Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cohen Predicament in Entertainment: Part II

  I don't know why I bothered sitting through Lakeview Terrace, but I don't think I even made it through half of the first Alienist Propaganda Film that was on today; Ironically, I know Broken Lance would have been the much better Film.  I guess I was just waiting for Samuel L. Jackson's Character to say it Outright, and by the time he did it was almost over and I just wanted to see him Die.

 In Broken Lance, Spencer Tracy Guilt Trips E.G. Marshal by mentioning how he Launched his Political Career, and then says he's going to have Robert Wagner "take her - even if he has to drag her out of the house by her hair!" - Implying that Rape is Morally Superior to Racism!

Wagner, you see, is randomly Half-Indian, in this; simply with some Brown Makeup (like Burt Landcaster's Red Makeup in Comanche - where the one his Character sleeps with is Portrayed by an actual Injun!), with the one supposed to be his Mother (Played by Katy Jurado, in Brown Makeup, for no apparent Reason) being the Indian side he's so Proud of [though this Amerimongoloid Pretends to be Spanish - further showing Jews (like its Producer, Sol C. Siegel; Director Edward Dmytryk claiming to be Ukrainian, but making many Pro-Jewish Films - whilst Jews Waged Another Genocide Against Ukrainians!) are Confused about the Differences between Spaniards and Mestizoids!]!  Furthermore, he doesn't have a very high Opinion of his Irish side - though is perfectly Content with Defiling a White Woman!

A similarly Absurd Choice for an Actor to Portray an Injun is Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith!  Another Propaganda Film is The Missing (Directed by Jew Ron Howard), wherein Tommy Lee Jones would rather be one of the Indians that are Enslaving, Raping and Murdering Whites (yes - Whites have been Enslaved and/or Genocided by many!) than one of his own Race - even as Indians Beat and Condemn him both for being White and for Posing as one of Them!

In Lakeview Terrace [Produced by Negroids Will Smith and James Lassiter, with Directing by Jewish-Sympathetic/Self-Loathing (or perhaps Marrano Jew) Franko-Anglo-Irish Mormon Neil LaBute], We're made to feel that the Reason why Able (Jackson's Character) is Evil is because he DOESN'T Approve of Miscegenation - not because he Hates White People!  He calls Us "Takers" - Despite it being his Kind that's so Eager to Rape Our Women!  This also gives Them the Opportunity to Argue that Hollywood is Casting Them as Villains - rather than looking at how often We are actually Vilified by Hollywood!

Earlier this morning, there was more Propaganda from Usual Suspects Chuck Conners and Johnny Crawford (as more Self-Hating Irishmen!) in The Rifleman (Produced by Jewish-Owned Network A.B.C., and now shown on Jewish-Owned Network A.M.C.)!

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