Friday, September 21, 2012

Disempowerment of The Bronshtein-Hirschfeld Dialectic

I have long thought that since the entire System rests solely upon Fear of the term "Racist", We should Proactively Create as many Instances for the term to be slung at Us as Possible. Make the term so utterly over-used that no one will pay it any more Heed as a Trigger than they would a monkey slinging its own crap. 

Like any Ideology, it will first Attract mostly those who don't actually care about its Doctrines but so Desire that Label of "Fringe Element". Then, it will gain a Devout Following. Finally, when all the Dirty-Work has been done and there's no real Risk in Joining, it will gain Traction amongst Mainstream Populaces. 

After all, that's the exact same way Alienism came to Power; Repetition was Equated to Reality, but now more and more are looking to Escape from that "Reality". The "Subjectivists" have Sowed the Seeds of Their own Demise. 

Alisa "Ayn Rand" Rosenbaum's Hypocritical Notion of Objectivism will then Aid so greatly in Their Destruction, Ironically; as the growing Cult of Randism is Stripped of this Fear, it will Realize she Advocated "Affirmative Action" after all. They will Realize she was a Zionist, and all her talk about "Objectivity" was only Intended to be Viewed under the Presumption of Selective "Egalitarianism" - claiming that her Jewish Ilk are "Equal"! Since this is, Objectively, False - it's actually Claiming Them to be Our "Superiors"! 

How will the Jew then Wage its Genocides? We won't Purchase with its Usurious Dollar - nor will We then Eat its Frankenfood. We won't give into "Eminent Domain" - nor will Jewry tell Us what We can and cannot Grow! We won't let Ourselves be Arrested for having Cisterns - nor for drinking Raw Milk! We won't be so Eager to get Medals without even knowing what We're actually Fighting for - nor will We think it's Logical to Fight the same Races and Religions half-way around the Earth that Jewry claims are Our "Equals" or even Blatantly Blaspheming Against Nature and Nature's God that They are Our "Superiors" at home! 

The Jew would not last long against a United White Race - that's why They Insist upon "Amalgamation" (Genocide) and Patriotism over Nationalism!  

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