Friday, May 5, 2017

The Racial Long Game: A Corollary To The Prior Post

Did you know that more "Hispanics" Volunteered on Behalf of The Confederacy than The Union?  Of these, on Both Sides, only a Minority were actually Spanish or Portuguese; most were Mestizo, on Both Sides, and Moorish and Jewish were also Present on Both Sides.  

Incidentally, The Union had Considerably More "Hispanic" Officers.

It should also be Noted that Ex-Confederates were Forced from Mexico by Juarezian Revolutionaries, whereas Union Officials, Officers and Industrialists would Marry into Wealthy Families of Mexico (both those Pure and those Impure, but all Leftist). Even the Families that had Economic Dealings with The Confederacy have since all become Silent on Racial Issues or Openly Promoted Mestizo Invasions.

Skip forwards a few Decades, and Mexico is Split between Fascism and Communism.  A Rigged Election, Backed By America, Would Ensure Communism's Victory. Unfortunately, today, Despite The Cristero's Efforts, having been Ordered to Stand Down, by Infiltrators in The Vatican, amid Pressures from International Forces of Jewish-Protestant Collaboration, Mexico is an Anarcho-Communist Narcotics State. Even that Fascist Presidential Candidate was Quick to Assimilate into Communism; his Goal being Power, rather than Necessarily being a Member of The Axis Alliance. 40% of America's Raw Materials for its War Effort were from Mexico, in W.W.II. This was its Primary Contribution, though there were others.

Subsequently, I Conclude that these saw in The Confederacy not only an Opportunity to Fight Gringos but a Long Game of Recolonizing and even Expanding into Historically-Unexplored Realms of what were once called by some "America".

The same is True for Jewry: A Confederate Victory would mean its Prosperous Slave-Trade would not only Continue but Merge its American Element with that in Ibero-America, whereas a Union Victory would mean more Whites being Raped and Murdered. Properties would then be Cheap, Particularly in The South, and "Reconstruction" would Provide New Opportunities to Marginalize Whites whilst having a Vast Supply of Cheap Labour; no longer Working in Traditional European Methods for Free, though Willing to Oppress, Rape and Murder Whites for Free, as is Their Tradition, and why Whites were Inclined to Enslave Them instead of Free Them, though Jewry Promoted the Notion that They should be Imported and Maintained, rather than Eliminated or even just Subjugated Abroad, but a Means of Promoting Their Industrial Domination. Utilizing Our Technologies, Whilst Warping Our Cultures, They Provoked Our Fratricidal Conflicts; Throughout History.

Recognize that more Jews were in High Positions of The Confederacy, while at Odds with The General Public, both North and South, but Particularly in The South, whereas more Jews were in High Industrial Positions of The Union whilst it Fought on Behalf of Industrial Hegemony Over Agrarianism.

The South had been Concerned more with Agro-Industrialism than Agrarianism, it is True, and The North was Self-Sufficient, but the Loss of a 20% Export Tax on Southern Goods being Sold to England would Benefit The South whilst being an Easily-Neglected Loss of Additional Revenue for The Northern Super-Wealthy. Their Arrogance Was That Profound.

Coupled with The Dust Bowl and The Boll Weevil, which a Russian Scholar has Noted were Assisted by Roosevelt's Firestarters, and Presumably these Parasites were Spread by other Parasites with a Notorious Aversion to Agriculture, a Further Shift in Favour of Industrialism and the (Leftward) Progressivism (that would Provide Much-Needed Reforms, but Sabotage these In The Long Run by Senseless Reforms) would Occur.

Many of the Nigh-Universally Exalted Tenants of this Sacrilege (such as Miscegenation, Homosexuality, Abortion of Viable Europeans, Prostitution, Incest and - Increasingly - Pedophilia) were not yet Publicly Proclaimed, and the Idealistic Progressives of the Period before this Terminology became a Euphemism for Socialism and its Pursuit of Communism were Viciously Slandered and/or even Physically Assaulted and then Forgotten by the Modern Progressives.   

A Tale of Civil Wars

     While once the Case that Russia saw the Advantages of Limiting The U.K.'s Imperialism but could not Afford to Back America Formally, on Account of Liberalism being a Threat to its own Security, this would not Remain True in Regards to The War For States Rights.  The Czar of Russia during this Constitutional Feud was Alexander II a.k.a. "The Liberator".  He actually Threatened to Join on Behalf of Lincoln, if The U.K. were to Join on Behalf of The South.  That wouldn't only mean a Conflict in The Atlantic but also The Baltic Sea, The Arctic Ocean, The Barents Sea, The White Sea, The Mediterranean, The Black Sea, The Sea of Azov, The Pacific, The Sea of Japan and The South China Sea, at least, as the Colonies and Allies of the two would be Forced into War.  Historic Enemies were a Plenty, to either Pick Sides or Fight Both Sides.  Russia would be Sending Supplies to Alaska, for one thing, so Canada would be Besieged both by both Land and Water to the West and South but by Water to the East. Russia's East would have some Protection from Alaska, but Asiatic Nations may Join England in Fighting it. Russia would have to Offer these Better Deals than The U.K. could, or these may Fight Both Sides and perhaps be Assisted in this out of Europe.  After all, many of the European Powers were Arming Both Sides of The War of Northern Aggression.  Russia is Vast and Frigid, which has Saved it on Numerous Occasions even from More-Advanced and/or Larger Forces, and its Rivers, Seas and Great Lakes (like The Caspian Sea and Lake Baikal) would put it at a Great Advantage as it could Traverse these by Ship but others would have to go around while Experiencing Harsh Conditions or be - if even Able to Establish a Fleet in the Region - Annihilated by a Superior Fleet.  They'd have to Draw Out those Fleets into the Larger Seas and Oceans, but that'd do nothing about any Fleet in The Caspian or Baikal.
Basically, it'd have been a World War and The U.K. would have Likely Sought Turkish Assistance.  Germany was Desperate to Reconcile with England, which kept Snubbing it, so it might have Remained Neutral or Armed Both Sides.  Besides, Russia was Liberalizing whereas Prussia and other European Powers had Recently Suppressed Liberal Rebellions (there were many in Europe, in 1848); the Relations between the two were Already Strained.  It also wouldn't have wanted to Fight France during this time, and France had been given the same Ultimatum as England by Russia.  Spain saw that Americans and Southerners in Particular were Hellbent on Forcing a War with Spain (which The Republican Party would later Wage on a False Pretense), in Order to Annex Puerto Rico (which, of course, Occurred) and Cuba (which did not, and Backfired when America Backed Castro before it Nominally Opposed him), so it didn't want to be Involved in this Conflict; if it Chose to Join on Behalf of The Union to Protect its Carribean Colonies, it'd have been Attacked by Portugal and England.  These may not have Allowed it to Join on Behalf of The Confederacy, however, as Arrogance was Driving these Ventures more than Race, Religion, Culture or any of the Alledged Motivations.  So, Spain may well have been Invaded by France.  Italy would have to Remain Neutral or it'd be Devastated, unless it Joined on Behalf of The Confederacy.  Assuming that The U.K. would Permit this, though it'd Sideline it as much as Possible, if not Eager to War with it, as can be Presumed through Precedent, it'd still have to Contend with its Liberal Revolution that had been Raging for Years.  It couldn't Join on Behalf of The Union, unless it wanted to hand itself over to Anarcho-Socialists that were Rampaging through Italy and in Communications already with Lincoln; there were Italians on Both Sides of Lincoln's War, with some having Fought on Behalf of Highly Influential Leftist Giuseppe Garibaldi and others having Fought in Opposition to him. 

So, basically, Russia was Threatening to Cause a World War on Lincoln's Behalf that would have Directly Resulted in the Destruction of many Civilizations and the Incremental Destruction of the Rest through Liberalism.

It made much more Sense for everyone to Remain Neutral and Sacrifice The South, since there would just be Feuding amongst the Victors - Regardless of which these were - over how to Divide Conquered Realms, Trade Routes and Finances.  The Non-White Nations and Captives, whether in Europe or its Colonies Abroad, could also Invade or Revolt at any Moment.

Even if The South could have Won by itself, Historians Suspect that it'd have still Entered on Behalf of The U.K. in Both World Wars.  It'd also have Masses of Mestizos it would Regard as "Legally White" or "Acceptable", just like were Imported by Yankee and "Good Ol'e Boy" Presidents for Decades that Provided those Statuses to Them.  It would have Continued to Breed its Blacks, even though it Prohibited Their Importation, at least until The Dust Bowl and Boll Weevil would Force a Greater Focus on Industrialism.  It was always too Focused on Cotton, anyway, so it was having an Agricultural Crisis even back during The War of Secession.  Its Whites would have Continued to Suffer in Poverty, in General, with Less and Less Space, being Forced into Tenements like those in Yankeedom, as the Negros became more Numerous and Revolutions would mean Pacifying Negros
through Liberal Reforms.  Even if many of the Blacks were Relocated to Mexico, The Carribean or somewhere Western not having The Dust Bowl, the Mestizos would have Clashed with these and either Taxes would have Spiked or The Confederacy would Continue its Policy of Printing More Money to Avoid those Taxes that no one could Afford but thus Indebting Future Generations.  That would mean more Mestizos would Settle wherever in America these could Find Employment or Handouts.  The Confederacy was Largely Protestant and even the Catholics were Frequently Influenced by Protestant Liberalism, so Mexico and The Carribean were Bound to Clash even though these were Overwhelmingly just Posturing as and not Genuinely Catholic.  The Union, if not Defeated Entirely, would just take this Opportunity to Annex America and Establish its Precursors to N.A.F.T.A just like it did in Reality.  Even if it were Defeated, this would be the time for Revolution.  The Negros and Mestizos wouldn't have Fared as well in The Northwest, but any Settling there would have made things more Difficult than they already were for Europeans. Even up North, everyone Complained that The South didn't want the Blacks so the ones Ordered to Leave - once Whites had some Modicum of Control again - went up North.  They could have gone Westward or to Mexico, but the Mexicans didn't want the Blacks and the Blacks didn't want to be Pioneers unless Funded and Protected by Whites.  The Union just Fancied itself more Protective of Whites, in Contrast to what it just did to Whites (Particularly White Women), since it Opposed Blacks having these Freedoms that were Intended only to be Utilized Against "Lowly" Southerners.  New England had the Opinion that The South was "Too Celtic" and thus "White Niggers" or "Less Than Niggers", so it didn't Regard it as Shameful to Rape or Murder these People; they were Perceived as Monstrous, yet that - somehow - didn't Discourage Them from Raping these Alledged Inferiors.  They saw that as The Ultimate Conquest, much like a Negro thinks it is "Superior" if it Rapes a White Woman.  The English Southerners were quick to Advocate "Cooperation" ("Reconstruction" i.e. Unification i.e. Liberalization i.e. Rape, Murder, Arson, Thievery, Slander, Libel and other Destruction, whilst not Admitting it) with The Union, on the Basis of "English Kinship". 

It seems the Reality of America having Funded Communism in Mexico and Russia were Unavoidable. 
If France had Joined The Confederacy, the Client State in Mexico would have been Expected to Mirror this Position. Unfortunately, Emperor Maximilian I was a so-called "Enlightened" Monarch and his Ineffectual Rule would not only Cost him his own Life but the Life of his Wife.  She actually went Insane, when she Realized that The Napoleons had Lied to her and her Husband to Convince him to Operate in Mexico as if Elected by those actually Revolting over his Presence.  They would Cite the Genuine Spread of Plague as Reason for not Interacting with Mexicans, but it was actually because he'd Realized that the Election had been a Sham for his Support of French Colonization.  Juarez even Refused to Surrender his Illegitimate Presidency, when in Violation of his own Constitution, by Exceeding Term Limits, but his own Radical Supporters would Murder anyone who Noted his Hypocrisy.  Unionists would make Deals with the Socialists and Communists that Killed him and Warred Internally for Decades, and this Support still Continues to this day.  They just Transferred all but a few Skirmishes from Civil War to Legislative Disputes, but it's more about which is the Leader than about Genuine Political Differences.  The Confederacy would have to Deal with all these Issues, as well. 
Yes, there were Mexicans and European Minorities which were Subjects of The Second Mexican Empire and also Supported The Confederacy, whether Financially or Militantly, so some Changes may have Occurred if The Confederacy instead of The Union were Operating in the Region, but the Ease with which Ex-Confederates were Driven from Mexico and the Fact that the Majority of the Boere who Settled there after The Second-Boer War would Flee into America both Indicate that Mexico would not Remain a Confederate Colony.  The Confederacy were't Fighting it as a Racial War, but its Enemies were. 
I will Credit Teddy Roosevelt and Luis Terrazas with Helping these People to Relocate, but both of these Typically made Atrocious Decisions; whether it were Luis having Utilized his Position as Governor to Depreciate or Appreciate the Land he Intended to Buy or Sell, by Mobilizing Troops to Abandon or Stabilize a Territory during those Revolutions, Teddy having Intervened on Japan's Behalf during The Russo-Japanese War or his Swing Vote in Favour of Permanent Taxation [that he Promised would be at Lower Rates and Affecting only The 1%, but actually Affected Everyone and Adversely Impacted The Poor (which Enabled those 1% to Survive without Competition from Small Businesses, and is why The Wealthy Often Support Higher Taxes and the Stupidity of The Poor that They Misinform)]. Even if The Terrazas Family could be Convinced to Support The Confederacy, instead of Marrying into Unionists like The Creel Family or that Branch of The Bowie Family that Fought on the Opposite Side of the Territory-Turned-Former-Country-Turned-State that its Famous Relative was a Founding Father of (a.k.a. Jim Bowie and Texas), he'd still have Sold Dynamite to Revolutionaries and/or Deliberately Failed To Suppress Revolutions because it was Profitable to do so. 
In Short: Alexander II's Son, Alexander III, was a Conservative but the former's Actions were so Radical that he actually Delayed Southeastern Europe's Liberation From Turkish Hordes By Decades.  By his Liberalism, he Jeopardized Relations with other Nations; even if these were Liberal, or Promoting Liberalism in other Nation-States to Destabilize these for Conquest, his Fervent Adherence to other Liberal Principles was a Threat to Military-Industrial Complexes that were Essentially Regarded as "Sacred" by both Left and Right in other Countries.  His own Promotions of Minorities (like Jews, Central Asians, East Siberians and others of Non-European Descent) and Teaching the Illiterate Masses to Read the Propaganda the aforesaid Produced, would Further The Path To Communism.  Even then, he was Assassinated by those Radicals he Enabled.  His Son was being Hindered by his own Government, and the latter's own Son so Ineffectual and Betrayed both Internally and Internationally that Jew Bolshevism became Synonymous in Global Perceptions with "Russian Identity" (even though the Predominance were Opposed to all Forms of Communism and even Liberalism were Relatively-Recent in Russia). In other words: As much an Ostensible Contrast with The Present as that Era would be, the Events which Followed were not only to be Expected but Viciously Promoted - both North and South, as well as Abroad - since even before The Lost Cause.
The Average Southerner of that Era does Appear to have been more Moral than The Average Northerner, though there are Numerous Conditions that Shaped why The North and South did what they did, though Mostly Economic, on Both Accounts, but the Leaderships also Appear to have been Equally Immoral.