Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wiser than Wieser: Considerations on Genetic Opportunity Costs and Conflicting Value Systems, in Relation to Natural Values

 "The economic calculation debate started with his (Friedrich 'von' Wieser's) notion of the paramount importance of accurate calculation to economic efficiency.  Prices to him represented, above all, information about market conditions, and are thus necessary for any sort of economic activity.  A socialist economy, therefore, would require a price system in order to operate."

I must Add to that, that Prices will Vary because of a Variety of Factors; there are the Costs and Desired Profit Margins of a Business, both, to Consider, as well as Reputation and Legality, for a few Examples.  There may be a Consensus amongst a Society as a Whole, like a Given Race may - whether on Average or Unanimously - Place Higher Value on something than would another Race.  There are also Sub-Cultures and Counter-Cultures, and even Sub-Cultures of Counter-Cultures.  Furthermore, there are Family Traditions and Personal Convictions.

There is some Truth in the old Adage of those not Willing or Able to Answer the Seemingly-Simple Question of "What is it Worth?", that "Something is Worth whatever someone is Willing to Pay for it."; it is Nonsensical to Enforce a Standard for everything, though certain Standards are Necessary to Enforce.  The Price of your Car may be mine; why do I have to give a Numerical Figure, if both Parties have Equal Interest in what the other has?

Wieser thought that there were Natural Values; things that could be Universally Applied.  This is True, but it is also a Universal Truth to say that not all Truths are Universal; what Works for Europeans may not Work for Others, and Visa Versa.

It is one thing for a Country to Demand that Particular Practices are Upheld, with Violence - at times - being Necessary towards this End, itself a Means towards the End that is its own Survival, which must be towards the End that is Racial Survival, but it is another to Expect that Physical Abilities, Intelligence and Will - even within a Set of Examples from one Race - to be Equal in Form and/or Function.

While it may be Productive to Work towards an Ideal of such Fundamental Homogeneity within Sexes of the same Race, perhaps even to Enforce Mandates to Create it, it is not - now - Practical to Enforce that which Pejoratives the Lack of it; it is sometimes Beneficial for a Race to have more Diversity within itself.

Thus, it is Certain Groups that may Require such things; for it to Occur on a Race-Wild Scale or not, being for Future Determination.  That is Two-Fold: It is both in the Sense of being for The Future to Determine, and being something which - Subsequently - will be a Factor in Determining The Future.

This is the Sense of Opportunity Costs that I am Quintessentially Concerned with; all else is Subsequent, and either Hampering or Enabling The Prime Manifestation.

Wieser was not a Pioneer of any Concept of Opportunity Costs; he merely Coined The Term.  Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin and Frederic Bastiat are those Most-Famously Associated with the Concept.  Still, these only Considered it in Economic Terms; as much as those can be Understood without a Racial Center.  Race may have been a Factor in those Economic Considerations, but as a Means of Generating, Preserving or Preventing Wealth; not as that which it must be Generated or Preserved for, or that which should be Prevented from Obtaining it.  It was a Tool, that is, in the Mindsets of the aforesaid; a Matter for Propaganda, rather than an End; the Focus was on Emotions that were Crafted by Various Forces, rather than Focusing one's Emotions so as to Benefit one's Race.