Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peculiarities of Aryans of Antiquity in Neo-Babylonian Empires: Proto Vs. Pseudo Magyars

"Historians" and "Anthropologists" couldn't give a Decent Description of Magyars if Their Lives depended on it!  They're Perplexed by how they have a Finno-Uralic Language (which They often Mistake for Turkic; though this is even more Absurd!) yet Anthropology Indicates that Magyars Originated as Scythians!

They often Inaccurately lump Sami, Komi and other Pseudo-Scandinavians and Pseudo-Uralic in with Finns, Estonians and Russians, due to Language, Culture or Religion - rather than Genetics!  They will tell you about Turkics as "Europeans" or "Caucasians" - despite being Mongrel Invaders!

They, also, make the Mistake of assuming the Breeds in Scythia now are Racial Descendants of Scythians - rather than Curs formed by Foreign Breeds that Bastardized many Scythians!  The Accounts of such Historians whom have Traditionally been viewed as Authoritative (such as Herodotus and those of the Achaemenid Royal Family!) are Disregarded, and Achaemenids are likewise Inaccurately Assumed to be one or all of the Foreign Breeds that now Occupy the Regions of that former Empire; Regardless of not only Period Depictions and Written Accounts of Whites being the Original Race of those Regions - but also White Mummies which Pre-Date any Evidence of Non-Whites in said Regions! 

As with Persia - so it is with Parthia!  So it is with Tocharians; for while Alienists claim that those now alleging to be Tocharians are in Fact their Racial Descendants, albeit all Evidence is against Their Assertion, Tocharians actually Originated in what would become Austria, Migrated into Anatolia and then into Scythia, and first Settled much of East Asia!  They often Rejoined their Scythian Brethren, in both Siberia and Central Asia (such as what Invading Mamzers call "Kazakhstan"!).   

Magyars later were found Living amongst the many Tribes which either Willfully Joined or Fell through Force into the Neo-Babylonian Empire (in this case, having both Aryans, Mongoloids and Arabics) that claimed The Hunnic Name!  Huns Originated from Yuezhi; a Descendant Nation of Tocharians, and Ancestor of the Kurgans that Conquered India - bringing a Golden Age not seen since the Vedic (The Original White Settlers and Conquerors of The Indus River Valley and surrounding Regions!)!  The Arabics and Mongoloids, however, Bastardized many!  Those Foreign Presences would Increase due to the Allegiance with Khazaria, and later from Khavars (later also known as Kabar); a Branch of The Khazar Nation which Joined amongst The Hunnic Empire.  The increase in Aryan Presences, however, came from the European People whose Lands were Invaded.

While Attila The "Hun" is Presumably of that Mongrel Ancestry, it would appear St. Stephen of Hungary was Aryan; when The Hunnic Empire fell apart, Magyars and Khavars lived amongst each other in the Region which St. Stephen would name Hungary.  They both became divided between Mithraism and Christianity; Mithraism was Invented in 12 B.C. and was Based Upon Hebraic Prophecies about The Messiah - in attempt to Discredit Him in The Mind of The Masses upon His Incarnation!  St. Stephen emerged as the Magyar King who was Faithful to Christianity!  He, then, Subjugated the Khavars into Segregated Regions.

Unfortunately, the Blasphemy of "Judeo-Christianity" and the Subsequent Cultural Miscegenation that has followed has Resulted in further Miscegenation - including through such Coercion as Ostracization, Imprisonment or even Death for such "Hate-Crimes" as pointing out Racial Differences!  Rather than pointing to the good parts of its History - The Multi-Cult has Blasphemed those as "Sinful" and the Evils as "God's Will"!

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  1. 50% of the 10th Century Graves that were Analyzed in "Hungary" were Pure European, and 32% had "Distinct Asiatic Markers"; the other 18% were not Specified, in the Report, which Implies a Hybridity of those two.

    The Rulers, it seems, were European; the Mongoloid Element was Present amongst the Warriors, and the Arabic Element had by then been Delegated to Peasantry.

    Contrast that with The Era of Mongrel Marauding under Attila The Hun.

    Today, it is Reported by the same Source, 84% of "Hungarians" are Pure European; only 16% have any Mongoloid or Arabic Lineage at all.

    This is in Contrast with the Association of Modern "Hungarians" as a Whole with Greater Affiliation with Kazakh than Europeans, as often Promoted within "Hungarian Intellectualism".