Thursday, May 29, 2014


 The Accusations of a "Muslim Genocide" in The Republika Srpska are Absurd, even apart from the (surely Deliberate) Confusion of Genocide with Religicide (though a lot of the "White Muslims", again, are Arabs like Ali Ramin or even those like Ayatollah Khomeini):

The Actual Srebrenica Genocide was Perpetrated by Arabs and Their Cohorts, and the Victims were Whites, save some Collateral Damage from Arabs, any other Muslims and N.A.T.O. Forces, or Deliberate Acts of Fratricide or Religicidal Infighting by Arabic or otherwise-Islamic Populations.  Meanwhile, though Clearly a Mistake, the Serbian Armed Forces and their Allies were Protecting the so-called "Civilian Muslims".

About Half of the Bodies of those Killed during The (Anti-)Yugoslav Wars in Srebrenica were of European Christians; about the other Half the Non-Whites and Thoroughly Brainwashed. Many of the Bodies turned out to have been from before the War, and were lumped together for Propaganda Purposes.

Here are many photos of Tortured and Murdered Serbians; you'll have to Ignore the Pandering Prefix, as the so-called "Moderate Muslims" and "Moderate Jews" also Insist on Invading and Occupying Our Lands, Brainwashing and Miscegenating with Our People, or otherwise Parasiting Off Us:

When a War that had a Jewish Supreme Allied Commander (General Wesley Clark) is even Suggested by a Lebanese (the Jews and other Arabs in Lebanon are Genetically Indistinguishable from one another) Zionist's Mainstream Website to have been Based on Hoax, it's a pretty Safe Bet that the rest of The Jewish/Zionist Media has been Lying to you and even Tacitly Admitting this is just Saving Face:

Eye-Witness Accounts are always Rejected when Anti-N.A.T.O./Pro-White, but the Word of a Mongrel or those Supportive thereof is Instantly Accepted "as Gospel" (They are Anti-Christ, of course) by Them:  

America had Srebrenica on the Agenda, and was told it couldn't go in without 5,000 Muslims being Killed: 

N.A.T.O. often Kills its Own and Slanders White Christians, to Create a Social Climate that Prefers Them. They Know that with "Affirmative Action", "Welfare" and "Social Security" (even the ones Applicable to Whites being Rigged in The Non-Whites' Favour, and also Designed to Encourage Degeneracy), and other "Political Correctness", that They will Repopulate while We will further Depopulate!   

There is an Applicable Polish Proverb: The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!

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