Monday, June 8, 2015

On Ted Cruz, Libertarians, South America and Russophobia

 Ted Cruz has Joined the Deranged Call for War with Russia. Cruz, that Castizo, was previously Booed at a Republican Convention for his Pro-"Israel" Stance. If Hard-Core Republicans (being Committed enough to Attend a Rally) are Renouncing "Zionism", it shows how Unpopular it has become; the Position of many was always that it was a Necessary Evil, with the "Jews First" Mentality being found Predominantly amongst Jews and next by those Paid Millions or even Billions thereby. Many only go along with its War Profiteering because they are Unaware of the Importing of "Refugees" or how The Muslim Brotherhood has Established Ties with the same Mestizo Drug Cartels that have Mexican Government Funding to Assist Illegal Immigration/Invasion. Meanwhile, The C.I.A. Purchases these very Drugs to Import to American Streets so that The F.B.I., A.T.F., D.E.A., State Bureaus and Local Police etcetera can Declare a "War On Drugs" and other "War On Crime" that is but a 'guise for Militarization. Meanwhile, the Libertarians would love for all this to Flood The Black Market; it's one Extreme to the other, with no one Considering that maybe a War on Hard Drugs should be Waged by a Nationalist Government, and Soft Drugs should be Treated like Alcohol on a European Model. Less Addiction, Less Paramilitary Expenditures, Less Crime... Sounds Good. As per War on False Pretenses: Apart from everything else Wrong with War with Russia, there's the Notion amongst Neo-Cons that it will simply be a few Fly-Overs with Drones and then "Wham, Bam, 'Thank You, Ma'am'" Victory. The Problems are thus: (1.) America doesn't Operate that way; it never has, or I wouldn't be typing this right now. (2.) Russia is The World Leader in Anti-Drone Technology. (3.) Russia has its own Drones. Also of Vital Importance is that Russia can Sever 80% of The E.U.'s Oil Supply; hence, War in The Middle East and South America. The latter, however, has other, More-Important Motives; one is to Neutralize any Threat from Russia's Allies in that Theater by having these Preoccupied with America's Allies down there, but Their Primary Initiative is to Genocide the White Minorities. Often Misclassified as much larger than they are, sometimes even as Majorities (such as Cuba saying it is 66% White, but another Report saying it is "23% Eurasian"; the latter Term being Applied Liberally to both Europeans, Europoid Hybrids, Mongoloids and Arabs even of Negroid Complexion), they do Exist; I've heard from White Brazilians that they are only 10% of Brazil, and all of them are in South Brazil [as Opposed to 47.73% of Brazil (which Implies a Majority in South Brazil)], and a White Argentine told me it isn't 97% of Argentina but only 40%. Chile doesn't have an Independent Category for Whites, rather Collecting(/Corrupting) this Data together with Mestizos; I've heard everywhere from 20% to 53%, as Estimates for White Chileans. One Questions if this is even Requiring European Phenotypes, or - like Brazil - only 70% White Ancestry. 20%, then, with what I have Seen, does Appear a Reasonable Estimate. Their Military looks very White, from the Photos that I have Viewed, so I find it very Regrettable that these are America's Allies; the Silver Lining is that We can then Expect that these will not be Mass-Raping. Back to Russia: Its Spetsnaz have Superior Weapons and Training to American Special Forces.

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