Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On Guernica

It's Ironic how Guernica is Condemned as a Terror Bombing (though the City was of Military Importance) by the same Allied Forces that Condone the Terror Bombing of Dresden, Despite the latter not being of Military Importance (though They will Insist there was a Communications Outpost there and that this, somehow, Justifies a Mass Genocide!).

According to some Estimates of the Guernica Casualties, more People Died from Suffocation in one Over-Taxed Bomb Shelter in Dresden than in all of Guernica.

That said, I do not Approve of the Tactics used on Guernica; I Approve even Less of those used on Dresden.

It's Questionable about whether there was one of the Traditional Market Days that Monday, as a General Edict had been Issued by the Republican Regime to Postpone these on Account of the War; anyplace both of Cultural Significance and having two Arms Manufacturers, surely would have been kept Alerted.

Either way, it might not even have been 1/13th as many Victims as Initially Reported; even a High Estimate would put it at 4.135 Times Less than Initially Reported, and Half what was Reported by even The Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was already Notorious for Inflating Casualties it Attributed to the Enemy/Oppressed, and for Downplaying or Wholly Denying its many Sins.

America is one to talk; it had already Democided both Whites and Blacks in The South, on the Pretense of Liberating the latter.  Its "Reconstructionism" has always been more Violence, Brainwashing and Thievery.  The list goes on and on.

Only once all the Fratricidal Conflicts are all Publicly Admitted and Condemned will We have Progress Against "Progressivism"; only once those Ethnicities have Returned to a Culture that is Beneficial to Our Cause may they be Forgiven, though Individuals and Sub-Groups may Return before the Masses thereof, but it is Madness to War with your Brethren whom should now be your Allies because of an Injustice they are Ready and Willing to do all that is Humanly Possible to Correct.

Considerations on American and Finnish Socio-Economic Models

There has been talk about Finland's Low Child-Poverty, Surprisingly-Functional "Public" (Government) Educational System, and Low Crime-Rate.  There's Speculation about why this is, but let's Consider it from a Different Angle than what you here from the "Progressive" and "Neo-Con" (Socialists, both):

90+% of Finland is either European or Europoid with some Mongoloid Admixture that have about the same Culture and have been there for almost as long (not as long in the Southern Portion, but perhaps longer in the Northern Portion), with the Largest Non-Europoid Minority being a Single-Digit Percent of Euro-Mongoloid Mixes with either a Mix of Phenotypes or only Mongoloid Appearance that are mostly Isolated in the Sparsely-Populated Northern Portion called "Lappland" (Literally: "Simpletonland").  I think that's most of it.

Now, let's Consider the Factors that are often Listed:

1 Year Paid Parental Leave actually sounds good to me; it's 1 Year of an Internship or Job for someone else (the Merits of the two otherwise being Equal, the one with the Highest Probability of having White Children while Employed should be Selected; if neither is more Likely than the other, then the Younger of the two should have it), and Encourages Bonding, Responsibility and further Reproduction among Parents.

Child Care would be Affordable to more People, if not for Unnecessary Taxation (something which Exists at an Opportunity Cost several times over; once in that you do not have Free Will over it, and then that Bureaucracy must Charge and Pay itself for this Inefficiency, once again Depriving you of Control over where this Stolen "Salary" goes) and there would be more Options or one would come to Dominate by Demonstrating its Merit (that is, as it is not Assisted by Tax-Dollars but rather Subject to Scrutiny).

I'd like to have a Clarification of the Context of "Basic Income For Minors", before I Agree or Challenge the Notion.  An Allowance is really the Responsibility of the Parent(s), but a Minimum Allowance may be Practical under certain Conditions.

"Guaranteed Job For Everyone Under 25" does not sit well with me; if it was White-Specific and had an I.Q. Standard of at least Average, then I would Discuss Terms because I'm sure something that will Satisfy both Capitalists and Socialists could be herein Achieved.  I have Modifications I would like to make to it, coming from a Capitalist Background and most Associated now with Physiocracy, but I Suggest that The Grand Charter of Fascism be Considered as a Template for whatever shall Evolve henceforth to Unite the many Factions of Our Cause.

The Idea of a Youth Council, whether a Chancellery, Congress or Parliament, has Intrigued me for Years; I was not Aware it actually Existed in Finland, until recently.  Under the aforesaid Conditions, I would not find it Reckless; I would actually find it so if they were not Involved so Actively in The Political Process.  I would like to Discuss with my Brothers and Sisters what Criteria there should be for it; I Suggest that while it should have Divisions Based On Age, each having to Meet a Resolution not only by a 2/3rd's Majority within its Membership, but with each of the other Branches by the same, the Vote of each Member and each Branch should be Equal.  My Thought is that it will Protect the Younger from being Intimidated by those Older yet not Emotionally as Mature, and the Older from being Distracted by those Younger and not Emotionally as Mature; each has those whom Develop at Varying Rates, but Teenagers are Timid to be Compared to Children and Children are Eager to be seen as "Cool" by Teenagers, so each must Demonstrate to the other first what is Typical of their Age-Range and where Common Ground does Exist.    

As for their Education System, let's first Dispel a Commonly-Cited Myth about why it is one of the World-Leaders:

Had that been True, it would have been Fiscally Irresponsible.

Now, there are things to be said of its Schooling that are Favourable; others might just be Different, and the Circumstances being a Determinant of Better or Worse:

It has a 5 (rather than 7) Hour-Long School Day wherein they do Less Work, and they also Rarely have Homework before they are in High School.  Then, they have less.  Well, that's just Logical.

Elementary School Students also have 75 Minutes of Recess, rather than America's Average of 27 Minutes; in Finland, you take a 15 Minute Break for Play every 45 Minutes of Class Time.  Again, Logical.

Science Classes are Capped at 16 Pupils, so Practical Experiments may be Conducted in every Class. Logical.  

43% of High Schools in Finland are Vocational.  Logical.  Someone tell the Japanese; They have a Problem with what They call "NEETs" (those Not in Education, Employment or Training).  They've made some Improvements of Their own, though.  

They don't even start School until they are 7.

They aren't even Graded for the first 6 Years of Schooling.

The National Curriculum is just a Broad Guideline to be Adjusted by the Teachers.

They Rarely have Examinations; the only Mandatory, Standardized Exam is taken at 16.

Overall,  Their Test Scores Indicate this is a Preferable System to America's.  Consider:

93% of Students in Finland will Graduate High School.  Contrast that with a Record of 80% in America.  That's not because of Improvements in Education; it's because of a General Decline in Curriculum, and "Affirmative Action" for Non-Whites that cannot otherwise Pass even with these Lowered Standards.  Finland is doing something Better.

66% of Students in Finland go to College; the Highest Rate in Europe.  By Contrast, only 65.9% of American High School Graduates went to College in 2013.  It's High Point was only 70.1 in 2009.  Granted, America's Student Loan-Bubble will Inevitably Burst and there is an Emergence of Vocational Training among the Intelligent.  Unfortunately, America is also Teeming with "Affirmative Action" and other Parasitism.

Finland also Spends 30% Less Per Student than The U.S.A., to Achieve these Favourable Results; this is more Proof that American Teachers are Over-Paid for the Half-Year of "Educating".

The Difference between the Academically-Weakest and Strongest Students in Finland is the Lowest in the World; this is Primarily because of the Ethno-Cultural Factors, but also because Fast and Slow Learners are Taught in the same Classrooms as everyone else.  If it weren't for the Positive Test Results and College Admittance Rates, this Academic Grouping would Concern me a Great Deal more.  Still, this only Works for Finland because of its Demographics.

I Conjecture from a Combination of this and Personal Experience that Finland's Results are - apart from The Primary/Ethno-Cultural Factors - a Result of the Advanced not Feeling Pressured to Prove themselves while everyone else Learns from Friends whom are more Interesting to Learn from than the Adults.  Some People just love Knowledge and will Learn on their own without the Stress; stop Bothering these People, and let them Play.  Half the time, it's the same thing; Let Imaginations Thrive.

In the same Vein, I Suggest that Students be Offered a Choice of either "Gen-Ed" or "Specific Ed"; that could be for Advanced, Impaired or Average, by Results, but with Different Learning Styles and/or Preferences in Association/Dis-Association.  Literally, for something to be "Special Ed", it must be Superior; it is Misused as a Euphemism for Inferior Education.  While some Genuinely are Learning Impaired or even Learning Disabled, many are Learning Different; with the Proper Scenario, they Learn as well as or even Better than The Average Person.

One thing I did like from American Schools is when the Older Kids would come and be Reading Buddies with the Younger Kids; this should be Expanded upon, Greatly.  Better Teachers in America will have Students Help each other.  Student-Teachers should not just be someone fresh out of College waiting to get his or (Usually) her own Class.  I'd like to see those Students whom Grasp the Content and can Relate it to the rest of the Class, actually Leading Lessons.  

30% of Students in Finland have Extra Help in the first 9 Years of Schooling; this only Reinforces my Belief in Personalized Education for everyone.

In Finland, there's a Smaller Population than New York City but twice as many Teachers; each of these have a Master's Degree.  Now, I do not put much Stock in Degrees; many Alledged "Experts" have been Horribly Mistaken or have Deliberately Promoted Falsehoods with these Degrees as all the Credence that The Masses would Require.  That said, it would Limit the Number of those that Influence Our Children and We would sooner become Wary of such Mentalities and Merit-Less Over-Representation, if that's all to which We were Exposed.

On the Topic of Politics in General, here is a Graph about the Benefits of Private Gun-Ownership (with Hints as to Crime being Disproportionately Non-White):

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

On J.W.B., The C.S.A., and Motivations of Men

His 1/8th Jewish Blood has made me wonder if The Knights of the Golden Circle, not Heeding the Advice of Vice President John Caldwell Calhoun, who is - in my Mind - The Greatest American, were not (if not in Founding, in later Contraction) a False Flag by a Shadow Government more Concerned with "Reconstructionism" than Lincoln; the same as was done with Communist Lee Harvey Oswald being Permitted to Return from The Soviet Union for the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thus Enabling "Integration".  

After all, K.G.C. Member and Master Mason Albert Pike was Expelled from The Invisible Empire by General Nathan Bedford Forrest; even Disbanding The Ku Klux Klan, altogether, because this Organization - Founded as a Fraternity of White Christians of any Ethnicity and Denomination - was so Infiltrated by Jews and Free Masons.

Freemasonry is not Scottish, albeit its First Lodge was in Scotland. The Jacobite Symbolism of The Klan is, itself, a Testament to the Irony of Masonic Membership in this Institution; the Jacobites were mostly Catholic, though some Protestants were Members for Dynastic Reasons, and Catholicism Forbids Masonic Membership. Unfortunately, Novus Ordo Katholicism is - itself - a Masonic Construct.

Booth's Actions, I am Convinced, were Perpetrated only because there was the Anticipation of Apathy; had there ever been more than a Shadow of the Fear of a White Uprising not Controlled on both of the Nominal Sides, he would never have made it through the door.  Consider the following:

A Spanish Historian once Questioned why The South never did Rise Again; he looked to his own People having Resisted Moors, and the Slavics having Resisted Turkish, and Wondered why The Southron was so Complacent with his Subjugation.  Why had he Rebelled at all?

The Problem is that most did not Realize this was a Racial War, so most did not Realize that the Gaelic, Hispanic, French, English, German and Prussian Cultures that must be together Embraced for the Formation of a Southron Culture would be Eviscerated.

If these Ethnicities did not have a Distinct Culture, then those Opposed to these Peoples and their Cultures would Argue that it was Acceptable that these Peoples and their Cultures be Destroyed; that Measures were taken to Break Peoples of their Cultures would be Denied, Declared Irrelevant or even Exalted as a Positive. If a Southron Ethnicity and/or Culture were to Emerge from the Confluence of these European Ethnicities, it would be Denied, Declared an Irrelevancy or even Demonized that there Exists a European Race. The Stronger the Ethno-Cultural Bonds, however, the more a Population or Allegiance of Populations will Resist such Absurdities.

To many, this was a War about Unfair Taxation and Protecting their Business Deals with the Governments in Europe. This Included the very Government that America had Seceded from; a Government which Oppressed many of the Ethnicities and Cultures of The South, and one which Warred with other European Ethnicities and Cultures.

"How is that my concern?", "How does that make me rich?", "Why should I care?"  These Defectives are Murdering Us even more Effectively than the Non-Whites; it is for the Traitor that the Non-White is Able to do what it does so Effectively, if not altogether.  When Traitors Get Their Comeuppance, They Blame Us.  And thusly it Continues.

To Ensure this Remains so, the Jew and its Minions have Infiltrated Nationalist Movements; it becomes about Unsustainable Forms of Imperialism and Material Profit; it becomes about an Individualism that Relies upon the Collective to Provide for it and be its Scapegoat, and a Collectivism of such Undeserved Slavery and Torture.

We see this with Zionism in "The E.D.L.", "Front National" and "Right Sector" most of all, and with the Anti-Irish "B.N.P."  The Secessionist Movements across Europe are almost all Liberal or (Openly) Communist.  To be for the Survival of every Ethnicity of Our Race and the Practice of Cultures of European Composition thereby, is - in an Alienist Mindset - an Unpardonable Sin. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Khazaria: The Jewish Atlantis

 In Addition to the Primary Motive of White Genocide, and the Secondary Motives that Deal with Strategic Positioning and Resources, one Motive in the Ukraine/Crimea Conflict is to Promote the False Notion of Jews as "White Khazars" by Reestablishing that Khaganate (though it never Controlled all of that Region, save if you Count Bolshevism).

Ironically, apart from not being the only Source of Jewish Blood, as Applies to all of Jewry, the Khazars were not White; rather, an Arabo-Mongoloid Horde.  That is to say, the Chanaanite and Cinite Bloodlines via Esau-Edom were Maintained; new Admixture simply took place, as it Continues to with the Unwise and Raped.

Khavar a.k.a. Kabar would become Breakaways because of the Refusal to Adopt "Judaism" (more-Accurately called "Jewism"; "Jew" is a Misnomer for all Dwelling in Judea, as not all Dwelling in Judea are Judean nor otherwise Semite!); instead Reviving the Dead Cult of Mithraism (the "Parallels to Christianity" are Recent-Additions) and Uniting with other Mongrel Pagans.

This may very well have been Planned by The Jewish Elite, to Protect its Nominal Status as an Ally of The Byzantine Empire while Unleashing Hordes to Attack more of Europe; as with Jews before and as with Jews today, the Khazars - having Mass Converted to "Judaism" in 740 A.D. - were Playing Both Sides of (then Increasingly-Christian) European and (then Increasingly-Islamic) Arabic Conflicts.  Since Biblical Times, Jewry has Established Controlled-Opposition and had a Persecution Complex.

The Modern Jew is an Armenoid Type, as are Syrians, Lebanese (Genetically-Indistinguishable between Jews and Arabs thereof) and some other Arabo-Turkish, and the Armenians have (amongst others) Iranic Blood.  The latter, at least, is found throughout Central Asia; with the Exceptions of the Kazakh being mostly a 50/50 European-Mongoloid Mix, and European Recolonization.

Georgians don't like to Admit it, but They have Common Iranic Ancestry with Armenians.  The Bats, Abkhazians, Dagestani, Chuvash, Ingush, Tajik and any other Georgians have been Proven by Genetic Testing to have Common/Turkish Ancestry.  Khazaria's Capital was in Georgia.

"Kagan", "Khaghan", "Khagan" and "Kaghan" are all Turkish Variants of Mongol "Khan", and these are Common Names of Jews and other Arabs.  Apart from Khazaria, though, this can be from the likes of Tamer/Tamur/Tamir The Lame a.k.a. Tamerlane being Islamic Mongol Turks.  Mongols also Conquered Baghdad, for another Example of these Interactions, and there were the Kushans going through Bactria to The Indian Subcontinent, as well as "White Huns" (White-Mongoloid Mix) that would later Mix with both a Variety of Turkish and Whites in Europe.

As for the other Jewish Blood: Much of it had already Invaded throughout at least much of Europe, having fond such Favour among Pagan Empires that They would Accept Jewry even after The "Judeo"-Romanic Wars that The European Christ Prophesied.  They mostly went to Spain, and so Proclaimed Themselves to be "Sephardi" [(Fakes of) Spaniards and Portuguese].

Christians, Fortunately, had and would Continue to Spread The Truth about Jewish Evil far and wide.  It is thought it was this Manifestation of Anti-Christ Jewry that St. Patrick was Driving-Out, in his Sermon that Banished Snakes From Ireland.  Remember: He was even Successful in Converting Druid Priests to Christianity, and Jewry has always been Compared to a Serpent.

The Fall of Khazaria was in 990 A.D.  Between then and 994 A.D., this Manifestation of Jewry was in Central Europe; it Proclaimed itself "Ashkenazim" [Germanic (Ashkenaz was thought to be the Patriarch of Germanics)], and Created Yiddish.  Yiddish is Their Corruption of High German with the (Nimrodian) Babylonianized Hebraic that was Created by the aforementioned Jews, as well as also Incorporating/Defiling Greek, Latin and several Baltic and Slavic Languages, with Turkish Influences.

One Mongrel, often Illiterate, at least outside of its own Language, itself a Mamzerization of others, albeit Unjustly in a Host Nation's Realms, with a Penchant for Deception, Lustful and with a Gluttony for Power, then Met another that did the same.

As each has those Accursed Biblical Bloodlines, though some more Homogeneous than others, though Inbreeding has such Odd Effects, as does Miscegenation, what Difference would the one Perceive in the other that would not be Ignored for Jewish Unity?  Look at how the "Sephardi" and "Ashkenazim" are with each other - yet how United Against Us!

Through the Predominance of Jewry now being under another Name, whether Pretending to be White or not, and the rest Marrying between Admixture, during Their Migrations, as Tribes, Clans or Individuals, these two Self-Identifying Jewish Nations would "Assimilate" one another.   This would Birth the so-called "Ashkenazim" and the so-called "Sephardim" of today; Typified as (Sub-)Europoid and (more-Evidently) Arabic, though some Overlap of Mongrels is to be Expected.

Either can Display Mongoloid Traits in a Mix with other Traits, but those that Appear just Mongoloid or a White-Mongoloid Mix are among those Types called "Ashkenazim".  It is not Uncommon, however, for "Ashkenazim" to have some Negroid Traits.

The so-called "Romaniote Jews" are Allegedly the only ones without Khazar Ancestry.  Whether or not True, these are still not Israelites; instead, these Pseudo-Romans are just another (Sub-)Europoid Form of Arabic.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Churchianity and Brother Wars

In a Twisted way, I think the Consecration of Russia to The Catholic Church that was Foretold in Fatima, Portugal, will come True; there's a Peronist Anti-Pope, being as there is only left - Institutionally - a Novus Ordo Katholic Cult, and Russia is getting Friendly with Argentina.

Russia's too Friendly with the Mestizos and Traitors in Brazil; I'd like it a lot better if it were Backing Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Orleans-Braganza, but I have my Complaints with both.

The Novus Ordo has also been meeting with Patriarch Kuril of the Russian Branch of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Now, only 0.4 of Russia is even Nominally Catholic and even Ethnic Russians are often Treated as Outsiders if not "Orthodox", but that doesn't mean that it will not be brought into the Service of the New World Ordo; the Jew David Cameron has said that "Catholicism" should be the One World Religion.  

Enter "Patriarch" Filaret; he has been Excommunicated, yet Continues to Act as if a Legitimate Clergyman.  His Backing comes from N.A.T.O. and The I.D.F., and he has been Rallying that calling itself Catholicism in Ukraine; he's no more Catholic than he is Orthodox.

Bergoglio's now in a Fix, whether he is Aware of the Plan of the Jewish-Dominated, Neo-Liberal Regime in Ukraine and its Zionist Allies or not; he was Photographed Hiding The Crucifix during his Visit to Their Regime in The Levant, and he held an "Interfaith Prayer" in Argentina before his (S)election, so he's certainly Aware of his Jewish Masters.  The most he's ever done to Criticize Them is speak on Behalf of Their Palestinian Brethren.  He calls himself an Anti-Communist but Espouses a Liberal Ideology.

Liberalism was Inspired by Anarcho-Socialism, Communism and "Luciferianism", with Adulterated References to Christianity and Ancient European History to Generate Complacency amongst The Masses.

Many, one Suspects, were not Aware of what Horrors would come from The Equality Lie; many probably Believed that this Radical Element would be quickly Refuted and the Blasphemy would be Abandoned.  Sadly, that was not so.

Today, Bergoglio must Choose whether he is to Back a Genocidal Jewish Regime Against European Christians or Excommunicate en masse those that Side with such.  Which Corpora-Bolshevik is he to Back?  The Neo-Liberal one or the "National" (Culturally Veiled) Bolshevik one?  Or is The Vatican to take the "Neutral" Position it did during The War of Northern Aggression?  Does this not Violate Catholic Teachings on Morality?

Everyone talks of "Nazi Ratlines" but not of how there was the same Support for Jews; what Eugenio Maria Giuseppe (so-called Pius XII) did was Spare some Europeans from Torture and Murder at the hands of Jews and Their Allies, while Simultaneously Placating Jewry's Persecution Delusions.

What will Bergoglio do if his Home Country of Argentina is Invaded by America?  Will he Side with Russia?
He hasn't yet Condemned the Invasions of Europe by Foreign Races; it is Exactly the Scenario that Catholic Author Jean Raspail Warned Us of in "The Camp of the Saints".

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reverse Socialism: Reclaiming Socialist-Stolen Wealth Via Socialist Programs

I've been thinking a lot about Weaponized Economics, the past few years; Our Adversaries have been using these for Eons, so it is High Time that We should Invert this System. Use every Government Program that you can; it is not Abusing it, for all this and more is Ours. It will be Used by those that do not Deserve it, otherwise, and that is the Essence of Abuse.

The Black Market?  This should become The Market for all Essentials and - those Provided for, if you are not Inclined to then Provide the rest to Charity; this being on an Individual Basis, when without any Trustworthy Organization - Luxuries alike.

Pay and get Paid Under The Counter, whenever Possible; Utilize every Loophole and Rebate you can find, and every Subsidy.  Those that Dominate you, whether you like to Admit that They do Dominate this Society or not, already do; They are Stealing from both Our Current and Future Generations!

Barter or Cash over Credit; if you must use something other than Barter or Cash, use a Check or Debit.  If you must use Credit, find one of the Inheritance and Earnings-Stealing Government Programs to Pay for it.

While still Searching for or Holding Jobs, so as not to become Apathetic, the Youth should put into the Names of Kith and Kin, whatever Possessions would put them over the Limits to Qualify for these Programs, if these People can be Trusted to Allow them to Operate as if they are otherwise the Owners; to Keep, Rent, Alter or Sell something must still be their Decision, and the Profit should go to them.  Said Profit will either have to be put into a Bank Account under someone else's Name, but one that they are given Discretion over, in all but Official Records, or Invested elsewhere in the same Manner.

I call such "Reverse Socialism"; it is the Reclamation of the Stolen, both in Material Possessions and Lost Opportunities, as much as can be done. This will Exacerbate the Economic Weaknesses of the Corpora-Bolshevik Regimes across the Earth, and will Fund Our Final Counter-Revolution.  Study, Stockpile, Arm, Train and Strike in Precise, Coordinated Fashion.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"St. Malachy's" Prophesy: A Posthumous Hoax being brought to Malevolent Fruition

The so-called Prophecy of St. Malachy says this is The Final Pontificate, but it was likely Created by Arnold de Wyon; there is no Original Manuscript and the "Copy" was Published by de Wyon over four hundred years after St. Malachy's Death.  

It is said to become Vaguer, Concerning the then-Future Papal Claimants, and it's been thought that there's a Conscious Effort to Elect a Successor to Meet the Motto by Place of Birth, a Coat of Arms, the Location of a Parish, the Order that one Hails from or Famous Acts (whether Enabled to or Pressured into doing so); Karol Józef Wojtyła (the so-called John-Paul II) was Buried during an Eclipse, to Fulfill the Motto that Denoted that Papal Claimant.  

It was thought that the next Claimant would be a Benedictine, as the Motto was "Gloria olivae" (Latin for "Glory of the olive"); one Congregation is the Olivetans (Symbolized by an Olive Branch), and the Order as a Whole is Symbolized by an Olive. Since Josef Ratzinger was not of this Order, he Chose to Assume the Name of Benedict for this Connection. 

The last one on the Alledged Prophesy is Peter the Roman; Jose Mario Bergoglio is Italian, thus Providing his Ancestral Connection to Rome, on top of Professing himself as a Roman Catholic, and "Peter" means "Rock" (it was the Petname that Yahshva gave to Simon, saying "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.") while "Berg" means "Mountain" or "Hill". The Suffix "oglio" Refers to the left-side Tributary into the Po River in Lombardy; this could be Interpreted as another Roman Connection. Additionally, his Assumed Name as Papal Claimant is "Francis I"; he Named himself after St. Francis of Assisi a.k.a. Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. St. Francis was often called "The Frenchman", on Account of his French Mother, but he was Italian on his Paternal Side. Thus, he could be also called "Peter the Roman". 

Perhaps there is something to it that both are at least Partially of Germanic Ancestry, even though with Conflicting Ideologies; apart from St. Francis of Assisi having a French Mother, his Father had an Italicized Germanic Surname, and Bergoglio must be at least part Lombardi. 

This also gives a Connection to The Holy Roman Empire; its Emperors were Descendants of Roman Patricians and Germanic Royalty, just as Germanic Lineages were Prominent in Ancient Rome [some of the Best and the Worst Leaders came of this Lineage, in times of both Tyrannies (in the Literal Sense of City-Kingdoms, though these became Associated over Time with Corruption), The Republic and The Empire], and it was Founded as a Theocracy which Practiced The Latin Rite of Roman Catholicism. 

By Changing the Official Policy of what he calls The Catholic Church, in Regards to Homosexuality, saying these are Homosexual "Catholics", instead of Heretics, even past Manifestations of The Novus Ordo having said these were Suffering a Mental Illness, though not Applying the Heretical Label that is - by Definition - Fitting for those Acting in Contrast with Doctrines that They have been Taught (if not Taught this is a Sin, it is still Sacrilegious; to Speak or Write in its Favour, in either Case, is Blasphemy), the Reference to the Oglio River could be Interpreted in Conjunction with the aforesaid and Connection to the Name of Peter, as a Warped Analogy to an Extra-Biblical Tradition in Jordan which holds that Moses (The Lawgiver) tapped a rock three times and from it sprang a River. Rome can be Interpreted as the rock, or it could be Bergoglio as the Ostensible Leader of Novus Ordo Katholicism; Rome is a City which is Built on seven hills, and Berg - again - means "Mountain" or "Hill". 

The Alledged Prophecy says that a City on Seven Hills will be Destroyed, but many Cities - across the World - are Built on Seven Hills; one is Washington, D.C., and those that have Usurped a Claim to Sion (more-Commonly Translated as Zion), have Proclaimed America to be "The New Jerusalem".  Cincinnati is also a City of Symbolic Importance to America, though it now Encompasses more than its Original Seven Hills.  Rome, Italy, itself, is an Ancient City on Seven Hills.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Safe White Ghetto: Relatively-Low Crime and Pervasive Poverty in Appalachia

 "The Great White Ghetto" had virtually no Crime, until "The Great Society" and its Successor Programs; now, like with Negros, Prostitution and Drug Use have become Problems. That said, these are Relatively Low in Contrast with Ghettos of other Races.  Violent Crimes are Rare to Non-Existent.

Education has also Suffered, as They'll Misdiagnose Children with Learning or Behavioral Disorders for more "Welfare", and will pull Kids out of School without Providing any Adequate Homeschooling, because The "Welfare" System was set up to Encourage it.

Those who can get out, tend never to look back.  The rest are left at the Lack of Mercy of the Corpora-Bolshevik Regime.  In the Case of Pennington Gap, the Local one recently Constructed a Golf Course for 1 Million Dollars; rather than Investing this in the Future of the Proletariat.

Contrary to the Myths that this Eastern Kentucky Town is without Running Water, Electricity or a Library, it does have all of these; these are often Admitted or even Shown in Articles that Open or Headline with that Myth, Ironically.

The Problem is that, as one Teacher from there said, no one's Taught them to Want to Learn.  Rather, it's been Discouraged by Atypically Unintelligent Whites; what's happened with the Breeding, here, is the Reverse of the Eugenics Programs of The Old South.  That said, the Population can be Rehabilitated.

Unfortunately, as it is now, the "Progressives" have everyone Listening to Kenya West, with the Folk Music that you'd Expect to find up there being an Unwanted Reminder of a Bygone Era, and running off to Play The Lottery with "Welfare" Money.

Yes, it was Poor before the Mine and Mill Closures, and it was Poor before the Intentional Blunder of Rothschild-Pawn L.B.J. that was "The Great Society", but this made it Worse.  New Taxes, "Regulations" (it is only Their Control which is being Maintained!) and Fees for Business Licences etcetera, have made this even Worse.  Businesses Cut Budgets, Miners Lacked Proper Equipment, and Treatment was Unaffordable for Conditions such as Black Lung or an Injured Back.

Meanwhile, Coal Towns like Pennington Gap even saw the Closure of the nearest Hospital... 30 miles away.  Socialist Interference in The Medical Field, Usurping 1/6th of The American Economy and Impacting all of it, has only made a Longer Waiting List and Closed More Hospitals.

Apart from Mine, Mill and Hospital Closures, this Town has Suffered the Loss of a Movie Theater, a Drive In Theater, two Grocery Stores, a Skating Rink, a Clothing Store, a Feed Store, a Lumber Store, the Western Auto and the Napa Auto Parts, a Chrysler Dealership and a Used-Car Dealership.  While the Discotheque may not have lasted anywhere, nothing has Replaced it; there’s simply no one Willing to Invest in this Town.

It's being "Republican" i.e. "Neo-Con", is just another Reminder that this is - when Different at all - just a Toned-Down Version of "Progressivism"; a Euphemism for "Socialism", from when "Liberalism" became Synonymous with "Communism".

It Reminds me of what Robert J. Mathews said about Satellite Dishes sprouting up like Poisonous Mushrooms, and the Local Preacher - Indoctrinating The Masses with this Blasphemy of "Judeo-Christianity" - being The Greatest Impediment to a Racial Awakening.

I have a Proposed Solution to this Crisis:

I Believe that if the White African were given Sanctuary here, they would Shame this Populace into Moral Revival; the Charlatans would be Driven from the Churches, and the Teachers who were Rejected by The Negro Regimes will see the Cultural Disconnect and take Initiative in Preventing this Fabian Genocide.  The State-Encouraged Obsession with Gambling will be Replaced with Fiscal Conservativism in its Literal Sense.  Luxuries will be Acknowledged as such, and Forgone for Necessities and Planning for the Future.  Medications will be Used as Necessary, and Addictions will be Treated.  Crime will be Punished, and the Rewards of such an Honest Lifestyle will become Self-Evident.  Agriculture will Replace Industrialism, or even Provide the Stability to Revive it and Improve Standards.  The Jew-Media Promotion of Kanye West will be Replaced with a Return of Ralph Stanley, and the mostly Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, German, Welsh, Greek and Italian Cultures of the White Africans would be right at Home with the Reemergence of the mostly Gaelic and French Cultures of White Appalachia.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


 The Accusations of a "Muslim Genocide" in The Republika Srpska are Absurd, even apart from the (surely Deliberate) Confusion of Genocide with Religicide (though a lot of the "White Muslims", again, are Arabs like Ali Ramin or even those like Ayatollah Khomeini):

The Actual Srebrenica Genocide was Perpetrated by Arabs and Their Cohorts, and the Victims were Whites, save some Collateral Damage from Arabs, any other Muslims and N.A.T.O. Forces, or Deliberate Acts of Fratricide or Religicidal Infighting by Arabic or otherwise-Islamic Populations.  Meanwhile, though Clearly a Mistake, the Serbian Armed Forces and their Allies were Protecting the so-called "Civilian Muslims".

About Half of the Bodies of those Killed during The (Anti-)Yugoslav Wars in Srebrenica were of European Christians; about the other Half the Non-Whites and Thoroughly Brainwashed. Many of the Bodies turned out to have been from before the War, and were lumped together for Propaganda Purposes.

Here are many photos of Tortured and Murdered Serbians; you'll have to Ignore the Pandering Prefix, as the so-called "Moderate Muslims" and "Moderate Jews" also Insist on Invading and Occupying Our Lands, Brainwashing and Miscegenating with Our People, or otherwise Parasiting Off Us:

When a War that had a Jewish Supreme Allied Commander (General Wesley Clark) is even Suggested by a Lebanese (the Jews and other Arabs in Lebanon are Genetically Indistinguishable from one another) Zionist's Mainstream Website to have been Based on Hoax, it's a pretty Safe Bet that the rest of The Jewish/Zionist Media has been Lying to you and even Tacitly Admitting this is just Saving Face:

Eye-Witness Accounts are always Rejected when Anti-N.A.T.O./Pro-White, but the Word of a Mongrel or those Supportive thereof is Instantly Accepted "as Gospel" (They are Anti-Christ, of course) by Them:  

America had Srebrenica on the Agenda, and was told it couldn't go in without 5,000 Muslims being Killed: 

N.A.T.O. often Kills its Own and Slanders White Christians, to Create a Social Climate that Prefers Them. They Know that with "Affirmative Action", "Welfare" and "Social Security" (even the ones Applicable to Whites being Rigged in The Non-Whites' Favour, and also Designed to Encourage Degeneracy), and other "Political Correctness", that They will Repopulate while We will further Depopulate!   

There is an Applicable Polish Proverb: The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Virtual Genocide: Cultural Erasure of European Heritage

I entered a Google Search for "White American Couple"; here's what it showed me, under a Cartoon of a Robber (Implying that Whites are a Criminal Race, when the Statistics are so far to the Reverse that Entire Non-White Races are Deliberately Mis-Classified as White for Crime Statistics!):

Traitorous White Male, Negroid Female.

Traitorous White Female Pregnant with a Mulatto, and a Negroid Male.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Oh, look!  14 Entries Later, and FINALLY a White American Couple!

Negroid Couple.

Video Clip of a Traitorous White Actress who Plays a Miscegenator on a TV Franchise which Falsely Alledges that Civilization started in Africa (it was actually in Europe, and the Earliest Civilizations even outside of Europe - Including in Africa - were Founded by Europeans); Aptly Named "American Horror Story".  

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Oh, look!  The Second White Couple!

Arabic Prince is Divorced from White Race-Traitor.

Two White American Olympians.  

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

A White Family but on a Defeatist Article Alledging that the Population Decline of White Americans is the Business Model of The Future, and there's nothing We can nor should do about it.  It used "Normal Americans" in Quotes to Indicate a Pejorative Sense to this Mentality (rather than to Identify the Words, as I have just used it), and Alledges there are things "deeper" in Society than Race.  Race, of course, is the Single Greatest Factor in Determining the Nature and Success of a Society.

Negroid Couple.

Still from "The Dictator", in which Jew Sasha Baron Cohen's Character Murders a Woman for Refusing to have Sex with him; which is *supposedly* Comical.

Negroid Couple.

Drawing of American Mongoloids, with the Assertion in the Caption that these are Native Americans; in Reality, Solutreans were The First Nations People of The Western Hemisphere.

Negroid Couple.

Here, We go!  Another White Couple.  This time, it's during the Jew-Orchestrated Great Depression.

Negroid Couple.

White Couple Marrying in a Ceremony which Fuses Baptist and Ameri-Mongoloid Traditions, being Presided over by a Pastor and a Mohawk Chief who Acted in John Wayne Movies.

The same White Olympians from earlier, two more White Olympians, and a White Olympian whom Skated with a Mestizo.

Negroid Couple.

Mongoloid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Ah, another White Couple!  

Traitorous White Female Kissing Ameri-Mongoloid Male.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

A Screenshot of a Google Image Search for "White American Couples" turning up Non-Whites and Miscegenators.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Traitorous White Male, Negroid Female.

Traitorous White Male, Negroid Female.

Traitorous White Male, Mestizo Female.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

An Inter-Racial Homosexual Couple; a Europoid Hybrid (some Odawa Ancestry, as said in the Article) and a Race-Traitor.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Male with a Negroid Child and a Mestizo Child, on an Article about Blacks Adopting Whites.  Some of those in the Photos when you Open the Link, were White Children.

Negroid Couple.

Black Male, Traitorous White Female.  The article says "Black man and white woman, dressed in their underwear, laughing and playfully wrestling It's a great peek into the reality of everyday American life", to Imply that this is Typical and Normal.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

White Couple from the 1880's.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Negroid Couple.

Traitorous White Couple Attempting to Convert Negros in Sierra Leon, rather than Aiding Our Race.

Negroid Couple.

White Couple.

Negroid Couple with Negroid Spawn.

Ok.  That's it.  I'm done.  I was just a Small Fraction of the way through, and I Struggled not to Vomit through all those Lies.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cambridge Five

 Promoted by Jews, like Barbra Lerner Spectre, Islamophilia is sweeping the Ultra-Liberals in Europe and in Particular, England.  Meanwhile, as will be the Subject of a Future Post, there is its Backing of the Jewish Revolution in Ukraine and thus, Provoking War with Russia.  Unfortunately, it is all too often the Worst Aspects of History that Repeat themselves.  As it is now, it's a Magnification of these Errors; the Result of Generations of Planning, Propagandizing, and Wars either Proxy or Overt.  Here's an Historical Scenario this is Reminiscent of, and that you likely were not Taught in a Public Indoctrination Center:

Hillary "Harry" St.-John Bridger Philby, or "Sheikh Abdullah", as he liked to be called, was a Deranged Englishmen; a Miscegenator, Socialist and Convert to Islam, whom Befriended the Future Prime Minister of India.

As a Colonel, his Role was to Protect the Oil Fields from the Rebellion he was to Support to Destabilize The Ottoman Empire. Increasingly Obsessed with Arabia, however, he came to Back a Wahhabist over the one he was sent to; his Goal was to make him "King of the Arabs".

His Son, Harold Adrian Russel "Kim" Philby (via his First Spouse, Dora Johnson, not his Arabic one), was a Notorious Double Agent that Defected to The Soviet Union.  Kim would Marry a Jew, Litzi Friedmann, as his First of Four Spouses during his Life.

Kim met his Last Spouse through George Blake; a Jew and another Double Agent for The Soviet Union. Kim was known to Drink and Cut himself, though his last Spouse Insisted that he Died of Natural Causes and not Suicide.
Kim was one of "The Cambridge Five"; Soviet Spies Recruited from Members of a Secret(ive) Society of the mostly Marxist Heirs of Socialites called "The Cambridge Apostles" by Jew Arnold Deutsch.  Arnold was a Cousin of Millionaire Odeon Cinema Chain Mogul Oscar Deutsch, and a Pupil of Jew Wilhelm Reich's Sex-Pol Movement; a Successor to Homosexual Jew Magnus Hirschfeld's Sexual Bolshevism.  One of the Conspirators, Anthony Blunt, was a Third Cousin of Elizabeth I.

Jew Victor Rothschild is one of those Suspected of being The Fifth Man; They Testified there was one, but his Identity was never Confirmed.  In either case, he was the Central Banker for America and his Inbred Cousins were Central Bankers for dozens of other Regimes; amongst which was The Soviet Union.

One Associate of these Conspirators, as I mentioned in the prior Post, was Guy Liddell; he sent Dušan "Duško" Popov to Warn America of the Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor, but Roosevelt/Rosenfeld/Rosenvelt (also Jewish via his Delano and Kunst Lineages) had Use for this Aerial Siege and Crippling of The Pacific Fleet.   

Truth Will Out.

 A new Invention of The Jewish Holocaust Mythos is that They were Gassed on the Trains, but this is yet another Example of my Favourite Polish Proverb: The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!

The only Genocides by Gassing that Transpired in Europe, were Genocides of several White Ethnicities (though mostly Prussians) by Jews, other Arabo-Turkish, Mongoloid Turks, and Their Cohorts in The Cheka and (as it was Renamed) The N.K.V.D.  The Soviet Union was Founded not by Whites but by Jews, and Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Stalin was a Georgian; an Arabo-Turkic, in the same Racial Family as Jewry.

The Inventor of Gassing Trucks (amongst the Arsenal of the Dreaded "Black Ravens"; so called because Soviet Secret Police came in the Black of Night to Abduct and Murder you) was Jew Isay Davidovitch Berg; Head of The Soviet Union's N.K.V.D.'s "Economic Division".  A Cost-Efficient Genocide will Enable more to be Murdered.

No Exotic Gases (like Sarin or VX) nor Weaponized Zyklon B (a Common Pesticide; still Manufactured today, under another Name) needed to be used to Achieve Genocide; merely a rubber hose with one end in a stuffed tailpipe and the other inside what thus became a Mobile Gas Chamber.

The Bodies were Buried in Katyn Forest, along with those Shot there and/or Buried Alive.  Though America Blamed "Nazis", Forensic Analysis has Proven it was Soviets.  Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, Stalin's Gypso-Georgian Grandson (just as his Sons and Wives were, though one Wife had Admixture with German and Russian), has Sued a Duma (one of the Legislative Assemblies in Russia) for 100,000,000 Rubles (about 3.3 million U.S.D.) for Admitting this.

Other Gassing Genocides did Occur in WWII, but these were by Japanese Soldiers under Dr. Shiro Ishii in Manchuria; Victims were Chinoid and Russian Civilians.

The Russians had not Genocided the Japanese, though The Soviet Union had Planned to Invade; the Troops would have been Multi-Racial, and the Whites (Russian or otherwise) would have been - as they were elsewhere - Coerced.

The Chinoids, on the other hand, Genocided Japanese Civilians in China; some say The Rape of Nanking (20,000 Reported Victims) was Retaliation, whereas others say it was a Hoax to Distract from the earlier Mass-Murder of 30,000 Japanese Civilians.

America actually Severed Japan's Oil Supply Specifically to Prevent a Preemptive Strike on The Soviet Union by The Aryan-Yamato Alliance, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt a.k.a. Rosenfeld a.k.a. Rosenvelt (also Marrano Jewish via his Delano Lineage, as well as Jewish by his Kunst Lineage) actually had Foreknowledge of the Impeding Attack on Pearl Harbour; he was Alerted by Duško Popov.  Popov had been sent by Guy Liddell; an Associate of Members of the Jew-Recruited Cambridge Apostles Conspiracy.  America's Official Response is that Popov had Warned the Wrong Office, though there was no Effort to Relay this Intel.

This Crippling of Japanese Industry, after Jewish and Jewish-Directed Forces had Ensured the Industrialization of East Asia, also Aided China; which had been the Subject of Jewish Financial Interests since The Opium Wars.  Before and after the so-called Sino-Soviet Divide under Dzhugashvili and Mao Zedong, there were and still are several Influential Jews in China.  Today, the Chinese are perhaps the Main Protégé of Jewry.

After Allied Victory in Japan, America Protected Ishii from Prosecution by a War Crimes Tribunal, though it Tortured Whites into False Confessions in Europe, in Exchange for Bio-Weapons Research that would be used in The Korean War.  America Ousted Japan from Korea, thirty-five years after it Aided it in said Conquest, in order to Facilitate said Proxy War with The Soviet Union.  This Fed The Propaganda Machine, as if the two were not both under Jewish Control.

Meanwhile, The Soviet Union Plundered Japan's Nuclear Program.  Much of the Uranium and all of the Plutonium had been Supplied by Germany, as had Instructions on the Physics of Nuclear Science, after its Heavy Water Plant in Norway was Destroyed by America.

Jodle's Surrender and Order that all U2 do the same, Ensured that America's Nuclear Weapon's Program - rather than Japan's - would Prevail.  There is a Rumor, however, that Japan actually Tested The First Successful Nuclear Bomb in North Korea.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Treason of Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot [whose Given Name means "of Juda", "Judean" or "Judahite", and whose Surname alternatively has been Suggested as meaning "of Kerioth", "Recompensive" (from Issachar, meaning Recompense) and "Assassin" (either an Augmented Spelling of Sicarius or Indicating an Ancestry thereof)] wanted Jesus Christ [Joshua, The Anointed one (Indicating His Head was Anointed with Oil in an Hebraic Royal Rite that was Illicitly Banned by Jewish Invaders) to Lead a Rebellion Against Rome.

Christ, however, would not have The White Race be turned upon itself.  Instead, he knew the handfuls of Surviving Isra'el'ites would be Annihilated in a Rebellion, and the Romans would Continue to Conspire with the Jews, as had long been done.

As Christ Knew that He would be Betrayed, as Judas sought to Force His Hand into Conflict, he told Judas to act as he otherwise would have.  What's often Neglected, though, is that Judas was Possessed both times he Betrayed Christ for Jewry.  The Opposer, you see, was once again Tempting Christ; this time, wearing the Face of a Disciple.  When Judas had Control again, the second time, he gave up his Blood Money and Hanged himself.

Thus, Christ let the Controlled Opposition "Judean Front" of Jew Barabbas be Slaughtered by the Romans, whom he Prophesied would Destroy Their Vain Temple (which was Constructed over the Ruins of the actual Temple of David).  Not one stone was left atop another, which is how you know They are Lying about "The Wailing Wall".  It is actually the Remains of a Roman Fort Wall.

The rest of the Isra'el'ites went into Europe and/or were Murdered, whether by Jews or Romans with Jewish Economic Loyalties.

Since it was the Jews that Falsely Accused Christ of Planning Rebellion Against Rome, and They Chose Barabbas Over Jesus, with Judas being Bribed with 30 Pieces of Silver [while the Judeo-Roman Occupations Taxed the Land, with the Jews Receiving Special Treatment over handfuls of Isra'el'ites most probably didn't know Existed outside the Realm (just as few seem Aware there are Whites in South America, or that Jews and Mestizos aren't White, or about how almost all of The Caucasus are Bastardized...)], and Extinction for the actual Semites was coming, either way, He would have His Word Against Jewry be Remembered for all Eternity.  He did this to Save his Japhetite Brethren.

Of course, the Master Deceivers that They are, They have of course Perverted it.  A few, however, relative handfuls, scattered across the Earth, still Remember and Oppose Them.  The Pagans, however, do not seem to Know or want to Admit that the Pagans and Jews were quite often in League.

Had Christ instead done as Judas wanted, with his Jewish Indoctrination, instead of telling His People not to pay heed to Jewish Fables or the Lies of Men, they all would have been Annihilated, the Romans would have done what was done anyway and kept Granting Citizenship and Immunity to Jews, and the World would never have had the Force that did more to Unite Whites and Oppose Foreign Invasions (such as by Ottoman Hordes) than any other!