Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Importance of Context

Galatians 3:28 has been taken wildly Out of Context; apart from the "Jew" Translation being a later one ("Jew" appeared originally only as a Misnomer for all dwelling in Judea; Christ, Hereditary King of Judea, however, pointed to the Error of this), Genetically, there are Males and Females, and there were still Slaves and Freemen, too. Gentile means "People of the Nation"; this Nation, more Specifically, as Evidenced by the Context in which it was used in those days of Classical Antiquity, was of Japhetites; Genes, of course, still exist.

What, then, did he mean? It could only be, assuming he was actually in The Service of Our Lord, that all are part of a Covenant with Christ. Of course, He set further Rules for Salvation. He also said that not one blot would be removed from The Law until all had been Fulfilled; thus, He was saying that once all is Fulfilled, there will be no need for said Laws; for Good People do not need Laws to Behave as God Desires, however they must Enforce them when The Wicked are Present.

Given, however, that Christ said He had only come for the lost sheep of The House of Isra'el, and God said He would expand Japheth, this can only Refer to both Adamite Nations (Cinite, Chamite and all other Mamzer Nations aside) now being part of said Covenant. Likewise, the part about Males and Females would Refer to - once all is Fulfilled - there being no need for Woman to be Subservient to Man; Males and Females would work for the same Holy Goals by Nature, instead of the latter needing to be Taught their Place; nor would Men need to Correct each other for Abuse of a Woman.

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