Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Countering Holodomor Denial

 Contrary to the claim of Zionist Blogger Robert Lindsay of, a Proponent of the quite Ironic Absurdity that The Holodomor of 7-10 million Ukrainians is but a mere Propaganda Hoax fed to Americans their entire Lives by The U.S. Media, both Mainstream Media and The U.S. Government have held The Official Position of Holodomor Denial since Franklin Delano "Roosevelt" (Rosenfeld - a Marrano Jew!) presented Walter Duranty (a Jew) with a Medal for it!  

About half his Propaganda Article is Devoted to an Attempt to Debunk that Duranty and others' Libelous Stories were Holodomor Denial, however he even Concludes his piece with a Holodomor Denial; basically, he's saying there was no Holodomor to Deny, so it wasn't Holodomor Denial - which is both Provably False and Contrary to the very Definition of Denial!

Since The Ukrainian Holodomor never made it into The Curriculum of The State Education System, nor that of "Private" Schools, Most Americans are entirely Unaware of this History - as with other White Genocides!  After all, The Federal Government in America also Reported to The American People that The Massacre in Katyn Forest was of Nazi Orchestration - rather than Soviet Jewry!  These Precedents of Denial and Deception, amongst others, are yet additional Reasons why his Allegations and Sources are Dubious - at best!  

 He's claiming that Ukrainians did most of it to themselves, and made up the rest!  Anyone who believes that is Mentally Retarded - by Definition!  That's because "Retarded" means "Restrained" or "Withheld"; those believing such Lies are Withheld from Proper Cognitive Functioning! 

The Ukrainians were (as most still are) an Agrarian People; they would have known the Inherent Hazards of Destroying their own Crops and Livestock - not to mention it would be Counter-Intuitive to do so whilst "Appropriations" were taking place!  If he was Arguing that they Destroyed it so The Soviets couldn't have it - he's Admitting (via Implication) that they would have Starved anyway!  Thus, he's Implying his entire Thesis to be Irrelevant! 

The Average Ukrainian, even after around 1/3rd of their Population has been Murdered by Soviets, and Despite Bolshevism's Anti-Familist and other "Anti-Racist" (Anti-White) Indoctrination, still has an Above Average I.Q.; thus, his claims are (once again) Dubious - at best!  

One of his Irrational Arguments is that Famines Occurred elsewhere in The Soviet Union - but that only further Indicts The Soviet Union!  The Reason for that is The Agricultural Stability which Existed BEFORE The Soviet Union's Inception! 

He Blames "an effort to jump-start collectivization and do it very rapidly" -  though he Fails to Acknowledge the Jews that Wrote into "The American Hebrew" and "The Jew" about The Soviet Union being a Fulfillment of Their Talmudic Doctrines of how (Quote) "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed." (Abodah Zara 26b)!  Apart from Their Babylonian and Pseudo-Samaritan Blasphemies, whilst one could Argue that Bolshevism had not been Implemented prior to The Soviet Union, several Failed Communist Regimes did exist - including a prior "Commonwealth" System Implemented in Plymouth Colony! 

The likes of Lindsay, as is now The Official Position of The U.S. Government, Blame the Death of half those Colonists on Weather; Despite having come from a similar Climate - which (Contrary to the Implication of those "Revisionist" claims!) DID NOT Experience any Unusual Death-Rate from Weather!  Governor Bradford, furthermore, even Blamed that Ideology he Agreed to Implement in Exchange for being Appointed Governor!  In his Diary (Copies of which are even Available to The Public!), he even said: "We thought we were wiser than God."!

He mentions 15 million Deaths Caused by (Saloth Sar) Pol Pot (a Cambodian Dictator), in Attempt to say it was a Lack of Foresight Amongst Governmental Forces; rather than Planned Starvation; however, this doesn't Explain why neither Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvil a.k.a. "Joseph Stalin" (known even by Leonid Krasin, a Jew, as "The Asiatic"; on account of his Khazarian Ancestry - which Ethnic Jews share!) nor Pol Pot made any Attempt to Correct the Error!  

He claims that there were Efforts by The Soviets to Supply Aid, however there is no Valid and Sound Source for this!  What he is actually Referring to is The Economic and Moral Fallacy of "Redistributionism" - he is Neglecting (and thus Denying, in Effect!) that it was first "Appropriated" (Stolen!) from those Subjected to The Soviet Union!  

Lindsay even claims that most of the Deaths were Due to Disease - as if this means it wasn't Spread by Orchestrated Famine!  The Disease followed the Holodomor - which was Conceived and Executed by Lazar Kaganovich (a Jew)!  One could Argue that Correlation does not Prove Causation - but an Abundance of Death is Proven to Result in The Spread of Disease!  Thus, even if Disease also Spread by other Means - it was Exacerbated by Holodomor!  

He claims that the word Denial is used because of "The Holocaust"; albeit The Holodomor was Orchestrated - and Reported World-Wide! - Over a decade before any claims of a Holocaust were Propagated Against Germany by Jewry!

Besides, his precious little Jewish Holohoax was Debunked by the likes of Gas Chamber Expert Fred Leuchter, and David Cole - a Jew!  They made a Propaganda Film called "The Fall of Fred Leuchter" - but Cole's Research Debunked it!  They like to say that Cole Retracted his claims - though They Neglect that The "A.D.L." put a Hit out on him prior to such!  That's why he was in Hiding, for ten years, before he Withdrew the claims - to Save his Life!  Incidentally, in 2000 - he returned to Denying that Debunked Holocaust!

Furthermore, the Jews had merely Recycled the 6 million number from a Hoax that They Perpetrated Against Russia during WWI - used also to Promote Their Bolshevist Revolution!  Some of the photos, apart from being Faked, or even of Whites from Holocausts that They Waged Against Us (such as The Dresden Holocaust!), were actually the very same Out of Context ones They Circulated decades before!

 In Fact, 4/5ths of the Corpses shown in the well-known videos (which were actually from an American Denazification Psy-Op; Filmed by a Jewish Movie Mogul - as Evidenced by him being caught entering a Camp with American Soldiers in one Scene!) were actually of Whites from across Europe - Murdered by The Allied Forces!  There is much more in the way of Jewish Hoaxes: Allegations of Jews turned into Soap, Lampshades and Shrunken Heads being made from Them have all been Scientifically Disproven!

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