Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ntropí̱, Mourlo's Miliotis

 I just saw "Mad Max: Fury Road", after having been a Huge Fan of Miller's Original Trilogy.  Tom Hardy was a Good Choice for a Non-Gibson Max, but Charlize Theron is a Traitorous Wench and I was really Hoping she'd be a Villain to get Mutilated as she Deserves.  Well... at least she can Act.  But what did I think of the Film?  

Visually Stunning, though 17 Bucks for 3D is Bullshit, but George has Descended in both Plot and Politics since his last Adventure: While one could Play Devil's Advocate about someone having to Control Rations in such a Society, and that those with no Loyalties but to Speed, Violence and The Extreme could find Direction in a Neo-Norse Society without feeling it were "Boring" and/or "Oppressive Morals", the Obvious thing about the Villain is that he's a Miscegenator.  ...But you're Expected to Support his Negress and Jewesses (Diluted as The are, I had my Suspicions and so went to Google), as much as if any White Woman were Fleeing from him and to Live in the Victorious Society.  So, Miller is no longer Implying - much less Stating - any Racial Loyalty.

He still does Associate the Avaricious with the Glutinous, but what's talk of "Fatcats" if you don't have any Racialism to Oppose the Essence of Their Society?  His Villain is - once again - a Well-Decorated Soldier; a Battle-Scarred Charismatic, but still a Rebel Without A Cause.  Blind Loyalty to "War Heroes" is what gave Teddy Roosevelt to America and Hindenburg to Germany.  Caution Heeded, but Less Significant if Racial Considerations are Ignored.

Immorten Joe is a Polygamist; something even the Pagan Norse would only Reserve for Kings and those Heralded above all other Warriors as Heroes.  While this could Increase Population, it's an Emotional Clusterfuck; the War that Ensues in this Film could be Considered a Critique of Polygamy, with Lust and Greed being Intertwined, even though Racial Awareness is no longer a Factor in his Plot.  "We Are Not Things" being Coupled with a Head-Shaven Charlize Theron is "Feminist" Propaganda, however; Men are not your Sex Toys, either, Females.

The Violence of "Mad Max" has always been somewhat Sanitized; even when something would be Gory, you either don't get a Closeup or you only see the Aftermath and not it Happening.  Perhaps this was a Deliberate Deviation from '80's Films and their Remakes; while some '80's Films were Excessively Bloody, many Modern Films will Focus on Numerical Deaths instead of Graphic Deaths.  Either Way, Realism Is Lost.  The Original "Mad Max" Trilogy, however, The Original "Red Dawn" and 2004's "The Punisher" are three of the Best-Made Films.  Verdict: Why, Miller, Why?!  

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