Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have Faith, for His Race's Sake!

 I Wrote this in Rebuke of an Odinist "Counter-Currents" article titled "Why Christianity Can’t Save Us", which Focuses on Reformed Theology and (Novus Ordo) Catholicism (Doctrines which came over one and two thirds to nearly two Millennia after Christ's Death, Resurrection and Ascension!):

While this could be said of "Judeo-Christianity" and also any Attempt at Fusing this Universalism with Racialism, as the former would Erode the latter, he's Assuming that Christianity must Require that you Sacrifice yourself - in any Form - for Non-Whites.

The Concept that only Our Race, the Adamic Race (not the Cinites, Chamites, Ishma'el'ites, Esau-Edomites, nor other Mamzers, those Beasts of the Field, those Sama'el'ites), is Capable of Salvation is not therein Considered.

He makes the all too Common Mistake of Confusing Jews and other Arabs with Semites (Isra'el'ites and Elamites), as the apparent Basis of all his other Misconceptions.

Another Misconception is to say the Hittites (not to be Confused - though this is done so often - with the Hattic Hittites of Anatolia, whom were Whites), Chanaanites and other Chamites were Semites.  Cursed and Banished, They Mixed with anything and everything They could, and ended up a Black Race.  They kept doing that, between Incest, afterwards, and between this, Cinites (Mongoloids) and Whites being Bastardized is where you get your Hybrids like Ishma'el'ites and Edomites.

Ishma'el was only Half-White, whereas his Half-Brother Isaac was White.  Jacob and Esau (Isaac's Sons) were White, but the Miscegenator Esau was Cursed and Banished, Assumed the Name of Edom, and Sired Negroids with Hittites and other Chanaanites.  Jacob, on the other hand, took a White Wife with whom he had Children.  The Inbred, Mongrel Descendants of Ishma'el and Edom were Sworn Enemies of those Jacobean Lineages.

Hebraism, thus, is not Judaism.  Judaism is mostly Talmudic, coming from 70 A.D., but the rest is from a Bastardization of The Torah.  They Rarely (if ever) use all of The Old Testament, rather only using the first five Books.  Even if They do not Alter the plain Texts, however, They Retroactively Apply Jewish Fables to them and thus Pervert their Meaning.  

What Christianity means by saying to Love God more than yourself or your Family, is not to Betray yourself or Family, unlike what he Implies, but to Honour His Will as the Superior Guide for yourself and your Family.  When He says to Respect your Ancestors' Traditions, when in the Context of His Laws, it means that a Basis of Tradition upon those Laws or to Embrace only what is Applicable therewith is a Valid and Sound Way of Life.

What it says about Males and Females, is like what Hitler said about a Higher Nobility.  It must be Interpreted in the Cultural Context, which Prohibited Miscegenation, Incest, Homosexuality and other Degeneracy, as being about everyone of the Race always Striving for something More than themselves, for the Good of their Race.

Otherwise, you end up with a Society without Moral Doctrines, and any Social Mores there may be grow Increasingly Vague until Destruction.  Is he saying Pagans didn't Miscegenate, Enslave Whites to Non-Whites, Attack each other at Random or Valuing Imperialism Over Race, or over Il-Defined Dogmas, or have Ritualistic Sacrifice of other Whites?  Some did more of those than others, and to different Extents, but Human Sacrifice would Appear a Constant.

Even if We are to Reprove the Notion that Paganism was at the Heart of any Sexual Degeneracy or at least Exacerbated whatever Forces it was from, and these were just not True Believers, since it is True that Homosexuality only came into Paganisms later [perhaps because of the Invasions of the Jews and other Mongrels into Hellenia and elsewhere (hence the  "Hellenic Jews" and "Roman Jews", being neither Hellenic nor Roman - just Jews!)], if We are to Assume this would hold True also for other Degeneracy (both in Root Cause and Encouragement), then much of Paganism would have to be Dismissed.  One could Argue there was much less Risk in Pre-Historic and Ancient Times of Genetic Deterioration through Incest, but one would have to still Ban it for today.  Is Rape still ok in Paganism, or are you now Aligned with the Christians on that?  Do Pagans not Believe in Fidelity, nor the Social Decay that is Encouraged by Infidelity, or will Pagans just now Co-Opt these Concepts from Christianity?

Pagans love to talk about what was "Stolen by Christianity", but not about how this always loops back to a time when Pagans were Persecuting Christians, and the Sensibility of Adopting Beliefs as Applicable but Abolishing the rest when Converting a Realm.

Often, you hear Pagans and "Judeo-Christians" trying to Link a Confirmed Historical Figure to a Pagan Deity (more likely, as with the Negro Slaves of The Caribbean and The American South, the Pagans just Idolized a Saint by the Converse whilst Feigning Conversion), or Arguing about which ones used which Symbols first.

You'll also hear Whites and Non-Whites Arguing about Symbolism and Titles, even after a Mummy turns up in what Invaders call "Afghanistan" that's White and from the Swastika-Creating, Airyan-Titling Scythians.  That blows the whole "Desert" Slur right out of the water!  One Steppes Scythian Mythology, after all, was the Basis of both Hellenic and Norse.  Along with a few other Europeans, and both Mongoloid and Arabic Invaders, it's also a Source of Finno-Uralic Mythologies.

I mention that, as Achamenid Royal Genealogists said those Pre-Arabization Persians (the Iranic don't always like to Admit it, but They are Arabs - not Persians nor other Whites!) said they were of the same Elamite Ancestry as those Sak(r)a Scythians.  The Elamites, Founders of the Haltamti Civilization, were Descendants of their Namesake Elam.  Elam was the Eldest Son of Sem.