Monday, July 27, 2015

Costa Rica

Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, English, Dutch, French, Irish, Portuguese, Polish, Russians, Danes, Belgians, Croats and "Hungarians" are Purportedly a Total of 77% of Costa Rica.  Admitted Lebanese, Jews, Turks, Armenians and Georgians are another 5%, with the Remaining 18% being mostly Mestizo; there are also some Blacks and Chinese.

Unfortunately, Sizable Percentages of the Allegedly Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Croatian and "Hungarian" Populations of the World are actually Bastardized; there are Regions of these Countries that have White Majorities and Regions that have White Minorities, even if the Hybrids have become Europoid.  Additionally, Mestizos Often Mis-Identify Themselves.  In some Countries, there are more White-Identifying Mestizos than Mestizo-Identifying Mestizos; one Example is Cuba, where 66% Alledge Whiteness.  Contrarily, I have seen a Report that only 23% are "Eurasian"; most "Eurasians" are not Racially-European.  I've yet to be shown a Living White Cuban; every Alledged Example has been Exposed as having some Foreign D.N.A.

Fortunately, however, the Self-Identified Spaniards were Farmers from Northern Spain; it is Likely that at least the Majority were Racially-Pure.  Therefore, there would not be as much if any Ability for the Mongrels to Alledge Familiarity as there would be in other South American Countries; they would Likely have more Discretion on what to call European and what to call an Impostor, when other Populations were Arriving.  This would Explain why American Theater Audiences being Introduced to Costa Rica were told that (at the time, these many Decades ago) 80% were (and I Quote) Pure Descendants.

Sadly, however, that Indicates that Whites down there are much like Whites everywhere else; not having nearly enough Children.  If so many other White Populations could be Introduced - even in Small Numbers - and still not have a Positive White Birth-to-Death Ratio, there's something Seriously Wrong.

Still, I stand by Costa Rica as an Option; a Part of my Increasing Belief that there's more Hope in certain parts of South America, certain parts of The Balkans and most of Russia than in North America, Western Europe and Australia, though I am not Discounting those as Options; merely Proposing that they will take a Backseat, in Our New World Order, for a few Generations, until things can Sort-Out themselves in a White Tomorrow.


  1. Is that you, Hayden?

    Yeah, if it's Official Statistics on Racial Demographics can be Trusted. Lot's of Biodiversity in Flora and Fauna, many Geographical Variations and lots of Unspoiled Nature; it should be an Ideal Location for a Guerrilla War, and to Develop an Agro-Industrial Ecology like in Orania or some German Villages.

    To be Honest, as I look around about Costa Rica, I am no longer Exited; everything I had seen seems to have been 1 Part Selective Imagery and 2 Parts Hogwash. (Dramatic Sigh) At least I still have much of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, and Select Locations in Southern Brazil to keep an Eye on.