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Of Blood, Faith and Culture

 I offer here a composite of two selections together in one Treaties; “An Inquiry into Chesterton’s Mentality” and “A Proposal of Kinism”. 

    As Scholars have noted, turn of the century England had a peculiar tendency to confuse a Doctrinally-Sound argument with a humorous rebuttal (though today we’re more likely to see a argument refuted not by facts but by accusations of “Racism“); Chesterton, an educated man and known as a rather witty fellow, both confounded and amused his audience.  Had he not employed the use of societies quirks to his advantage, such as allowing himself to be photographed or painted in a form which showed his hefty size (early 20th century England having a widespread association of obesity with Higher Education), we probably would not remember him.  This would be a shame; his commentaries on Catholicism have clarified for many various points of misconception that have literally lead to entire Denominations splitting from The Holy Roman and Apostolic Faith.  His Defence of Agriculture, opposed to Agribusiness, is Legendary.  His Condemnation of Usury (the System of Wage Slavery known today as "Fractional Reserve Banking" - the very Apostate System for which Christ made a whip and drove The Moneychangers from His Temple!) made him Despised by The Established Order and Beloved by more Traditional members of White Christian Civilization.  Still, there is one factor which will forever undermine the sound aspects of Distributism; Socialism.  Diminished in capacity though it may be, it is still present.  No Legislation can replace Morality, albeit Legislation should comply with Christian Doctrines of Morality!  Therefore, I must say that the only “Redistribution of Wealth” should be from those that have Usurped it to those who have Earned it!  Instead of Marx’s “From every man according to his work to every man according to his need” - we must use Christ’s “Render to every man according to his deed”!

    When G.K. Chesterton said “The problem with Capitalism is that there are too few Capitalists”, it was considered by his contemporaries (as it is by modern - especially Modernist -Scholars) to be more a humorous remark than an ideological one.  It has not often been acknowledged, however, how true this actually is.  Of course, there’s also an obvious error which Chesterton was quick to point out in a much less jovial manner; Capitalism - as noted by its founder - “will only work in a Christian Nation”.  Adam Smith was actually involved in an Anti-Catholic organization.  His prequel to “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations”, the oft-neglected “A Theory of Moral Sentiments”, adhered to the Protestant vision of Christianity.  I, for one, always found it odd that the Protestant Motto should be “Sola Scriptura” - Scripture Alone; after all, Scripture is Denied by these same Pagans when it endorses the view of the “Roman Cathlici”.  As any good “Damned Papist” can tell you, 1st and 2nd Timothy are about the proper Hierarchy and functions of His Clergy.  Oddly, Protestants often quote “Call no man on earth your Father”; notice the context of this term.  Father, capitalized at the end of the sentence, is clearly a reference to The Heavenly Father; God would not, after all, speak often about Kinship and then denounce any acknowledgement of Genetics!  Likewise, He would not speak of Fellowship and then denounce terms meant to foster it!  So it is with Purgatory: The very description of Purgatory is 1st Corinthians 3:15!  

    Why do I mention all this?  Simple: By pointing out the absurdity of the Protest, the absurdity of Doctrines stemming from it comes to clarity.  Thus, Smith’s Doctrine of Capitalism - though not the Economic Principles of Free Trade - must be denounced!  This brings us to an argument about what the plain Meaning of Words is regarding “Free Trade”.  To understand that, we must also look at what this erroneous notion of Socialism is.  Of course, it was originally intended as a stepping-stone towards Marxism.  Marx, allegedly, once considered himself to be a Christian - albeit not one of his Doctrines was even remotely inline with either Scripture, Prophecy or Legitimate Papal Decree!  Marx later admitted openly that he was a Satanist; in one of his poems, he said “I have sworn eternal war against The Most High”! 
    What few realize, however, is that Karl Marx - born Moses Mordecai Levy - was a Khazar.  The importance of this fact alone can neither be understated nor expressed too often!  Whilst volumes can and have been written on Esau-Edomites, The Invasion of Judea and the Culmination of this Abomination in today’s Uncouth excuse for a Culture (what is generally referred to with no lack of contempt as The Multi-Cult), I will keep this as brief yet as informative as possible:

    What is a Khazar?  To answer this question, I would “Legally” be guilty of “Hate Speech”; even long before America’s “National Defense Authorization Act”, I would have been viewed as "Dead to Rights".  Let’s commit a little Thoughtcrime, shall we?  Khazars are a Nation of Esau-Edom [you may remember this Accursed Breed (not to be confused with any of the numerous Breeds, such as those of Holy Job's People, the Uzzites, which sadly succumbed to the ceaseless waves of Chamite Hordes which were Servile to Esau-Edom!) from The Holy Bible, though doubtful if you follow any of the “Respectable” - read: “Judeo-Christian” - Denominations]; originating in 552, this Branch of the Arabic Nation migrated northwards, leaving a trail of Human Carnage in its wake.  By 640 A.D., it had spread to Bulgaria; the Bulgars were eventually Inundated and Conquered by that Godless Nation.  Given the standard practice amongst those Hybrids known as Khazars of “Amalgamation”, I doubt any true Bulgars even still exist; if they do - they must be nearing Extinction!  You may remember 640 A.D. as the year when Anglo-Saxons Converted peacefully to Christianity, and the Genocidal Pedophilic Terrorist Muhammad [born to an to a Judaic Esau-Edomites Harlot and a Chieftain of The Tribe of Kaddesh (see Kaddesh, Son of Cham, in The Table of Nations set forth in Genesis)] founded Islam; using Judaism and Judaic Myths regarding Christianity as it’s basis, combining it with Arabic Paganism - which, like Judaism, originated from Chanaanite Paganism!  In 750 A.D., Bulan, the Khazar King, Mass-Converted his Satanic Horde to Talmudic “Judaism”; the Myth which originated in 70. A.D., when the Esau-Edomite’s Genocide against Semites was complete, and “those who say they are the Jews, but are not, but do lie, but are of The Synagogues of Satan” so thoroughly mimicked Their Father’s (The Devil’s) greatest Deception - convincing the world that They do not exist!  That's also when the "reconstruction" (corruption) of The Temple of David occurred; changing it to the Satanic Hexagonal Tower!  Again, volumes can and have been written about the Branches of The Khazar Nation - which like its Ancestors mimicked Satan’s greatest Deception!  One Khazar Family, however, has bragged for centuries about controlling any nation whose Leaders it had a hold over via controlling its money supply.  This Usurious Family, which proclaimed itself “The House of Rothschild”, is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the very existence of Esau-Edomites - not to mention the Doctrines which They have Coerced upon Us!  As one Historian noted, “Volumes of nonsense have been written about the Rothschilds.  For this, the family is largely to blame.” 

    I should mention here that G.K. Chesterton lived in a time when a Legitimate Supreme Pontiff held The Papal Seat as His Vicar; today, however, the Novus Ordo has denounced His Elect and has Blasphemed to be His Holy Church!  Apart from the sheer morbid absurdity of a Social, Economic or Political Ideology based upon such a False Religion, there is another aspect of Civilization - a Fundamental aspect - which I would like to address more directly; a facet of Sedevacantism, as well as a sound Socio-Econo-Political Philosophy, I wish to discuss is Racialism. 

    What is Racialism?  Racialism, also known as Kinism, is the Doctrine of Racial Purity; it is a Doctrine which for about 1.8 million years has ensured the existence of The White Race.  It is, to be “Unlawfully” Honest, entirely Natural.  It is also the Ideology for which Gordon Kohl was shot and then hacked to death in an act of State Terrorism against an American Citizen.  His “Crime” was, Officially, “Tax-Evasion”; in reality, he Objected - on Public Television - to paying any more Taxes to The Synagogues of Satan.  Those words, albeit you will most likely never hear this in a Sermon, are Christ’s; He, in fact, used them repeatedly.  He uses them in The Book of Daniel, and twice in The Revelation of St. John The Divine. 

    What should a Racialist Civilization look like?  Simple: A Theocratic Monarchy functioning within a Minarchist Structure i.e. as a  Night Watchman State; Sovereignty would be valued over Union, Militias (Citizens’ Armies) should entirely replace Bureaucratic Militaries, and Agrarianism would be supplemented by Hunting and gathering, as well as with general Survivalism.  Ultimately, again, it would have to be a Meritocracy. 

    One aspect of Racialism is Tribalism; this is not only about Preserving your Race but also the different Sub-Groups.  There is also something which was once so obvious that even those that were Brainwashed into “Anti-Racism” would not refute it; this is Familism; this is about putting the Welfare of your Family first!  Family First is a Doctrine which is inline with Christianity, but which is viewed as Abhorrent in Gentile “Goyim” by the Khazars! 

    Chesterton was not found of Them, so why did he allow any trace of Their Ideology to Infect his?  Ultimately, we must ask ourselves of Chesterton: “Why doth thou undermine thyself?” 

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