Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cambridge Five

 Promoted by Jews, like Barbra Lerner Spectre, Islamophilia is sweeping the Ultra-Liberals in Europe and in Particular, England.  Meanwhile, as will be the Subject of a Future Post, there is its Backing of the Jewish Revolution in Ukraine and thus, Provoking War with Russia.  Unfortunately, it is all too often the Worst Aspects of History that Repeat themselves.  As it is now, it's a Magnification of these Errors; the Result of Generations of Planning, Propagandizing, and Wars either Proxy or Overt.  Here's an Historical Scenario this is Reminiscent of, and that you likely were not Taught in a Public Indoctrination Center:

Hillary "Harry" St.-John Bridger Philby, or "Sheikh Abdullah", as he liked to be called, was a Deranged Englishmen; a Miscegenator, Socialist and Convert to Islam, whom Befriended the Future Prime Minister of India.

As a Colonel, his Role was to Protect the Oil Fields from the Rebellion he was to Support to Destabilize The Ottoman Empire. Increasingly Obsessed with Arabia, however, he came to Back a Wahhabist over the one he was sent to; his Goal was to make him "King of the Arabs".

His Son, Harold Adrian Russel "Kim" Philby (via his First Spouse, Dora Johnson, not his Arabic one), was a Notorious Double Agent that Defected to The Soviet Union.  Kim would Marry a Jew, Litzi Friedmann, as his First of Four Spouses during his Life.

Kim met his Last Spouse through George Blake; a Jew and another Double Agent for The Soviet Union. Kim was known to Drink and Cut himself, though his last Spouse Insisted that he Died of Natural Causes and not Suicide.
Kim was one of "The Cambridge Five"; Soviet Spies Recruited from Members of a Secret(ive) Society of the mostly Marxist Heirs of Socialites called "The Cambridge Apostles" by Jew Arnold Deutsch.  Arnold was a Cousin of Millionaire Odeon Cinema Chain Mogul Oscar Deutsch, and a Pupil of Jew Wilhelm Reich's Sex-Pol Movement; a Successor to Homosexual Jew Magnus Hirschfeld's Sexual Bolshevism.  One of the Conspirators, Anthony Blunt, was a Third Cousin of Elizabeth I.

Jew Victor Rothschild is one of those Suspected of being The Fifth Man; They Testified there was one, but his Identity was never Confirmed.  In either case, he was the Central Banker for America and his Inbred Cousins were Central Bankers for dozens of other Regimes; amongst which was The Soviet Union.

One Associate of these Conspirators, as I mentioned in the prior Post, was Guy Liddell; he sent Dušan "Duško" Popov to Warn America of the Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor, but Roosevelt/Rosenfeld/Rosenvelt (also Jewish via his Delano and Kunst Lineages) had Use for this Aerial Siege and Crippling of The Pacific Fleet.   


  1. This is the same BS that the zog led UN, led against Germany circa 1930-1940.

  2. Putin is trying to protect pro Russia, Russian people against the zog/EU genocidists

  3. Did I say otherwise? Putin's not Ideal, but he does have my Backing over N.A.T.O. The whole story of him Invading is a Hoax; those Tanks have been there (as per a Treaty) since the '90's. This is just the new Leftist Jew Regime in Ukraine getting ancy/Genocidal.

    Fortunately, I hear some in Crimea want to Secede and maybe Join or Ally with Russia. I don't Trust "Right Sector", though, for it's Ties to Maiden's Jews, and because it's reaching out to Chechen Terrorist Duka Umarov.

    I only mentioned Russia, to say that that "The West" is becoming the new Soviet (but more of a Corpora-Bolshevism) and Russia is being painted as the new Germany. Perhaps I should have Phrased it another way.