Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cease Thy Defeatism!

 What Strange Thoughts go throw a Defeatist's Mind?  I do not See the Reason.

I am Reminded of the Spaniards, who Fought for their very Lives and to be Spared from Rapes, with Borders Changing between European and Jewish-Directed Arabo-Negroid Hordes, between Christian and a Coalition of Jewish and Islamic, for 781 Years.

I am Reminded of the Southern Italians, Sicilians, Maltese and Sardinians, who Fought off many Invasions and would Suffer 100 Years of Occupation by those Forces and Arabo-Turkish not previously amongst the aforesaid.

I am Reminded of how a Similar Development was Suffered by parts of Southern France.

I am Reminded of the South Slavs, from whose Name the very Word "Slave" is Derived, who Fought Hordes of Arabic, Mongoloid and Otherwise Turkish, and who would Suffer 500 Years of Ottoman Occupation; even a Land once Inhabited by Thracians, Celtics, Greeks, Persians (back when there were still Pure Europeans in that Realm, though a Considerable Portion of its Hordes were already Arabized) and Romans, having to be Reclaimed Repeatedly for Our Race by a Combination of Mediterranean, Slavic and Nordic Ancestries, as it was Besieged by Khazars and other Turkish even before being Ottoman Occupied, is Marred by a Remnant of one Occupation that is the "Bulgarian" Nomenclature.

I am Reminded of how these Realms, so Outnumbered, have now so many Bastards that Pretend to be European - but how those of Purity still Survive!

I am Reminded of how the Visigothic came to the Rescue of the many Ancestries of Our Race in The Iberian Peninsula. I am Reminded of how Normans would Reclaim so many Realms, and how the Baltic Nations would Join these Valiant Fights to Prevent such an Occupation of their Lands and to Liberate those of their European Kindred.  I  am Reminded of how the Varangians had their Role in all this, and the Ostrogothic theirs.

I am Reminded of how Russia, after Ages of Fighting Them, was Enslaved by Mongoloid Turkish and Forced to War on Their Behalf for 200 Years - yet Overthrew Them and Aided other Nations in their own Liberation!

I am Reminded of how Europeans have Suffered Raids by Barbary Pirates, even as far North as Ireland and Iceland, and even as far Southwest as Rio de la Plata, yet how the Refusal of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to Pay Tribute to Them would End the Predominance of this Slavery; the Occasional Attacks that Continued being Suppressed by French Colonization of Algiers, and the Subsequent Colonization of Africa by other Powers that was now Comparatively Easy.

I am Reminded of how, Despite Losing Entire Nations in Ancient and Prehistoric Times to Hordes of Negroids, Arabics and Mongoloids, Our Race has Survived.  I am Reminded of how We still have Minorities who Survive in Central Asia and Ibero-America, Despite all the Forced Relocations Under Cruel Conditions, Mass-Rapes, and other Acts of Genocide that We Suffered.  I am Reminded of how The Klan would Arise from the Degeneracy of "Reconstruction", and how National Socialism would Arise from the Degeneracy of The Weimar Republic.

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