Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On America's Role in its Mexican Crisis

Americans were Instrumental in Shaping much of the Mestizo Violence of Mexico, though that's not to say it had not been a Long and Sordid History of Violence before America ever Existed.

Its Creel Family is Descended from a Union Ambassador. A Member of a Unionist Branch of The Bowie Family was a "Colonel" (#2 Bandit) in one of the many Zapatista-Associated Revolutions, and that got Intertwined with Creel.
Though this Ancestor was without such Political Connections, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox (Previously, "Fuchs") is Descended in Part from a German American from Cincinnati.

Although he is also of Partial Basque Descent, he is not the European he is often Alledged to be; his Paternal Grandmother, often Neglected in Biographies, was a Mestiza.  

Today, many "Aryan Brotherhood" Types, even when not Mestizos, Themselves, are Miscegenating with Mestizos and/or Protecting Mestizo Cartel Shipments Into America.

But let's go back to the Well-Connected, Historical Personas:

Creel-Bowie Bred together with a Daughter of Luis Terrazas, who was from Mexico and - like Creel was doing - would Profit off of not only Government Contracts but Financing Revolutions to Expand that Income. Terrazas even would Use his Position as Governor of Chihuahua to Move Armies in and out of Areas he Intended to Purchase or Sell to Reduce or Augment Prices in his Favour. Terrazas was a Political Ally and Confidant of Benito Juarez, even Hosting him at his Hacienda.

Two Examples of Terrazas' Wealth are that when someone from Swift (the American Meat Packer) asked if he could Supply 100 Head of Cattle, he Replied "In what color?", and that he also Owned so much of its Land (not to Mention that he Owned its Railroad) that when someone asked him at a Social Function if he were from Chihuahua, he Replied "I am not from Chihuahua, Chihuahua is mine."

Enrique Creel and Mexican Victoriano Huerta were Arrested for Purchasing $895,000 in Arms from Germany, while in America with other Mexicans and Indoctrinated Whites. Thus, the former two were Arrested for Violating U.S. Neutrality. Ironically, America had been Illegally Arming The U.K. through Civilian Vessels that it would Deny were Bearing Weapons until after WWI. So, Germany - having an Interest in Recruiting Mexico to its Side - would Sell Weapons to these same Socialists and Communists that America was no Stranger to Conducting Business with. Both would Escape, though Pascual Orozco (who, though of Basque Descent, and the Wealthy Owner of a Gold Mine, had Adopted the Marxist Cause of The Mazatec Magón Brothers) would not be so Fortunate.

These Banditos were once Allies of Pancho Villa, and he even Starred in at least one Hollywood Movie that Glamorized his Banditry. Bear In Mind this was AFTER he was Unsuccessfully Chased Across The Desert by The U.S. Army. He ended up being Killed by other Revolutionaries. They Frequently Switched Sides. It was the same Year that Luis Terrazas would Die of Old Age. This is Significant because he Split with Villa, having Accused him of Rustling Cattle, and Villa's Response was to Kidnap Luis's Son.

The only thing Positive that I have to say about Terrazas, not Extending from such a Personal Grievance as the above, is that Teddy Roosevelt had Convinced him to Purchase Land for Boer Refugees from The Anglo-Boer War. Boer, at the time, were Popular in America; there were even Board Games (of such a Variety as "Risk") that Glorified them, and Toy Soldiers and Calvary of Boer Guerrillas. While it Initially Thrived, the Colony later Dissipated; many would Emigrate (Legally) to America, and some even became Important Figures in such Major Events as The Louisiana Purchase. Unfortunately, I still have Mostly-Negative things to say about Teddy Roosevelt.

America liked Porfirio Diaz, as a "Capitalist", which basically meant he Supported what today is called "N.A.F.T.A." It liked Plutarco Elias Calles, a Jew-Mestizo and Masonic Communist, for a Combination of the same Motive and that he was Violently Suppressing Catholicism.

Notice that even Adam Smith, the so-called Founder of Capitalism (who never Used that Term - as it was Coined by Rabbi Moses Mordecai Levy a.k.a. Karl Heinrich Marx), had 18 Conditions (Conveniently Neglected by Capitalism's Aforementioned True Founder) for which Government may Intervene in Otherwise-Private Affairs.

Upon such Grounds, many would later Lambaste Henry Ford Sr. as a "Socialist". He was neither a Capitalist nor a Communist, thus, as Marx was really Describing Libertarianism (Formalized by more Jews, like Hans Kelsen), though Offering a Non-Solution, but he had Comparable Differences with many all would Label a "Socialist".

While The "N.S.D.A.P." was a Grab-Bag of Dissidents, and he was only Elected its Leader as a Compromise by a Party-Bloc that was under both Internal (both in the Sense of the Party Bloc and The Wiemar Republic) and External Pressures (again, both from The Wiemar Republic and Outside Germany), this is why Hitler was so often Opposed by others also Labeled Socialists yet - though not a Communist - he spoke of Plundering by Capitalists.

Being as its Literal Meanings are merely "Social Belief" or "Social Practice", any Negative Sense of "Socialism" should be Defined as Follows: Any Atraditional Fusion (as Relates to European Civilization) of Government and another Sector; Particularly, in a Detrimental Manner.  

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