Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Much Ado About Nothing or: North Korea - So What?

It didn't even Threaten to Attack, because it Knows it can't Win unless America simply Allows it to. It Threatened to Respond IF Attacked. North Korea is doing a fine enough Job, itself, of Ensuring that North Korea is not a Threat. It is Impoverishing and Starving its Assets, and Remaining Technologically Inferior. 

Even if it did Attack South Korea, so what? Why Do We Care? It doesn't even have the Capacity to Nuke America, so it's Banking on the Chinese having this Capacity [it is Theoretically Possible, though Reliant upon America making a Conscious Decision to Permit it; America has an Extensive Anti-Missile Network, both on Land, Under and Upon the Seas (amongst other Bodies of Water), in the Air and in Outer-Freakin'-Space] or - on Account of having a Common N.A.T.O. Adversary (though for Different Reasons) - for Russia to do so. 

What I would Hate to do, is Attack it and have it Pushed by this into Russia's Sphere of Necessary Allies. It's not like Russia wants to have to Rely on all its Cold War-Era, Second-World Allies. But if it's in a War with N.A.T.O. and the latter is going to Invade Russia, anyway, it would only make Sense for it to be Courted as an Ally. 

Unfortunately, that's all the Pretense that N.A.T.O. would Need to Attack; its Supporters will not Understand what is at Stake, or They will Eagerly Seek to Defile. So, Russia will have to Wait until it is Attacked - itself - and the North Koreans will have to be Smart and Emotionally Stable enough to Accept this Delay in Alliance. Otherwise, both will Fall for this Ignorance and Petulance. If this Alliance is Forged, though, it's a Good Way to Ensure that Russia actually does slip back into Bolshevism. 

I am not for Nuking it, at that Point; I am for another Cold War. Yes, there will be Proxy Wars. These Will Occur, Regardless. It would be Better not to Devastate Russia, since Russia still has Viable Ethnicities. I would rather its Cultural Revival be Kicked Into Overdrive, rather than Reviving even a Moderated Version of that Red Blight. 

The only way this would be even Ostensibly Beneficial for Us, is if Russia were to Collaborate with America to Defeat North Korea. In that Case, Russia would have to Occupy it; if America is Occupying it, it would be a Disaster. Even a Joint Occupation is Risky. If the Russians were to Insist upon this, however, or even be Granted it, America (or the more Hawkish of those in it, merely having to Wait for Support from the other Usurpers; Eager to Provide it, if not to Speak it) would Decry this "Invasion" or "Threat". They might actually Prefer for it to be Ceded to Russia, so it can be Invaded by those now Able to "Migrate" (Read: Invade) Moscow, et cetera, though They will Insist upon "Liberating" it (Invading Russia, or at least Undermining any Semblance of Stability in or Sought for this Ostensible Territorial Asset that is Effectively an American Insurgency), or at least Occupied by it so that "True Americanism" can be Branded as an Uncompromisingly Anti-Russian Position that will also Include Importing Mongrels. Some will Debate about whether or not to have the War, and some will Debate about whether or not to Import Mongrels. The Answer to both Questions is a Resounding "NO!" 

If you are Counting on Trump to Collaborate with Russia, rather than to Invade it, not only must you Consider that his Successor will Probably be Anti-Russian but Remember Trump-Appointed Rex Tillerson's False Accusations Against Russia Regarding Syria. 

Besides, what is that Detestable thing that America likes to do? Import Mongrels. Don't tell me that Trump won't; he also weren't going to Bomb Syria, but he did. 60 Times. Additionally, the Regimes in Europe either will or will be Embargoed or Invaded by N.A.T.O. and/or The (Regionally-)European Union. They would have to Ally with Russia, to Prevent that, but that may just Trigger W.W.III. They may not Fight it on the Pretense of whether or not Mongrel Invasions are Permitted, but upon any Number of Irrelevancies, Falsehoods and Matters of Lesser Importance than this Stand For Purity that is the True Motivation for the Assaults. 

Should North Korea Be Destroyed? Yes. Will This Government Properly Counter Mongrelism? No. Should America Have More Military Bases Surrounding Russia? No. Should Russia Counter America? Yes. Verdict? Keep Koreans In The Koreas; Keep Interventionism Out. 

It is Utterly Detestable, Indeed, that We can't even Fight Mongrel Communists; to do so would be under Unacceptable Conditions, as "Conventional" [rather, Regimental (in the Archaic Sense)] Forces, and thus to Aid Them. Thus, I Propose that Mercenaries should go that Kill Alledged "Refugees". Official Forces Should Not Be Present.

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