Friday, February 17, 2012

Misrepresentations of Race in Popular "Culture"

 Has anyone else noticed the use of make up and/or prosthetic to make someone seem White at the beginning of a film before showing them as whatever They really are?  They want you to see the Mestizoid, Dravidian, Nigger, Mongoloid, or whatever kind of Cur it is and say "I thought they were White!" - when it's really just a really good make-up department!  They then say "It's just superficial differences" - when in reality they are not taking into account the differences between Genotypes!  It's like looking at Haplotypes of Hybrid Breeds and comparing them to Whites, and saying they are the same - when in reality there are Sub-Types which are Unique to those Hybrids!

 They admit that you cannot use Political Borders, Religions, Languages or Cultures, however they then say that you cannot use continents either; this is misleading - as there is Conclusive Evidence that different Races originated on different continents!  There are, of course, Hybrids which originated on continents which already had a single Indigenous Race; these groups, such as the forms of Khazars which exist today, can be known as (for example) Caucasoids - opposed to true Caucasians!

 Offending films include the Hybrid of Khazar (Pseudo-Russian variety), Gujarat Indian and English, Ben Kingsly in the title role of "Ghandi", and the Mestizoid Vira Montes as Esperanza Santana in "American Me".

 Another example of Hollywood Indoctrination is Bill Adama in BSG being implied as White, having a White son (played by Englishman Jamie Bamber), but being played by a Mestizoid (the same one as in American Me, Edward James Olmos).  His character, however, is played by a Dravidian (Sina Najafi) in Caprica.  His Culture, however, appears to be (intentionally or by coincidence) Fatimid; it is a fusion of Arabic with Italian, though Joseph Adama is played by a Mestizoid (Esia Morales) and Sam Adama is played by an Israeli Khazar (Sasha Roizi).  

 Occasionally, Whites are used to play Non-Whites HOWEVER this serves the same purpose - to confuse!  Examples are Nevada Smith (last time I checked, Steve McQueen wasn't Half-Indian) and the remake of Scarface (Al-Pacino is from Corleone, Sicily; a Village brought to the public's knowledge in The Godfather; however he plays a Mestizoid Cuban).

Interesting to note about The Mafia is that it most likely has Fatimid origins, not actual Sicilian ones.

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  1. I intend to add to this in the future, given how there are - unfortunately - numerous other examples. Consider this the forward, rather than the dissertation.