Saturday, June 22, 2013

America's Voting Idiocy

 The Son of Cain had too much Bush Baggage to Defeat a Negroid (who later turned out to have Dozens of Identical Policies), so They found a Mormon whom Lost to him.  That Mormon also Failed to Defeat a Negro, while Campaigning on at least 40 Identical Policies.  Now, the Mormon's Running Mate - Homosexual Advocate Paul Ryan - wants to Run in 2016.

One of his other Considerations for a V.P. Ticket, Marco Rubio, has Changed his Policies on Illegal Immigrants; Citing the Florida Constituency's Will i.e. that Non-Whites and other Liberals will not Elect him if he doesn't Pander to Them.  This shouldn't be at all surprising, however, as his Family came from Cuba.  ...They're just not sure when or why, apparently, since he and his Brother keep Contradicting Themselves.

Rand Paul has Flip-Flopped on many Issues, landed on the Left (such as with Illegal Immigration) and then Proselytizes at The (Non-Sacred Roman Fort) Wall.  While he has not yet Formally Changed his Stance on Homosexuals, he's Probably Lying; he has a Record of Lying.

Gary Johnson, a Libertarian who Promotes Homosexuals and Brags that he got both "Republican" and "Democratic" Votes in Nevada [which is Notorious for its Jewish Pornography and Prostitution Industries, not to mention Their Involvement in Gambling (Vegas was even Founded by a Jewish Mobster, so this is nothing new)], is a Popular "Third Party" Candidate.

Though he hasn't made it the Focal Point of his Campaign, unlike Gary Johnson, "Libertarian Republican" Ron Paul (Father of Rand Paul) also Supports Homosexuals.

Last year, "Libertarian Republican" Andrew Napolitano also Reversed his Policies on Illegal Immigration, in a Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal by that Fatimid.

John E. Sununu is an Arab; he's Mixed with several White Ethnicities, but he's of Palestinian and Lebanese Ancestry.  The Lebanese Jews are Genetically Indistinguishable from Their Arabic Brethren.  That's all you should need to know of him.

Darrell Issa is also an Arab; though Mixed with Whites, he is of Lebanese (and therefore Khazarian/Jewish) Ancestry.

Lesbian Marxist Jewess Janet Napolitano wants to Run for President, for the "Democrats".

Chelsea Clinton, of Daughter of Benghazi Co-Conspirator and Illegitimate Secretary of State {She Voted to Raise the Emoluments of that Position, the Term before Accepting the Unconstitutional Offer - not to mention that Barack Hussein Obama II a.k.a. Barry Soetoro is an Illegal Alien [as his Jewish Mother was too young to Confer Citizenship to him, under the Law at the time and his Arabo-Negroid Father was a Kenyan Citizen, not to mention his Austronesian Step-Father (who Legally Changed his Name - when he was five - to Barry Soetoro; meaning he Campaigned and Affirmed The Oath, which he's Violated every Day, under a Name he did not Legally Possess) was an Indonesian Citizen] and thus Illegitimate President!} Hillary Clinton, and Scandal-Clad Bill Clinton, has long been Anticipated by many "Democrats" to Run in 2016.

Thus, it's looking like the Conservatives of the New will be Elected, and there will be 8 more years of the same old Jewish Nonsense.  Maybe then, in 2024, if there still has yet to be a Revolution, the Jewish "Libertarian" System will have its turn at Raping everything Holy and Idolizing everything Abominable in the Name of Americanism.  Maybe the Bill to make Obama the Puppet Dictator for Life will Pass.  Maybe such a Bill will, instead, Pass for some Traitor like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan or Gary Johnson.  Who knows.  What We can be sure off, is that The Jewish Hydra has long been upon Us.