Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Existentialism

If Man is Without Innate Value, how does he Acquire it?  His Life would be Meaningless, and thus he could only Confer his Meaningless Views onto another.  Meaninglessness Begets Meaninglessness.  One does not Add Value by Developing or Adopting a View, but merely Alters his Existence and thus Establishes a Ripple Effect.  To this are Varying Degrees; these can be Qualified and Quantified, but the Effect is Contingent upon which thing has what Affect upon something else. Thus, one can say Objectively that he or she is Contributing to his or her own Survival or Destruction, as well as how this Relates to a Collective, both in Terms of Numerical Existence and Ideological Impact, but is left without any Morality or Immorality in doing so.  One does as one Pleases, and there is no Better or Worse but that which one Perceives there to be.  Life and Death, both Individual and Collective, are Equally Viable Options; that you may Aid or Deprive another is Irrelevant, unless you Believe otherwise.  This is not the Foundation of a Civilization, but a Means of Destroying it; by Encouraging one to Harbour such Sentiments, it Introduces Concepts that - even if later Rejected - Cause Harm that otherwise would not Exist.  Those that Innately would Harbour such Views, are then Reinforced; rather than Discouraged (even if this would only be Effective for a Time), one is Enticed to do what Threatens a Culture and People.  An Existentialist Society can Infanticide a Population with Potential to do things Traditionally Valued, because it sees no Inherent Worth; "Why be Burdened by a Parasite?", it asks in Regards to Reproduction and Child-Rearing. Thus, it Implies either it is a Parasite or that it has Transcended.  How has it Transcended?  It would have not had the Opportunity, if not for those not Afflicted with such a Mentality.

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