Saturday, August 29, 2015

Restoring What, Exactly?

Today is the 300th Anniversary of The Jacobite Counter-Revolution; a Cause that I Historically Support, with Utmost Condemnation for The "Glorious" Revolution.  Today, however, History is being Mocked by Forces even more Inglorious.  

A Jacobite Restoration wouldn't Achieve much, these days; the so-called "Royals" are often Mongrelized and as Inbred as a U.S.D.A.-Certified Cow.  Franz, as such, and being an E.U. Whore, as he (Subsequently) is, is Immediately Dismissed.

Now, I know of no further Dirt on her, not that she's Ideally Bred, but Infanta Alicia, Duchess of Calabria, has more Claim than either Franz, the Jewified House of Orange, or the so-called Windsors.

Perhaps The Best Bet would be to go back further, and Trace the Pre-Jacobite Pretenders down to today. There are many to Consider, but one I can't find much on but Know by Name is Simon Abney-Hastings, 15th Earl of Loudoun.  He seems to be just a Typical Guy in Australia who Happens to have a Courtesy Title, so he doesn't Appear to have the Wealth to make this Possible.  If he is Connected enough, though, perhaps someone Ambitious and Wealthy could be his Patron.

One Possibility is a Co-Reign, or a Division into Kingdoms to have a Common Constitution but Independent Additions that can be Made if Necessary; if a Change to the Common Values is to be Attempted, it would have to be Ratified by the Standard 2/3rds Majority but of Both Governments.  It would be a Variation on the Concept of a Personal Union; when an Emperor is to Rule each of his Kingdoms by their own Traditions, as Allies.

Alicia's Wealth and Simon's Everyman Appeal could be Useful, if for no other Reason than what there is now is Completely Insane.

Tangential to this: Karl von Habsburg might have some Potential, as Kaiser of either Austria, Hungary or a Restored Austro-Hungarian Empire, but his Father's Politics are Ass-Backwards. All Karl's Son does is F1 Racing; while his Popularity might be Useful, his Lack of any Apparent Political Convictions is Disturbing.

Karl's Grandfather, Charles, though he had some Squicky Breeding Policies, did - to his Credit - everything in his Power to Prevent WWI. He was Sidelined, at every turn, though he made every Concession he had been Lead To Believe would Subdue The Fratricide.

Unfortunately, Jewry - those Inherent Workers of Iniquity that They are - had everyone Far Too Bloodthirsty to Accept what would Elsewise have Simultaneously Preserved The Empire and Afforded Autonomy to those Seeking it.

It seems Otto's E.U. Whoring is a Result of being the Product of Cousins, whereas Karl has a Dilution of that with some New Blood. Karl's Son should be even Better, then, but Multi-Cult Indoctrination is also Multi-Fold and there are Dominant and Recessive Traits that become Corrupted with Inbreeding anywhere in the Ancestry. His Loyalty Remains To Be Determined.  

For my Thoughts on Orleans-Braganza, see "Which Way, South Brazil?"

Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, seemingly Favours an Absolute Monarchy over a Democratic-Republic.  Perhaps there's something here... I can't find anything about him having Sympathies for Our Cause, but also not about him Promoting The Multi-Cult.  There's a Nationalist Group in Portugal that, though a Minority, is Gaining Favour; perhaps some Cooperation is Possible.

There are two Orleanist Pretenders to The French Throne, and both Claim to be Duke of Anjou.

One is Louis Alphonse of Bourbon, who has a Wife from Venezuela; she Appears to be Pure.  Genetic Testing of Both will be Required, as with anyone, before any Serious Consideration of a Restoration of that Line or even being Permitted into The Line of Succession.  In Particular, it's a Concern here because he's both one of several Alledged Royals to Descend from Fransico Franco and - Separately - one of his Ancestresses was always Rumored to be a Jewess.

The other is one of his Cousins, the so-called "Prince" Charles-Philippe Marie Louis of Orleans; he has Proclaimed himself "Center-Right", but it's within the Context of Accepting The E.U.  He's Useless, unless he can become an Unsuccessful Candidate who Destabilizes The Region at a Time when We are in Standing to Assume Power as a Result.

While everyone's being Genetically Tested for both Racial Purity and Inbreeding Coefficient, perhaps someone in The Greek Royal Family is Willing to Back Golden Dawn; it Considers itself a Successor to General Ioannis Metaxas, and his Anti-Communist Counter-Revolution was Backed by said Family.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lost Israelite Migrations

The Proto-Semitic D.N.A. [as Contrasted with the Ishmael-Edomite/Pseudo-Semitic i.e. Jewish and otherwise Arabic D.N.A. (Including Iranic, Indic, Moorish that are not just Negroid, Central Asian Populaces that are not Mongoloids or those Europeans who Recolonized after the Scythians were Genocided by Foreign Races, and Populations of that Mongrel Descent that may not Admit to it across the World)] is in all Extant Europeans, but it was Most-Directly and thus in Greatest Percentages Infused into Non-Slavic Europeans; it would also have Greatest Association with Northern Europeans.  More In-Depth:

Slavs are Genetically European.  There are many "Slav"-Professing Populations that are one Form of Turkish or another, Ranging from Small Minorities to Large Majorities of certain Countries, but that's the same with Moorish and Turkish Populations having Bastardized a Considerable Portion of Hellenic, Latin and Hispanic Peoples; it doesn't mean the Surviving Populations are any less European, because there are Impostors.

The "Latin" and "Hispanic" Names are often Applied to Mestizos, Hernizos and Castizos, but it doesn't Change History.

Genetic Testing across Europe has Illustrated a Considerable Degree of Cross-Breeding between European Nations, and even The N.S.D.A.P. said that virtually no one was Solely of either Nordic, Alpine or Mediterranean Ancestry; rather two or all three of those, but often Predominantly of one.  Some have the Appearance of one Sub-Group and the Behavior of another, too.

Mediterraneans were already Noted to be Virtually Extinct; most Pure Whites in that Region are Better-Identified as Atlantic (Nord-Med Cross), Nordid Atlantic (Predominantly-Nord Atlantic), Dinar (of the Non-Armenoid Form i.e. Alpine-Med Cross), Dinaro-Nord, Noric (Predominantly-Nord Dinaro-Nord), Alpinid, Nordid Alpinid, or Nordish, or some Cross thereof, rather than Mediterraneanish.

Part of Jewry calls itself "Ashkenazi" because it Invaded Germanic Realms in 990-994 A.D.; since Ashkenaz was a Son of Gomer, and Gomer was a Son of Japheth, if Ashkenaz was the Germanic Patriarch, the Germanics would be Japhetites.

The "Sephardi" Jews have some Inexplicable Notion that Biblical Sepharad was in Spain, and likewise have the Irrational Belief that Invading The Iberian Peninsula (not to be Confused with "Iberia" as another Name for Georgia, as Georgians are Genetically Equidistant between Europeans and Middle-Eastern Arabs) gives Them some "Right" to this Name.  

Proto-Semites, whether Judahite, Northern Israelite or Elamite, would have been a Smaller Company of Nations than those of The People of The Northlands (all Europeans in Europe, in this Context).  By The Time of Christ, there were about 1,000 of His Israelites under that Name and perhaps even Several Hundred Thousand Elamites.

Thing is, many European Nations had Migrated through these Regions already; the Semites weren't as Isolated from the other Adamites as it may at first Appear.  Of course, those were Largely Western Europeans.  Northern Europeans were also in Greater Percentages in Southern Europe than today.

There is Genetic Evidence of Numerous European Populations having Returned from other Realms to that Continent, and Changing the Genomic Structure of Our People.  The Most Significant Example was some 4,500 Years, as per a Study from several Years ago.

That seems to Corroborate what is said in Genesis about Expanding Japheth and it Ruling with a Rod of Iron, as Heirs of Sem; the two Merged.

A Significant Portion of/Most Germanics have Genotypes within the R1a or R1b Haplogroups, rather than The Hallstatt Type (I1) or the also-Austrian K1.

I2a is what the Majority of Slavish Peoples are Comprised of; smaller Percentages have a Genotype within R1a or R1b, and then there are the Hellenic or Latin Influences in some Populations.

I take it, from the Current or Historic Germanic Presences in Slavic-Predominated Realms, this means the Slavic Peoples were More Isolated from other Europeans but then were Bred with.  Indeed, they had Cultural Affinity with the Prehistoric Scythians but were later Fought by the Returning Scythians.

To be Fair, however, those Scythians Fought Everyone; one Catholic Church Record says that they were at first The Most Ruthless Pagans, but later Converted and were The Most Fervent Christians.

Still, the Latest of these - the Alani (the ones that weren't Bastardized in The Middle East) - seem to have Clustered in Southern Europe, France, Central Europe and Central Asia; one could Note that they didn't go into The Gaelic Isles or Scandinavia, which would have been Ethnically and Culturally Similar to much of where they did Settle, but of course there are Various Military Factors, Marital Arraignments and Bribes that must be Taken Into Consideration.

Ironically, one could Note that Central Asia was already Long Teeming With Mongrels; it Appears that these Resisted Bastardization into The 12th Century, when a Catholic Missionary would be Shocked to Discover a Nation of White People in "Caucasian Albania" [not to be Confused with Albania in Europe, though the Predominance of so-called "Albanians" are actually (Often-Obvious) Turkish].  Unfortunately, these are all Long Since Bastardized by the Azerbaijani.  

Most Forms of K, since I Mentioned it, are Bastardized; it is Common in The Modern Levant and amongst Central Asian Turkish Populations, but Rare in Europe; the Discovery of Ötzi The Iceman (who Proved that The Bronze Age actually Originated about 1,000 Years Earlier than Previously Believed, and that Acupuncture is of European Origin) is what Proved it was of European Origin.  He has 19 Known Living Relatives, all in Tyrol, Austria.

Perhaps that Indicates that K1 was Common amongst Proto-Semites, but the other Genotypes were Present in the Predominance of those to Survive by Breeding amongst other Europeans.

Cascadia: Cascade of Hypocrisy

The Cascadian Independence Movement is Afraid of Post-Peak Oil, Global Warming and "Social Issues".  Now, let's Dissect that through the Liberal B.S.:

There are Hundreds of Years of Oil in each of many Reserves in many States, not to Mention those of Other Countries that often would have even Less Technology than They do if not for Foreign Aid, so The First World has Thousands of Years before this is even an Issue; at that Point, it still has Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Waste-to-Fuel Conversion, Recycling-to-Fuel Conversion, Bio-Fuels, Wind and Solar Power.

Climate Change is actually in Both Directions, it Frequently does one thing in one Region and another somewhere else, there's no Demonstrable Impact of C.F.C.s, only 5% of CO2 Output is Man-Made, and it is nowhere near as Extreme as it is Typically Portrayed as being.

Those "Social Issues" are Perceived from an Historically-Inaccurate, Pseudo-Scientific, Left-Wing View, as well, so it's a Worthless Venture in and of itself; it's Uses will be in the Ironic Act of Removing Electoral Votes from Liberals in America and Canada, Creating a Predominantly-White Country that will become a Jerusalem for White Flight, and Providing an Opportunity to Balkanize America using J.F.K.s Address to The Soviet Union about Diversity of Belief as a Rhetorical Guide.  

It'll be Easier to Achieve The Northwest Imperative, if the Liberals already there have Congregated in a Portion or North of it; the Remainder will be Ripe for the Taking.  Also, the more that Flee to there from other Regions, the Sooner these Areas will either Collapse to the Negros, Mestizos, Chinese, Indians and/or whatever other Mongrels are the Inundating Forces there, Provoking a "National Guard" Action or (other) Militarized Police, or being Reclaimed by Us because the Liberals are no longer there to Indoctrinate Us or Otherwise-Enable Them.

It is for this Reason that I would Prefer for People to actually Hold The Fort, rather than Fleeing to other Realms.  Unfortunately, no one is doing so.  I Fear, however, that the same will simply Occur up there; after White Flight, there is always Non-White Follow.  So, something must Occur to Reduce the Number of People in Our Movement it will Require to Fulfill this Mission; to Maximize those who are Invigorated to Act as Vigilantes and Networks of Autonomous Cells in other Regions.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Thoughts on "Say's Law"

Say's "Law" says that there cannot be a "General Glut", unless Production of another Good (or Performance of another Service, it would Stand to Reason would also Apply) is Insufficient; if it Exists, it will be Bought; if it is Undersold, something else must be Created; for Money is Momentary; it will be Exchanged as Immediately as Possible.

Of course, there are two Problems with that: Gluts do Exist, Especially in Recessions or - Worse - Depressions, and Wealth is often Reserved; even when something could be Sold for Profit, many Wait for a Greater Profit.  Also, there are other Considerations than just these Products and Services; even if Ego were Removed, one may Abstain from Short-Term Profits - as would otherwise Inflate one's Ego to Pursue - for the Objective Considerations of Racial Welfare (Literally: Well-Being).

There are three Means of Increasing the Appeal of Existing Supply; either to Create something Better and to Reduce the Cost of the Existing Item or Service, so those not Able to Afford the new one will Settle for Purchasing the old, to Popularize its Conversion to another Function, or to Create something Inferior - Especially if Overpriced - so as to Convince Consumers to Settle for it as is.  The latter seems to be Increasingly Common, Despite the Fact that it Bears the Risk that someone will Create something of Higher Quality and/or Lower Price in Spite of it.

On Russia and The War of Northern Aggression

It has always seemed to me that The Confederacy and Russia should have been Natural Allies, for Russia was Supposedly an Aristocracy and The Union would Decry The South as "too Aristocratic", both had Problems with Foreign Races (while The South had a Negroid Majority, a Sizable Portion of The Russian Empire then Consisted of Rebellious Turkish Hordes), both were Industrializing whilst still Agriculture-Based Economies, and both were Outcasts to World Powers; only to be Used for Temporary Purposes so Subject to Ego.  

Strangely, it was Russia that Threatened to Enter this Fratricidal War on Behalf of The Union if England and France were to Enter on Behalf of The Confederacy. 

The Remainder of European Powers (whether in Europe or Realms that were European-Lead but Comprised Mainly of Mongrels, such as Brazil and Mexico were at the time) were either Playing Both Sides or Neutral, whether for Ideological, Financial or Military Concerns.  

Now, I have my Opinion on why Catholic Powers took the Neutral Stances that they did, and the Protestants had Essentially Invented an 11th Commandment for The Acquisition of Wealth; while Grounded in Christianity - as can Exist only with European Racial Consciousness - this could Finance all Endevours that by Necessity are to be Undertaken, as well as all Luxuries that can be Afforded within such a Framework, the Jews the Protestants had Largely become Servile to Promoted instead that one could Tell which had been Selected for Salvation by Wealth.  But why did The Only Significant Orthodox Power take this Position?  

Russia's Position did nothing to Liberate Southeastern Europe from Turkish Occupation, and it only Further Drove The Wedge Between European Powers; thereby Preventing the very Cooperation that would have Ensured Far Earlier that Liberation?  

It was his Liberalism that was At Fault; his Self-Perceived Enlightenment was Blinding him to these Realities. Everything Good that any Liberal can be Credited for is something not itself Liberal; it is simply Correcting a Situation that was Caused by things - in turn - Liberal.  

That is, at least, in the Sense of it as being Overly Generous; that is, that it Assumed Powers not Historically Accepted as Belonging to the Force in Question and in doing so Jeopardized any Natural Balance there Elsewise could be.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Islamic State of Irrelevance

"Islamic State" is no Threat to America, unless America Allows it to be one; it is an Asset of M.O.S.S.A.D, Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı, The C.I.A., MI6, and other N.A.T.O., E.U. or Allied Forces.

While there was a Recent Bust in Macedonia, where the Turks and Race-Traitor Albanians (though the Predominance of Alledged Albanians are actually Turkish) have Congregated in its West, the Presence of such Forces is only Possible because N.A.T.O. will Destroy any Country that doesn't Accept these Monstrosities as "Joys of Diversity" and "Cultural Enrichment".

After all, "I.S.I.S." and "I.S.I.L." popped up once the Multi-National "Free Syrian Army" became Infamous for Killing Christians and Distributing Fake Photos (albeit the latter's also done by Assad's Supporters; I have seen a Finnish Soldieress being Mislabeled as from his "Glorious Syrian Arab Army", to Create Racial Confusion and Generate Sympathy); the Main Purpose of the latter (as this Side-Project of Killing Christians was to Create "Refugees" to Import to White Countries and to Falsely Blame on Assad) is now being Fulfilled by "Islamic State", as Assad quickly (Ostensibly) Proposed (Read: Accepted) an Exchange of Oil for American Support Against "Islamic State".  In The Real World, that's called Extortion.

What a Way to Force Russia's Hand!  Insane, but Brilliant!  Now, it'll have to go in to Retrieve the Ballistic Missiles that it Sold to Assad to Fight "F.S.A.", N.A.T.O. and "Israel".  It seems America is not Content to merely Create Enemies; it also Forces its Enemies to do the same.

Think about it: If "Islamic State" had a Genuine Grievance with "Israel", an Organization of that Size could Easily have Destroyed its Oil Pipeline.  Instead, it's been Focused on Destroying Ancient Assyrian Sites, Mass Raping Yazidis for Incorporating Zoroastrian Elements, and Attacking Iranic for being the only ones other than Chinese to be Fighting Islamic State; the Uyghur were Recruited by Islamic State, shortly after I Suggested that Iranic should Form a Counter I.S. and Negotiate Uyghur Status with a Oil-Based Chinese Ally.

I'm not Claiming that I was in any way Responsible for the aforesaid, nor that Jewry got its Idea to Colonize Ghost Cities in China from my Plan sometime before that to Purpose these as Training Facilities for a Reclamation of Tocharia; just that They Think Outside The Box that They have Confined The Masses' Minds to, and so do I.

The Purpose of this War For Oil (which Liberals, you may have Noticed, have not been calling it since Obama became Evident as a Pro-War Puppet-Leader) is to Secure Oil for The E.U.; when WWIII Begins, and it is Inevitable (because the Jewish-Dominated, American-Backed, E.U.-Member, Chinese-Allied, Black-Importing, Neo-Liberal Regime that has Usurped Ukraine has Ensured it, with the Assistance of the Nominally-National Socialist/Fascist yet Chechen-Supporting, Anti-Russian, Unionist "Right Sector"), Russia can Sever 80% of its Oil Supply (Including 100% to Belarus).

It has already Severed 80% of Ukraine's Oil Supply, in Response to 80% of Crimea's Water Supply being Severed by the new Jewish Regime.  Jewry says this is over a $145,000+ Water Debt; Russia can Call In a 5.6 Billion Dollar Oil Debt it was Tolerating with the Ally it had in the Former, Democratically-Elected Government in Ukraine.

On Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Donald Trump

Now, my Hatred for Libertarianism is Comparable to my Hatred of Communism but let's look Realistically at this Corpora-Bolshevik Regime called America: Why doesn't anyone like Ron Paul?

War?  America did everything The Masses had Wanted it to and then some, all at once Cleaning up its Prior Messes from Black Operations and Creating New Problems because it wouldn't Handle this like a Racial War. Obama Campaigned on being Anti-War, but he Set The Stage For Invading Russia. Ron Paul IS Anti-War.  But America has to Fix its Problems, right?  What a Stellar Job it's done thus far!

America can only Fix The Regime it Helped Install in West Ukraine by Assassinating Jewish Leaders, Backing Russia or - At The Very Least - Staying Out of Regionally-Foreign Affairs; so that Russia can Reestablish its own Hegemony over an Historically-Russian Land or (again, At The Very Least) Establish an Anti-N.A.T.O. Ally.

Homosexuality?  Neo-Cons Promote Homosexuality even more Rabidly than he does, now, which is what I said would Happen back in 2011 when everyone was telling me to take off my Tinfoil.

Abortion?  Like with Homosexuality, he won't Endorse either a Federal Ban or a Federal Protection of it; he has said that if any Legislation is Passed, it should be on the State Level.  That means that Conservative States can Ban these things, whereas Liberal States will Allow it.

Now, let's Consider that he has Endorsed Secession as the 10th Amendment Right it is; an Aspect, itself, of The 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Association (which Entails Freedom of Disassociation).

Furthermore, his Economic Policies are more Conservative than anything Offered by any Neo-Con.

He also Advocates Border Security, though it is Important to Note that this so-called "Gentilized" Libertarianism was once Promoted by Andrew Nepolitano; he now Advocates Open Borders, as a Central Tenant of Libertarianism.

Ideal?  Far from it, Especially as he has now Renounced "Racism" as "an ugly form of Collectivism", but States' Rights will Enable Us to Change The System in Ways that are Currently Impossible; if he is Legitimately More Honest than the Jews that Created and have Long been the Idols of Libertarianism, though this Shift that Occurred because of a Misattributed Quote about Negros does Cast Doubt upon this, he will not Invade a Seceded Racialist State.

At The Very Least, it'll be a Major Upset for America to have another War of Northern Aggression; if Russia is Willing to Back Us, and Paul's Mild Anti-Zionism will Strain his Loyalty to Jewry if this Fratricide does Occur, Our Independence will be Secured and We could even Reconquer the Remainder of The U.S.A.  

Contrast that with "Tea Party" Favourite Rand Paul; Ron's Son: Rand Paul has Openly Advocated Decriminalizing all Crimes for which Blacks are Disproportionately Arrested.  That, of course, Includes Rape and Murder.  He also Flip-Flops on many other Positions.

Of course, this Affiliation does Beg The Question of if Ron could likewise Decline.  However, there's a Counter-Point: Whereas Marine Le Pen is Increasingly Jew-Friendly, her Father has Renounced her for this and been Arrested for Holocaust Denial.

But who is the Alternative in America for Ron Paul?  Donald Trump?  His First V.P. Choice was Oprah Winfrey; that's the same Oprah that Openly Advocated Murdering Old White People to "End Racism".  He said it was Taken Out of Context; that it was a Joke.  He Approached her for a V.P. Ticket in 1999, though she Declined it then.  Now, his V.P. Choice is another Negress; this one an Alledged "Conservative" Actress, that Posed Nearly-Naked with its Breasts Exposed.

Furthermore, his Son and Daughter both have Jewish Spouses; he Praised his Jewish Family, at a Zionist Conference, and he Endorses Netanyahu.  To say he doesn't "have time for Political Correctness" is to Fail to Comprehend what this Euphemism is even about.  His Popularity is Predicated upon his Advocacy for Border Security, yet he Employs Illegal Immigrants.

And yet, "Donald Trump Will Destroy The Republican Party"?  I Hope so, I Truly do; I Hope you are Ruined not for one Election or even one Generation, but Permanently.  Lindsey Graham is Endorsing Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump and Jeb Bush has Met with Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett; when Coupled with the so-called "Attack" by Fox "News", I get the Impression that They Want Trump.  Someone Lacking "Bush Baggage" and Ostensibly Populist who is not Ron Paul can at once be Their Boy and make it Acceptable for Them to Admit that the Differences are Nominal; doing so on the False Pretense that Opposing him is Substantial and all that Matters.