Friday, May 5, 2017

The Racial Long Game: A Corollary To The Prior Post

Did you know that more "Hispanics" Volunteered on Behalf of The Confederacy than The Union?  Of these, on Both Sides, only a Minority were actually Spanish or Portuguese; most were Mestizo, on Both Sides, and Moorish and Jewish were also Present on Both Sides.  

Incidentally, The Union had Considerably More "Hispanic" Officers.

It should also be Noted that Ex-Confederates were Forced from Mexico by Juarezian Revolutionaries, whereas Union Officials, Officers and Industrialists would Marry into Wealthy Families of Mexico (both those Pure and those Impure, but all Leftist). Even the Families that had Economic Dealings with The Confederacy have since all become Silent on Racial Issues or Openly Promoted Mestizo Invasions.

Skip forwards a few Decades, and Mexico is Split between Fascism and Communism.  A Rigged Election, Backed By America, Would Ensure Communism's Victory. Unfortunately, today, Despite The Cristero's Efforts, having been Ordered to Stand Down, by Infiltrators in The Vatican, amid Pressures from International Forces of Jewish-Protestant Collaboration, Mexico is an Anarcho-Communist Narcotics State. Even that Fascist Presidential Candidate was Quick to Assimilate into Communism; his Goal being Power, rather than Necessarily being a Member of The Axis Alliance. 40% of America's Raw Materials for its War Effort were from Mexico, in W.W.II. This was its Primary Contribution, though there were others.

Subsequently, I Conclude that these saw in The Confederacy not only an Opportunity to Fight Gringos but a Long Game of Recolonizing and even Expanding into Historically-Unexplored Realms of what were once called by some "America".

The same is True for Jewry: A Confederate Victory would mean its Prosperous Slave-Trade would not only Continue but Merge its American Element with that in Ibero-America, whereas a Union Victory would mean more Whites being Raped and Murdered. Properties would then be Cheap, Particularly in The South, and "Reconstruction" would Provide New Opportunities to Marginalize Whites whilst having a Vast Supply of Cheap Labour; no longer Working in Traditional European Methods for Free, though Willing to Oppress, Rape and Murder Whites for Free, as is Their Tradition, and why Whites were Inclined to Enslave Them instead of Free Them, though Jewry Promoted the Notion that They should be Imported and Maintained, rather than Eliminated or even just Subjugated Abroad, but a Means of Promoting Their Industrial Domination. Utilizing Our Technologies, Whilst Warping Our Cultures, They Provoked Our Fratricidal Conflicts; Throughout History.

Recognize that more Jews were in High Positions of The Confederacy, while at Odds with The General Public, both North and South, but Particularly in The South, whereas more Jews were in High Industrial Positions of The Union whilst it Fought on Behalf of Industrial Hegemony Over Agrarianism.

The South had been Concerned more with Agro-Industrialism than Agrarianism, it is True, and The North was Self-Sufficient, but the Loss of a 20% Export Tax on Southern Goods being Sold to England would Benefit The South whilst being an Easily-Neglected Loss of Additional Revenue for The Northern Super-Wealthy. Their Arrogance Was That Profound.

Coupled with The Dust Bowl and The Boll Weevil, which a Russian Scholar has Noted were Assisted by Roosevelt's Firestarters, and Presumably these Parasites were Spread by other Parasites with a Notorious Aversion to Agriculture, a Further Shift in Favour of Industrialism and the (Leftward) Progressivism (that would Provide Much-Needed Reforms, but Sabotage these In The Long Run by Senseless Reforms) would Occur.

Many of the Nigh-Universally Exalted Tenants of this Sacrilege (such as Miscegenation, Homosexuality, Abortion of Viable Europeans, Prostitution, Incest and - Increasingly - Pedophilia) were not yet Publicly Proclaimed, and the Idealistic Progressives of the Period before this Terminology became a Euphemism for Socialism and its Pursuit of Communism were Viciously Slandered and/or even Physically Assaulted and then Forgotten by the Modern Progressives.   

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