Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Practicalities of Unconventional Symbolic Warfare

Preface: Previously, I have Noted that Traditional Symbolism is Ineffective in War with Alienists; while it Serves to Invigorate Us, the Multi-Cultist is Clouded by Cognitive Dissonance or simply Innately Enjoys Our Suffering.  I Believe that I have Identified the Symbolism that The Masses will React to as Intended, as Applicable to Our Cause:

Typically, when Action is being Undertaken, it is a False Flag; a Lone Nut is Fuel for The Beast.  Of course, someone has to Take Action for Our Race to Fight Back in this Stage 5 White Genocide that We are already Experiencing in most of the World wherein We still Exist.  In South Africa, it is Stage 6.  Stage 7's what The Allies did in WWII and what The Soviet Union did from Lenin to Stalin (before and after his so-called "Purge of Jews" that left many Jews, Including "Old Bolsheviks", as well as those in Miscegenous Unions with Jews).  Stage 8 is when everyone's already Dead, and They are Destroying and Misrepresenting Evidence; it is to Deny its Reality and/or Feign Justification.

Our Resistance won't Begin through such Incidental Acts as are Perpetrated and elsewise Encouraged for Controlled Opposition, however; it'll Require a Large-Scale Action, such as Destroying Symbols of Oppression.  These would be the likes of Packed Football Stadiums, and The "Federal Reserve" Bank at 33 Liberty Street.

All too often I have heard "As long as there is football on TV and cold beer in the fridge, I don't care what happens.".  Thus, Television Producers and Breweries are also Targets.  These are Doubly Important, for it will Remove The Public from much Propaganda and will also Prevent the Breweries from Delivering Water to Targeted Areas.

Breweries have become Symbolic, after Disasters, of how Corporations are More Capable and Generous (even if only for Public Appearance and thus Potential Profits) than The Regime.  This will put even further Strain on The Regime, both for its Inefficiency and its Failure to Protect these Targets.

Waste Treatment Stations are also Symbolic and Practical Targets; when the Country has Literally Gone To Shit, many will Obey Our Directives if for no other Reason than to Remove The Excrement.  "We Just Want This Shit To Stop", is how the Tentatively-Aligned will Self-Justify what We will Order for Them to do.

Our Counter-Propaganda Posters will have a Street Sweeper wading through a Vast Ocean of Shit (Vital Principle: Pop Culture References Obtain Mainstream Loyalties), wearing Overalls with Rolled-Up Sleeves and the Colours of The Transvaal Republic (for, Unlike this Regime, We will Grant Sanctuary to White South African Refugees), and will say "Remove The Jewish Refuse, Too!" and will show all Sorts of Mongrels being Swept Away into Their Filth by him. It should have a WWI/WWII-Era Feel to it.

Crasser but Inevitable, another would be "Let's Do This Shit!" and Juxtapose this Language on some Quintessentially 1950's White Man on a Poster that could otherwise well have been the Cover of a Men's Adventure Magazine like the one where he's Fighting Weasels or Rescuing his Dame from a Beaver and a Turtle.



It would have a Lovecraftian Element to it, with the Mongrels. Run with that; the Possibilities are Endless.

Useful Pop-Culture Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJOnLt-rFCI

And if you don't think that will Work; that these are only on The Terrorism Watchlist for Money and Militarization, I ask you to go Research The Union's P.O.W. Camps and The Allies' Rhine Meadows Death Camps.  Forcing Captives to Wallow in their own Excrement is a Long-Standing American Psychological Warfare Method.

They Executed a Confederate P.O.W. Camp Commander for Horrible Conditions, even though They Acknowledged that Union Conditions were even Worse.  They Did Not Execute Their Man.

There will be no Worthwhile Militia, until the Entertainment Industry is Destroyed.  If a Militia is Necessary to that, then Our Fate Is Sealed because Groups of Grown Men were Paid Millions (or even Dozens of Millions!) Each to Play a Child's Game for those too Fat, Stupid, Drunk, Stoned and/or Lazy to do it Themselves.

Why is there a Stage 6 White Genocide in South Africa?  Innate Non-White Hatred of Our Race, Subsequent Brainwashing of Our People by The Mongrel Master Deceiver that is The Jew, and Rugby.  "Sports Fan" is said to be Synonymous with "Racist" (White).  It's Synonymous with Coward.

What is Needed, now, though, this Pre-Militia, is a Gang of Brigands.   Let Us Be Called "Criminals"; Let Our Race Be Declared Illegal.  We will see who is Worthy, and who is a Traitor.

We need something like The Order, only without any Neo-Pagan like David Lane bringing in a Castizo like Tom Martinez and being a Hebephilic Traitor,  or anyone Uttering a Word or otherwise Indicating any Involvement of themselves or anyone else in this Operation.  The Captured Remain Silent.  The Free Remain Silent.  The Captured will be Liberated when We have Secured this Theater.

Until then, their Job is to Study Law, Recruit New Members (Without Exposing Existing Members, Operations, Locations, Methodology or other Resources), and either be Paroled for Good Behavior or (if not an Option) Escape and/or Kill Genuine Criminals.

Criminals on Good Behavior can Use The Gym, Develop Connections, Work on Road Crews (Good for both Removal from the General Populace without Solitary Confinement, though not always a Bad thing to have the latter, Learning Surroundings, Learning Guards' and Inmate's Behaviors, Obtaining Parole and Escape Potential), Manufacturing Jobs (ever see "Escape From Alcatraz"?) and Telemarketing (Lot's of Useful Info).  There's also the Possibility of a Prisoner-Student Pen-Pal Project, and Visitation Privileges where it may be Possible to Recruit Despite Censorship Via Coded Messages.  If it Attracted any Attention at all, there may be Prisoner Fan-Girls that could be made into Useful Idiots.

The Code that was Developed by Sir Francis Bacon is already Popular amongst the Multi-Racial "Aryan Brotherhood", so something New or at least Obscure will have to be Selected instead of this Method that's already Well-Known to those that would be Monitoring anyone Using it.

Cellular Resistance

Going to "Tea Party", "Occupy" or other Pseudo-Grassroots Movements is such a Waste of Time; these have Descended so far, when not Worthless since Inception.  I basically just try to Support those who already are talking about these Issues, and to Learn whatever I can about it; others will Learn Incrementally, as some Circles will - at times, and to Extents - Overlap.

This is why S.O.P.A., C.I.S.P.A. and other so-called "Net Neutrality" Bills are always being Pushed.  More and more, such Legislation is an Earmark in Nominally-Separate Issues.  Recently, a White Adolescent in Montana was Arrested for "Holocaust" Denial and other "Hate"-Speech in his Facebook Posts.  Shortly therebefore, a Young Russian Woman was Arrested for "Holocaust" Denial in her Motherland.  This is a Global Issue, and one Long-Standing in France, The U.K and - of course - Germany.

Back in the '80's and '90's, in America, N.O.F.I.T. (National Organization of Farmers and Independent Truckers) and The National Alliance would put Brochures at Truck-Stops, Farmers' Markets and Rural Diners; these would go faster than they could be Reordered, and Half of those who picked them up would Join.

Unfortunately, Louis Beam was Arrested and there hasn't been a Worthwhile Klan since.

There was one that looked like it was going to be, as it would talk about the Catholic Origins of those Robes and The Fiery Cross, and how The First-Era Klan was Accepting of all Christian Denominations, but then its Website went down for a Year or so and its new "Grand Wizard" had Removed all Positive References to Catholicism; he went on Anti-Catholic Tirades, because Mestizos had Pejoratized Catholicism for him.

Dr. William Luther Pierce III is Dead, and The National Alliance has Died with him.

Apart from Beam having a Low Profile since being Released, Tom Metzger is in Prison, and Richard Girnt Butler and Robert E. Miles are Dead.  That leaves James Wickstrom, Thomas Robb, John Trochmann and Don Black (one of the several "Grand Wizards") as Somebodies in The Aryan Nations.  Don's the one who "runs" Stormfront, which is called "Shitstorm" by many Racialists for a Reason.  It makes me wonder what Fed Payroll he's on, as he's not just Neglectful as Hell; if Gary Yarborough can be Sentenced to 15 Years in a Supermax Prison for Posts on that Website by someone else, how is it Don is not even in Prison?

Everyone in The Order is either a Murder Victim, in Prison, a Race-Traitor that Broke The Code of "Brothers Remain Silent" to get a Reduced Sentence, or Castizo Tom Martinez.

The Billboard Campaign came far too late, but should really be Focused on California; I'm sure there's plenty of Liberal Vote Rigging, with Dead Votes, Illegal Votes, Underage Votes, Prohibited Felon Votes and Multiple Votes, but its Ultra-Liberal Policies are at Odds with Popular Opinion.  White Populations are Typically to the Right of The Regime, and Liberal Media has Over-Represented Their Support from The Masses to Create a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of having it.

Several Nationalist Parties were Seeking a Presidential Election, and Combined into one; it got about 2.5% of California's Vote, and wasn't even on the Ballot in most States.

It had Ought to have Focused on Mayoral, Sheriff and Civil Councilmen Elections etcetera, and then - Employing the Democratic Party's Tactic of Rezoning to Aid Elections, and having Imprisoned, Deported or Executed the Illegals and other Criminals of any Race - move on to Governorship.

They could also, having the Backing of Small Business Owners and the White Rights Activists they Employ, have Utilized those smaller Positions to Revive any Ballot Initiatives for new States that would Ensure a Pro-White Governor therein.

They could also Invert Liberal Job Program Schemes, such as Tax-Funding G.M.O.-Free Co-Opts., Public Theaters and Broadcasting, Energy Projects, Roads these will Require, Reforestation Initiatives and Youth Camps that would all be Geared towards Our Views and would Defund the rest of the State.

Such an Upset - in any State, but Particularly one with such a Reputation - would be of Great Value, both Suo Jure and in Counter-Propaganda in other States, with each Country having such a Victory being a Morale Boost for every other wherein Whites still Survive.

Since a National Leader in America is Nonexistent and not Expected anytime soon, and Leaderless Resistance has been Insignificant, at Best, when not Counter-Productive, being Frequently Staged by this Zionist Occupation Regime, this will be Cellular Resistance.

Monday, June 8, 2015

On Ted Cruz, Libertarians, South America and Russophobia

 Ted Cruz has Joined the Deranged Call for War with Russia. Cruz, that Castizo, was previously Booed at a Republican Convention for his Pro-"Israel" Stance. If Hard-Core Republicans (being Committed enough to Attend a Rally) are Renouncing "Zionism", it shows how Unpopular it has become; the Position of many was always that it was a Necessary Evil, with the "Jews First" Mentality being found Predominantly amongst Jews and next by those Paid Millions or even Billions thereby. Many only go along with its War Profiteering because they are Unaware of the Importing of "Refugees" or how The Muslim Brotherhood has Established Ties with the same Mestizo Drug Cartels that have Mexican Government Funding to Assist Illegal Immigration/Invasion. Meanwhile, The C.I.A. Purchases these very Drugs to Import to American Streets so that The F.B.I., A.T.F., D.E.A., State Bureaus and Local Police etcetera can Declare a "War On Drugs" and other "War On Crime" that is but a 'guise for Militarization. Meanwhile, the Libertarians would love for all this to Flood The Black Market; it's one Extreme to the other, with no one Considering that maybe a War on Hard Drugs should be Waged by a Nationalist Government, and Soft Drugs should be Treated like Alcohol on a European Model. Less Addiction, Less Paramilitary Expenditures, Less Crime... Sounds Good. As per War on False Pretenses: Apart from everything else Wrong with War with Russia, there's the Notion amongst Neo-Cons that it will simply be a few Fly-Overs with Drones and then "Wham, Bam, 'Thank You, Ma'am'" Victory. The Problems are thus: (1.) America doesn't Operate that way; it never has, or I wouldn't be typing this right now. (2.) Russia is The World Leader in Anti-Drone Technology. (3.) Russia has its own Drones. Also of Vital Importance is that Russia can Sever 80% of The E.U.'s Oil Supply; hence, War in The Middle East and South America. The latter, however, has other, More-Important Motives; one is to Neutralize any Threat from Russia's Allies in that Theater by having these Preoccupied with America's Allies down there, but Their Primary Initiative is to Genocide the White Minorities. Often Misclassified as much larger than they are, sometimes even as Majorities (such as Cuba saying it is 66% White, but another Report saying it is "23% Eurasian"; the latter Term being Applied Liberally to both Europeans, Europoid Hybrids, Mongoloids and Arabs even of Negroid Complexion), they do Exist; I've heard from White Brazilians that they are only 10% of Brazil, and all of them are in South Brazil [as Opposed to 47.73% of Brazil (which Implies a Majority in South Brazil)], and a White Argentine told me it isn't 97% of Argentina but only 40%. Chile doesn't have an Independent Category for Whites, rather Collecting(/Corrupting) this Data together with Mestizos; I've heard everywhere from 20% to 53%, as Estimates for White Chileans. One Questions if this is even Requiring European Phenotypes, or - like Brazil - only 70% White Ancestry. 20%, then, with what I have Seen, does Appear a Reasonable Estimate. Their Military looks very White, from the Photos that I have Viewed, so I find it very Regrettable that these are America's Allies; the Silver Lining is that We can then Expect that these will not be Mass-Raping. Back to Russia: Its Spetsnaz have Superior Weapons and Training to American Special Forces.