Saturday, January 26, 2013


 According to Zionist Websites, "Dzhugashvili" is a Portmanteau of "Dzhuga" (Steel) and Georgian "Shvili" (Son of); however, I talked to both an Armenian and a Georgian Cossack who said there is no such Word as "Dzhuga" in either of those Languages - Contradicting the Zionist Attribution!

Incidentally, one Zionist Website said it was the Name of a Village in Northern Azerbaijan; the Azeri are a Turkic Race, of Mixed Arabic, Mongoloid, and White Ancestries.  Either way, the Georgians are Genetically Equidistant between Europeans and Middle-Eastern Arabs.  These were spoken of by World-Renowned Physical Anthropologist Professor Carlton S. Coon, as of the Hybrid Forms that Comprise the Bulk of Morphological Caucasoids; the Pure/Racially-European Types being Global Minorities.

Typically, though there is Overlap between those Sub-Genera of those Mongrels, "Ashkenazim" is Applied to the (at least somewhat-)Europoid (though Tainted) Jews; whereas "Sephardic" is Applied to those that are more-Obviously Arabic, or Attested as being of said Lineage.

Especially as Leonid Krasin (a Jew) had the Pet-Name for Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Stalin "The Asiatic", this Attests to his Jewishness; when his last Ancestors were Professed in Their Esoterics, I cannot say.  Genetically a Jew, and therefore Irrelevant as per his Profession; They're all, Ultimately, Autotheists.

"Stalin" looks a lot like Saddam Hussein, in Their Reigning Years:

Stalin's Son:

Stalin's Grandson:

Look at that Judeo-Turkic Nose!


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