Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 The Political Spectrum isn't a Matter of Left, Central or Right.  It's a 3 Dimensional Sphere.  You start in that Center that is Control and pick from Left, Right, Up or Down what Means thereof you Desire.  The thing is, though, going far enough in one Direction will take you in another.

That said, that which can be Arbitrarily Defined within this Continuum as "The Right" will never Win until it Realizes that everyone is a Terrorist; to Pretend that "Terrorists" are only "Left-Wing Screwballs" is to Fundamentally Mis-Comprehend The English Language and Essence of what it is Meant to Convey.

A Terrorist is someone who Seeks to Terrorize; everyone has Thoughts, and these Thoughts are Inherently Terrifying to someone or something.  Become The Object of Their Fear.  Become something so Irreconcilably Different from Them that it can not be Disputed; Save for that Vague Continuum of Control.  Put The Fear of You into every Man, Woman and Child that does not Embrace The Purpose That You Serve.

Whether or not They Admit to an Opposition to Divinity is - apart from Enticing you towards Their Abdication - Irrelevant; Ultimately, They will Face Judgement.  However, you are to Assist Them in making that Transition to another Realm.

As for what you should Fear: Only Sin.  Their Methods will not Lead to Our Ends.  Thus, it is Important to Understand that not all Violence is Wrong; it is a Question of Justification, which must be Measured Rationally.  Man, Woman and Child are all Subject to Evaluation and Punishment; as with Reward, shall one be so Weighed.

Now, let's Consider a Quote from one of those Pseudo-Philosophers (Possessing not a Love of Knowledge;  rather, merely a Desire to be Perceived as having such) that many Associate with Terrorism:

The criminal benefits personally from his actions, and attacks indiscriminately without distinguishing between the exploiters and the exploited, which is why there are so many ordinary people among his victims.  The urban guerrilla follows a political goal, and only attacks the government, the big businesses and the foreign imperialists. ~ Carlos Marighella (Marxist)

How Ironic is it that We say the same thing as They?  Not at all; it is only Ostensibly The Same.  They Believe Corporations to be Capitalist, Government to be White Supremacist, and Foreign Imperialists to be Aiming Degeneracy at Them; it is actually a System of Zionism, which only Pretends (and then, still only at times) not to be Socialism and thus Anti-White.

The Destruction of Black Communities, to use an Example from America, was merely to Incite The Negro Against The White Man.  When Alien Tribes are Subjected to this Imperialism in some far-off Land, with the World and certain Places in Particular being Obvious as Rightfully Ours, it is merely to the same End as the aforesaid; to Entangle Us in Warfare, and Subvert Us with Propaganda.

Just as Sama'el Wrought Beasts in Quasi-Human Figure, his Children have Encouraged Miscegenation; more of Them are Produced, and Less of Us are.  They Procreate without Regard to Purity or Quality, for They are Alien to Quality and can only be Pure in Evil; Evil - however - only Exists as an Adulteration, and thus can only be Divided into Fashions thereof.

Their Methods only Different in Extents and Comprehensions (Lies, Unjustifiable Violence and Sexual Degeneracy are Invariables; it's simply a Question of Functions and Efficiencies; whether the Predominance is Deception or Force, as if these - too - are not Inexorably Intertwined), Their Ends are Immutable with each other.

For now, I'll leave you with these Thoughts: An Infant Cur will become, if it is Permitted, an Adult Cur.  If it is Beneficial to Eradicate one, it is Beneficial to Exterminate the other.  So it would be with other Harbingers of Injustice.  Some are in Need of a Deprivation of Liberties; Including Life.  Some do not Deserve to even Pursue Happiness.  Lives are not Created Equal, nor are all Equivalent to each other.  This is the Quintessence of Justice and Injustice; of Punishment and Torture; or Execution and Murder.  What Merit Hath Thee?

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