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Reconsidering "Star Wars"

Prior to Episode 7, Sheev Palpatine a.k.a. Darth Sidious was really the Hero; he Lacked Tact, but was Basically a Reactionary who Infiltrated a Liberal Government and Employed False Flags (it is a Staple of The Left to Accuse The Right of such, Especially in England, whereas it is Typically Perpetrated by The Left) to Undermine it and Establish an Empire that Reduced the Influence of The Inhuman Races.

They have Disowned many of the Novels, though many things were "Rectioned" back into the new Timeline, but it was once Established that the Figure who First Taught "The Force" did not Differentiate between "Light" and "Dark"; there were later many Conflicting Sects, and it Culminated in a War.  Later, there were "Grey Jedi"; a Splinter Cult that Embraced The Force in all its Forms, as was Originally Taught.  These have been Disowned, by Lucas Films and other Rights-Holders that either once Authorized the Novelists who Invented these Concepts or where not yet Involved at that time (like Disney, which no longer Belongs to any Member of The Disney Family; a Family which is Popularly Associated with the Misconception that "Walt Disney Supported Hitler", whereas he actually Produced Allied Propaganda Cartoons and Taught "Racial Harmony" to his Daughters).

"The Jedi Order" can Ostensibly be Likened to The Knights Templar, The Knights of Rhodes (later, The Knights of Malta) or The Cossacks... but only Ostensibly, or to Later Eras or Particular Cults. "The Order of Sith Lords" is more Nietzschean and Machiavellian.  What was being Protected from The Sith by The Jedi was something like Lincoln's America, and The Rebel Alliance is basically La Resistance.

"The Trade Federation" was basically The Confederacy, with its Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Makeup of Lassie-Fair-Advocating Secessionists, but then the Historical Allusion gets Abandoned for awhile; it is as if The Union had Created The Confederacy only to Destroy it, to Advance the Career of a Senator (something like going to War Against Spain, on a False Pretense, to Create a Presidential Campaign for Teddy Roosevelt) and he then Obtains Power by Using an Assassination Attempt by the Buddhistic, "Judeo-Christian"-Esque Cult to Ushers-In a Sort of National Socialism; at which time he Eradicates both the Surviving Members of The Trade Federation and almost everyone of The Jedi Order.

Yes, he still has a few Aliens around, but these are just Enforcers or in Ceremonial Positions; perhaps like having Chechens, Georgians, Armenians, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Azerbaijani and what not else in Central Asia, or all the Mongoloids in East Siberia, that you can only Tackle so Directly while also Fighting so much else that's even more Powerful.  Or, perhaps like the Benign Tumors like the Uralic have long been; just Sitting there, not Necessary but not Harming anything.

The Imperial Uniforms seem to be a Combination of those of Hitler's Reich and The Soviet Union, so maybe there's something to this Connection; perhaps Lucas was Afraid of "National Bolshevism's" Emergence in The Soviet Union, and Wished for more Cronyism to Delay it with a Sort of Libertarian Bubble in Russia.  After all, "Slavophiles" came to the Conclusion that Bolshevism must first Reign before any Return to Tradition would be Accepted; an Idea not altogether in Left Field (No Pun Intended), as The Wiemar Republic would later be Necessary for Hitler's Rise as its Primary Opponent (albeit merely a Compromise Candidate of a Party Bloc, and Previously a Minor Figure who Spent Years as an Unknown; even once being Referenced in Passing as someone who will become but a Footnote in the Annals of History).  Also, these were often Obsessed with one Form of Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural "Eurasianism" or another; it may have been Anti-Miscegenation, but it often - Unfortunately - was more Fond of Mongoloids and/or Arabs than of Western (and perhaps some other Eastern) European Peoples.  If there's an Allegory, here, maybe it's why there was no "Reconstruction" Program for Jedi Younglings; only Death.

That's why, in Reality, if you want a Slavic Nationalist, you must Seek one like Jan III Sobieski; not one of those too Influenced by the very Liberalism that They Claim to Abhor (like Right Sector). We'll see what Type of this Putin is up to; it Appears he is Willing to Cooperate, even if only because it's Easier and won't Kill as many of his Preferred People, but Traitor Dugin and Armenian/Bastard Lavrov cannot be Trusted.

"Star Wars" also has a Space Jew Race, called the "Muun"; it has a "Tonith Family", that is Basically Rothschild.  It has two Members that were Important Figures among The Separatists, perhaps Reflecting the View by some Libertarians that Lincoln was Fighting Rothschild; a View that is Countered by others Insisting that it was Davis doing this, with each speaking of a Supposed Value of "Greenbacks" or "Graybacks" while Criticizing The Very Real Faults of the other.

Jewry did have a Presence on Both Sides [though it Typically either Owned Captives (it had long Enslaved Whites, before it Held any Blacks), Advocated that Practice or Remained "Neutral" i.e. Refused to Openly Espouse any Opinion, so that it may Pretend to have Sided all along with the Victor], but it was Ultimately another Case of Preferring to Live in a Whiter Country but Wishing to Simultaneously Devastate it; Jewry would Ban "Slavery" in the States it Congregated in, in The North, but would Predominant The "Slave" Trade (both North and South).  It was a Profitable Institution, but really only so that They could Finance Fratricide and Unleash a Bio-Weapon; it was Under Their Control, but only Seldom would They have to Make Contact with either it or the Hated European Agrarians who at once made it Sustainable and They Intended to Destroy with it.  While Industry should have been Directed towards Agriculture, Medicine, National Protection and other Matters of General Welfare (Literally: Well-Being), it became a Racket of Poisons, Brainwashing and Senseless Slaughters.

In "Star Wars", of course, the Jews, Miscegenators and other Alienists have a Corrupted Allegory; it is more Industrialist, all around, Race doesn't seem to be on anyone's Mind but perhaps in the Deluded Sense in which it Occurs to Sheev, and you have one Clandestine Leader for both Regimes that is - rather than a Rothschild or other Jew - Intent on Utilizing the Methods he Learnt from the Muun and Republic to Overthrow Both.  It's like how Hitler Learnt Crowd Control From Hermann Steinschneider, though more Malevolent, and Darth Plagueis the Wise can thus be Likened to Alfred Rosenberg.

It is Interesting to Note that Grand Moff (a Governor-General over a Region of Imperial Interest more than those Realms of any other Moff) Wilhuff Tarkin has a Germanic Given Name but his Surname is often Conjectured to have been Derived from "Targuin"; Particularly, one Lucius Tarquinius Superbus; the Tyrant who Raped Noble Lucretia, and Provoked Lucius Junius to Feign being a Dullard (i.e. Brutus) to Pose as a Stable Boy and Assassinate him.  That was the Event which Preceded Rome's Transition into a Republic; it Implies, if this is Indeed the Allegory in Star Wars, the he at least Intended to Rape Princess Leia.

That's quite Ironic, both because - though Liberals have always Alluded to this Figure - Lucius would have Despised at least what Jacobins did (de Sade, in Particular) and because he was (for the aforementioned Reason) one Invoked by Nationalistic Republicans.  And what, Pray Tell, were the Fascistic Juntas (such as The National Socialist German Workers' Party) but (at least an Attempt at) Nationalistic Republicanism?  At The Very Least, these were Expressions of a General Desire of this over any of the Forces to its Left that would Destroy The Populace; something not always Delivered, but for which The Masses are not Necessarily (and Certainly, not Entirely or Exclusively) to Blame.

Also Noteworthy, in such Regards, is that "Palpatine" is just one Letter away from "Palatine".   And, Indeed, the Liberals were so Fascinated by David's Portrayal of "Hail Caesar!" that They actually Hired him to Portray The Tennis Court Oath as if it had been Sworn with what would later be Erroneously Held by The Masses to be "The Roman Salute"; if Palpatine were a Nationalistic Republican, this is Fitting.  "Sheev" is also a Variant of "Shiva", and "ev" is also Latin for "Age" (from "Aevum", the Meaning of which is "Space of Time; Eternity"); it is also a Common Suffix in East Slavic Names.  "Sheev" could be even a Reference to "Age of Shiva", if you Combine those two.  All the Notable Figures on Naboo have Sanskrit-Esque Names; such as "Padme", which is a Variant of "Padma" (Lotus).  Even if he Died, he would have Successors; his Reign may have been Short-Lived, but Aryans will be Eternal.

Notice, also, that it is Official that Vader Severing Luke's Hand (after Count Dooku Severed Anakin's Arm) was Intended to be The Mark of Cain.  This Indicates that Luke is Evil.  How can both be Evil, if the two are Opposites?  "There's still good in him."  That would Indicate that what The Jedi call "The Light Side" is actually The Dark Side and Visa Versa, if Using Force-Sensitivity (or even Possessing it) is not - itself - Evil.  However, the Story gets more Muddled:

Shmi Skywalker also told Qui Gon-Jinn that "There was no father, that I know of."; it was later Revealed, at least as far as the Literary "Star Wars Canon" of the Date of Publication was Concerned, that Darth Plagueis had Attempted to Create Anakin as a Host; he was Killed by Darth Sidious, who (in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) would Tacitly Admit this to Anakin before Promising to Teach him this Method to Save the Wife he had a Forbidden Relationship with from the Death he Foresaw in his Dreams.  It has been Proposed that Sidious was actually Robbing her of her Life-Force, to Save Vader.  Either way, someone this Powerful - it would Stand to Reason - would be Aware of Vader's Children; it Stands to Reason, in turn, that he also Foresaw his own Overthrow.  In those Novels, it States that Anakin's Purpose was to Facilitate a Cycle; to Prevent any one Individual, Path or Dogma thereabout from becoming too Powerful.

It is rather "Asiatic", and in Keeping with Sheev's Name; if he is Shiva, his Reign was Representative - being as Lucas has a Pejorative Notion of it - of The Kali Yuga.  It is Common in Eastern Cultures to not only Accept that there are Necessary Evils but also that these are to be Maintained; that there can be no Resolution to this Conflict of Good and Evil, just as Man does not Experience either Damnation or Salvation but rather Reincarnation (albeit perhaps Higher or Lower) or Evisceration.  The latter is The Ultimate Reward, in such Beliefs as Hinduism and Buddhism.

However, it Deviated from this more than 30 Years before his Given Name was ever Released; there are Force Ghosts.  After all, it is a Fusion of Numerous Mythologies and "Judeo-Christianity".  Palpatine might not be an Avatar for a Deity, but he can still be a Force Ghost; this is, at least per those Novels, also Possible for a Sith.

You could make many more Arguments, from those Novels, but each will only make any other more Convoluted.  This can be Likened to the Jewish Practice of "Pill-Pull"; a Ceaseless Debate Over Trifles, Deliberately Ignoring Contrary Details and/or Inherently Lacking Definitive Answers.

That Stormtroopers were Originally Based on The S.A., however, is Official; that it has since been Confirmed to have Started as a Sterile Clone Army of Highly-Trained Yet Easily-Manipulable Non-Whites (the Actor is Maori), thus, only Likens it to Foreign Volunteers and other Submissive Forces that Hitler Commanded.

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