Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Changing Catholic Perceptions of "Slavery", Races and Traditions in General

Do you Know the Reasons Why the Roman Catholic Church actually Banned Slavery in Europe?  It was to make it a Legal Obligation for Catholic Countries to Free White Slaves, to Prevent the Importation of Mongrels to as much of Europe as Possible, to Disempower The Ottoman Empire as much as Possible, and to Disempower Jewry as much as Possible.

The Barbary Pirates even Raided as far North as Ireland and Iceland, and They even went at least once as far Southwest as Rio de la Plata.  One Jewish Slaver even asked Rhetorically in his Diary why anyone should go to Africa to Enslave Negros, when it is so much Cheaper and Easier to Abduct some German or Irish Child.  Just as many Finnish were long Kidnapped and Enslaved to Arabic Rapists, the Arabic, Mongoloid and otherwise-Turkish Hordes actually so Oppressed the South Slavic Peoples that the Word "Slave" actually Derives from their National Name.

Jewry's White Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade made it so that, as it Feared Mestizo Revolutions if it Espoused the Racial Principles that Jesus Christ, His Apostles, St. Cyprian of Cartharage, St. John Chrysostom and St. Thomas Aquinas did, it had to make this Universal.  That also meant Complicating things for North America, with the Negros that Plagued it (Especially in The South).  Thus, it Hinted at its True Intentions by Retaining Diplomatic Relations with Both Sides of The War of Northern Aggression. Thus, it became Segregationist.  Unfortunately, the Mestizo, Castizo and Marrano "Priests" were Promoting "Integration" as "Creating A True Nation"; as if Preserving Our European Nation weren't Christ's Intention.

Things Declined, thenceforth, but began to Improve again under Pope Benedict XV; he did everything he could, within the Vastly Limited Geo-Political Influence that The Church still Commanded, as Contrasted with many Former Eras, to Prevent WWI. He was Challenged, at every turn, by Turncoats Within The Institution, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants of every Stripe, Muslims and - of course - Jewry.

Anti-Pope Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, the so-called "Pope Pius XII", Played Both Sides.

Anti-Pope Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the so-called "Pope Saint John XXIII", The Father of The Novus Ordo, an Open Friend of Jewry and Freemasonry, who Added The Star of Rephaim to his Mitre, to Proclaim himself High Priest of Jewism, then Sought to Ensure that it would never again be of any Value.

Anti-Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the so-called "Pope Francis I", is Intent on Creating the Scenario that Catholic Author Jean Raspail Warned Us of in "The Camp of the Saints".

The only Clerics who I Know of who are even Half-Decent are Bishop Richard Williamson, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Raymond Burke. They've been Demoted and/or Threatened With Excommunication, but still think they can Reform It From Within.  

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