Monday, June 20, 2016

Additional Thoughts On Trump's Popularity

Why is Trump so Popular?  Let's Count The Ways:

Basically, Trump Implements The Sailer Strategy.  Others have Written on this Matter, so let's skip to why People are making such a big deal over him saying "America First" when McCain also said it but no one would Dare to Pretend there were any Comparison to Charles Lindbergh. McInsane's Voters already Knew that he was a Socialist, with a Long Record of Cosponsoring Liberal Bills with Jews, so any "Lindbergh Comparison" Lie by Democrats would have Resulted in one of two Reactions:  

One would be what They Desire, which is for everyone to Insist that "Conservativism Isn't Racist" from the Viewpoint of a Cognitive Dissonance-Suffering White i.e. that a Leftward Shift "MUST" be Embraced to Prove it; that any Sacrifices of Democratic-Republican Values that would be Viable in a Pro-White World are "Necessary", because - as We should all Know by now - it is Liberalism [this Liberation From Morality; this Bind to its Satanism (that is, Opposition)] it is actually Conserving.  

The other is that they would have Shifted Right, so Dreaded by Jewry and those Eagerly of its Dominion, while some sort of Alliance between Pat Buchanan, Jim Traficant, Joseph Sobran, Tom Tancredo, Willis Carto and Ron Paul would have been Viable.  Putin and his Allies would have Shifted Right if these Displayed any Sympathy for any Motive at all.  There must have been a Fear of the latter, since - though such Games were Played on a Small Scale; to Increase as time went on and nothing Significant was done by Whites for Our Defence - They didn't really Push the "Nazi" Narrative in any so Intricate a Method as with the Parallels that have been Crafted for Trump.  

They must not want People to think "too much" about the Issue, however, because these Points - the Practices of which are of Varying Qualities - are mostly Neglected in that Context.  A Switch in International Policy with Regards to Mexico, Support from Indians, Mixed Relations with the Arabic-Identifying World, Early Support from Jews which Largely Dissipated as he became more Popular (in Part, because he did not Appear to have been Purchased by Jews), a Promise of Cooperating with Russia (though it hasn't been Properly Desovietized, as that would have Essentially been a Nazification Program, it had been a Sort of "Americanized" and now is - sometimes more as a Veil, and sometimes more Genuine Practice - "Rerussifying"), and Policies that Align him more with the New Leaders of Slovakia, Hungary and Italy, a Minority Support from Blacks and Mexicans that The Mainstream is Confused by (but is basically Submitting to a Dominant Power for Self-Preservation, though while Waiting To Strike), and his aforementioned Populism that Shifts Rightwards but Employs some Rhetoric that was (though Ironically) Previously Largely Leftist... those are a few Similarities to Hitler you might not have Noticed, while everyone was going on about his (Jewish) Campaign Advisor having slipped some "Nazis" into his American Flag Poster.  Of course, today's Right-Wing Polish Youth and the Possibility of a Sympathetic Polish Government are Major Changes to this.  However, these are just some of Various Developments in a Push towards Creating the Power Bloc that was Proposed by a German-Sympathetic Polish Nationalist.  "Turkey" being N.A.T.O.'s Lapdog has been an Issue, but a New Leader who Holds N.A.T.O.'s Reigns could be a Dramatic Upset.  They have made Unfounded Accusations of Incestuous Desires about both, which is Ironic in that They Promote Incest.   Of course, it's really Aimed at Removing someone whose Policies are anywhere near Viable.  Thus, while Pursuing Better Leadership is always Advisable, it's Reasonable to both Dismiss these Accusations and Focus on what Our Opponents are Provably Doing Wrong.  One Difference is that Trump did not Rise from Poverty, and another is that he never Considered becoming a Priest.  He also was never a War Hero, much less one who (together with another Soldier) Shielded a General from Enemy Fire with his own Body whilst Firing Back.  But he's not exactly Andrew Jackson, either, and (God Forbid) would probably be more a Teddy Roosevelt if he did have a Distinguished Military Record.  So, he's not THAT Similar.   Discussing this, however, Presents the Possibility of Sympathizing with Hitler.  They do love for "Neo-Nazis" to run around like Hooligans, often Uneducated, Multi-Racial, Meth-Cooking and/or Mestizo-Screwing as They are, but anything Sophisticated with an Hitlerian Connotation would Terrify Them. 

But Trumpites aren't actually that far along, even if not - at least Subconsciously - still Programmed to Respond as Desired if an Order to Attack Russia is handed down.  So, what is it?  

He'll say or at least Hint at things everyone else Knows and has Known for Years, but no one else will say or even Hint at: He talked Openly about how he Networks with Both Parties, but Insists that he's going to do what he Promises.  People actually Trust him, because everyone is used to this Networking but being Betrayed by those that won't Admit it or Insist that Pandering now will - somehow - Convince Liberals to Comply later.  It's like something out of a Tom Clancy Book/Film, where Jack Ryan says to Play-Up your Friendship with the Suspicious Businessman while you Deny any Knowledge of his Illegal Activities; you leave the Media nowhere to go.  Naturally, everyone assumes "He's being honest because he has nothing to hide".  

He will talk about how he has Factories in Foreign Countries but that he would like to Move them to America; it simply isn't Cost-Efficient, so he had to Wait until America's Economy could be Improved enough by other Means and/or those either Purchasing from (or, to Neighborhoods that are Guarded and/or Removed from where Mongrels are Accelerate this Process, as the aforesaid Generally Reside in Whiter Infesting) or Voting for him Demand it. 

He's Splitting Ron Paul's Base, because he isn't Viewed as having Compromised on Racial Issues; he's seen as an Emerging Voice, and even some Libertarians really aren't sure Their Liberty is even as Valuable as - much less more than - Ours.  He might be Left of Paul in some Economic Matters, and Economics are really what's Driving his Feigned Racialism, which is an Unsettling Thought, but he's still Right of Paul on many Social Issues that - try as Paul might to Convince you otherwise - actually do have an Impact on The Economy.  He may be Left of where Paul was some 40 Years Ago, but so is basically every other Politician (Including Ron Paul).  Paul's just Angry that he's not Venerated as a God like he once was, by the Minority that it was, and that "God Emperor Trump" is Beating him at his own Game.  Basically, he took a Melange of Ron Paul's Policies over the Decades and Came Off Sounding More Masculine while doing so.  I've talked about the Paul/Trump Relationship, in the past, and what Horrors could come under this and from Jews like Adam Kokesh.  I must say, though, that I am Surprised at Trump's Meteoric Rise not being Sidelined by a Ron Paul Contention of any Significance; he's merely Bitching and Moaning from The Sidelines, rather than Campaigning.  Strangely, Ron Paul's Managed To Avoid The "Cuck" Label.  Maybe it's the Reverse of the aforementioned Ryan Technique, like how I have always Feared that Trump was only being Ridiculed by Establishment Republicans so he'd Appear an Outsider.  Likewise, Republicans are now Harder than ever Pushing for Universal Armament; I am Opposed to this for the same Reason that I am Opposed to White Disarmament: It Makes Anti-White Warfare Easier.  Obama is Insane, but he isn't actually THAT Stupid; he's The World's Greatest Gun Salesman by Intent. If Paul were Consulted on this Matter, Regardless of what he Intends to do once in any Position of Power, or Public Demand simply Forces the two to Play Nice (after all, Trump Literally Wrote The Book On "The Art of The Deal"), maybe he'll start Singing A Different Tune.  

He can say that he could Shoot someone in Time Square and not Lose a Single Vote, and the only ones that Complain will be those already not Voting for him anyway.  Why?  He's The Only One Not Threatening To Murder Everyone. Trump can Threaten China and North Korea (like The Establishment only wants if it can Control "Refugee" Intake, War's Methodology and a Subversive Media, like a John Le Carre Novel/Miniseries but with Jews to make it even more Sinister), while Threatening to Abandon South Korea (both Militarily and Economically) if it doesn't pick up the Slack, and even the Rest of N.A.T.O. for the same Reason, by Promising to Negotiate with Putin instead of Fighting him.  Furthermore, it's because he talks about Saudis Supporting Islamic State and says there are others; he won't Name Them, because he has "Friends" in the Region, but - of course - he has "Friends" everywhere, as such Networking is Putting him in Power, and then he can do almost whatever he wants, but he'll tell the Talking Head that's Mocking him for not Naming the one he really wants to now that he - like everyone - already Knows.  Thus, he Implies "I will Cooperate with you for Mutual Gain, but you've got to Stop Subverting America."

Of course, Jewry is Incapable of that.  We'll see what he's actually Willing to do, with his Jewish In-Laws and Grandchildren.  Has he Sold his Soul and those of his Offspring to The Devil, for Political Gain?  Will he Ban Them From Inheriting, before he's Assassinated or - even if They have to Wait until he's no longer President, though perhaps Stirring Controversy by Raising this Accusation during his Presidency - Accusing him of some Mental Instability that would Result (if They have one of the many "Judges" that would Jump at the Opportunity) in a "Temporary Guardianship"?  The latter could be Cited to Discourage Political Support, and those Suggesting this will simply be Declared Paranoid.  So on and so forth will The Great Global Witch Hunt go.  Someone saying that Jewry might want to Assassinate him will be Claimed as "Proof" of how "Paranoid" his Supporters are, and he'll be Ridiculed for having Suggested it himself.  Sure, some - Including Politicians - have already Called for his Assassination... but They'll just say this weren't Serious, and everyone Ought to have been Smart enough to Know that, Mocking Us every Possible way, while Insisting those that are Clearly Serious even to Their Supporters that have just enough Scruples to Speak Out (or merely Wish to Save Face by Appearing that way) will be Dismissed as "No Serious Threat".  Perhaps so, but perhaps They are a Threat to his Supporters.  Additionally, those They do Support - and which have no Issue with being Associated with Their Support have more than Plentiful Means with which to have him Assassinated.  Neither Motive nor Opportunity are Proof of Guilt, but both - Particularly when Coupled - are Reason For Suspicion.  

You would think that We would take to The Internet and The Streets, and Challenge Them in The Courts if for no other Reason than The Press. They Harder The Push, They Harder We Push Back. ...Right?  Well, perhaps; Trump has become the Face of that, even Encouraging those who would not otherwise be Associated with it, but They are Jews that We're talking about.  People seem very Forgiving, even out of those Knowing that They are Edomites, simply because of that Fact.  "Jews Are Scary!" is what it comes down to.  So, We Must Be Scary.  We can't merely Challenge Jews, though, nor any other Foreign Race or what even Main Streamers still call Perversion, or those Loyal to Them may Feel Unprecedented Resolve, and those Fence Sitters will Fall Over to Their Side, but Challenge all that Opposes Us in any Capacity. "You Are Not Free.  You Are Not Equal.  You Are Not Human, Unless We Say So."

Vote Trump, But Trump Will Not Save Us.  Like Jose Primo de Rivera Knew, Only Violence Will Save Us.