Monday, November 5, 2012

If I wore Their shoes...

 (Edit): I'm rephrasing this from yesterday's "If I Understand Jewry...", because the General Point remains the same but apparently, I Underestimated both Their Arrogance, and The Masses' Apathy.  As such, I'm going to Correct the Either/Or Aspect of this by telling it as We now know it is.

 They've Selected Their Puppet to dance into The Oval Office again next Term; the Quasi-Simian has been Chosen over The Traitor with no Substantial Policy Differences.  Homo-Ergastor will Riot, knowing They can basically get away with anything.

Have They Installed Soetoro to Enact "N.D.A.A."; as he wouldn't be called Racist when, so Whites are Lulled into Complacency with it, he Waged it Against his own?  That would allow Them to Employ it Against Us under Orchestrations that They'll call "Justified"!

 If I were Them, I'd have gone with the former; that way, They could Blame "Racists" - without The Figure-Head being called Racist when Attacks are Waged on Whites!  They'd just have to Manufacture another O.K.C., instead of relying upon the Inevitable Looting by Negroes after Hurricans.  Apparently, however, They are Confident in Mass Appathy; believing this Step to be Irrelevant, and thus Counter-Productive.  My Outlook on Humanity is now much more Grim.

 I believe They're just clearing the way for an Openly Jewish President - as several Marranos (such as the Rosenfelds a.k.a. "Roosevelts"!) have already Usurped Control!

Perhaps the other Party will have a Homosexual; if I were Them, I'd find the most Inbred of those Inbred Mongrels that are Jews, choosing a Pseudo-Ashkenazim with an Orthodox Jewish Zionist Faith in The Babylonian Talmud, and a Pseudo-Sephardi Jew with Hassidic Jewish Zionist Faith in The Pseudo-Samaritan Talmud, the Presidential Candidate being Clearly Controlled by the Vice Presidential Candidate, and Pit Them Against two Brainwashed Whites - both White Guilters that have been Indoctrinated with The Vileness of Alien Genera to Reject The Call of Our Blood!

Their Policies would be Exactly the same, in Reality, but the Jews would claim to be the more Conservative.  The Presidential Candidate for those Cultural Marxists would be a Spineless Male, whereas the Vice Presidential Candidate would be an "Empowered" Female.

Clearly, either would be a Phenomenal Victory for Those Children of Satan!  If I were Them, however at this Stage of The Alienist Agenda, I'd Orchestrate a Victory for the Homosexuals; if I were Them, I'd then Manipulate Them into an Affair with each other, and Encourage Scenarios to Facilitate the Recording and Subsequent Release of  (or Falsification thereof) Secret Tapes of Them being "Anti-Semitic" (Anti-Sama'el'ite!).

This would work on several levels for Them - which is Innately Against Us!  They could claim to be Opposed to Sexual Deviancy, albeit Simultaneously Blaspheming that it was Heterosexuality that Caused those Traitors to Fornicate - Disregarding Their Past Sexual Deviations!  Additionally, They would Seek to Distract you from the Fact that They're the Sexual Deviants that Corrupted Society to Tolerate or even Overtly Cherish any and all Perversions - and They'd Blaspheme that Opposing Them is (somehow) Homoerotic!  They'd also get to bitch about "Racism" Against Their More-Obviously Arabic Brethren - the Pseudo-Sephardi!  This would Further the Delusion, Amongst The Masses, so Dispossessed of Our Heritage, that Pseudo-Ashkenazim are not the Curs that They actually are!

 Next, a Pseudo-Sephardi Jewish Lesbian would Assume Power with a "Reconstructed" White as her Lap-Dog.  After this, Marranos Jews of both of the aforesaid Breeds would be Deliberately Mis-Classified as White - and They would Pretend to be "Restoring Tradition"!

Of course, this entire Period, They'd Usurp more and more Power amongst the Denigrated Sense of Nationalism; Replacing it more and more with a Warped Sense of Culturalism, until America is Racially and Ideologically Indistinguishable from Faux-Isra'el.

They'd Wage all sorts of Fratricides Against Their Sama'el'ite Brethren - and all sorts of Genocides Against Us!  One way or another - Whites would be Blamed for all of it!  They'd even Blaspheme that those Against Us would be Justified!

They Intend to become Their own Messiah, as Baruch Levi said - in an Ungodly Plot!  They are Innately Opposed to Our Kind, for They are Innately Opposed to God; and Our God is of Our Kind - but neither They nor Their Accursed Father are!

To Facilitate this, They would have had another Great Sanhedrin; Rectifying Doctrinal Differences between Their Mamzer Species, of Blatant Babylonianism and Pseudo-Samaritanism.  They'd "Amalgamate" with everything, though still mostly Whites, in Regimes that Occupy what are Rightfully Our Lands - but would continue to generally Wage Fratricide in Faux-Isra'el whilst holding White Slaves for Unholy Sexual Purposes!

 While doing so in Eurasia, that Homeland of Ours that so many Bastards have Invaded and still Occupy, even Blaspheming said Lands are Theirs rather than Ours, They'd Aid Their Turkic Brethren, in Their Ungodly Process, and Encourage The "Amalgamation" of Our Race with all forms of Mongoloids, Negroids and Mamzers not Classified therein - though Their Pseudo-Ashkenazim would continue to Predominantly only Miscegenate (Enabled by various and numerous Vile Indoctrinations of "Collective White Guilt" - Manufacturing Lies upon Lies Against Our Pure And Holy Race!) with those Disheartened Members who've Betrayed Our Meritorious Race!

This may Require several other Steps, to Ease The Masses In, however it Depends on how thoroughly They can Control Traitors to Our Volk with Slogans such as "Racist!" and "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - or cries of "Patriotism!" and "Diversity" over Nationalism!  They're Lies of Equality are stretched far too thin to be long Maintained - so They'll probably just Narrow The Spectrum of what They Lie is Equal!  As We Continue to Debunk Their Blasphemes Against Nature And Nature's God, They'll scream "Blood Libel" - but We'll know it's Reality!

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  1. Update: Last month, Jewess and Hirschfeldian Janet Napolitano, Announced her Bid for President in 2016!

    I also don't Trust that Fatimid; Andrew Napolitano. He was a Confederate-Sympathizing Libertarian, until his Blood was Reposed; now, he's just a Libertarian. Libertarianism, Inevitably, Passes into Liberalism; unless The Masses can be Convinced of how Nationalism can be Profitable, as Libertarians only Pretend to Oppose Liberalism so long as it is seen as Profitable. Talk of Rights, is just Deception; The Moneychangers are Their Idols.

    Rand Paul and Gary Johnson, or Visa Versa, might just Win in 2016.

    Johnson is so Proud of himself for Advocating Homosexuality, and is Praised for Uniting Rinos and Blue Dogs.

    Soon, Neo-Cons will just be Able to Formally Join Their Progressive Parents; Libertarians, becoming ever so "Progressive", could be the Controlled Opposition.

    On the other hand, perhaps the Libertarians will merge with one or the other; perhaps splitting back in two, after this Increasing Merger of the last few years.

    Either way, a Total Union will eventually be Achieved; unless, of course, a Sham-Battle is still Preferable for Them. "There is Insanity in all the Options."