Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why is this so hard for The Masses to understand?

  I know I've said this before but People just don't seem to get it.  Let's review: I have always said that Peaceful Resistance will not work for Us; The reason for this is that Our Race, despite the greatest accomplishments, has always been the single most insecure Race.  That is why We allow Ourselves to act like Emos instead of Warriors!  In other words: We can and have been made to feel Guilt for things We never even did, however Our suffering and deaths would not invoke the same emotional response in Non-Whites.   Whites, Indoctrinated over Generations with Self-Loathing Propaganda, will even deliriously cheer the Genocide of Our Kind; it just has to be called "Anti-Racist".  The Whites whom have shaken lose The Chains of Fear are being, to quote the Enemy, "exterminated"; the rest are Slaves, and will eventually be "Amalgamated" out of existence.  That, of course, is if We continue to be Apathetic; if We chose the "Treacherous" and "Blasphemous" path of Racial Sovereignty, Preserving Our Race in a manner befitting of it, We will emerge Victorious.  This, however, requires Us to Embrace the labels which most of Us are so thoroughly afraid of with the same Mirth now displayed regarding Racial Suicide. 

 The only significant Secessionist group is The Northwest Front.  However, my concern is that The Suburban Dilemma (to assign a name to it) will prevail. By that, I mean any effort to Inundate and/or drive out via the instilled desire for Disassociation with Nationalists amongst "Egalitarian" i.e. Anti-White Whites will face a two-fold Threat; first, Non-Whites actually Invade and Inundate the areas which They find the most Racist (call it "Occupy Racism" i.e. "Occupy a White Neighborhood", if you like), and also that Complacency will once again take root - if it ever really left!

 As I've said before: I don't think Mass Resistance will become Reality until someone hits Unconventional Targets such as The Super Dome, TV Stations and Breweries.  Those are what The Masses care about, so those are the Obstacles that must be removed.

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