Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Peculiar Delema...

 Americans have long failed to understand the Symbolism of the Act.  While at first this was interpreted as an Advantage, it was actually laying the grounds for a far worse Defeat. 

Take, for instance, The War of 1812: Redcoats burnt down The White House yet, despite this Historically having been the Universe Symbol of Victory, Americans continued to Fight.  America Won.  All is well in the world.  Right?  No.  Not even close. 

Whereas Americans once occasionally understood it, which is why the cutting down of The Liberty Tree made them Duly Irate, constant Corruptions of Americana and an increase of Masonic/Illuminati Symbolism (despite it becoming Common Knowledge that these Organization were not as Noble as They were and still are alleged to be - rather being down-right Nefarious since Their inception!) were now Tolerated by The Masses.  Then, having trivialized everything in The Masses' so thoroughly Masochistic Collective Conscience, They introduce Warped notions of Symbolism!

Thus, when Massacres such as Waco and Ruby Ridge occurred, no one responded in any significant manner.  So it was with The State Murder of Gordon Kohl, and The Federal Holocaust of Bob Mathews.  The list goes on and on.  Whether a part of Project Northwoods - perhaps in conjunction with MK-ULTRA - or not, when McVeigh and the oft-Neglected Michael Fortier (a Khazar, hence generally being Neglected or at least down-played) performed the Oklahoma City Bombings, everyone simply mourned for the Willful Employees of a Regime which Admittedly Murdered Innocent Children - by setting them on fire!  This, The Masses Concluded, is God's Will.  To say otherwise, thus, is Blasphemy!  "How dare you question his Chosen People?!", They seethe!  "I don't", I respond, "for They're not."  We are His Chosen People!  Act like it!  Otherwise - you're Inviting Damnation upon yourself and thrusting Suffering and Death upon The Innocent! 

However, despite how obvious this all should be, The Masses are either too Terrified, too stupid or both!  Such is why the whole Brievik Incident is so baffling to Americans.  I am not speaking about the truly Bizarre nature of him being a Zionist-Atheist-Jacobin Liberal-Master Mason claiming to be launching a Crusade to Save Our Race; I am speaking about how The Masses merely dismissed him as a nut - believing him to be a "Right-Wing Extremist" and "White Christian Supremacist"!  That reality stands in sharp contrast!  He was a Loon because he was virtually the exact opposite!  I say "virtually"" because he obviously wanted to do something for Our Race - yet had no idea of what Our real Adversary is! 

Of course, it first is Ourselves.  From God Yahveh to Plato to Adolf Hitler to Louis Beam, Men of Our Kind have Recognized that Our Insecurity is Our Greatest Enemy!  Arrogance is but a 'guise for Insecurity.  Remember that: The Khazars too are Insecure; They have masked it with Arrogance for so long that They actually believe Themselves to be The Master Race - opposed to Our Kind being The True Aryans! 

Shake off your Insecurities!  This is a Rite of Passage - Embrace your proper Status as an Aryan!  Every Man, Woman and Child of Our Kind needs to Contribute to The Holy Cause of Our Racial Survival as best they can!