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On Inroads

More and more Politicians are Joining the Long-Awaited Campaign of Elitist Consolidation, and those Promoted as "Rouges" may finally not all be the Jews that the likes of Glenn Beck were Endorsing but are still either just Reducing the Rate at which Alienisms are Promoted or Altering which Lunacies are Dogmatic.  They aren't Nationalists, and those Employing this Label are often Eager for another Fratricide simply because this European or that European falls on a Different Side of a Line that probably only Exists on Arbitrary Grounds and perhaps has long been Disputed by those who think "It's a National Shame" for European A to give the time of day to European B.  Then, European C has Emigrated from Europe and his new Country thinks it either has to have no Loyalties to anyone in Europe or Binds itself Specifically to those Regimes most Disastrous to Our Peoples and Ways of Life.  But here are some Proposals for how to Undermine Their System, apart from the Methodologies of Guerrilla Warfare and Unconventional Symbolic Warfare which I have already Discussed:

Teach People about All White Cultures, and Jewry's Culture Wars.  Not just the Obvious ones, like German, Spanish or Russian, but the many Ethno-Cultures thereof.  While talking about Irish, talk also about Irish Travelers or the Irish in America and the ones once in The Caribbean.  If talking about Scots, talk about how - before "Reconstruction" and "Multiculturalism" - these were your "Rednecks" and "Hillbillies"; these were your Highlanders and others Seeking Independence, or their Descendants in Appalachia.  In Western Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about Slavic, Hellenic (this one shouldn't Bother you, even more so, if you aren't being even more Hypocritical than with the others), Latin (this one shouldn't Bother you either, for the aforesaid Reasons and that these are - Literally and Figuratively - Closer To Home) and Baltic Peoples and their Cultures, all their many Crosses and Subgroups and those with other European Peoples.  In Eastern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about the Germanic (Including but not Limited to Volga Germanic and Baltic Germanic), Non-Baltic Scandinavian (not Limited to those who Resided in Eastern Europe, either, whether to be Absorbed, to Relocate or to Remain a Distinct Ethnicity), Gaelic, Gaulish and other Celtic and/or Baskid (and not just the ones who Resided in Eastern Europe), Latin (and not just those who were Absorbed into Eastern European Populations called Aromanians or Vlachs), and Hispanic Peoples, the many Crosses thereof and all their many Subgroups.  In Northern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about those Hispanic, Latin and Hellenic Peoples, and all their many Crosses and Subgroups, and how these Crossed with Gaulish, Visigothic, Alanic, Thracian, Slavic or other European Peoples to Form new Subgroups and Cultures.  In Southern Europe?  Suck it up and Learn about the Celto-Baskid, Scandinavian, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic Peoples who didn't come to Reside there, and their many Crosses and Subgroups.  Anywhere in Europe, suck it up and Learn about everywhere in Europe and how Our Influence has been Exported Globally.  You might actually Enjoy it, if you Apply what you Learn to Redeeming Practice, you thus-far-Uncultured Disgraces to Our Ancestors.  

But how to Foster a World that will not Devour Us for doing so?  

Develop Inroads with other Dissidents of a Milder Form of those Views that We would not otherwise get a Word in Edgewise with, such as those only Flirting with Libertarianism because nothing else is Offered that's not (as far as these Realize) more of the same Crap that's been Screwing everyone thus far or are Students who are Rebelling and/or want something "Cool".  Argue that We have a Right to Self-Determination, and that Financial Sovereignty is a Portion of this that is Controlled for the same Motives as what should be Our Media; to Finance that which Suits Their Agenda, and Suppress or Destroy that which is Critical of Their Globalist Aspirations and may otherwise be Able to Liberate Our People from Them.  Individualism, after all, is to be Encouraged so long as it is Tempered by Objectivity.  Our Race Exists, and Our Race Deserves To Exist.  You are not so Important that you are Allowed to Reject that Premise, but those who Accept it will Rise or Fall in Position by Merit within Our Civilization.  

"High Liberals", who Listen to, Perform or maybe even Compose Classical Music, Genuine European Folk Music or even something Avant Garde, as long as it has at least some Grounding in such as I am Describing, Read or even Write Literature or Poetry of a Classical Variety or of such Quality but about Contemporary Issues or Our Future (whether Fears, Aspirations or some of each), Admire or even Create Art of a Classical or other Productive Variety, are Urban Explorers, Photographic or Literary Journalists of Remnants of Bygone Eras of Value (either Fundamentally or as Critiques of a Regime that We also Take Issue with; Preferably, when Rationales are already at least somewhat Aligned) or Isolated European Communities (in both Joy and Suffering, so long as the former isn't Vilified - much less even Demonized - and the latter isn't Exalted; rather, Ideally, when the Photographs are Accompanied with Our Sympathies), Cinema Buffs, Aspiring Actors or Actresses, Screenwriters or Indie Directors, Automotive Enthusiasts, Fashionistas of a more Traditional Sense (at least in Regards to Modest Character, if not Specific Forms), those Interested in the Exploration and Colonization of Outer Space, Subterranean Caverns or Aquatic Depths, Linguists, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Paleontologists or other Historians and Scientists, Medical Doctors, Big Game Fishers and Hunters who still Believe in the Code of "Eat What You Kill" or Trade with those who Prefer that Diet, Adventurers, Agrarians, Ranchers, Old World Craftsmen, Innovators of the Practical and Astronomical that may one day see many more Practicalities, and otherwise are Connoisseurs of European Culture, and perhaps even do so for the Sake of these Concepts (instead of simply because of an Uninformed Response of "It's what's expected", "It's Popular" or "I'm Rebelling", as Expectations and Popularity - for Better or Worse - may Change), are another and perhaps even Better Option for those with whom to Develop Inroads.  

Liberals in America who Adopt White Children, as well, Regardless of whether or not of the aforesaid Affiliation, as long as Preferable to the Current Plight of these Oppressed Peoples, should be told to Adopt White South Africans.  Where the Orphanages still have not been Reformed enough, if at all, since Soviet Occupation['s sometimes more Nominal End, sometimes (and Recently) Particularly Under The E.U.], the Indigenous Peoples [or those of that Race but another (at least Recent) Territorial Affiliation] should Adopt those Children and Demand Reforms.  Where Adopting Whites from elsewhere will Tip The Scales in Our Demographic Favour, these Places should Adopt White Africans.  If you wish to Sponsor Citizenship, do it for Whites.  First and Foremost, Sponsor Citizenship For White South Africans and those Fleeing "Euro-Maiden's" Assault On Donbass.  

Liberals that are Worried about Overpopulation should be Convinced to Direct Their Efforts Against The Non-White World. Some may even have the Understanding and Emotional Stability to Admit that Whites are Dangerously - But Not Irreparably - Underpopulated, and may only have a Transient Presence in Liberal Politics; another Party that Offers everything Worthwhile these can get out of Liberalism, Especially the Less it is Offered there, Particular the more Antagonistic the Liberal Leaders and/or Mainstream are to it, at least if We Provide the Explanations [and, at least as much as this, if not more than this, We have to Provide the Compassion that Virtually Us All have been (Truly, and Frequently, Deliberately) Deprived of] that these have not yet Received as to why certain Liberal Policies are Destructive, may Convert these Altogether.

Vote For White Candidates Over Non-White Candidates, Regardless of Political Profession.  Vote For Isolationists Over Alienist Globalists.  Vote For Socially-Conservative Socialists Over Socially-Alienist Fiscal Conservatives (the latter would be the likes of Libertarians and Rinos, which can even be Left of Blue Dogs).  Vote For "Palestinianists" Over "Zionists", if you must Vote for one (at least to Block the other, even if They are otherwise Identical).  That way, Immature Whites will not be (so Frequently, anyway) Deceived into Believing that "We Must Rely On Them", but We will also Remember that Some Whites Are Race-Traitors.  Furthermore, some Candidates will Pull A Trump (Coined It!) and go from Hostile to such Views to at least somewhat Sympathetic about them (in Appearance, anyway, which will Provoke Mass Anger if We are Betrayed yet again) for at least Political Expediency.  You may, then, Vote for these.  If someone Genuinely European Nationalist is Available, at any Point, this is Our Candidate.  If not, The Closer The Better.

As this Applies to many if not all of the aforesaid, or would if someone Suggested it to them, at least if it were Widespread and/or Portrayed as "Edgy", "Provocative", "Bold" and other Words that Liberals like to use (even if usually to Described things not all that Healthy), Seek Out the Pro-Abortion Democrats who have a History of Restricting Abortion Clinics to Non-White Districts and/or Donating in what would otherwise Appear to be an Ironic Fashion to Pro-Life Movements (at least, and Especially, if these are at least as - and Preferably More; Ideally, Exclusively - Active in White Areas).

Meanwhile, Continue to do the same with Anti-Abortion Republicans who have a Favourable Record about not only Gun Rights and The Death Penalty but about Racial Preferences.  You won't get anywhere with the Neo-Cons that are Adopting even more Negros than Liberals are, nor those that have made Refusing to Abort a Down's Syndrome-Afflicted Fetus into a Status Symbol. Meanwhile, some might have an Unclear Stance on Abortion or be for it under such Conditions as Rape, Incest or when certain Congenital Defects are Present.  Additionally, some Democrats will Support a Death Penalty and/or Gun Rights.  Look for those Promoting one Cause in Non-White Areas and the other in White ones, and see which are Friends and which are Enemies. The Average Person would Agree that the Improvements in Science and Investigative Techniques many Experts are Suggesting that are Underused should be Implemented as Well-Practiced Standards, which would Reduce both the Number of Wrongfully Accused, the Number of Wrongfully Released and the Number of those Opposed to The Death Penalty.

Allow Leftists Secession; it's perhaps More-Effective than Seceding Ourselves, though this may Facilitate it, as The Regime will either be Fighting Them instead of Us (or, at least, Distracted in said Fight by the aforesaid Infighting of Alienists) or We will still have the Reduced Liberal Votes to Our Advantage.  If They Destroy Their Regimes, We can Wall-Off the others in the meantime and Establish Militias.

Ironically, the Rigging of the Scottish Secession Vote now seems also Intended to Ensure that Scotland would Vote Against Brexit.  I told you that a Wave of Secession would Follow in the Wake of Scotland, Regardless of the Politics that Provoked it, but now you see another Reason to Allow the Basque and Catalan to Secede; apart even from that these may Shift-Right, once they have it, as the Largest of the Pro-Independence Basque Parties - all of which are now Openly Communist - was an Anti-Communist Party until this was Dropped from its Platform in The '60's.

In the Quest for a Nation-State, many Forgot which Policies will Preserve one and that Our Race is to be Valued Above all the Components that must then still be Valued.  This Cuts Both Ways; the 
Spaniards once had a Preferable System to any of this, but today's Spanish Unionists are more Intent upon that Union than Spanish having anything to do with it but Remnants from Geo-Politics now Renounced for "Racism" a.k.a. being Perceived as somehow more Pro-White than what those doing the Decrying are Demanding.  Inroads were Created, but of a Leftist Variety; the "New", "Cool" and "Exiting" Communism, like Liberalism before it, took Basque by Storm.  Such an Insult to People who have Contributed Genetically to much of Europe, and Culturally so much to South America.  While Mongrels Corrupt, being Inherently Corrupted, the White Minorities of South America (so Overstated, as Addressed elsewhere) often have at least Partial Basque Descent or may Reside somewhere Established by Basques.  Yes, the "Jesuits" are not what these once were, pretty much the Opposite, but it's been said the two things that can Undeniably be Attributed to the Basques are the Jesuits and Chile.  Chile is a Clusterfuck of Dysfunction, between its Mongrels and its Brainwashed Whites, but it's still one of the Whiter Countries in South America and has a few Counter-Currents (Particularly with the Germanic Colonization) that Inspire Hope that such Tactics as I am Describing will be Implemented there.  Without a Soviet Menace, and with a Global Right-Shift in Public Opinion, and some Governments now somewhat Departing from Jewry's Agenda, with a Possible Balkanization of America to Ensue, and/or for at least one of those Offshoots to Assist in Global Pro-White Causes, one Imagines an Anti-Jewish Version of Pinochet; one who Kills More Dissidents, and Rejects The Chicago School for something more Smithian (something more Hitlerian or Fordian).  Additionally, America has still some Basque Communities.  Once, at least, these were Anti-Communist.  Idaho pretty much Owes its Statehood to the Basque, and these Lived Peacefully with other European Settlers; it was Good, until Jew Federalism Imposed Upon Traditional Communities.  I hear that today, however, Northern Idaho should just Secede from the Rest of the State.  We'll see if the Basque, and - Indeed - all European Americans, still Care more in Idaho for the Spirit of the State than the (perhaps still only Temporary) Borders of what would not be a State without that Spirit the Ancestors of these Populations still Possessed.

Catalan Modernism, as well, would now be Decried by many an Alienist as much too Traditional.  Not always my cup of tea, but some of it actually is quite Fine.  After all, the Ethno-Cultural Musical Melanges of The American South and the Interpretations thereof and those Partially Inspired thereby of "The British Invasion" as often are Retreats from that even more "Modern" as these were Circumstantially Offensive in the day.  Yes, some of it has Liberal Lyrics which cannot be Interpreted any other way (though They Frequently Speak Euphemistically, to Expand Their Audience and Generate Confusion About Their Intents) and/or is otherwise Fundamentally Subversive, but some of it would have been Praised by those Furious about it if only it had come from
someone else.  "Take only the honey."  While this must be Learnt in America and The U.K., and - Ultimately - Spread Globally, one Anticipates that the Catalan will at least Return to this Tradition; perhaps those Catalan Minorities in Ibero-America will do so, or even Lead The Way, with things Imported from The Homeland and anything Unique that was Developed by European Colonists in places like Mexico.

The above all goes to what I have been saying: Do not Confuse the Fundamental with the Incidental, and make your Adversary make Compromises with you; be on the Victorious Side of every Agreement, rather than Lying to yourself that you Stopped something that Lacked Power to Implement itself.  By Compromising with a Minority Opinion, or one which would become one if you were Stalwart in Opposition to it, you have merely Empowered Them.  Look at "Gun Control" (White Disarmament, in Effect, when not even Stated Intention, as Currently Practiced) or Abortion/Infanticide.  Look at "Integration".  Meanwhile, the Democrats in America - even some of the "Progressive" ones - actually did more to Fight these Issues than did the "Conservative" Republicans.  In Fact, many Acts of Congress and Executive Orders now Decried for Their Liberalism (Frequently, Both Sides Reference The Constitution) were once Championed by "Conservatives".  How many times have you heard someone saying "Ronald Reagan wouldn't have allowed this!", in Response to something Reagan actually Pushed or perhaps even Initiated?  Too Many, in my Case; enough to be Enlightened (Literally, rather than Euphemistically) on the Matter.  

When a Spending Bill comes around, don't shy away from Orchestras and Galleries that Perform or Exhibit Classical Pieces simply because Funding these with Tax Dollars is "Socialist".  All that means is "Social Belief" or "Social Practice", Literally, and has had many Conflicting Definitions in History, though some more Fundamentally and some more Circumstantially, but it is going to be Spent on something so why not Spend it on something Productive for Our Race?  As more of the Privately-Owned Versions will Expand their Repertoires to Compete with the Newfound Interest of the Relevant Public in the State, Federal or International Versions, there will be Less Need for such Spending; it may go in Cycles, or they may either Find Persistent Interest or even Cultivate their own Tastes enough to Insist on other Masterpieces Regardless of Sales (at least so long as they are not Losing Money, or - at very least - once it becomes Apparent this Statement was Ineffective at Changing Public Course in Favour of Talent's Appreciations; at which Point, those Truly Devoted to these Expanded Horizons will still Continue to Advocate Verbally for these Performances and Host them upon Request).  

Don't shy away from Contraceptive-Based Foreign Aid, if the Alternatives are Money for Them to Spend as it Pleases Them, a War On Their Behalf, something that Increases Their Birth-Rates, Life Expectancy (whether by Reducing Infant Mortality, Increasing Longevity or Both) or Fertility (Medically and/or Socio-Economically), or any Combination thereof.  If you must give Agricultural Supplies to Prevent those aforesaid Non-Alternatives - in the Sense that those Must Not Be Allowed – from Manifesting more Directly, have it Coupled with Birth-Control.  Ideally, either way, talk about Abstinence.  Agricultural Aid is still Preferable to Medical Aid, as They are Frequently Agriculturally Incompetent.  At least, They often Steal Medical Supplies, Attack Medical Personnel, Spread Rumors Against Medical Sciences and Staffs, and Charge Steep Black Market Prices.  Regardless, We should Prefer for Them to have Sterilization (perhaps Offered, at least in Temporary Effect, anywhere in the World, in Exchange for what would be a lot of Money for Them but either Spare Change for Us or at least Considerably Less than the Alternative Expenditures) or at least Non Condom Contraceptives.  Condoms Sometimes Fail, and with Considerably Greater Frequency Amongst Non-Whites.  However, even O.T.C. Medications like Tylenol can Negate “The Pill”.  Therefore, if not Sterilization, They should be Provided with Spermicides.  Condoms Sometimes Prevent S.T.D.s, but an Over-Reliance upon Them can Spread them; while more of Their Deaths would be Good for Us under Our Rule, We would be Extorted by Present Regimes in Response to this.  A Decrease in S.T.D.s in those Populations might Result in Increased Non-White Births, at least if They aren’t Provided with Abortions or Sterilization.     

Don't shy away from Utilizing Public Lands, simply because that's a Euphemism for Government-Owned; while I do Prefer Privatization, though with Codes to be Rigidly Enforced when it's a Matter of National Heritage or the Survival of at least a Community [such as neither being Allowed to Desecrate a Church by Transforming the Building into an Amusement Park, as was done in The Netherlands, nor to Destroy these Altogether, as done Recently to one in France and as They are Planning in Regards to some of the Bone Churches (rather than Reinforcing these with Modern Technology, as Indicates that talk of "Structural Concerns" is a False Pretense), nor to Dam a River or Drain a Lake a Community is Reliant upon - at least without Consulting these People on Producing an Alternative at least as Viable to them - simply for your Profit or Ego], these places will - if not Utilized by Us - Continue only to be Privatized into the Vile Clutches of those even more Anti-White than those Possessing them now or to be the Victims of these Foolish Campaigns for Black Attendance of Municipal, State or "National" Parks.

Don't shy away from Communal Gardens, simply because it says "Communal".  Think about what this Word actually Means, and why it was thus Perverted by Jewry.  Either you've already Paid into this or will be Fined somehow for not Partaking in it, if not both, and why not Encourage the Cultivation of Higher Quality Produce than would otherwise be Available?  The more Voluntary it is, in Function, the Less you should be Complaining from a Voluntarist Standpoint.  The more Beneficial it is to you and/or your Neighbor, in a Racial Sense, the Less you should be Complaining from the Viewpoint of the only Collectivism that actually has Merit.  

I have Spoken elsewhere about how True Environmentalism Is White-Wing, so in Contrast to the Pseudo-Sciences of the many Leftists that Veiled "Red" In "Green", which Includes those "Eco-Conservatives" more Opposed to Us than Them, and Touched upon the other Issues herein Discussed, and many of the Examples that I have Provided, some much more In Depth in other Entries, but I wanted more a Consolidation and to Update the Circumstances of my Considerations.  

I have Spoken of my Disdain for the so-called Aristocracy, so Hostile to that Principle, as those Labeled such Generally are, so you see there is a Limit to what Alliances are Possible; not all Relationships are Worthwhile, and not all that is Worthwhile is Easy.  However, if you have to Ignore Realities to Feel you have a Productive Relationship for the Views you Claim to Adhere to, you need to take your Feelings elsewhere; this is not Productive for Us, but is Enabling Them.  You may think you are Tempering Them, but We've gone over this; They don't have the Power, anyway, or you aren't Impacting Them as you Believe you are, but They are Retarding you.  

Contrast that with how the N.S.D.A.P. and the Communists were United in a Vote of No Confidence, but Street Brawls, Assassinations and Public Fear of Communism no longer being Bridled by "Conservatives" that Answered to "Progressives" would Produce a Right-Shifting Populace.  So it is with the aforementioned Basque, Catalan and Northern Irish, who Generally - albeit not necessarily Applicable to Politicians - aren't nearly as Perverse as The Wiemar Republic.  Wiemar, itself, was once nothing like that; it Improved Considerably Under N.S.D.A.P. 
Tutelage.  Indeed, Berlin had been Transformed by Jews like Magnus Hirschfeld into The Degeneracy Capital of The West.  Under Hitler, it became a Symbol of Our Revival.  Even that Flag that is now so Widely Recognized would not Exist if Hitler had Allowed for Communists to Steal The Colour Red.  Instead, this Artist would Remember it was a Colour of Power and Passion, and one that Caught the Eye.  The Jews had Chosen it for a Reason; by Perverting its Historical Associations, it Created Mass Appeal for what would otherwise be Rejected.  Indeed, much was spoken of Tradition, Decentralization, Protection and "The redistribution of wealth among the masses" by those Hostile to Tradition, that Consolidated Their Power, that Mass-Murdered and Mass-Raped Our People, and that Impoverished The Masses both Materially and Spiritually.

Yes, there were Flaws in "National Socialism", more what was Practiced than what was Promised, but We will Inevitably be Labeled "Nazis" - a Preferable Label to "Fascist", in that the latter had even Less to do with Racial Purity and Our Cultures - so that's another Reason that We might as well Study that which Historically has Pertained to it.  

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