pseudo-Ashkenazim would continue to Predominantly only Miscegenate (Enabled by various and numerous Vile Indoctrinations of "Collective White Guilt" - Manufacturing Lies upon Lies Against Our Pure And Holy Race!) with those Disheartened Members who've Betrayed Our Meritorious Race!

This may Require several other Steps, to Ease The Masses In, however it Depends on how thoroughly They can Control Traitors to Our Volk with Slogans such as "Racist!" and "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - or cries of "Patriotism!" and "Diversity" over Nationalism!  They're Lies of Equality are stretched far too thin to be long Maintained - so They'll probably just Narrow The Spectrum of what They Lie is Equal!  As We Continue to Debunk Their Blasphemes Against Nature And Nature's God, They'll scream "Blood Libel" - but We'll know it's Reality!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Defence of the Naturalist School of Jurisprudence

Mainstream "Academia" alternately claims that there are Three or Four "Schools of Jurisprudence"; Natural Law, "Legal Positivism" and "Legal Realism" are the main ones, though "Critical Legal Thinking" is sometimes listed as a fourth.

However, by Definition, it's actually only the Name which Differs between the final three; even if one is to say that the former "Subjectivist" View doesn't regard there as being such a thing as Morality or considers there to be "Moral Relativism" without it being solely linked to the Governing Body's Dogmas or Mandates thereof, whereas the latter is such a "Relativist" Notion as Bases "Law" around said Doctrines or Mandates of the Ruling Body.  None of those Distinctions, however, are invariably present, anyway; rather it being a matter of different Curriculum or Individual Ideologies.

I say there would still be no Objective Difference amongst these Doctrines, Ultimately, as to claim that there is no Morality is to Contradict the Implications of your Thoughts and Subsequent other Actions; for you feel either an Emotional "Justification" or "Injustice" regarding the Conditions of your Life - thereby Bastardizing any Thought of Sanctity in Natural Law!  Thus, it is one and the same with claiming that Morality is either not Absolute or is otherwise Meaningless.

The only Differences thus Encountered in a "Humanist" world, of any fashion, are the Resultant Manifestations of Scenarios in which the aforesaid Beliefs are Practiced.  This is the actual Nature of the so-called Fourth School; it is an Analysis of the "Subjectivist/Relativist" Modes of Operation under various Circumstances.

While it is said by most alleged Intellectuals that "Sociology of Law" is a Separate Field from the aforesaid, the very Definition Contradicts this!  Once again, you also find many "Theories" that bear only Ostensible Differences.

Thus, rather than a Heideggerian Gestell, you have a Bogdanovist Tektology that those with Power seek not to Improve but to Control; though, making matters even Worse, the current Systems of the so-called Western World are all Bolshevist; viewing this Tektology, furthermore, in a Blankist ("Ulyanovist"/"Leninist") manner or one Derived therefrom.  This Alien Ideology - this Cult of the Multi - stands in Stark Contrast to Reason, Science and yes, the Unadulterated Scriptures of Christianity.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Disempowerment of The Bronshtein-Hirschfeld Dialectic

I have long thought that since the entire System rests solely upon Fear of the term "Racist", We should Proactively Create as many Instances for the term to be slung at Us as Possible. Make the term so utterly over-used that no one will pay it any more Heed as a Trigger than they would a monkey slinging its own crap. 

Like any Ideology, it will first Attract mostly those who don't actually care about its Doctrines but so Desire that Label of "Fringe Element". Then, it will gain a Devout Following. Finally, when all the Dirty-Work has been done and there's no real Risk in Joining, it will gain Traction amongst Mainstream Populaces. 

After all, that's the exact same way Alienism came to Power; Repetition was Equated to Reality, but now more and more are looking to Escape from that "Reality". The "Subjectivists" have Sowed the Seeds of Their own Demise. 

Alisa "Ayn Rand" Rosenbaum's Hypocritical Notion of Objectivism will then Aid so greatly in Their Destruction, Ironically; as the growing Cult of Randism is Stripped of this Fear, it will Realize she Advocated "Affirmative Action" after all. They will Realize she was a Zionist, and all her talk about "Objectivity" was only Intended to be Viewed under the Presumption of Selective "Egalitarianism" - claiming that her Jewish Ilk are "Equal"! Since this is, Objectively, False - it's actually Claiming Them to be Our "Superiors"! 

How will the Jew then Wage its Genocides? We won't Purchase with its Usurious Dollar - nor will We then Eat its Frankenfood. We won't give into "Eminent Domain" - nor will Jewry tell Us what We can and cannot Grow! We won't let Ourselves be Arrested for having Cisterns - nor for drinking Raw Milk! We won't be so Eager to get Medals without even knowing what We're actually Fighting for - nor will We think it's Logical to Fight the same Races and Religions half-way around the Earth that Jewry claims are Our "Equals" or even Blatantly Blaspheming Against Nature and Nature's God that They are Our "Superiors" at home! 

The Jew would not last long against a United White Race - that's why They Insist upon "Amalgamation" (Genocide) and Patriotism over Nationalism!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Song of Dresden's Sorrows

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

Wash my face and flush out the Taste
Say a Prayer, do not Forsake,
Accept this Rose and Await Our Fate

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

All’s awash in Suffering
Fast We stood but Brimstone’s raining
Scripture Warped to Evil’s taming

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

Roses charred like paper
In a Garden Grave
I scurried to Save the Fairest one
But the Pillars came in Waves

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Sinners Teach Us The Ways of Lust
Oc nu neheth windes blast

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

Ei, ei! What this nicht is long
And ich with wel michel wrong
Soregh and murn and fast

Ashes, ashes, all around
Embers glowing, cinders abounding
Silent Screams and echoing Misery

In a tear-chocked cry
As the Ashes sting my eyes
I ask Dear God:
S’all this wind blāw’ for evermehr?

The Importance of Context

Galatians 3:28 has been taken wildly Out of Context; apart from the "Jew" Translation being a later one ("Jew" appeared originally only as a Misnomer for all dwelling in Judea; Christ, Hereditary King of Judea, however, pointed to the Error of this), Genetically, there are Males and Females, and there were still Slaves and Freemen, too. Gentile means "People of the Nation"; this Nation, more Specifically, as Evidenced by the Context in which it was used in those days of Classical Antiquity, was of Japhetites; Genes, of course, still exist.

What, then, did he mean? It could only be, assuming he was actually in The Service of Our Lord, that all are part of a Covenant with Christ. Of course, He set further Rules for Salvation. He also said that not one blot would be removed from The Law until all had been Fulfilled; thus, He was saying that once all is Fulfilled, there will be no need for said Laws; for Good People do not need Laws to Behave as God Desires, however they must Enforce them when The Wicked are Present.

Given, however, that Christ said He had only come for the lost sheep of The House of Isra'el, and God said He would expand Japheth, this can only Refer to both Adamite Nations (Cinite, Chamite and all other Mamzer Nations aside) now being part of said Covenant. Likewise, the part about Males and Females would Refer to - once all is Fulfilled - there being no need for Woman to be Subservient to Man; Males and Females would work for the same Holy Goals by Nature, instead of the latter needing to be Taught their Place; nor would Men need to Correct each other for Abuse of a Woman.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peculiarities of Aryans of Antiquity in Neo-Babylonian Empires: Proto Vs. Pseudo Magyars

"Historians" and "Anthropologists" couldn't give a Decent Description of Magyars if Their Lives depended on it!  They're Perplexed by how they have a Finno-Uralic Language (which They often Mistake for Turkic; though this is even more Absurd!) yet Anthropology Indicates that Magyars Originated as Scythians!

They often Inaccurately lump Sami, Komi and other Pseudo-Scandinavians and Pseudo-Uralic in with Finns, Estonians and Russians, due to Language, Culture or Religion - rather than Genetics!  They will tell you about Turkics as "Europeans" or "Caucasians" - despite being Mongrel Invaders!

They, also, make the Mistake of assuming the Breeds in Scythia now are Racial Descendants of Scythians - rather than Curs formed by Foreign Breeds that Bastardized many Scythians!  The Accounts of such Historians whom have Traditionally been viewed as Authoritative (such as Herodotus and those of the Achaemenid Royal Family!) are Disregarded, and Achaemenids are likewise Inaccurately Assumed to be one or all of the Foreign Breeds that now Occupy the Regions of that former Empire; Regardless of not only Period Depictions and Written Accounts of Whites being the Original Race of those Regions - but also White Mummies which Pre-Date any Evidence of Non-Whites in said Regions! 

As with Persia - so it is with Parthia!  So it is with Tocharians; for while Alienists claim that those now alleging to be Tocharians are in Fact their Racial Descendants, albeit all Evidence is against Their Assertion, Tocharians actually Originated in what would become Austria, Migrated into Anatolia and then into Scythia, and first Settled much of East Asia!  They often Rejoined their Scythian Brethren, in both Siberia and Central Asia (such as what Invading Mamzers call "Kazakhstan"!).   

Magyars later were found Living amongst the many Tribes which either Willfully Joined or Fell through Force into the Neo-Babylonian Empire (in this case, having both Aryans, Mongoloids and Arabics) that claimed The Hunnic Name!  Huns Originated from Yuezhi; a Descendant Nation of Tocharians, and Ancestor of the Kurgans that Conquered India - bringing a Golden Age not seen since the Vedic (The Original White Settlers and Conquerors of The Indus River Valley and surrounding Regions!)!  The Arabics and Mongoloids, however, Bastardized many!  Those Foreign Presences would Increase due to the Allegiance with Khazaria, and later from Khavars (later also known as Kabar); a Branch of The Khazar Nation which Joined amongst The Hunnic Empire.  The increase in Aryan Presences, however, came from the European People whose Lands were Invaded.

While Attila The "Hun" is Presumably of that Mongrel Ancestry, it would appear St. Stephen of Hungary was Aryan; when The Hunnic Empire fell apart, Magyars and Khavars lived amongst each other in the Region which St. Stephen would name Hungary.  They both became divided between Mithraism and Christianity; Mithraism was Invented in 12 B.C. and was Based Upon Hebraic Prophecies about The Messiah - in attempt to Discredit Him in The Mind of The Masses upon His Incarnation!  St. Stephen emerged as the Magyar King who was Faithful to Christianity!  He, then, Subjugated the Khavars into Segregated Regions.

Unfortunately, the Blasphemy of "Judeo-Christianity" and the Subsequent Cultural Miscegenation that has followed has Resulted in further Miscegenation - including through such Coercion as Ostracization, Imprisonment or even Death for such "Hate-Crimes" as pointing out Racial Differences!  Rather than pointing to the good parts of its History - The Multi-Cult has Blasphemed those as "Sinful" and the Evils as "God's Will"!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Three A's: Alienism, Apathy and Apostasy!

I doubt those Illegals getting 4.2 billion (and that's just Officially!) for Their Mongrel Progeny in Mexico were paying that much in Taxes!  The Cultural Marxists believe it thoroughly, simply because Their Economics Professors, Priests, Pastors, Rabbis or whatever told Them so, want Us to believe that They "come here, pump a billion dollars into the economy, leave and don't even take any money out" - but that's a Blatant Lie!  They take billions of dollars, They Rape, They Murder, They commit all sorts of Vile Crimes, They make Americans pay for those Crimes, They Falsely Accuse Whites of having done those Crimes, and They put nothing into The Economy!

They Steal Our Jobs and get Amnesty!  They Rape and Murder and get sent out to do it again!   They get called "Spics" - and We get Unjustly Fined and sent to Prison!  On the other hand, They call Us "Crackers" - and They get Lauded for having Pride in Their Heritage!  We try to Defend Ourselves against Them - and We get Unjustly Fined and sent to Prison!  They get "Affirmative Action" in Education - We get Ostracized and Physically Attacked yet are told "Oh, well"!‎ 

"They do jobs Americans don't want to do!", They say!  Well, I guess there aren't as many Americans as you might think - because millions would kill for a job!  Places are closing down just about everywhere and in a lot of other places - People are being laid off while others struggle to find a steady job!

At least half of all Collage and University Graduates are Unemployed or at least Under-Employed!  The once-Retired or those whom even ten years ago would have been able to by that age Retire are now only Semi-Retired - or still having to work!  People are no longer working the past Standard of a 40 hour week - it's now more like 50 hours!  In some Cities - one has to work an 80 hour week to get by on Minimum Wage!  That's just for one Person!

Parents push their Progeny through with thousands and thousands of dollars, new cars, smartphones, new clothes, a nice apartment or house of their own and so on and so forth, meaning they then will find themselves waiting longer to retire and their Children being Dependent upon them even long into Adulthood - perhaps their entire lives!

They often end up in Nursing Homes, rather than being cared for by their Children, just as happened to Generation before them, because People are told "Live for today!  Don't worry about the dead and dying, or those too young to matter!  Children Are A Burden!   Put the Elderly out of their misery!  They're making you miserable and you don't have to put up with that!  It's all about your Happiness! Your Happiness Is Your Salvation!"!

That's why so few really prepare their Children for The Real World of Wage Slavery and/or being Ostracized!  There is "Affirmative Action", "Political Correctness", "Feminism" and "The Commonwealth" Ideology, but "Affirmative Action" is Destructive, "Political Correctness" is Historically, Scientifically and Logically Flawed at an Inherent level, "Feminism" is worse Directly and Indirectly for both Men and Women but Immediately has the most Direct and Indirect Socio-Economic and Mental Health Disadvantage on Men (especially the Multi-Cult Victimized White Men - who it is really Aimed at Subjugating and Destroying!), and "The Commonwealth" Ideology merely Steals the Wealth of The Populace at large and "Redistributes" (gives to those that have not even Attempted to Earn it!) amongst The Masses (first to The Khazar Elite, then to other Politicians, Lobbyists, Corporatists and Conspirators, and then to The Non-White Masses; Whites Deliberately being Deprived of both Wealth, Status, the Chance to Acquire or Reacquire these things, a Sense of Identity based upon Genetic Facts and the Dignity which comes from such a Sense of Identity based upon one's Race - when one's Race is The Great White Race!)!

That's why there are so many reports of the Elderly being found dead in their homes days, weeks or even more than a month after they die!   It's why Rapists and Murderers continue to go Free!   It's why Animal Abuse is so common - and sadly those speaking out against it are so Hypocritical that They then go and Abuse Their own Innocent Children!  Those Traitors will Murder Children in Ritualistic fashion, cry "Blood Libel!" after Pleading Guilty in Open Court, claiming to be Tortured into Admitting it every time They do something like that, without any Evidence to Support such claims of Innocence, and will receive a large payout and/or some Social Change that They have long been waiting for!

They have crafted Their Ideology very carefully over The Ages to Destroy Us - and Fear is letting Them Succeed!  They've told the Elderly that "The younger generations have abandoned you, and they only want your money!" and They've told those Younger Generations that They've got to be Abandoned that "All of your Ancestors were Evil, Bigoted, Racists and you are too because you're White, and All Whites Are Racist!" to get them to Abandon the Elderly Generations!  The Ways of Our Ancestors were by and large Abandoned and entirely Forgotten by Fear-Subjugated Masses which are Servile to those Vile Breeds with an Accursed and Anti-White Agenda!

We are living in The Great Apostasy; I am convinced that The Final War will come this century.  If it does not, if Apathy continues to Rule over Us - then We will be Extinct within this century!

I am reminded of a Song: "Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time!"

That reminds me of another Song: "If this is the way my Race ends, I can't bear to witness." 

We MUST Return To Tradition!  We MUST Be Racialist!  We MUST Fight For Our Kind!  We MUST Fight Until We Are Truly Free!  We MUST Fight NOW!  FIGHT THEM OR DIE!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Slumber Pains: A "Cultural" Critique: Apathy, Hypocrisy and Media-Worship

I heard so many people talking about "The Hunger Games", so I gave it a try; I realized that there was more to be gleaned about the Author, and Society at large for its obsession with it, than there was Substance to the book.  Think of how she describes the Social System; she implies "White Privilege", especially when speaking of how the fair-skinned, blond-haired people lived in the Apothecary (i.e. the Market Sector of any District), opposed to working in the Mines.  Nordics, we are lead to believe, are The Root Of All Evil.  

Ironically, the area she calls "The Seam" (Appalachia) had an older set of Slaves who aren't mentioned in the so-called History Books; those known as "The British Isle Boys" - Celtic Slaves! 

Consider, also, her alleged Critique of City Life; while the "strong, independent, female" i.e. Feminist Protagonist views them as Arrogant and Dimwitted, they perceive the poor girl from The Seam the same way.  Giving backhanded compliments about overcoming struggles, basically saying she is poor and stupid, we are lead to believe "Rednecks" could never mount a serious Defence.  She is the type to mistakenly point to The "Civil" War (albeit there was no attempt to Seize Washington, D.C., thereby not meeting the Criteria for a Civil War, rather being what The North called "The Great Rebellion" and The South called "The War Of Northern Aggression"); the Error of this is that Judah P. Benjamin (a Khazar) refused to supply Reinforcements.  This event, more than any other, changed the Fate of the War.  The South had been Winning, prior to such, and only began to Fall afterwards; the position Compromised, instead of The South either holding it or more Wisely, Advancing Northwards, The North Advanced (with no lack of Immorality in its Methods) Southwards.  Additionally, it was largely "Rednecks" - North or South - who were Instrumental in America's Independence.

Consider, further along the note of City Life, that she implies a presence of Homosexuality not felt in the out-lying Districts; this, however, is alleged (via her implications) to be Justified by Their allegedly-superior Fashion Sense.  We are told, in true Hypocritical Fashion, that the "Hillbilly" girl is more fit for Survival albeit she nonetheless is captivated by the Technology of the City, and quickly drops her Convictions when a hot meal is presented.  She is Irrational, her Emotions running her constantly, albeit she herself talks Vainly about how she doesn't let herself do this because it proves fatal.  She also, in true Multi-Cult fashion, must be saved by a small Negress; though a Race-Conscious Person might laugh at the tales of her swinging from tree to tree like a chimpanzee (though she changes it to squirrel), most would be (as the "strong, independent" Katniss was) impressed at her unique ability to do the Superhuman in jumping who-knows-what distant whilst 80 feet in the air (and I by no means exaggerate that number; it is stated quite frankly, as it is stated that someone fell an impossible 30 feet before getting up to brush it off). 

Now, let's Analyze the presence of Fear in the Public's Mindset of the fictional Panem, shall We?  First, consider how she is said to be able to hit a squirrel in the eye with an arrow from 30 feet however she believes that (to quote another Cultural Marxist Phenomenon) "Resistance Is Futile".  We are given a message of Forgiveness to those whom have wronged us, even going as far as to slit our tongues and make us Slaves (or an Avox, in the book); this "Judeo-Christian" notion is an Insult to Scripture, however the complete absence of any Religion (even mentions of God) indicates either an Atheist trying to Manipulate "Judeo-Christians", or a "Liberal" trying to avoid Offending Non-Christians whilst trying to Manipulate "Judeo-Christians".  Hope, rather than Prayer, is mentioned. 

While such a Regime would likely Ban Christianity, there is no indication from the book that anyone is aware that it ever existed.  This indicates an Apathy not simply in this Fictional Society, but in actual Society; for this Society admits that Society has "disturbing parallels" to this one, albeit it Willfully rushes towards something far worse than it.  Those of you paying attention know my Stance on the Inevitable Race War, and my anticipation of a Final War within this century, so - after pointing out again that Suzanne Collins pushes The Alienist Agenda - I'll move on.  While she speaks of the main character's ability to do the most absurd physical feats, and her excellent Hunting Skills, albeit she at the same time makes her a novice with traps albeit (somehow) she is able to learn these in one day (albeit she had failed to do so up to that point in her 16 year old life), she had refused to attempt an escape into the woods; albeit she did this frequently to Hunt, she was convinced she would be captured if she tried to stay.  Nonetheless, however, she ends up doing just that; that is, after she escapes the arena.  In Reality, as she even mentions herself, this would put her Family in great risk; nonetheless, even though she is supposed to have Volunteered to save her Sister, she does in Fact put them at risk. 

I'll spare you the strained attempts at writing a Love Story into the over-rated and improbable-to-impossible Action, however it goes back to her being Irrational; putting herself and her Family at risk. 

On that note: While it is implied that Family is Important, we are lead to believe that the "strong, independent" girl has single-handedly been taking care of both her Little Sister and her Mother, since her Father's death in a Mine collapse years ago.  We are also told (in a way that shows she knows nothing of Military Medals, Merits and Honours) that her Father was given a Purple Heart posthumously; her Mother became withdrawn, so she collected.  While this makes women gush, I suppose, it isn't Realistic; after all, this is the same Regime we are told has a complete disrespect for Human Life, and we're also expected to believe they kept track of the Mine workers albeit (somehow) they don't have track of School Children. 

Now, let's examine some other inconsistencies:

The Story tells of The 74th Hunger Games, yet we are expected to believe that (after, in an Economically Retarded move, The Capitol nuked an entire District; since each District is restricted to one Economic Purpose, this would have had a Grave effect - not to mention there would be no more Taxes to be Collected from it!) the destroyed District 13 is still Inhospitably Radioactive!  Contrast this with the Real-Life Dresden Holocaust by The Allied Forces (of Zionism), White Holodomors by The (Khazar-Lead) Soviet Union and other actual Genocides; these were not about Economics - though The Soviets did thinly Veil Genocide under the 'guise of such!  There was no such mention of "Social Justice" in this poor attempt at something Novel, however, so we can only Conclude this would have merely been her Ineptitude bursting through! 

After more Emotions triumphing over Reason, and a Complete Lack of Socio-Economic, Political and Military Comprehension, the Story continues to descend into a Complete Lack of Comprehension of Game Theory (as well as a continuance of the rest of the Absurdity!).  The most obvious things are supposed to have been overlooked by this All-Powerful Regime, such as a lack of water in a Desert Arena killing people off before there was a good Fight (since you can only Survive 3-4 days without water), or snow freezing people to death because they weren't provided adequate clothing or even forests or caves to seek shelter in.  Keep in mind that Katniss points out, in the story, that it is largely believed "The Game Makers" started an Avalanche to kill off a "Career Tribute"; "Careers" being those from the more-prosperous Districts, which it says occasionally have Volunteers, whereas this was unprecedented in poor District 12, who Illegally Train for "The Hunger Games" (albeit it is said no one does anything about it, to allow for a better show, we are expected to believe having them Fight against those who are Untrained and generally just hide will - somehow - be more Entertaining than allowing everyone to Train!).  Despite such capabilities, they are incompetent in preventing a sixteen year old girl (who admits to being "silly" i.e. stupid) from Escaping and making a Mockery of the Almighty Capitol!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Perspective: Part II

Have you ever wondered why it is that the crowd cheering for "Peace And Love" is nonetheless capable of the most Heinous of Crimes?  Clearly, Peace and Love have been Re-Defined. They have found a way to be both loved and feared; a way that even the Humanist Machiavelli would have found Beyond Perverse!

Think about it: When in Love, one is experiencing a Chemical Reaction which is Scientifically
equatable to Oxycontin; that is why one literally feels Withdrawals when the object of their Affection isn't there or doesn't reciprocate.  Conversely, Fear can Culminate into Stockholm Syndrome; where one Idolizes and becomes Dependent upon their Captor. Either way, one becomes Tolerant of these ideas; their past Convictions are Damaged or completely Destroyed by a Warped sense of Loyalty.

Remember what The Fundamentals of Brainwashing are: 

Now, imagine you are bombarded virtually from Birth with notions of how Evil your Kind is, and how you are Evil for not having done enough to Atone for these Sins. Seeking Redemption, in a thoroughly Skewered sense, they gravitate to whichever group appeals to their need for Nurture and Affection; in the Sad Irony of it all, this group is almost-invariably the same group which Abused them in the first place!   Such are the Tactics of The Multi-Cult.  


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A response to Senate Bill 909: Part I: Why Incest needs to be Taboo

 Historically, 4th Generation and under were Forbidden; once Earth's Populations were large enough, a Micro-Evolutionary process kicked in that is now call The Westermark Effect.  This generally Solidifies in one's Epigentics (the Semi-Malleable aspect of Genetics, which surrounds the Permanent "Ladder"), and can even be transferred to the next Generation; which should also experience this Effect, itself.

Furthermore, Forensic, Cultural and Physical Anthropologists have all Observed that a part of Tribalism amongst Ethnicities of European/Caucasian/White Ancestry would extend this Healthy Practice of what is now called Eugenics, to Culling the Undesirables.

However, if that doesn't develop, it must either be because one didn't spend much time around them as a Child, an Epigenetic change occurred due to Chemical exposure (especially if in one's Formative Years), pre-existing Incest in one's Family, or any combination thereof.  Sometimes, Abuse leads one to develop either Stockholm Syndrome and/or a Warped Guilt/Shame Complex; which may cause, at least temporarily, The Westermark Effect (perhaps even if said Effect was also Inherited via Epigenetics) to be over-ridden. 

Qualified Geneticists Recommend extending the Taboo against Incest even later than the 4th Generation; in attempt to minimize Dysgenics which have occurred since the Ban up to and including the 4th Generation in any direction, and to prevent future developments of such. 

Outside of Incest, one receives half one's DNA from each parent.  With Incest, the levels might get knocked out of whack, and there are other Complications that may arise whether that one happens or not.  No Siblings receive the same fifty percent per parent, even (almost-)Identical Twins (there is always some difference, otherwise they would be a Clone), but it still comes from the same Gene Pool. 

Assuming one does not have irregular percentages, which occurs via being Inbred, since Normal Procreation produces an Offspring with half its Mother's DNA and half its Father's DNA, one would have the following via one's Parents: 25% of each Grandparent, 12.5% of each Great Grandparent, and so on and so forth. 

Considering that everyone shares at least 98% of their DNA with monkeys (some populations are as high as 99%!) - the thousands of Genes differing between even Distant Cousins is nothing to be laughed at! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Lifton described the Fundamentals of Brainwashing as:

Assault on identity
Breaking point
Compulsion to confess
Channeling of guilt
Releasing of guilt
Progress and harmony
Final confession and rebirth

Now, compare that to "Multi-Culturalism":

"There is no such thing as a 'white race', and there never has been."
"The crimes of your 'white' ancestors are evident because you exist."
"All 'whites' are Racist, and need to atone for this."
"We need to eradicate this way of thinking."
"If you give up those silly Racist ideas, you can have a better job!"
"Why won't you just admit you are a Racist? Do you like being a bigot?"
"You're starting to sound like a Racist!"
"Fighting Racism Is God's Will!"
"Aren't you so much happier now that we have this rich, diverse, enlightened, multi-cultural society full of Equality, Peace and Love?"
"You don't really want to be a Racist, do you? That's just what your parents and teachers forced you to believe! You'll be much happier once you put all that nonsense behind you.  

There is even a drug called "Propanolol"

Self-Loathing looks a lot like this:

Believe this isn't a Construct of Jewry? The Facts, then, are against you.  Try looking up Noel Ignatiev.  That's what an "Enlightened Educator" is; a crack-pot with two pieces of paper it calls diplomas, that has said repeatedly that it want's to destroy Our White Race!  Wake up!  My Brothers and Sisters, We should have launch The Resistance long ago!  We should have always Resisted Them!  We should do so as long as We are exist - and We shall remain in existence! 

If it is or can be warped to seem in any way "Racist" and comes from Whites - They Attack it! If it is obviously Anti-White but comes from Jewry - They claim it's Libelous or Slanderous!

They claim never to have Murdered the toddler St. Simon of Trent, or St. Hugh The Little of London, or St. Andreas of Rinn, or St. Dominguito del Val, or St. Christopher of La Guardian, or any of the other Martyrs which They have made!

They even claim that They never Bribed Judas Iscariot to Lie about Christ!  We know, however, as even Roman Records Confirm, that Judas was Bribed thirty pieces of silver in order to Betray Christ!  They did this because The Tradition of The Elders of Esau-Edom a.k.a. Judaism did not have a Death Penalty!  Thus, They Blasphemed Christ to be a mere Common Criminal, and had the Roman Occupation to Their Esau-Edomite Occupation do Their Bidding!  It is actually called a "Felony Hate Crime" to say such things.  Does that not indicate an Ungodly level of Power They have developed over The Masses?! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Peculiar Delema...

 Americans have long failed to understand the Symbolism of the Act.  While at first this was interpreted as an Advantage, it was actually laying the grounds for a far worse Defeat. 

Take, for instance, The War of 1812: Redcoats burnt down The White House yet, despite this Historically having been the Universe Symbol of Victory, Americans continued to Fight.  America Won.  All is well in the world.  Right?  No.  Not even close. 

Whereas Americans once occasionally understood it, which is why the cutting down of The Liberty Tree made them Duly Irate, constant Corruptions of Americana and an increase of Masonic/Illuminati Symbolism (despite it becoming Common Knowledge that these Organization were not as Noble as They were and still are alleged to be - rather being down-right Nefarious since Their inception!) were now Tolerated by The Masses.  Then, having trivialized everything in The Masses' so thoroughly Masochistic Collective Conscience, They introduce Warped notions of Symbolism!

Thus, when Massacres such as Waco and Ruby Ridge occurred, no one responded in any significant manner.  So it was with The State Murder of Gordon Kohl, and The Federal Holocaust of Bob Mathews.  The list goes on and on.  Whether a part of Project Northwoods - perhaps in conjunction with MK-ULTRA - or not, when McVeigh and the oft-Neglected Michael Fortier (a Khazar, hence generally being Neglected or at least down-played) performed the Oklahoma City Bombings, everyone simply mourned for the Willful Employees of a Regime which Admittedly Murdered Innocent Children - by setting them on fire!  This, The Masses Concluded, is God's Will.  To say otherwise, thus, is Blasphemy!  "How dare you question his Chosen People?!", They seethe!  "I don't", I respond, "for They're not."  We are His Chosen People!  Act like it!  Otherwise - you're Inviting Damnation upon yourself and thrusting Suffering and Death upon The Innocent! 

However, despite how obvious this all should be, The Masses are either too Terrified, too stupid or both!  Such is why the whole Brievik Incident is so baffling to Americans.  I am not speaking about the truly Bizarre nature of him being a Zionist-Atheist-Jacobin Liberal-Master Mason claiming to be launching a Crusade to Save Our Race; I am speaking about how The Masses merely dismissed him as a nut - believing him to be a "Right-Wing Extremist" and "White Christian Supremacist"!  That reality stands in sharp contrast!  He was a Loon because he was virtually the exact opposite!  I say "virtually"" because he obviously wanted to do something for Our Race - yet had no idea of what Our real Adversary is! 

Of course, it first is Ourselves.  From God Yahveh to Plato to Adolf Hitler to Louis Beam, Men of Our Kind have Recognized that Our Insecurity is Our Greatest Enemy!  Arrogance is but a 'guise for Insecurity.  Remember that: The Khazars too are Insecure; They have masked it with Arrogance for so long that They actually believe Themselves to be The Master Race - opposed to Our Kind being The True Aryans! 

Shake off your Insecurities!  This is a Rite of Passage - Embrace your proper Status as an Aryan!  Every Man, Woman and Child of Our Kind needs to Contribute to The Holy Cause of Our Racial Survival as best they can! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cohen Predicament in Entertainment: Part I

  It is odd what is considered Entertainment, and stranger still how Reason is abandoned in its pursuit. 

 Consider the "Swing Kids", or the Integration of airways via Rock 'N' Roll.  This has expanded into a wide variety of what should be classed as different genres, having little or no connection to the original fusion of "Gospel" and R&B; which in turn was born out of Jazz, a fusion of West African and a Degradation of European versions of Appalachian and/or the blend of Creole and Denigrated Cajan Folk.  A simple change of name was all it took to set upon a path of destruction.  A duckwalk across the stage Integrated a concert hall.  It is this type of absurdity which Integrated Society.

Think about that: We're allowing Our Kith and Kin to be Miscegenated out of existence because of what The Media tells Us to consider "Good Music"!  That is Insane! 

 Consider the reverse: Estonia attempted a Singing Revolution.  While Estonians fancy this a great Success, it was insignificant in its goal of Fighting Soviet Oppression.  It did serve to Unite People and encourage Traditional Music, however it failed to do anything to direct them to Preserve their own People; allowing those Traditions to continue.  They got lucky in that The Soviet Union drove itself Bankrupt - albeit it drove them further into Disaster beforehand!  They are still Victimized by the Soviet Mentality - a result of ongoing Khazar Occupation! 

 What happened elsewhere leading up to and during said time?  England was influenced by America's Rock Phenomenon, and in turn its new Sub-Genres influenced America's developments in Rock.  This was a forerunner to and an ongoing influence upon The Student Rebellion, which was directed by Marxist Professors, and developed into The Hippy Movement.  The Sexual Bolshevism of the Khazar Magnus Hirschfeld dominated the Cultural Marxist Disaster, though this was virtually only realized by those pulling the strings. 

 As a form of "Multi-Culturalism", there was the attempt at Integrating the Negro "Music" with that which was considered by many to be White but which was actually Khazar, or - at least - the result of a Cultural Disconnect amongst the average White.  Thus, the Pseudo-Folk - a "Pop Culture" Corruption of Frontier Folk Music - was increasingly blurred with or replaced by Nigger "Music".  This "Progressive Bluegrass", having little to do with actual Bluegrass, is the forerunner of "Modern Country". 

 With the Soft Rock likes of The Beach Boys, Southern Rock Bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Led Zeppelin - named The Definitive Metal Band - all being accused of Stealing Songs from Black "Musicians", despite the obvious Frivolousness of these Lawsuits, the Magic Negro grew into the new Golden Calve.  The Golden Negro, then, developed Rap and Hip-Hop. 

 Disenfranchised Whites, during this time, had been turning to the ill-defined Gothic Genre (having little to nothing to do with either The Gothic Era or the Gothic Literature which was an ode to it) or to Hardcore.  While the one fused with New Wave to create Darkwave, the other birthed Trash Metal.  That give rise to Death Metal.  That begot Black Metal.  There are, of course, cases where Goth fused with Black Metal.  Khazarian Society always needing to control everything, Goth became Sissified for The Masses.  This became known as Emo.  In turn, especially with the onset of "Christian Rock", more of The Masses began to turn to Black Metal.  "Christian Hardcore" was the "Judeo-Christian" response, which only furthered the dissatisfaction with what is oft perceived as Christianity - both in Music and in general!

 The openly-Satanic Sub-Genres continuously descend farther into more Disturbing forms of Darkness, even introducing the world to the Miscreant ilk of Genitorturers.  I will spare you the details because quite frankly, they are too Uncouth for print. 

Israel Cohen must be proud that what he laid out in 1912 has been used so well.  His rudimentary Cultural Marxist Agenda was Vile enough - the infusion of Sexual Bolshevism has made it a far more Grotesque Force to be Reckoned with!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Misrepresentations of Race in Popular "Culture"

 Has anyone else noticed the use of make up and/or prosthetic to make someone seem White at the beginning of a film before showing them as whatever They really are?  They want you to see the Mestizoid, Dravidian, Nigger, Mongoloid, or whatever kind of Cur it is and say "I thought they were White!" - when it's really just a really good make-up department!  They then say "It's just superficial differences" - when in reality they are not taking into account the differences between Genotypes!  It's like looking at Haplotypes of Hybrid Breeds and comparing them to Whites, and saying they are the same - when in reality there are Sub-Types which are Unique to those Hybrids!

 They admit that you cannot use Political Borders, Religions, Languages or Cultures, however they then say that you cannot use continents either; this is misleading - as there is Conclusive Evidence that different Races originated on different continents!  There are, of course, Hybrids which originated on continents which already had a single Indigenous Race; these groups, such as the forms of Khazars which exist today, can be known as (for example) Caucasoids - opposed to true Caucasians!

 Offending films include the Hybrid of Khazar (Pseudo-Russian variety), Gujarat Indian and English, Ben Kingsly in the title role of "Ghandi", and the Mestizoid Vira Montes as Esperanza Santana in "American Me".

 Another example of Hollywood Indoctrination is Bill Adama in BSG being implied as White, having a White son (played by Englishman Jamie Bamber), but being played by a Mestizoid (the same one as in American Me, Edward James Olmos).  His character, however, is played by a Dravidian (Sina Najafi) in Caprica.  His Culture, however, appears to be (intentionally or by coincidence) Fatimid; it is a fusion of Arabic with Italian, though Joseph Adama is played by a Mestizoid (Esia Morales) and Sam Adama is played by an Israeli Khazar (Sasha Roizi).  

 Occasionally, Whites are used to play Non-Whites HOWEVER this serves the same purpose - to confuse!  Examples are Nevada Smith (last time I checked, Steve McQueen wasn't Half-Indian) and the remake of Scarface (Al-Pacino is from Corleone, Sicily; a Village brought to the public's knowledge in The Godfather; however he plays a Mestizoid Cuban).

Interesting to note about The Mafia is that it most likely has Fatimid origins, not actual Sicilian ones.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Of Eugenics and Sovereignty

If every Country has a Right To Sovereignty, it must have a Right to chose which Tribe or Nation to consider its own.  As the most Fundamental Right of Self-Determination, deciding who constitutes your own People must be on the forefront of any Agenda to create a new and Stable Country.  First, let's Define who are Our People.  A Family is an entity sharing a Common Ancestry and thus Identifiable by Common Traits; not merely Phenotypes, rather also Genotypes.  Thus, a Race would be the largest Extended Family and a Family an Immediate Race. What are the two worst things that can befall a Family?  Incest and Miscegenation.  Miscegenation, Procreation between Races, herein Defined as the aforesaid large Extended Families, is -  as a matter of Scientific Fact - Deleterious to Whites!  Consider the root-word: Delete: To Abolish!  Hence, the Abomination of Incest being Defined as "Sex with a Close Relative".  To Define a "Close Relative", a period in History when there were large and Healthy enough populaces for Biology to Discourage Incest and the least amount of it as a result, should be sought as the basis.  From there, one could Scientifically Determine what Dysgenic Procreation has since occurred, as well as how much of it occurred before populations where large enough to avoid it.  Adjusting accordingly, in addition to Banning Miscegenation entirely, a new Ban within such Generations must be Enacted. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Racial Ecology

It has long been held and Ecologists have more-recently Proven that no being, regardless of Race and Religion, can have more than 150 Humanoids in their Core Circle or more than 1,500 in their Extended Circle in any practical manner.  Unfortunately, what we see increasingly often is the Neo-Babylonian attempt at Mass Communication with hundreds or even thousands of these vastly-different beings, and an attempt to place them all either Equal or at least within one's Core Circle.  This is an expansion of the age-old error of City Life; amassing a large populace into a confined area, Social Stigmas are exacerbated.  The attempt at removing one Social Stigma via Unnatural Means, such as "Integration", only results in more problems; thus, also more Social Stigmas.  Sometimes, Social Stigmas are even reversed; the Unnatural Manner in which this is happening is, as Proven by both Logic and Empirical Science, Destructive.  Whilst "Integration" and the "Multi-Culturalism" that comes with it are - albeit unfortunately very real - extreme examples, as even the most Corrupt of all White Cities of Antiquity were Comparatively Moral to even those "Integrated" and especially completely Non-White Cities with the greatest Semblance of Morality, deep-rooted Ecological Problems would Fester in that Unnatural Environment.  Historically, in fact, a City was but an Encampment with a Routine Guard.  While The Industrial Revolution did not Require the Abandonment of Agriculture, leaving only Corrupt Agribusinesses to strangle out true Agrarians through "Stimulated" i.e. Socialist Ventures, and an increasingly-Servile Mass Populace, it did Necessitate a larger population and fostered a "Progressive" (read: Talmudic) opposed to Traditional (read: White) Mindset.  Introduce the Khazar.  Now, the Chamites (Negroids), Cinites (Mongoloids) and all Mamzers thereof are being brought in en mass!  This did not stop White Slavery; contrarily, in point of fact, it vastly increased it - even introducing the Ungodly Concept of Enslaving your own Kind to many areas!  White Slavery continues to this very day - in each and all increasing-Ungodly manners!  "White Slavery?!", I assume is the shocked gasp, along with the apparent default-settings The Masses have been programmed with; such as "Racist", "Fascist", "Nazi", "Klansman", "Bigot", "Ingrate" etcetera.  Yes, White Slavery.  It is very real; look it up.  Now, apart from White Slavery in History, We have the very-real threat of current White Slavery to deal with.  I am referring to all-out Slavery - far worse than what "Revised" notions of Black Slavery have been instilled in you!  Now, let's engage in the "Hate Crime" of being Un-Reconstructed i.e. De-Programmed.  "Israel" Harbors many of these Slavers - being as They are mostly "Jewish"!  In fact, "Jews" are far more involved in it than Arabs ever were!  I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't being done in The Boer Genocide, as well; in fact, I would be surprised - and Delighted! - if it wasn't!  There is also Wage Slavery.  I've Explained Usury quite in-depth, before, so let's move on.  Now, there is Out-Sourcing; despite this, Non-White Immigration is at an All-Time high!  Subsequently, Non-White Against White Violence is, as well!  Why is this the case?  Simple: This isn't about Economics; it's about Control!  It's always been about Control!  They Control the Minds of Our Children, as They said They would, and They Destroy Us with Our Own Misguided Intellect!  They will then, in Their Corrupt Minds, be Gods! What of the general change in Social Life for Whites fostered by such a Judaic Doctrine?  Hollywood was the Inevitable, opposed to Natural, End to this Unnatural Disaster!  Now, Popularity opposed to Morality is The Rule of - what They call - Law!  Cults of Victimhood receive Pity, opposed to the actual Victims of these Cults receiving Justice!  That is why We do not Fight back; We're Afraid.  This is an Unnatural Fear; one Instilled in Us slowly, over thousands of years, via Rape, Murder and both Economic and Psychical Slavery!  Our History was Re-Written to be called Myth, and the most absurd of all Myths are now called History.  Our Scientific Discoveries are either Denounced as "Racist" or otherwise "Bigoted", or are Falsely Credited to Non-Whites!  Their Mistakes are Denied, and Inevitably are Blamed on Us!  They either say We did what They really did Wrong, or They say that We - somehow - Oppressed Them into doing it!  Fear, certainly, is what has hitherto been Perpetuating this; to end this Cycle of Irrationality, one must do the Unpopular thing in being truly Traditional.  One must do the difficult thing in being Agricultural, opposed to Corporate.  One must learn to Hunt, rather than Purchase.  One must learn to put Race before Politics, opposed to these silly and ultimately Immoral attempts at Re-Defining the former to suit the latter.  Politics must be derived from a Religion which pays heed to Race, opposed to Religion stemming from an Ideology which Disregards Race; either by Neglecting it, a Denial in Effect, or Corrupting it's plain Meaning - Directly Denying Genetic Facts!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why is this so hard for The Masses to understand?

  I know I've said this before but People just don't seem to get it.  Let's review: I have always said that Peaceful Resistance will not work for Us; The reason for this is that Our Race, despite the greatest accomplishments, has always been the single most insecure Race.  That is why We allow Ourselves to act like Emos instead of Warriors!  In other words: We can and have been made to feel Guilt for things We never even did, however Our suffering and deaths would not invoke the same emotional response in Non-Whites.   Whites, Indoctrinated over Generations with Self-Loathing Propaganda, will even deliriously cheer the Genocide of Our Kind; it just has to be called "Anti-Racist".  The Whites whom have shaken lose The Chains of Fear are being, to quote the Enemy, "exterminated"; the rest are Slaves, and will eventually be "Amalgamated" out of existence.  That, of course, is if We continue to be Apathetic; if We chose the "Treacherous" and "Blasphemous" path of Racial Sovereignty, Preserving Our Race in a manner befitting of it, We will emerge Victorious.  This, however, requires Us to Embrace the labels which most of Us are so thoroughly afraid of with the same Mirth now displayed regarding Racial Suicide. 

 The only significant Secessionist group is The Northwest Front.  However, my concern is that The Suburban Dilemma (to assign a name to it) will prevail. By that, I mean any effort to Inundate and/or drive out via the instilled desire for Disassociation with Nationalists amongst "Egalitarian" i.e. Anti-White Whites will face a two-fold Threat; first, Non-Whites actually Invade and Inundate the areas which They find the most Racist (call it "Occupy Racism" i.e. "Occupy a White Neighborhood", if you like), and also that Complacency will once again take root - if it ever really left!

 As I've said before: I don't think Mass Resistance will become Reality until someone hits Unconventional Targets such as The Super Dome, TV Stations and Breweries.  Those are what The Masses care about, so those are the Obstacles that must be removed.