Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alienist Gun Advocacy: The Friend of White Disarmament

 I wish Gun Rights Activists would stop making Fools of Us by Perpetuating Debunked Holocaust Myths, or taking Out of Context the Photos of White Police and Negro Criminals, to make Them look Abused, and would show some of Negro, Jewish and otherwise Alien Aggression Against Whites; such as Boer and other White Afrikaner Genocides by Jews like Joe Slovo, Arabs like Tauriq Moosa (a Blatant Advocate of Miscegenation, Incest and Bestiality, and at least Implied Advocate of Pedophilia - as per his Circular Reasoning in his Advocacy of Bestiality!), and Blacks like Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema, or The Cossack Genocides, The Russian Genocides and The Ukrainian Holodomors by Jews like Lazar Kaganovich and Their Turkish Brethren like Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Joseph Stalin, The Irish Holodomor by Jews like Lionel Nathan de Rothschild and Benjamin Disraeli, The Mass Rapes of Europeans by Jewry and Their Turkish Brethren (Advocated by Jew Ilya Ehrenberg a.k.a. The Man Who Invented The Six Million!), The Dresden Holocaust (Orchestrated by Professor Frederick Lindemann - a Jew!), The Genocide of Germans in Yugoslavia by Jews and Their Turkish Brethren from The Soviet Union, The Hellenic Genocides by Jews and Their Turkic Brethren in The Young Turk Regime (a Continuation of Hellenic Genocides from The Ottoman Empire - which was Continuing what Foreign Breeds have always done to Our Kind!), or any of the other White Genocides by Lesser Breeds!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

When East Meets West: Considerations on The Chinese Market, and Long-Term Reclamation of Tocharia

 China's Investment-Driven and Time-Oriented Economy has lead to the Deliberate-Construction of entire Ghost Cities and Bridges to Nowhere.  This has lead to Infrastructure Collapses, of both Literal and Metaphoric Form, which China (in true Communist Fashion) Responds to with more of the same Failed Policies.

 Its Jade Bubble (a Result of its Fusion of Morally-Divorced Capitalism with Maoism; similar to "The West's" Fusion of Bolshevism and said Corporatism) is about to Burst; of course, whenever it is Forewarned that a Bubble will Burst, it is to Accelerate that Transition.  Then, those with Power can Acquire more at Dirt-Cheap Prices.  Rothschild has been doing such, with one Medium or another, since the 1700's.

My Question is: Why can't We get an Organization together to Invest in Jade (as with other Mediums) during such Orchestrated Crashes, and use these as Our Debt-Free Currency?  Ameristan has Infamously "Appropriated" (Stolen) what was then 7 million dollars (more, now) in Silver which was Minted as an Alternative Currency to the Unconstitutional "Federal Reserve" Notes, but a Wide-Scale Acquiescence of Silver and Jade (both highly Valued by China; Jade largely for Cultural Reasons, having been Influenced by Tocharian Artistry, and Silver as an Alternative to The Gold and Platinum Bubbles) may Result in the Acknowledgement of Our Valid and Sound Policies by even Mainstreamers.

Western China, as with other parts of East Asia, was once Ours; it is not the only Homeland of Ours to be Lost to Inundating, Ravaging, Hordes of Curs, either.  It also isn't the only part of the World to have such Ghost Towns, and many have Superior Architecture; I'm just Listing Our Options.

Between China's Economic Imperative for an Income-Influx, the Desire of the Uighurs (Hybrids Resulting from Bastardizations of Scythians, Tocharians, Yuezhi and White Huns by Chinoids and other Mongoloids) to Maintain a Sense of Identity, the Yamato's Desire to Overtake China, Russia's Stance between the two, the Desire of the Ainu (Hybrids Resulting of the Bastardizations of Whites by Pre-Yamato Mongoloids in Northern Japanese Islands) to Maintain a Sense of Identity, Asiatic Nazism Increasing amongst Uighurs, Ainu and Yamato, Taiwan's Desire to be Recognized as Sovereign by China, a(n) Arabic/Muslim Problem in parts of Western China, Secessionist Sentiments Developing in Northern India, and Soetoro having Backed The Formation of a Taliban Embassy as part of an Agenda of Dissolution of what is Ironically Named "Pakistan" (Land of the Pure - though now Usurped by Arabo-Dravidians!), especially with the Inevitable Development (not if, but when such happens) of a "Spill-Over" of "Pakhtun" Violence into what Arabic Invaders call "Afghanistan", can We not Instigate something in Our Favour?

The last two years, I've been Considering the Ramifications and Long-Term Benefits of these and other Developments in Europe, Canada, America and Australia, but now I'm Thinking on an even Longer-Term; Requisition of said Homelands was always an Agenda, but it seems Bureaucratic Corruption and Incompetence is making it much Easier than I had Initially Expected.

Since The Triad and Chinese Industry is Involved with Jewish and Negroid Cartels in South Afrika, which Extort, Rape and Murder the "Illegal" Miners in Abandoned Mines in that Communist-Occupied Realm (which The Sondheim Cranium Proves We had several hundred thousand years before They did - not to mention the Vast Predominance of said Region having been Unexplored by Negroids; rather, being Explored by Boere, other Dutchmen, Germans and English whom Settled it!), and a similar thing goes on in India (though S.A., Rhodesia and Namibie also has White Genocide!), it would be Poetic Justice for Us to "Redistribute" from those "Redistributors" a few of those Ghost Towns to Ourselves as Havens for the likes of the Boer!

The Question is: How do We get Putin to stop Flip-Flopping, so he'll just Aid Us, or is it Impossible for him to Dispense with his K.G.B. Indoctrination?

Some other Considerations: Is it at all Possible for Le Pen to have a Victory in France?  Perhaps after Chrysi Avgi has one in Greece, though Austria may have to have such a Development between the two.

 Iceland doesn't yet seem at that point but it is, Per Capita, one of The Whitest Countries on Earth, and it has begun to Tackle the Bankster Problem; it's made many Improvements, for sure - but still needs to Eliminate Rothschild!

 Belarus is Allegedly National Socialist... but the Emphasis is surely on Socialist.

 The Ukrainian Insurgent Army still has awhile to go before it's Mainstream; but if We have a Prayer, People will be Awakened by the new Film about The Great Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33.  Of course, The Jewish Media will Denounce this as "Propaganda" - whilst Hypocritically Bombarding Us with such Propaganda as Their Scientifically and Logically Debunked "Holocaust"!  For Sources on that, check my other Article: "Countering Holodomor Denial".

  Hungary isn't quite ready yet but it is making a surprising amount of Strides for a Country that's probably Occupied by more Khavars, Jews, Gypsies, Avars, Tartars, Lipka Tartars and other Turkics than Aryans.

 The two Whitest Countries on Earth, Per Capita, are Lithuania and Estonia; both have not only Nationalist Movements but even Mainstream Nationalist Sentiments - but have yet to Oust Rothschild!

For everything that Offers Hope, there is at least one more thing to Prove that it is only a Trick to Poison Our Souls; thus, We must Determine Our Fate for Ourselves - We must have (though I Phrase it this way at the Risk of being Mistaken for a Socialist or other "Humanist") a Triumph of the Will!

  In the Longer-Run, I think Tocharian and Scythian Revivals, as I've spoke of before, could be used to Pacify and perhaps even Recruit the aforesaid Mongoloids and certain Hybridized Caucasoids (such as Saami and Komi) to a Mutually-Beneficial Cause (at least for a time) whilst Maintaining an Aryan Culture and Philosophy; it would also, as I spoke of recently, Eliminate much of the "head in the clouds" Mentality that has been Instilled by Jewry and its Foreign Hordes in so many of The Children of Light - Our Cloud Warriors!  When the Whole of the World has been Reclaimed as Ours, what Develops will be a Holy Culture - an Aryan Culture!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The People of the Clouds" should not have their "heads in the clouds"

There is a growing Trend, especially amongst those frequenting the "Counter-Currents" website, of Pseudo-Intellectuals in Aryanists Movements; those with Minds filled to the brim with Abstract Notions, whom Consider Empirical and Logical Necessities like Agriculture, Pastoralism and Warrior Cultures to be "beneath Us; for the Savage, Negro, Toiler"; Despite that it never had such things to begin with.

 They're so Fascinated by Arabs, Dravidians and Mongoloids for Their Metaphysical "Supremacy"; however, these Pseudo-Eurasianists Fail to Comprehend the Scythian, Tocharian, Proto-Persian, True Isra'el'ite and other Aryan Influences upon such Lesser Races.  Without White Influence throughout Asia, the Yuezhi, "White Hunnic", Kushan, Assyrian and Parthian would have not Existed, and there would be no Debates about their Composition and Culture.

It is like the common View of "Occidental Quarterly" and "Occidental Dissent"; where no one seems to have Concluded that rather than working backwards from now in Attempt to Create a Non-Jacobin Liberalism, calling this "Libertarian Nationalism", it would be more Logical to work forwards within a Nationalist Mindframe from the Root of everything of a Non-Monarchist Nature.  Still, I'd Recommend Combining the aforesaid with a Minarchistic Monarchy; for the exact Nature of how, Refer to my other Article: "Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future".

There's also the Website "Aryanism", which claims an "Aryan Third Position on Gender"; continuing on the path of Metaphysics, They Forget to Consider Genetics.  Basically, apart from believing We used to be Fundamentally Androgynous, They Decided that Foreign Agendas of Homosexuality can be "Tolerated" so long as it isn't Flaunted.  The Fact that it was Introduced to the Hellenes by Edomites, Chamites and Cinites, used to Condemn the Gods that they had grown Weary of, rather than to Praise such Adulteration of their Mythologies, Exaggerated in Influence by Khazars and others Opposed to White Traditionalism, and used to Slander so-called Barbarian Whites for Political Reasons, is Ignorantly Neglected if not Blatantly Denied by these Faux-Aryanists!

Aryanist High Fantasy Vs. Common Liberal Fantasy: The Ironies of Tolkien and Mainstream "Culture"

When Geeks and other Mainstreamers go see things like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, do They have even the slightest Inkling that it is Inspired by Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Celtic, Finnish, Hellenic, Persian (Pre-Arabization), Vedic and Slavic Mythologies and other Folklores of said People, or that it is filled with Allusions to a particular Hebraic Tale, as well as Roman Catholic Sentiments?  He Expressed this himself, you know?  Some say one Source was a Play by Wagner, which was Constructed upon Germanic Antiquities and Christianity.

Seriously, Dwarfs are clearly a Fusion of Hebrevs (rather than "Jews"!) and Vikings (a Blood Memory, perhaps, of this Alienist which Ironically Authored in the Aryanist Tradition), and Elves are... well... Elves.  They're Icelandic.  Hobbits?  They Live like Nordic People did for thousands of years.  Gandalf?  He's either Myrddin Emyrs a.k.a. Merlin (Created by Geoffrey of Monmouth; though Based upon Myrddin Wyllt, a Mad Prophet of Northumbria) or Odin/Wotan/Wōdanaz.

Saruman The White, having grown Corrupt and Betrayed all he was Renowned for, should have been a Dead Giveaway; even if you're Completely Unaware of the Medieval Legend of The Seal of Solomon a.k.a. Solomon's Ring.  How about the Caves full of Gold of the Dwarf King?  King Solomon's Mines ring a bell?  Just as Sauron was Feared by Saruman, The Wise Wizard, Jews (Edomites) were Feared by Solomon, The Wise (Isra'el'ite) King; this Fear turned to Loyalty, and his Protégé (as with Gandalf, so with His Isra'el'ites) had to Reject it.

There are also Black and Arabic Hordes that must be Defeated, as a Reference to The Moorish and Turkish Invasions.

The Ents, the Anthropomorphic Trees, are his Version of something Present in many European Cultures.

Mordor was his Allegory for Early Industrial London, before Increased Technological Advancements, Industrial and Residential Zoning, Child Labour Laws and those on Health, Safety, Wages, Hours and other things now Widely Regarded in The First World as Basic Human Rights would Improve Conditions.  Of course, Unions and Lawmakers have both now Run Rampant with these Concepts and become Destructive Forces of Their Own.

I'm sure if you looked closer, you could find more Examples and the Precise ones to match up with different Influences, but you get the picture.

Of course, as Alluded to above, either Tolkien was not (Consciously, anyway) Aware of the Differences between Hebrevs and Jews or would not more than Tacitly Confess it; it is, however, apparent that a Sub-Conscious Realization was made, as his Isra'el'ite-Inspired Characters Behave as such - rather than Jews!

When Requested by The N.S.D.A.P. to Permit Publication of his Novels in Hitler's Reich, Tolkien gave a Retort about not Descending from those "Glorious" Jews, Iranic or Indians; an Erroneous Assertion that They were the Ancient Aryans, as a Contrast with the Anthropological Evidence from both Ancient Sources and Studies that The N.S.D.A.P. were Conducting at the Time.

Of course, he would have been Censored in England if he did not; it was Exceedingly Rare for an Englishman, Regardless of his Racialism in Peacetime, to Contradict The Regime in his Day.

Today, many Aspects of his Stories are Censored from Films and to make Abridged Versions.  My Favourite of those is his Refutation of Anarchism and Libertarianism; though he Affirms Private Ownership Rights and other Individual Pursuits, much to the Dismay of Communists, he also Affirms that those Willing to Unite on Political, Religious, Cultural and/or Racial Grounds can Crush these Hyper-Individualists.

It seems Liberals like Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro (not Related to Mestizoid Actor Benicio Del Toro) do not Understand that White Culture will not Endure if Whites are Extinct; some look at Dumas and Pushkin as what They Mis-Conceive as Proof that it will - but They only got were They did at the Charity of Whites!

They should have not Existed, being Hybrids, and would not have Penned what They did if it were not for White Generosity (Dumas by The French Aristocracy, Pushkin by Russian Royalty) in Providing for Them a Superior Education than what White Peasantry could Expect!  In Fact, rather than Reminding People that it was said White People and Cultures that Afforded Them such Opportunities - Liberals and Jewish Publishers tell Us all about that Usurper called "The Black Count", and "The Blackmoore of Peter The Great"!

Furthermore, the former was a Liberal and the latter a Bolshevik; even if Literary Quality were Present, many Aspects of Our Culture were still Lost On Them.

Look at how many Alien Nations have Slaughtered Themselves and each other to Return The White Gods - actually Bastardized, Murdered or Driven into Exile by Their Marauding Hordes!  Even now, the so-called History Chanel tells Us all about "Ancient Aliens" - which Invariably turn out to be Lost White Civilizations!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future

  What I've wanted to do for some time is take the Common Elements of Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic and Hellenic Music, Language, Mythology and other Folklore, Fashion, Defence,  Artistry, Architecture, Agricultural Methods, Medicine, and other Scientific and Philosophical Matters, and syphon from this all that which Resulted from Interaction since 200 A.D., in Attempt to Reconstruct any Lost Facets of Cultures of Steppes and Saka Scythians.

We could Compare and Contrast that with what We already Know of Scythia, which is Considerably more Comprehensive and Considerably more Nordic (Mummies and other Skeletal Remains Prove this - so you can say "Nordist"/Nordicist" all you want!) than Mainstreamers would have Us believe, as well as doing such a thing to Extract the Vedic, Tocharian and other Scythian Influences from Mongoloid, Arabic and Dravidian Cultures!

We could also do it for the likes of Proto-Persians!  Such a thing could also be done for Proto-Berber/Amazigh and Proto-Egyptians, as well as the Clovis Cultures - Created by Our Solutrean Brethren!

Then, We could Compare and Contrast this all to that of The True Isra'el'ites!  Additionally, We could do it to the Cultures of Old Europe i.e. Pre-Classical Antiquity; before Scythian or other Lost True Isra'el'ite Influence had been felt!

Of course, all of this would also Require Us to Cull any Foreign Influences; We need to Acknowledge when Europe and other Historic Homelands of Ours were Invaded, or Our Ideologies were Corrupted - not Pretend the Influence only went out from Our Explorations!

The Difference between the Vagabond and the Explorer, of course, is that the Explorer Brings Innate Civility with him - whereas the Vagabond Innately Wrings Desecration!

Comparing and Contrasting it all, I believe We can Theorize rather Accurately how a United White Race in a Solely-White World would Function.

Personally, I like to think it would be a Theocratic Nationalist, and thus Cultural Traditionalist (for Our Nation cannot Survive without a Culture as Valid and Sound as Ours!), Fusion of Steampunk and Cyberpunk; a Requiem of Tesla, Verne and DaVinci!

However, there would also be "Radical" Departures from what is in Literature and Film today; Militancy would likely be Non-Existent because The Lack of Foreign Influence would Render it Unnecessary, and the Degenerate Behaviors that are Literal Meanings of "Punk" would be Replaced with the Obsession for such Technological Innovations that it is often Confused with.  Additionally, many seem to Forget that Agriculture is Necessary to Survival - this World would never have Forgotten that!

It would have Biblical Judges, being Judge, Jury and Executioner, and Serving as Vigilantes, in Addition to Civilian Posies and Vigilantes, in the Rare Case that such be Needed in such a Society, and a Scythian-Style Loose Confederation of Aryan Nations; each Tribalist Monarchy would be Minarchist in Structure - though would Rule with a Rod of Iron over Moral Affairs!  When on Royal Family is to Marry another, it would Preserve both Cultures via a Personal Union.  It would be, of course, Meritocratic; Based upon Empirical Science and a Corresponding Philosophy of Logic.

You could say that what I Imagine is Archeofuturism, from a Twin Seedline Christian Identist Perspective.