Monday, January 9, 2012

Of Eugenics and Sovereignty

If every Country has a Right To Sovereignty, it must have a Right to chose which Tribe or Nation to consider its own.  As the most Fundamental Right of Self-Determination, deciding who constitutes your own People must be on the forefront of any Agenda to create a new and Stable Country.  First, let's Define who are Our People.  A Family is an entity sharing a Common Ancestry and thus Identifiable by Common Traits; not merely Phenotypes, rather also Genotypes.  Thus, a Race would be the largest Extended Family and a Family an Immediate Race. What are the two worst things that can befall a Family?  Incest and Miscegenation.  Miscegenation, Procreation between Races, herein Defined as the aforesaid large Extended Families, is -  as a matter of Scientific Fact - Deleterious to Whites!  Consider the root-word: Delete: To Abolish!  Hence, the Abomination of Incest being Defined as "Sex with a Close Relative".  To Define a "Close Relative", a period in History when there were large and Healthy enough populaces for Biology to Discourage Incest and the least amount of it as a result, should be sought as the basis.  From there, one could Scientifically Determine what Dysgenic Procreation has since occurred, as well as how much of it occurred before populations where large enough to avoid it.  Adjusting accordingly, in addition to Banning Miscegenation entirely, a new Ban within such Generations must be Enacted. 

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